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Henry Thomas auditions for ET

1982: Henry Thomas auditions for the role of Eliot in ET:

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Charlie Brown and Snoopy to be ruined in new film

HOW do you improve on perfection? Simple answer is that you can’t. So, when dealing with something that is absolutely perfect in every way, you’d better tread carefully around it right?

This is the problem facing 20th Century Fox who are going to make a new feature length animation of Peanuts, the strip that gave us Charles Schulz’s Charlie Brown and Snoopy (and all the other brilliant characters of course. Fight amongst yourselves in your bid to decide who is best).

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Judy Garland’s Wizard of Oz dress goes under the hammer

C’MON lads. Here’s yer chance. The dress that Judy Garland wore in the Wizard of Oz film will be auctioned in Beverly Hills on November 9th and 10th at the Icons and Idols event. The gingham dress and white puff-sleeve blouse could be yours for £310,000 or thereabouts….

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Million Dollar Crocodile – a plot with killer Amao

WHAT news of China’s film industry? Million Dollar Crocodile is the film that will make Chinese cinema huge. The plot cannot fail:

“Xiao (10) befriends Amao, a 36 foot crocodile, who lives on his fathers croc sanctuary. Soon his father is forced to sell the crocodiles to a gangster who plans to use them for high priced meals. Before Amao is slaughtered, he escapes slaying his captors in the process. In the chaos, Amao accidentally swallows a cellphone with the location of 1 million dollars. When the rumor of this spread, the locals are split in two: some afraid for their lives, others set out to capture and kill the crocodile at any cost.”

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Actor attacks reviewer – The Knot is ‘the must-miss comedy of 2012’

DOES Davie Fairbanks have a problem with reviewers? His new film is called The Knot:

A couple endures a series of mishaps right before their wedding day.

Londonfilmfanatiq, tols its readers:

Predictable, idiotic, insulting and insipidEvery joke, gag and idea dies an immediate death before it begins to rot whilst onscreen.  Not a single actor or moment makes one minute of The Knot worth viewing. ..The Knot is 90 minutes of non-stop horrible, derivative ‘comedy’ that is never once funny, even in the slightest…The Knot is the must-miss comedy of 2012…”

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Bollywood Jaws: the most spectacular end to a film ever (video)

BOLLYWOOD Jaws features the greatest, most dramatic, ending to a film ever:

Spotter: Neatorama

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Small Frenchman Monsieur Merde attacks Tokyo

MONSIEUR Merde appears from Leos Carax’s episode of TOKYO! Monsieur Merde is Denis Lavant marching to the tune of the Godzilla theme.



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The best movie death scene ever?

IS this the best movie death scene ever? As seen on From Turkish flick Kareteci Kız (1973):

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Return of the Ewok: Star Wars actor Warwick Davis goes looking for work

DAVID Tomblin broke from filming Star Wars movie Return of the Jedi to work on Return of the Ewok, a 24-minute film featuring Warwick Davis, 11, looking for work. Can he be Chelsea’s goalkeeper? A weightlifter? Young Davis goes to see The Empire Strikes Back. Duly inspired, Warwick decides on a career in acting…

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John Travolta goes half cocked at Salma Hayek’s cleavage: Savages photo call

WHO cares what kind of a film Savages proves to be. The London photo call will be a hard act to follow. Salma Hayek supplied the beverages; Oliver Stone nearly fell into her cleavage; and John Travolta put on his Play People hair, cocked an arm on his hip and wondered what all the fuss was about…


Picture 1 of 9

Salma Hayek and Oliver Stone attending a photocall for new film Savages at the Mandarin Hotel, London.


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The Hobbit trailer is here! Sadsacks rejoice!

THE Lord of the Rings trilogy were a lousy bunch of films that were akin to Star Wars, episodes 1-3: The MTV Unplugged version. Bad CGI, too much clunky dialogue and politics and, worst of all, roughly 80 years too long. Still, they were furiously successful and spawned fans so ardent that I’m probably going to be killed in my sleep for not liking them.

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B Movie posters: young women being violated by fish, plants, monsters and men

IN the 1950s and 1960s, posters for B movies routinely featured scantily dressed young women in peril. We’ve compiled a gallery of the very best, including women being attacked by sexually aroused: flying fish; the undead; plants; werewolves, massive apes; robots; monsters; vampires; zombies; their husbands…

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Film of the day: Untitled International Suspense Thriller

FILM of the day: Untitled International Suspense Thriller. Hope it keeps that name:

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Death of the Gay Cliche – the movie

DEATH of the Gay Cliche – the movie is our advert of the day. To advertise Queer Lisboa 16, theLisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, FUEL Lisbon created this film:

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A short history of fake bands created for film and TV (video)

YOU know those bands you saw on the telly or at the cinema, the ones made up of actors pretending to be music stars? Some of them were more than pretty good. A bright spark has compiled them into a video. This one features:

1. The Mosquitoes – “Gilligan’s Island”
2. Android – “Buck Rogers In The 25th Century”
3. The Looters -“Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains”
4. The Flowerbuds – “Carry On Camping”
5. Drimble Wedge And The Vegetations – “Bedazzled”
6. Steven Shorter – “Privilege”
7. The Bugaloos – “The Electric Company
8. Tom Monroe – “SCTV
9. The Queen Haters” – SCTV

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John Smith’s The Girl Chewing Gum – A 1976 film

JOHN Smith directed 32 episodes of Grange Hill between, 1985 and 1990. He also produced Play Away in 1971. In 1976, Smith created The Girl Chewing Gum. In it he directed everyone:

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Toxictastic! Troma movies are on the net

TROMA has put its archive of movies on the internet. One highlight is the 1985 smash The Toxic Avenger.

Troma’s latest film, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, is a satire about the fast food industry.

It is over 18 and NSFW.

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Super Fuzz was the super hero for 1980

IT’S 1980 and Super Fuzz  (Poliziotto superpiù) is the newest sueprhero in town. If he sees red his powers wane. Starring Terence Hill as Policeman Dave Spee, Ernest Borgnine as Sgt. Willy Dunlop and Joanne Dru as Rosy Labouche.

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Savages looks a lot like Babel

EVER seen movie poster and think it reminds you of something? The Poster for Savages looks a lot like the poster for Babel:

Spotter: Matthew Hunt in Private Eye


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Univited: a mutant cat is on a yacht in 1988 (video)

IN 1988, film fans got to see Uninvited, starring George Kennedy, Clu Gulager and a mutated killer cat escaped from a nearby laboratory on a yacht.

Killer line: “Nothings gonna stop me getting to the Caymans.”

i-Mockery has a review

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The most seductive B movie posters


Picture 1 of 17 - The coolest pics on the net!

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The Expendables 2 premiere in photos: The A-Team in Corduroy vein suits

MONDAY. So, to the UK premiere of the Expendables 2, in the company of the ubiquitous Hofit Golan. If Paul McCartney cannot make it to open your event with Hey Jude, Hofit Golan will most likely rock up. Anorak plans to open an envelope on September 13 followed by the bonnet of a car in late October. Hofit should get the nod. (Nothing personal, Macca.) Also there were Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and Arnold Schwarzenegger, a group so unreal, they resemble an ambulatory puppet-faced A-Team in corduroy vein suits. Also there: Usain Bolt, an action film actor in the making. (PS: Hofit Golan is not expendable. She is merely dependable.)


Picture 1 of 13

Dolph Lundgren arriving for the UK Premiere of The Expendables 2, at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, London.

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March 21, 1956: The Oscars, as presented by Grave Kelly

FLASHBACK to March 21, 1956: Award presenter Grace Kelly, center, poses with Oscar winners at the 1955 Academy Awards held at the RKO Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, Calif., March 21, 1956. From left are, Jo Van Fleet, best supporting actress for “East of Eden”; Jack Lemmon, best supporting actor for “Mister Roberts”; Kelly; Ernest Borgnine, best actor for “Marty”; and Marisa Pavan, accepting the best actress award on behalf of Anna Magnani, who is in Rome, for “The Rose Tattoo.”

Ernest Borgnine – a life in photos:

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The best movie laughs ever – video

A COLLECTION of movie laughs. Can you name the films? Would you want to marry an actor who can laugh on cry on cue?

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Whores’ Glory – a film on the commodities of sex for sale

WHORES’ GLORY, a film by Michael Glawogger, is a look at prostitution in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico.

In Bangkok, Thailand, women punch a clock and wait for clients in a brightly lit glass box; in the red-light district of Faridpur, Bangladesh, a madam haggles over the price of a teenage girl; and in the border town of Reynosa, Mexico, crack-addicted women pray to a deity named Lady Death. Winner of the Orizzonti Special Jury Prize at the 2011 Venice Film Festival, Glawogger’s latest larger-than-life documentary is an audacious, non-judgmental study of sexuality, politics, human behavior and the effects of capital and religion on both women and men from starkly different cultures.

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