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A short history of fake bands created for film and TV (video)

YOU know those bands you saw on the telly or at the cinema, the ones made up of actors pretending to be music stars? Some of them were more than pretty good. A bright spark has compiled them into a video. This one features:

1. The Mosquitoes – “Gilligan’s Island”
2. Android – “Buck Rogers In The 25th Century”
3. The Looters -“Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains”
4. The Flowerbuds – “Carry On Camping”
5. Drimble Wedge And The Vegetations – “Bedazzled”
6. Steven Shorter – “Privilege”
7. The Bugaloos – “The Electric Company
8. Tom Monroe – “SCTV
9. The Queen Haters” – SCTV

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John Smith’s The Girl Chewing Gum – A 1976 film

JOHN Smith directed 32 episodes of Grange Hill between, 1985 and 1990. He also produced Play Away in 1971. In 1976, Smith created The Girl Chewing Gum. In it he directed everyone:

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Toxictastic! Troma movies are on the net

TROMA has put its archive of movies on the internet. One highlight is the 1985 smash The Toxic Avenger.

Troma’s latest film, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, is a satire about the fast food industry.

It is over 18 and NSFW.

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Super Fuzz was the super hero for 1980

IT’S 1980 and Super Fuzz  (Poliziotto superpiù) is the newest sueprhero in town. If he sees red his powers wane. Starring Terence Hill as Policeman Dave Spee, Ernest Borgnine as Sgt. Willy Dunlop and Joanne Dru as Rosy Labouche.

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Savages looks a lot like Babel

EVER seen movie poster and think it reminds you of something? The Poster for Savages looks a lot like the poster for Babel:

Spotter: Matthew Hunt in Private Eye


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Univited: a mutant cat is on a yacht in 1988 (video)

IN 1988, film fans got to see Uninvited, starring George Kennedy, Clu Gulager and a mutated killer cat escaped from a nearby laboratory on a yacht.

Killer line: “Nothings gonna stop me getting to the Caymans.”

i-Mockery has a review

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The most seductive B movie posters


Picture 1 of 17 - The coolest pics on the net!

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The Expendables 2 premiere in photos: The A-Team in Corduroy vein suits

MONDAY. So, to the UK premiere of the Expendables 2, in the company of the ubiquitous Hofit Golan. If Paul McCartney cannot make it to open your event with Hey Jude, Hofit Golan will most likely rock up. Anorak plans to open an envelope on September 13 followed by the bonnet of a car in late October. Hofit should get the nod. (Nothing personal, Macca.) Also there were Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren and Arnold Schwarzenegger, a group so unreal, they resemble an ambulatory puppet-faced A-Team in corduroy vein suits. Also there: Usain Bolt, an action film actor in the making. (PS: Hofit Golan is not expendable. She is merely dependable.)


Picture 1 of 13

Dolph Lundgren arriving for the UK Premiere of The Expendables 2, at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, London.

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March 21, 1956: The Oscars, as presented by Grave Kelly

FLASHBACK to March 21, 1956: Award presenter Grace Kelly, center, poses with Oscar winners at the 1955 Academy Awards held at the RKO Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, Calif., March 21, 1956. From left are, Jo Van Fleet, best supporting actress for “East of Eden”; Jack Lemmon, best supporting actor for “Mister Roberts”; Kelly; Ernest Borgnine, best actor for “Marty”; and Marisa Pavan, accepting the best actress award on behalf of Anna Magnani, who is in Rome, for “The Rose Tattoo.”

Ernest Borgnine – a life in photos:

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The best movie laughs ever – video

A COLLECTION of movie laughs. Can you name the films? Would you want to marry an actor who can laugh on cry on cue?

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Whores’ Glory – a film on the commodities of sex for sale

WHORES’ GLORY, a film by Michael Glawogger, is a look at prostitution in Thailand, Bangladesh and Mexico.

In Bangkok, Thailand, women punch a clock and wait for clients in a brightly lit glass box; in the red-light district of Faridpur, Bangladesh, a madam haggles over the price of a teenage girl; and in the border town of Reynosa, Mexico, crack-addicted women pray to a deity named Lady Death. Winner of the Orizzonti Special Jury Prize at the 2011 Venice Film Festival, Glawogger’s latest larger-than-life documentary is an audacious, non-judgmental study of sexuality, politics, human behavior and the effects of capital and religion on both women and men from starkly different cultures.

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Behind the scenes on famous movies – can you name them?

WE go behind the scenes on famous movies? Can name the films? Answers on page 2:


Picture 1 of 11


The Avengers

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi



Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Matrix


Jurassic Park



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Gene Wilder writes a gentle critique of his Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory costume

WHEN Gene Wilder was picked to play Will Wonka in the 1970 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, he wrote to directer Mel Stuart about the sketehs for his costume:

July 23rd

Dear Mel,

I’ve just received the costume sketches. I’ll tell you everything I think, without censoring, and you take from my opinion what you like.

I assume that the designer took his impressions from the book and didn’t know, naturally, who would be playing Willy. And I think, for a character in general, they’re lovely sketches.

I love the main thing — the velvet jacket — and I mean to show by my sketch the exact same color. But I’ve added two large pockets to take away from the svelt, feminine line. (Also in case of a few props.)

I also think the vest is both appropriate and lovely.

And I love the same white, flowing shirt and the white gloves. Also the lighter colored inner silk lining of the jacket.

What I don’t like is the precise pin pointing in place and time as this costume does.

I don’t think of Willy as an eccentric who holds on to his 1912 Dandy’s Sunday suit and wears it in 1970, but rather as just an eccentric — where there’s no telling what he’ll do or where he ever found his get-up — except that it strangely fits him: Part of this world, part of another. A vain man who knows colors that suit him, yet, with all the oddity, has strangely good taste. Something mysterious, yet undefined.

I’m not a ballet master who skips along with little mincy steps. So, as you see, I’ve suggested ditching the Robert Helpmann trousers. Jodhpurs to me belong more to the dancing master. But once elegant now almost baggy trousers — baggy through preoccupation with more important things — is character.

Slime green trousers are icky. But sand colored trousers are just as unobtrusive for your camera, but tasteful.

The hat is terrific, but making it 2 inches shorter would make it more special.

Also a light blue felt hat-band to match with the same light blue fluffy bow tie shows a man who knows how to compliment his blue eyes.

To match the shoes with the jacket is fey. To match the shoes with the hat is taste.

Hope all is well. Talk to you soon.

All my best,


Spotter: Dangerous Minds

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Name the famous film from the image – can you?

CAN you name the famous films from these stills? We’ve compiled a gallery of stills from great movies. Can you name them all?

Answers on page 2:


Picture 1 of 26

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Prometheus world premiere in photos

THE Prometheus world premiere in photos. Guy Pearce, Charlize Theron, Sir Ridley Scott, Giannina Facio, star turn Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and more. As for the film: if you like aliens and want to see humans get a new kind of forbidden fire from the space men in a garbled sci-fi spectacular, this is for you…


Picture 1 of 18

Peaches Geldof arrives for the world premiere of Prometheus, at the Empire cinema in Leicester Square, London.

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Watchmen actress to play Debbie Harry on the silver screen?

PUNK is a sly old slag. It pretended to be anti-establishment (ie, anti-corporate and therefore, anti-money) when all along, it was just waiting to cash-in and start shouting its mouth off saying that all attempts at grabbing money are little more than ‘art-school pranks’ and that, as ever, punk is as real as real can be.

So now, firmly part of the establishment, punk is going to the silver screen with a biopic of legendary NYC punk club, CBGBs.

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James Bond is nothing but a beer-swilling sell-out

YOU may think James Bond is a suave, sophisticated man. That’s probably because he drives expensive sports cars, travels in luxury, always has a nice watch on and is the epitome of tailored cool. Right?

You couldn’t be more wrong.

You see, Ol’ Bondy is ditching his famous Martini in favour of being a loutish, beer swigging, burping sell-out. That’s right. No long will Bond be asking for his cocktail ‘shaken, not stirred’ because he’ll be too busy crushing beer cans on his head and howling at football matches (what team does Bond support anyway?).

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The Goonies: The sequel? The musical?

EVER wondered what Sloth is up to these days? Due to his crippling brain-injury suffered at the hands of his clumsy parents (probably getting released from jail around now for trying to kill a group of children), he’s probably dead. That’s sad isn’t it? Elsewhere, Data is probably working for Google now and Chunk is invariably a regular guest on various infomercials for dramatic weight-loss with Richard Simmons.

Why would we be musing about all this? Well, Josh Brolin – who played Brand in The Goonies – has revealed that he’s been talking to Steven Spielberg about making a sequel.

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Cannes 2012: the opening Gala in photos

TO Cannes for the opening gala of the 2012 show. The talk in Europe is all about austerity versus debt. Cannes is somewhere else…


Picture 1 of 28

Producer Harvey Weinstein arrives for the opening ceremony and screening of Moonrise Kingdom at the 65th international film festival, in Cannes, southern France, Wednesday, May 16, 2012. (AP Photo/Joel Ryan)

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Cannes 2012: Day 2 photos – Marion Cotillard adds star quality to Rust and Bone

CANNES  2012: Day 2 photos – Marion Cotillard adds star quality to Rust and Bone at the 65th international film festival, with added Matthias Schoenaerts. The film is about a woman with no legs who falls in love with a bare-knuckled boxer in Antibes on the Cote d’Azur. Oh, and for added realism, Cotillard trains killer whales. If the films are about escaping the normal to experience the quintessential human spirit somewhere else, this ticks the boxes. Well worth a look. Score: Three Orcas.


Picture 1 of 12

From left, actors Matthias Schoenaerts, Marion Cotillard and director Jacques Audiard pose during a photo call for Rust and Bone at the 65th international film festival, in Cannes, southern France, Thursday, May 17, 2012. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

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Cannes 2012: Day 1 photos – Bill Murray works the lens in Moonrise Kingdom

CANNES 2012 in photos: Bill Murray and Bruce Willis stole the show effortlessly as director and writer Wes Anderson (he co-wrote it with Roman Coppola)and co-star Edward Norton worked the cameras for Moonrise Kingdom at the 65th international film festival. Moonrise Kingdom is the festival opener, a quirky, fragile, alluring and ultimately inconsequential tale of teenage love New England America. It stars Tilda Swinton as a retro child catcher, Murray and Willis. The cast alone makes it worth a look…


Picture 1 of 23

Actor Bill Murray poses during a photo call for Moonrise Kingdom at the 65th international film festival, in Cannes, southern France, Wednesday, May 16, 2012. (AP Photo/Joel Ryan)

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In photos – Men In Black 3D with Will Smith on hurdles

TO the Men In Black 3D photocall, then, at London’s swanky Dorchester Hotel. This is the life, eh, stood in an expensive hotel looking at actors, like Barry Sonnenfeld, Alice Eve, Will Smith, Emma Thompson and Josh Brolin, mugging it up for the cameras. The best bit was elsewhere, when Will Smith went to the Ethos Sports Centre in Imperial College, London, and auditioned for the part of an effete Eric Morecambe in the forthcoming biopic of the comic’s life. Morecambe would have wanted Smith to play him in film. And, in any case, John Travolta is busy…


Picture 1 of 18

Will Smith takes part in a basketball demonstration with athlete Drew Sullivan, as he meets Olympic hopefuls from Team GB, ahead of the Men in Black 3 UK Premiere.

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Tom Wilson’s Back To The Future business cards explain it all

TOM Wilson. Who he? Film buffs will know that Tom Wilson played Biff in the Back To The Future trilogy. (He also does comedy and voices on Sponge Bob Squarepants.) His business cards are legend. On them is an explanation of The Back to The Future plot. Other actors might try the move, perhaps distilling plot lines into as few words as possible: Twilight (“Very old man hangs bout with schoolgirl”); Star Wars (“Cowboys and Indians in space”); and many more…

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Battleship premier photos: Rihanna and the bored games

WE went to see Rihanna at the American premiere of the film Battleship in Los Angeles. Battleship is a really expensive B-movie based on the boardgame. The story is that aliens have crashed into / invaded Earth and have decided to attack Hawaii, where only the American Pacific fleet, Lieutenant Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) and petty officer Rihanna’s monosyllabic interjections can stop the world from being overrun. One word: noisy.


Picture 1 of 17

Brooklyn Decker, a cast member in "Battleship," poses at the American premiere of the film, Thursday, May 10, 2012, in Los Angeles. The film is released in theaters on May 18. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s Dictator shoots Al Fayed in the face – photos

TO the premier of The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen’s new flick based on the life and daydream of the late Colonel Gaddafi. For reasons that need little explaining, Baron Cohen shared the red carpet with Mohamed Al-Fayed, the owner of fuggin’ Fulham FC who bought a larger-than-life statue of Michael Jackson (7ft 6ins) and stuck it by the club’s Craven Cottage ground. Why? Why the fug not? Ask yourself what a Fulham fan might have expected of that new statue made to accompany the existing effigy of club legend Johnny Haynes. Perhaps a statue of a famous Fulham fan, like Terry McCann from Minder, Wolfie ‘Citizen’ Smith or Ray Brooks (the voice of Mr Ben). Instead the fans got Michael Jackson, who saw Fulham play Wigan in 1997. Fayed gave The Cottagers the figure of man who spoke in a girly voice and seems to have been as much into football as he was into plate tectonics. The question must be why would Baron Cohen would not take Al-Fayed to The Dictator premier and then pretend to shoot him in the head with golden pistol?


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Sacha Baron Cohen (right) and Mohamed Al-Fayed arriving at the Dictator UK film premiere held at the Royal Festival Hall, London.

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