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Kelly Brook Gives Birth To A Pug-Ugly Child: Pictures

IN readiness for the Strictly Come Dancing tour, professional body model Kelly Brook sheds a few words on OK!. And Kelly has given birth – to a pug:

Naked Kelly Brook Is Ordered To Get Bigger Buns

OK!: You’ve been voted as having one of the best celebrity bodies…

Kelly takes this as a question:

“I know, that’s amazing, isn’t it? I think Kate Winslet beat me to the title. It’s so nice and flattering, and that it was voted for by women. It’s good to know that you don’t actually have to be really skinny and think about your weight, for women to vote for you. It’s inspiring because I really don’t watch my weight. I eat what I want and I live a very active lifestyle. I’ll never be a skinny model and I don’t want to be. I’m not neurotic about how I look. I’m not vain enough to have plastic surgery, or have my teeth done, or hair extensions or a boob job. What I am is how I came out.”

OK!: You work so hard on tour – do you have to eat more to keep your curves?

Yeah. I mean, at the moment I do eat literally tons. Danny says to me: ‘Kelly you don’t have to eat like a rugby player!’ Yesterday I had a bug rib eye steak for breakfast. I was cooking one for him and I thought, well I might as well have one as well.”

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Peter Andre’s First Christmas Alone And Katie Price’s Gift

peter-andre102PETER Andre is on the cover of this week’s OK! and he’s pulling a cracker. Ho-ho. No, Peter isn’t with an insignificant other. Peter is pulling a cracker – a silver one with his children Junior Peter Andre and Princess Tianabananaramaminimi. This is “OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS ALONE”.

Just Peter. The kidzzzz. And the OK! photographers and syrup miners.

We meet Peter dabbled with snow and cuddling his progeny before a wooden door. It looks like a barn in Bethlehem. Although it might be a garage in Sussex? Peter Andre is ever keen to show us his children. It’s almost as if he expects someone to make him an offer for them. (“I’ll give you £350 for the mini Junior and a year’s subscription to Hare & Hounds for the girl. Deal?”)

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Tiger Woods: Rachel Uchitel’s OK! Interview In Full, And Pictures

rachel-uchitel-okTIGER Woods: After denying an affair with Woods and then calling a press conference, before – with the world’s media massed and expectant – cancelling the press conference, misunderstood Rachel Uchitel now tells her story to OK! magazine. It’s Rachel Kiss’ n’ Tell.

On the cover of OK!, Rachel Uchitel is billed as “TIGER WOODS’ RACHEL UCHITEL”. This is “‘MY SIDE OF THE STORY'”.

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OK! Does The Porn Mag Bundle: Coleen Rooney’s Christmas Shopping Party At Cricket

ok-pornIN OK! celebrity porn – Coleen Rooney talks babies and fat; Alex Curran licks her plate; diamond-encrusted nails do nappies and Cricket boutique celebrates Christmas shopping…

THIS week’s OK! magazine comes in a pack of four. There are “FOUR GREAT MAGS FOR ONLY £2.95”. The effect is like those bundled porn magazines on the top shelf at the newsagent’s, whereby porn publishers stuff a load of old, recycled filth in a cellophane wrapper and advertise loadsa mags for a fiver.

Incidentally, Richard Desmond, owner of OK! magazine, also broadcasts porn on the telly and the web. How long before he slips OK! into a back copy of his former OK! stable mate Asian Babes or the Red Hot TV guide to stave off buyers’ embarrassment?

In this week’s OK!, you can see Coleen Rooney and Alex Curran on the cover and learn “HOW I LOST TWO STONE IN FOUR WEEKS”!.

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Katie Price Dominates OK! And Samantha Fox

katie-price-jungle4IN OK! magazine’s continuing linger around Katie Price and I’m A Celebrity, readers get to meet Samantha Fox, the…

“… pint-sized, boobalicious, spunky volcano of fun.” (Photos here.)

Sam Fox “brims with gumption, overflows with attitude and rumbles with mischief.”

Sam Fox cannot be contained. That’s her, the one in the glasses, sat on her hammock doing as she’s told and doing her best to make Jimmy ‘Interesting’ White look like Steve Davis’s slower brother.

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Katie Price Wanted Alex Reid To Follow her To Australia

peter-andre-and-katieONCE again Katie Price and Peter Andre are on the cover of OK! magazine. Britain’s answer to Brangelina are on the cover of Britain’s answer to the National Enquirer.

One thing is missing. No, not news. Well, not only that. The thing that’s missing is Angelina Jolie. If Peter Andre is Brad Pitt – stick with it – and Katie Price is Jennifer Aniston, who is going to be Jolie and marry Peter?

That for later, for now dignified Peter Andre wants to tell us on the cover:


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I’m A Celebrity: Katie Price’s ‘Only Interview’ Causes ‘Mayhem’

katie-price-swampI’M A Celebrity In OK: In this weeks’ OK! magazine Katie Price delivers her “only interview” (today), Samantha Fox calls Jordan a “freak” and Kerry Katona says she’ll see Katie in the jungle.

It’s the I’m A Celebrity jungle special in this week’s OK! magazine as the organ trails the show that has, er, already started.

To make this one fly, and the £2,.60 cover price worth it, OK! needs a scoop. Can it find one?

“With a face full of Botox, a mouth like a Kalashnikov, a head packed with explosive secrets, celebrity tornado Katie Price is sure to cause total mayhem as she rips through the I’m a Celebrity… jungle camp.”

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Peter Andre ‘Dates’ X Factor Singer Stacey Solomon

grope-11WANT to read about Peter Andre’s “movie date” with X Factor hopeful Stacey Solomon?

In OK! magazine, you can. What’s more, the magazine has the “FIRST EVER PICTURE”.

This is a front-page exclusive. And we begin our journey through a magazine in hunt the X Factor starlet and Mr Katie Price, as was.

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Katie Price’s Marries A Toffee Crisp And Peter Andre’s Other Woman Confesses

7976717OK! magazine continues the push the limits of trades descriptions as it tries to eek more sensation from the predictable life of Katie Price, aka Jordan.

In “KATIE PRICE – ‘We can’t wait for our wedding day’”, the OK! cover sees Katie dandling her kidzzz under her pendant charcoal drawn eyebrows over a picture of she and Toffee Crisp-dusted Alex Reid looking smoochy.

Anyone who expects to read about Katie and Alex’s big day is either a fool, a bigger fool or someone who has never bought OK! before. Eight pages into a Halloween photoshoto in which Katie appears as a neon Jack-o-lantern and hr progeny Princess Tiaminimeeeee takes on the guise of a young Marty Feldman channelling Danniella Westbrook, we get:

OK!: Do you still believe in marriage?
KP: Absolutely. I definitely want to get married again.

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Katie Price And Peter Andre: How Dignified Peter Keeps Private Things Private

7898688HAVING told Katie Price’s current accessory Alex Reid in a phone call that he was going to “break your fucking legs”, a dignified Peter Andre, who also called Reid a “fag” and a “tranny”, tells OK! readers:

“A private phone conversation should be kept private. I believe within minutes it was put on Facebook. It’s a game and I really don’t want to be dragged into it.”

You can read all about how dignified Peter doesn’t like to be dragged into it here. And you learn why Peter keeps mum and rises above it all here:

I’m aware that at some stage they’ll want to go on the internet, read what happened, and see what was said, and I don’t want them to read anything bad their dad has said about their mum.

And here.

And if you want to hear about private phone calls, you can read this in the Daily Mirror:

Horrified Peter Andre accused Katie Price of being a “despicable mother” during an expletive-filled row witnessed by the Mirror. The singer was incensed after discovering Katie was teaching their children to swear – using the C-word in front of Junior, four, Princess, two, and Harvey, seven.
During the ferocious six-minute phone conversation Katie, 31, instructed Junior to use vile and offensive language.

The Mirror was with Peter, 36, throughout the conversation.

It went on:

Katie then took the phone back from the youngster and launched a vicious attack on her former manager Claire Powell, who still represents Peter. She called her a “fat, ugly, evil c***.”

The emotional singer retaliated, calling Katie a “despicable mother” and a “disgrace”. By chance, the argument was captured by an ITV2 camera crew filming for Peter’s reality show.

Elsewhere in OK!, Peter tells readers about his new song for Katie, the delightful, You Ain’t Worth Shit.

“I hope the ratings for this are good, just so people can hear that song at the end,” he chuckles to us, clearly regaining his sense of humour after a torrid few months.”

Privacy. What privacy. They can’t handle the privacy…

Picture: Peter enjoying a private meal with few of his agent’s clients in a Mayfair hotel, before a big row that made it into the papers. Why do they stare?

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Peter Andre And Alex Reid To Cage Fight For Katie Price

alex-katie-peteIN today’s Peter Andre and Katie Price missive, the Daily Star leads with a picture of Peter Andre and Alex Reid, and this headline:

YOU’LL have your legs broken, you fag tranny.

The story goes:

FURIOUS Peter Andre has sensationally raged at love rival Alex Reid: “You’re gonna get your legs broken!”

This is dignified Peter Andre. Go on:

The normally mild-mannered singer finally snapped in a late-night phone call as Alex refused to let him speak to his kids. Alex revealed that Peter yelled abuse at him, calling him a “druggie”, “tranny”, “fag” and “pussy”.

Hey, Pete. Steady on. Alex is taken. Find your own love interest. Pete adds:

“Hundreds of people want to break your legs!”

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Kerry Katona Is Pregnant With…

katona3IS Kerry Katona looking to get pregnant and so cash in on little Dona-Babs in a bid to solve any money issues?

OK! Magazine tells us that Kerry has set-up a scoop in which she is pictured browsing the aisles of Mothercare – snapped by the paparazzo’s Dummy Cam.

The press goes into overdrive and The People leads with:


OK! tuts.

“One downmarket Sunday newspaper even ran a front-page splash about how Kerry was keen to have another child in a desperate attempt to raise much-needed cash by flogging the first pictures to the press.”


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Peter Andre’s New Love Revealed And Katie Price Says Alesha Dixon Is Welcome To Him

alesha-dixon1PETER Andre smoulders like a warm cup of sugary camomile tea and tells OK! readers:


PETER ANDRE REVEALS LOVE AFFAIR.” It is a “world exclusive”.

So Pete, who’s the new lover?

PA: Life is really exciting. I’m filming my new reality TV show… I can’t believe how many people have turned out to see little old me.

Is it Asda? Ikea? Budgena? Who is she Pete?

PA: I’ll be honest, I don’t want to talk about her [Katie Price]. I don’t want to retaliate to the things she’s done or said. I’m over it.

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Greg Lott’s Farrah Fawcett Love Story

118FARRAH Fawcett has died, and with her passing came news of her romance with a Greg Lott.

Writes Our Man in LA: The tabloids know a good love story when they see one. Thanks in great part to publications like OK! magazine’s international editions (in this case, Mexico), Greg Lott’s secret autumn romance with college sweetheart Farrah Fawcett is getting as much play as Ryan O’Neal’s real-life version of his movie from 1970.

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Darren Day Is The New Bond, Darren Bond

darren-dayDARREN Day, ‘member him, the actor / singer / fiancé who was engaged to former soap actress Tracy Shaw and fathered a child by former reality TV singer Suzanne Shaw, the actress who was engaged more times than a toilet at a cystitis convention?

Well, Darren Day is back in OK! and he’s playing at dress ups, pretending to be Sylvester Stallone in Rambo, Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator and Gerard Butler in 300.

There is no doubting that Darren is a versatile talent. But can he do romance? The question is soon answered as Darren slips into a pair of duck egg blue swimmers last seen wrapped around Daniel Craig’s buttocks and PPK is Casino Royal.

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Angelina Jolie Tells OK! ‘I Don’t Ask For Tabloid Attention’

7697914ANGELINA Jolie would like OK! readers, and therefore us, to know:

“I don’t ask for all this tabloid attention so I never read what they write about us.”

It’s the media. It’s all the media. Angelina is talking about the invasive tabloids in an OK! interview. She doesn’t ask to be in the tabloids. It’s not her fault that hacks and snappers not part of her accredited team follow her about.

AJ: First I see myself as a mother – that’s my priority… I don’t even go out that much, I travel and do a film and that’s about it so I don’t understand why people want to know more about our lives.


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Raped Katie Price’s Married Man Confesses

okIN “My nights with married man made Peter leave”, Katie Price “finally confesses”. The cover of OK! captures Katie in a cuddle with Andrew Gould and delivers the headline:


This is the same Andrew Gould who told us:

He said: ‘All this fuss is over one drink I had with Kate. I’ve had drinks with lots of my clients but because she is famous, this has been turned into something it is not.’

But the cover of OK! shows you and Katie in an embrace and says Katie chose you over her husband…

Dressage coach Andrew, 28, angrily insisted he was “f***ing sick” of being portrayed as “the other man” in the couple’s troubled marriage.



SHAMELESS Kate Price has revealed all about the “sexy nights” that ended her marriage in another twist to her divorce saga. She has opened her heart about her relationship with dressage coach Andrew Gould that drove Peter Andre wild.

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Katie Price’s Rapist Give Hope To Women

7783208KATIE Price is cradling Junior Andre on the cover of OK!.

MY RAPIST IS A VERY FAMOUS CELEBRITY,” says Katie. OK! promises a “shocking interview and pictures.”

There is something about the headline that suggests being raped by a celebrity is better than being raped by a run-off-the-mill rapist, and that a famous celebrity is even better.

In refuges now are abused women bemoaning their dumb luck that their rapist was a workshy boyfriend who couldn’t even be bothered to appear on The Jeremy Kyle Show. What a bastard.

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Katie Price Reveals Rapist’s Identity

rapeKATIE Price says she was raped. And then the other heeled clog drops: Katie says the rapist is a well-known celebrity.

So who is this celebrity?

“A famous celebrity raped me and Peter knows who it was. It was years ago before I was with Pete, and my friends and family knew about it at the time.”

Next week, Katie might tell us the colour of the rapist’s hair. Then she will maybe say where she was raped and give us a clue as to whether it involved lead piping, a rope or a gun. Then we’ll be able to play Strip Cluedo, Celebrity Edition, using our vibrating pieces to race around the board from Anand Jon Alexander, Fatty Arbuckle, Mike Tyson and whoever it was who Ulrika Jonsson said raped her in her book.

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Natalie Cassidy’s Simplisitic Weight Watch With Charlotte Church

ok-cassidy-natalieIN this week’s OK!: Natalie Cassidy talks weight, Charlotte Church’s keep fit with kidz, The Saturday’s flakes and The Apprentice’s Alex Wotherpsoon ties the rings…

NATALIE Cassidy is using her outing on Strictly Come Dancing to tell OK! readers that if her lover of ten weeks asked her to marry her she’d say yes.

“One day I want a church wedding or a castle. It would be simplistic with not many people, just ones that mean a lot to us.”

Like Natalie’s old English teacher. Simples.

In other Fatalie Cassidy news.

NC: “I’m in magazines all the time and the stories are all about my weight. That’s just hurtful.”
OK!: “Are you hoping it [SCD] will help you lose weight?”
OK!: “Natalie vows: I’ll lose three stone on Strictly.”

Charlotte Church’s Weight

Says a friend:

“Charlotte is now a large size 12 but wants to get down to a size 10. If she does, she wants to do a workout video – but she’s told Gavin she’s happy to be a toned size 12.”

And what about that video – cue the Benny Hill theme tune?

“To be honest, I couldn’t; give a fuck what people think I look like. I didn’t have a personal trainer or anything, but running after the children keeps me trim.”

It’s a PG-rated work out video.

The Saturday’s Frankie Sandford:

“I always aim to have Brand Flakes with semi-skimmed milk for breakfast. Sometimes I have granary bread with butter and marmite. Or, if I’m in a rush, a banana.”


“I love popcorn, so it’s a bonus that it’s not very fattening.”

Alex Wotherspoon marries Hannah Robbins

Wotherspoon was last seen sloping off from Surr Alan Sugar’s office in The Apprentice. Now he’s married. And OK! looks on.

Wife Hannah “wears an unstated veil which covered her face”.

Which is traditional. She then lifts the veil to east Norwegian prawns with melon, followed by leg of lamb with seasonal vegetables and a stock of profiteroles to finish.

Leave room for the cake:

“Next came the cutting of the cake which again showed what an intensely personal and family orientated day this was, with the stunning ice tower being created by Hannah’s auntie.”

A word now from the happy couple:

Hannah: “… the wedding ring should be simple, understated and oure.”
Alex: “I designed mine myself. It’s just a band with a cross along it and a diamond in the middle. If we have children we will add an diamond every time.”


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Katie Price Hopes Andre ‘Rots In Hell’

katie-peter-weddingTHE Daily Mirror speaks for its readers when it looks at the Katie Price and Peter Andre divorce and screams:


But it’s not over. It goes on. There it is on the front page of the national press. And here’s Jordan telling Daily Star readers:

“I’LL WED MY ALEX AT XMAS…and it won’t be tacky like when I married Pete.”

The model plans to have a secret winter wedding and she is fast-tracking the nuptials because she is convinced Pete is hiding a secret girlfriend.

In other facts, Katie tells OK! readers that far from being shouted at by girls telling her how much they hated her, the truth is…:

“It’s like when I was in Ibiza, they said girls were shouting they hated me, when they were shouting: ‘We love you, we love your perfume.’”

“Oi, Jordan! We love your new range of equestrian daywear in a full range of pinks and mauves, and your curling tongs that operate at the bleeding-edge of technology, oh, and that book that has been so cruelly left off the Man Booker shortlist.”

And while we inhale those words, Jordan revisits Andre Pinto, her post-Peter andre homophonous former lover who told his story to the tabloids.

Andre: “There is nothing I can say but sorry!… I swore on my parents live that I wasn’t lying to you, I feel like Judas doing that to you…”

Katie: “You’re not stupid, you’re evil. Calling you Judas is a compliment. It makes me sick you even touched me. I hope you riot in hell.”

Which is why in a few moths time we will still be reading about Jordan in the tabloids and Sentimental Peter Andre will be on daytime telly, if he’s lucky…

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Jordan and PAPA Polish Up In Love Affirmation Ceremony

AFTER the TV show, Jordan is “finally” responding to the clamour and will tell OK! readers about her marriage.

Or what there was of it. Says Jordan of her romance with pop acorn Peter Andre (PAPA): “WHY I WALKED OUT ON PETE.” She is showing readers her clean hand, and muscular naked ring finger. “It looks like I’ll be a single mum.”

Jordan gets the photo spread and the kids, and PAPA gets to wax his back, crack and sack on daytime telly.

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The A To Z Of Celebrity Illnesses

READING this week’s OK! is to venture into the A to Z of Celebrity Diseases.

Victoria Beckham would like OK! readers to know: “I HATE LOOKING AT MYSELF IN THE MIRROR.”

For such reasons does Her Poshness appear in magazines and thereby gets to see herself in glossy print.

Natasha Hamilton, a singer, tells us about “MY DEVASTATING MISCARRIAGE”. Although she pulled herself together to watch Disney’s On Ice Finding Nemo, which the kids “loved”.

And Girl Aloud singer Nadine Coyle tells us:

“I kept getting ill, coming out in cold sores with the stress. Then a found a lump in my breast.”

And? And it wasn’t cancer. But it could have been. It could have been a piece of gristle. But it could have been cancer. And Nemo could have died.

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Styrofoam, The Essence Of Kerry Katona

KERRY Katona uses her OK! Diary to tell us that’s she has a perfume coming out in October.

Parfumiers are right not harvesting the contents of Kerry’s knickers, sheets and husband for an essence that can be boiled, distilled and poured into a styrofoam burger box.

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Cheryl Cole’s Water Retention And Karma Suits Yer

CHERYL COLE wants you to know that “I CAN’T CRY ANY MORE THAN I’VE CRIED.”

Cheryl Cole has suffered, although not from water retention.


Moving inside OK!, past “CHERYL WALKS AND TALKS” to Cheryl weeps and wails.

It’s not all about Cheryl, and this is a feature on she and her Girls Aloud bandmates. And we will get to whatsherface, the skinny one, the very skinny one and the one with the red-hair soon enough.

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