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Piers Morgan’s election breakdown: life moves pretty fast for Corbyn bashers and Trump cheerladers

How was election night for GMTV host and Big Media big beast Piers Morgan?


Piers Morgan election predictions fail 2017



Piers Morgan election predictions fail 2017


This is what Big Media had to day about Jeremy Corbyn:

Mrs May isn’t just kicking Corbyn when he’s down, she’s dug his political grave, prepared the coffin, set the date for the funeral service and invited us all to attend his career death.

Who said that? Yep, Piers Morgan in the little-known Daily Mail. He has a “doubt many people have a clue what Corbyn truly thinks or believes”.


 piers morgan daily mail corbyn

And what of Corbyn being the UK’s Donald Trump? Well, ITV, on which you can watch GMTV, reviewed his Corbyn interview with Morgan thus:

corbyn trump piers morgan

Curse that “vicious media”.

Spotter: Tom Jamieson


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Times journalist calls everyone who doesn’t vote Labour a ‘c**t’

Times journalist Caitlin Moran has reportedly tweeted: “Obviously there’s more nuanced take on this, but, broadly, voting Labour = not being a cunt.”


Caitlin Moran Labour


In November 2016, the Sunday Times interviewed Conservative leader Theresa May – a non-Labour voter, like Tobias Ellwood, and millions more ‘deplorables’ who don’t agree with Labour and vote Conservative, SNP, Green, LibDem, Co-operative, Democratic Unionist, Plaid Cymru, Sinn Féin, UKIP, Ulster Unionist Party or no-one. One section in Eleanor Mills’ story stood out:

A few weeks ago, I attended the Women of the Year awards lunch, where May spoke and presented an award to Margaret Aspinall, chairwoman of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, whose son James died in the Hillsborough disaster. Margaret Thatcher once told Aspinall that the police were doing “their job, my dear, their job”. May, by contrast, paid tribute to the families in their long fight for justice. In the queue for the ladies after the lunch, I chatted to another Hillsborough mum and asked what she thought of the prime minister.

“We’ve seen many politicians over the years,” she said, raising her eyes to heaven. “Theresa’s the only one who ever came through for us.”

Moran’s comment is nasty. The unpleasantness of those who claim to be most caring is jarring. To present swathes of people as inferior beings – Untermensch – is not enlightened. We should have more faith in one another. Humanity is underrated. Of course, it’s not only voices on the moralising Left writing off people who disagree with them as trash.
Corbyn the sun bin

This man is rubbish – actual rubbish

One other thing about was noteworthy: it showed that the Times employs writers with differing opinions. You cannot abuse Moran for toeing the line. Yesterday’s Times‘ editorial backed the Tories:
“The Conservatives have fought a poor campaign. Their manifesto includes policies lifted wholesale from Ed Miliband’s Labour platform of 2015, and a headline strategy on social care that was brave in principle but botched in practice.

“Mrs May has been pitched to voters as her party’s strongest asset but she has proved wooden when she needed to show charisma. She has been inflexible when she needed to think on her feet and evasive when she needed to be honest.

“That she is nonetheless by far the best prospective prime minister on offer speaks volumes about the choice voters must make tomorrow.”

In other news: Caitlin Moran’s tweet has been deleted.

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Fox News apologizes for Kate Hopkins and Nigel Farage’s debate on Muslim internment camps

Former UKIP leader and Donald Trump pal Nigel Farage and to-deadline media shocker Katie Hopkins have managed to achieve a notable media milestone: they’ve shocked Fox & Friends hots into an apology. Hopkins might care to get her notoriety printed on a commemorative T-shirt, or at least a CV. Farage can get some celebratory cufflinks. The pair’s aim is to be relevant. Incredibly, Hopkins has managed to find the words to get herself noticed in the US. Farage is an opinion for hire.

It’s all marketing, isn’t it? Farage and Hopkins are their own brands. And their’s is a cheap business, requiring only an ego-fed mouth.

One of the show’s guest commentators, Katie Hopkins of The Daily Mail, raised the prospect of rounding up Muslims in the United Kingdom and placing them in internment camps as a way of preventing future attacks. Another guest — Nigel Farage, the British political figure and “Brexit” advocate who is now a Fox News contributor — also mentioned the idea of internment.

Later in the broadcast, the “Fox & Friends” anchors paused for a formal denunciation of the statements, lest viewers be left with the impression that Fox was endorsing the idea.

“On behalf of the network, I think all of us here find that idea reprehensible here at Fox News Channel, just to be clear,” a co-host, Clayton Morris, told viewers.

Ms. Huntsman added, “It’s important to be said.”


What did they say?

Discussing the terror threat to the UK following three deadly attacks in as many months, Farage said: “And if there is not action, the calls for internment will grow. We have 3,000 people on sort of a known terrorist list. And we’re watching their actions. But a further 20,000 people who are persons of interests, namely they’re linked by some way to extremist organisations. Unless we see the [government] getting tough, you will see public calls for those 3,000 to be arrested.”

Farage then said, “I’m not sure that that is the right approach, because the big danger with that is we might alienate decent, fair-minded Muslims in Britain,” but The i reports that Hopkins disagreed, saying: “We do need interment camps.”

Collective guilt and prison without trial. Nice.

Maybe we should round up all people whose views we don’t share, put them in a field and…



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After London Bridge and Manchester: Douglas Adams was right about the internet

After London Bridge, the news is that there will be crackdown on the internet. Freedom of speech must be curtailed. Encryption must be done away with.

Author Douglas Adams go it. In 1999 he wrote:


Douglas Adam London terror


“I don’t think anybody would argue now that the Internet isn’t becoming a major factor in our lives. However, it’s very new to us. Newsreaders still feel it is worth a special and rather worrying mention if, for instance, a crime was planned by people ‘over the Internet’. They don’t bother to mention when criminals use the telephone or the M4, or discuss their dastardly plans ‘over a cup of tea’, though each of these was new and controversial in their day.”



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The screaming abdabs: Anthony Burgess’s Dictionary of Slang

Anthony Burgess,


Manchester-born writer and academic Anthony Burgess began work on a dictionary of slang –  “the home-made language of the ruled, not the rulers, the acted upon, the used, the used up. It is demotic poetry emerging in flashes of ironic insight.”

Entries in A from Anthony Burgess’s lost dictionary of slang

Abdabs (the screaming) – Fit of nerves, attack of delirium tremens, or other uncontrollable emotional crisis. Perhaps imitative of spasm of the jaw, with short, sharp screams.

Abdicate – In poker, to withdraw from the game, forfeiting all money or chips put in the pot.

Abfab – Obsolescent abbreviation of absolutely fabulous, used by Australian teenagers or ‘bodgies’.

Abortion – Anything ugly, ill-shapen, or generally detestable: ‘You look a right bloody abortion, dressed like that’; ‘a nasty little abortion of a film’ (Australian in origin).

Abyssinia – I’ll be seeing you. A valediction that started during the Italo-Abyssinian war. Obsolete, but so Joyceanly satisfying that it is sometimes hard to resist.

Accidental(ly) on purpose – Deliberately, but with the appearance of accident: ‘So I put me hand on her knee, see, sort of accidental on purpose.’ (Literary locus classicus: Elmer Rice’s The Adding Machine, 1923.)

Arse – I need not define. The taboo is gradually being broken so that plays on the stage and on radio and television introduce the term with no protest. The American Random House Dictionary … is still shy of it, however, though not of the American colloquialism ass. Arse is a noble word; ass is a vulgarism.

NOTE: Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange is cited three times in the historical Oxford English Dictionary: ‘thou’, ‘your’ and ‘droog’ which was invented by Burgess in the novel and appears on the first page: “There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim.”

Via: The Anthony Burgess Foundation and Flashbak, which has more.

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Key question asked in underage sex case: Is Julie Wadsworth shaggable?

How do you report on the “BBC radio star accused of sex sessions with underage boys”? If you’re the Sun you slap the story on the front page and show Julie Wadsworth, for it is she, wearing short shorts and knee-high boots in a “cheeky snap”.


julie wadsworth sexy


Inside the paper, spread over page 4 and 5, we see a lot more of Julie Wadsworth.

The key element in the case of the Julie Wadsworth seems to be, ‘Is she’s shaggable?’ The Sun refers to the accused’s alleged sexual activity with children as a “TEEN ROMP”.


Julie Wadsworth sex


The Sun says she denies 12 charges of indecent assault against seven underaged boys. Her husband Tony Wadsworth denies 10 charges of the same offence. The couple deny five counts of outraging public decency.

The rest of us wonder what the accused’s looks have to do with it?


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Salma Hayek’s Pizza Hell

salma hayek pizza


“I’m a very good stepmum,” Hayek insists. “I always wanted more children, but I couldn’t have another after Valentina. You have to work very hard to please them all. If you are making pizza, there is one who doesn’t like cheese, and another who hates tomato. Our chef sometimes looks so downhearted. He’s always saying, ‘Madam, what are we going to do?’”

Spotter: The Times

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The Twin Peaks Archive: 10 hours of rare and unreleased tracks from the TV series and FWWM

The Twin Peaks Archive. 10 hours of rare and unreleased tracks from the TV series and FWWM.


twin peaks archive


By Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch. you can buy it here. And here.

David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti – The Twin Peaks Archive (Track Listing)

Deer Meadow Shuffle
Deer Meadow Shuffle (film version)
Just You (Instrumental Baritone Guitar)
Twin Peaks Theme (Alternate Version)
Annie and Cooper
Nightsea Wind
Freshly Squeezed (Bass Clarinet)
Twin Peaks Theme (Nostalgia Version)
Twin Peaks Theme (Harp and Guitar)
Twin Peaks Theme (Solo Rhodes)
Mysterioso #2
Mysterioso #2 (film version)
Mysterioso #1
Mysterioso #1 (film version)
Love Theme (Alternate Version)
Love Theme (Solo Rhodes)
James Hurley (Outtake)
Mister Snooty
Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version)
Picking On Country
I’m Hurt Bad (Industrial Symphony No. 1 Version)
Western Ballad
Preparing for M.T. Wentz
Secret Country
Dark Mood Woods (Full Version)
RR Swing
Great Northern Piano Tune #1
Great Northern Piano Tune #2 (Truman and Josie)
Great Northern Piano Tune #3
Twin Peaks Theme (Solo Piano)
Girl Talk
Birds In Hell
Audrey’s Prayer (Synth Version)
Audrey’s Prayer (Clarinet & Synth)
The Norwegians
Sneaky Audrey
Freshly Squeezed (Solo Vibraphone)
Miss Twin Peaks (Piano Rehearsal)
Miss Twin Peaks Theme
Lana’s Dance
Lucy’s Dance
Miss Twin Peaks (Finale)
Sycamore Trees (Instrumental)
South Sea Dreams
Hula Hoppin’
Love Theme (Piano and Rhodes)
Owl Cave
Slow Speed Orchestra 1 (24 Hours)
Slow Speed Orchestra 2 (Unease Motif/The Woods)
Slow Speed Orchestra 3 (Black Lodge Rumble)
Half Speed Orchestra 1 (Stair Music/Danger Theme)
Half Speed Orchestra 2 (Dark Forces)
Half Speed Orchestra 3 (Windom Earle’s Motif)
James Visits Laura
Harold’s Theme (The Living Novel)
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Ethereal Pad Version)
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Ghost Version)
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Guardian Angel Version)
Dance of the Dream Man (Solo Sax)
Solo Percussion 1
Solo Percussion 2 (Grady’s Waltz)
Solo Percussion 3
Audrey’s Dance (Percussion & Clarinets)
Northwest Gulch
Dance of the Dream Man (Drums and Bass)
Dance of the Dream Man (Solo Clarinet)
Dance of the Dream Man (Solo Clarinet 2)
Dance of the Dream Man (Solo Flute)
Dance of the Dream Man (Solos Bass)
Just You (Instrumental)
Bookhouse Boys
Bookhouse Boys (Solo Guitar)
Hank’s Theme (Version 2)
Earle’s Theme
Hank’s Theme
Invitation to Love Theme (Bumper)
Half Speed Orchestra 5 (Leo’s Theme)
Invitation to Love Theme
Invitation to Love (Lover’s Dilemma)
Lana’s Theme
Horne’s Theme
Wheeler’s Theme
Harold’s Theme (Josie’s Past)
Freshly Squeezed (Complete Version)
Freshly Squeezed (Clarinet)
Freshly Squeezed (Flute)
Freshly Squeezed (Mid-tempo Version)
Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version 2)
Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Solo Bass)
Freshly Squeezed (Solo Bass Clarinet)
Freshly Squeezed (Solo Clarinet)
Freshly Squeezed (Solo Flute)
The Mill Deal
Josie and Jonathan
The Mill Fire
Theme from Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me (Saxaphone)
Teresa’s Autopsy
Phillip Jefferies
Back to Fat Trout (Unease Motif/The Woods)
Laura Visits Harold
Behind The Mask
Wash Your Hands
It’s Your Father
Jacques’ Cabin/The Train Car
Circumference of a Circle
Dark Mood Woods (Studio Version)
One Eyed Jack’s Parlour Music
Twin Peaks Christmas Greeting
Dance of the Dream Man (Fast Soprano Clarinet)
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Baritone Guitar Punctuation)
Leo Returns
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Dark Synth)
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Solo Piano)
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Vibraphone)
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Letter from Harold)
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Caroline)
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Clarinet Bridge)
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Clarinet Strings Bridge)
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano Bridge)
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano A) TK1
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano A) TK2
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano A) TK3
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano A) TK4
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano B) TK1
Laura Palmer’s Theme (Piano B) TK2
Abstract Mood
Abstract Mood (Slow Speed)
Slow Speed Orchestra 4 (White Lodge Rumble)
Harold’s Theme (Harpsichord)
Audrey’s Prayer (Flute)
Audrey’s Dance (Clean)
Audrey’s Dance (Drums and Bass)
Audrey’s Dance (Solo Rhodes)
Audrey’s Dance (Synth and Vibraphone)
Audrey’s Dance (Clean Fast)
Audrey’s Dance/Dance of the Dream Man (Saxophone)
Audrey’s Dance/Dance of the Dream Man (Clarinet)
Audrey’s Dance/Dance of the Dream Man (Flute)
Sneaky Audrey (Audrey’s Investigation)
Sneaky Audrey (Solo)
Sneaky Audrey (Alternate)
One Armed Man Theme (Solo Clarinet Improvisation)
Great Northern Big Band
Wedding Hymn
Wedding Song #1
Wedding Song #2 (‘Stranger Nights’)
Wedding Song #3 (Accordian)
Attack of the Pine Weasel
Great Northern Piano Tune #4
Twin Peaks Theme (Harp)
Ben’s Battle
Ben’s Battle (Solo Percussion)
Ben’s Battle (Solo Flute)
Ben’s Battle (Solo Trumpet)
Ben’s Lament
Half Speed Orchestra 4 (Dugpas)
Half Speed Orchestra 6 (Bob’s Dance/Back to Missuola)
Half Speed Orchestra 7
The Culmination
Distant Train
Laura’s Dark Boogie (Clean)
The Red Room
Love Theme (Dark)
James & Evelyn
Evelyn’s Mourning
Evelyn’s Mourning (Extended)
La Speranza
Trail Mix
Dark Intro #1
Dark Intro #2
Dark Intro #3
Dark Intro #4
Dark Intro #5
Dark Intro #6
Packard’s Theme
The Mill Durge
Jean Renault’s Theme (Solo Bass Clarinet)
One Eyed Jack’s Country
Dick Tremayne’s Swing
Llama Country
‘Such Stuff as Dreams are Made of”
Earle’s Theme (Audrey’s Walk)
Leo Attacks Bobby
The Pink Room (Extended Version)
Half Heart (Solo)
Dance of the Dream Man (Original)
Great Northern Piano Tune #2 (Full Version)
One Armed Man’s Theme & Jean Renault’s Theme (TV Mix)
Audrey (TV Version)
Voice of Love (Slow)
Log Lady Presence
Love Theme (Light)
Wheeler’s Theme (TK 2)
Solo Percussion 4
Freshly Squeezed (Fast Cool Jazz Version 2 Clean) *partial
Solo Percussion (Arbitrary Cymbals)
You Killed Mike
Falling into Love Theme (Demo)
Love Theme Slower and Darker (Demo)
Slow Cool Jazz (Demo)
Chinese Theme (Demo)
Wide Vibrato Augmented Chords (Demo)
Night Walk (Demo)
Low Wide and Beautiful (Demo)
Wide Vibrato Mood to Falling (Demo)
Love Theme to Falling (Demo)
Love Theme Light (Demo)
Questions in a World of Blue (Demo)
Love Theme from ‘On The Air’ (Take 4)
Love Theme from ‘On The Air’ (Slow Jazz Version)
Love Theme from ‘On The Air’ (Clarinet Strings)


Spotter: here.

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Katie Hopkins: sacked LBC DJ is Twitter’s Candyman

LBC and Katie Hopkins have agreed that Katie will leave LBC effective immediately.” writes @Lbc over on Twitter.  Thank fuck for that!  Source: Twitter/@LBC


LBC and Katie Hopkins have agreed that Katie will leave LBC effective immediately.” writes @Lbc over on Twitter.


No. The sensible move was to ignore her. It’s the ratings game. If you don’t like her, don’t mention her. Do the reverse Candyman.

For those of you missed the tweet but got the fallout, Katie Hopkins tweeted in response to TV presenter Phillip Schofield, petitioning him to be strong in the face of terror.  She tweeted: “Do not be a part of the problem. We need a final solution.”

Yeah, that bad. She knew what she was doing. She knew it would antagonise. She hoped it would place her at the centre of the conversation over the heinous attack in Manchester. Revolting stuff from the tabloid’s to-deadline controversialist. And then Twitter erupted with outrage and demands for her sacking. A woman with all the relevance of a loon shouting at the pigeons in the precinct became important.

Tom Slater finds a reason for it. It’s not her. It’s us:

Why have some of those born and raised among us – as Abedi was – grown to hate us? Why, among a minority of Muslim youth, is this nihilism brewing? And what might we have done to foster it, to cultivate it? These are questions they’d rather not answer. To do so would be to inflame, in their minds, the only hate they really care about – the hate of lumpen plebs, the sort of people they imagine lap up Katie Hopkins’ every tweet.

Hopkins tried to make Manchester all about her. But through the response it generated, it told us more about the mainstream, about the cowards who tell us to treat Islamist terror like a natural disaster, a time only for sympathy and thanking the emergency services; the cowards who would rather shriek at cretinous columnists than reckon with the real hatred in our midst; the cowards who seem to get more exercised by tweets than bombs.

I don’t think the tweeters are cowards. I think it’s a question of impotence: Katie Hopkins you can get; the West’s navel-gazing you can’t.

Spotter: Twitter/@LBC

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Walkers crisps endorses Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris in epic markting fail

Being the social media manager for Walker’s crisps is a doddle. Just get Gary Lineker to hold up a card and invite crisp enthusiasts to tweet a photo of their head which can be added to the former England footballer’s message. It would form a big Mexican Wave of crisp lovers. What could go wrong? Well, Walkers became endorsed by such lovelies as Osama bin Laden, Josef Fritzl and a bloke with a huge penis. And Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Fred West and more.


walkers wave fail lineker

walkers wave fail lineker

walkers wave fail lineker

walkers wave fail lineker

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Great story about Stockwell boy Roger Moore

This is a great story about Stockwell boy Roger Moore.
roger moore


Spotter: Marc Haynes

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Sir Roger Moore mocks the Daily Mail

Sir Roger Moore was top bloke. He was a terrific James Bond, an incarnation most closely aligned to Ian Fleming’s literary creation.  When the Daily Maily mocked him, Moore responded with exquisite style and trademark grace:


Roger Moore Daily Mai


James-Bond Roger Moore light sabre

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Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s album cover reworked with famous faces who died in 2016

Sgt. Pepper’s Album Cover Gets Reworked to Remember Icons Lost in 2016


Around 50 years ago The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album featured a brilliant cover.  On it were the likes of Bob Dylan, Edgar Allan Poe, William S. Burroughs, Albert Einstein, Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, HG Wells, Shirley Temple.

In a tribute to people who died in 2016, Muhammad Ali stands where boxer Sonny Liston did in the original. the reworking also features. George Michael, Prince, David Bowie,  Leonard Cohen, George Martin, Glenn Frey and Alan Rickman.




Spotter: Consequence of Sound, by Chris The Barker

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Other parents: keeping up with the Corens

Victoria Coren shares her views on motherhood in the Guardian:

I’m not complaining about the time spent. That’s how I wanted to spend my time. Different people react to parenthood in different ways. Many of my closest friends, who love their children immeasurably and certainly as much as I love mine, need space from them. Quite apart from the financial imperative, they need for their own sanity to create separate professional achievements, maintain separate relationships or just have quiet days off.

That’s not how it’s been for me. To my surprise, it turned out that I find childcare infinitely interesting. It’s more rewarding than anything else I do and there’s no real peace or pleasure in being away from her. I’ve kept working a bit, but only to try and have some sort of skeleton career going for the future.

One other important factor in keeping a media career going is to give your nippers a leg-up and an insider’s views on what is a very competitive business. The Independent noted in an article headlined “Media Families”:

Victoria Coren was born in 1972. By the time she was 14, she was writing a column for The Telegraph on … what it was like to be 14.

Talented Victoria Coren’s father was the late Alan Coren, the esteemed journalist who edited Punch magazine, worked as a television critic for the Times and wrote the Arthur series of children’s books.

As well as being a joy, children give journalists something to write about.

In 2011, Victoria’s brother, Giles Coren, told Sunday Times readers “how to be a dad… Despite thinking parenthood might have passed him by, at 41, Giles Coren is now father to five-month-old Kitty. Here he rewrites the Dad Rules.”

Alan Coren said of his children:

“I’m delighted that they’re successful because they’re very good. They’re smart and charming. They both wrote well from an early age, I suppose because they grew up in a house where a lot of writing was going on – that, coupled with the genes.

“Had they gone into journalism and not been any good at it, that would have been a shame. They haven’t realised their potential yet, but they’re on their way to realising it and I’m very pleased for them.”

The Indy noted in 1997: “Neither is married, so no third-generation wits are yet in the production line.”

Watch that space.

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The Frida Khalo action figure is coming to a store near you


Today Is Art Day’s Kickstarter is raising money to make a Frida Kahlo figure. At 5 inches tall, fashioned from quality plastic, Frida Kahlo action doll features a monkey on her back and a detachable surrealist heart. 

It is, of course, what she would have wanted.


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Russian aerobics to electronic music (1985) is brilliant

The backing tracks to this slice of Russian 1980s culture was published by Melodiya. It’s brilliant and as horribly catchy as the man-made fibres on those leotards:



Spoter: @flashbak

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Dance Moms prison auditions underway as Abby Lee Miller goes down

Abby Lee Miller, the yelling, industrial sander-voiced leader of TV’s Dance Moms, has been sentenced to 366 days in prison. She is guilty of fraud, having concealed around $755,000 of assets earned in 2012 and 2013, after she filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

Abby Lee was also sentenced to two years of probation following her release from prison, and ordered to pay a fine of $40,000.

You think Abby would revert to type and shout at the judge until he agreed to do what she told him. But that only works on the under 12s. Reports say she cried. And that failed, too.


abby lee prison


So Abbey Lee Miller heads to prison, where she’ll trade in her Comfy Slax and Cardi-gown for on an orange jump suit, and work out how to make her big comeback. The recipe is simple: Jail House Rock. No, not Abby Lee sat in a cell, self-cradling, rather a bunch of felons and rocking to and fro. This is the big dance number in which Abby Lee turns a bunch of felons and mothers into a dance troupe.

Call me , Abby, I have ideas. But not on the that phone. Best give it a rinse first.


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Leonard Nimoy Speaks Out on LSD, Religion and Dirty Movies

“Leonard Nimoy Speaks Out on LSD, Religion and Dirty Movies” in a 1968 TV magazine article. It is an “unblushing honest confession” made by the Star Trek actor.

Nimoy was open about the value in LSD. In a June 1968 interview, he opined:

“Waste not the smallest thing created, for grains of sand make mountains, and atoms infinity. Waste not the smallest little in imbecile infirmity, for well thou knowest that seconds form eternity.”

Truthful words that sum up eloquently Leonard’s philosophy. And the red-tape and bureaucracy of big government certainly conglomerate into a massive, time-consuming and delaying mess. But waste can also hit people via the indiscriminate use of LSD which Leonard abhors. “It really serves only a limited useful purpose,” he said. “If administered under strict medical supervision, then perhaps some benefit can be derived but only then.”


Leonard Nimoy Speaks Out on LSD, Religion and Dirty Movies b

Leonard Nimoy Speaks Out on LSD, Religion and Dirty Movies b

You can read it all on Flashbak.


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Star Wars perform the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Today’s mash-up has been created by Palette-Swap Ninja. They’ve combined Star Wars and the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Each song corresponds with a scene from the film:

Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band)
Luke Is In The Desert (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds)
Being From The Spaceport Of Mos Eisley (Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite!)



The whole video playlist is here. Download the full album here

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