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Celebrity news & gossip from the world’s showbiz and glamour magazines (OK!, Hello, National Enquirer and more). We read them so you don’t have to, picking the best bits from the showbiz world’s maw and spitting it back at them. Expect lots of sarcasm.

House Of Love

‘CELEBRITIES tend to marry other celebrities – and there’s a very good reason for this. Not only does it mean they can give birth to little celebrities, but often it takes one celeb to understand another celeb.

‘You blink!’ ‘No, you blink!’

For instance, had Kym Marsh not known about the fickle nature of fame, how could she have supported husband Jack Ryder as his career prospects sank quicker than Michael Barrymore in a swimathon?

The same is true of Big Brother contestants. They might not have sex in the house, but once the cameras are off the inmates can’t keep their hands off each other.

Sada and Nichola (from BB1) grabbed the headlines for a short while as they enjoyed a lesbian fling. And Tom and Claire (also from BB1) have a baby together, even if they have recently split up.

Paul and Helen (from BB2) may not be the fixture at D-list parties they once were, but they are still together after finding love in the house. Lee and Sophie (from BB3) got married last August.

And drippy Nush dumped her boyfriend for Scott (from BB4), even if their relationship was as short-lived as Helen’s TV career.

As the new contestants are announced on Friday, who will be Cupid’s next victim?’

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It Won’t Wash

‘ONE man, one vote. Democracy’s all very well, but some people just cannot be relied upon to exercise their choice in the right way.

‘Best performance on a webcam goes to…’

It is hardly a reassuring thought, for instance, that the same people who have just voted for Jessie Wallace as the Sexiest Woman In Soaps will be allowed the same say as you in next year’s General Election.

As things stand, the only people who are disqualified from electing MPs are the criminal and the insane – although it could easily be argued that voting for Jessie Wallace shows evidence of both.

Further evidence of the absurdity of the British Soap Awards came when EastEnders won the gong for best show despite the fact that of late it has been comfortably more boring than watching non-drying paint dry.

Even the actors, it seems, can’t be bothered with it – you can hardly blame Leslie Grantham for tuning into his webcam when the alternative was having to sit through another scene involving the Ferreiras.’

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It’s Too Much!

‘CIRCLE the date in your diary. Set your video timer. And cancel all appointments for the next couple of months – Big Brother 5 goes on air on May 28th.

The residents of the new Big Brother house

We know, you can hardly contain yourself for excitement. How are you going to get through the next three weeks?

Well, we recommend that you tune into the new BBC show, Brassed Off Britain, which will give you the chance to channel your frustration into a rant about the 10 things that supposedly annoy us most.

There are few surprises on the list – junk mail, call centres, estate agents, the railways etc. – although notable by its absence is the surfeit of crap programmes on TV.

But all that’s going to change on May 28th – not only do we say hello to the dozen funsters hoping to make their fortune in the new Big Brother house, but we say goodbye to the six smug New Yorkers who did make their fortune in a Manhattan flat.

Yes, Channel 4 is planning to screen the last ever episode of Friends on the very same night as they screen the first episode of this year’s Big Brother. Can your incontinence pads cope?’

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Sugar Daddy

‘IS Channel 4 being run by Alan Sugar, the man who piled it high and sold it cheap?

It’s original – it was originally Queer Eye For A Straight Guy

If not, then the gruff former chairman of Spurs football club and owner of the Amstrad brand of cheap-and-cheerful electronic good should sue for credit.

After an afternoon of banging out repeats of imported American TV shows (Cheers, Will & Grace, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, ER and Friends), the channel brings us Sex On TV (a show looking at the relationship between TV and sex), Flashers Uncovered (aka Naked Men) and Fairy Godfathers.

This last show is new, although since its shamelessly based on America’s Queer Eye For A Straight Guy, it’s not all that new.

The format (and all new shows on C4 have one of those) sees two gay men try to revamp two unreconstructed married blokes. As one hetero says: “I’m not used to gay, or pooftas, or whatever being in the household”.

He’s used to what he most likely terms “the wife”, a woman who has left him and us at the mercy of Colin and Nick.’

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Nugget And Chips

‘IS Steve Davis Ian Beale?

‘Oi! Get to the end of the queue!’

Or, rather, was the former world snooker champion the model for the EastEnders character?

That’s the thing with snooker – it allows the mind to whirl. It gives you time to think, to take moments out from a busy life, to contemplate whether or not Davis has ever aspired to run a fish ‘n’ chip shop and be shot.

Tonight, Davis dashes from Albert Square (and how long before Ian thinks of taking over the snooker club?) to nod his head in Sheffield.

Joining him on the particularly nasty banquette is John Parrott, another former world champion.

And Parrott is also a soap legend, looking like a mixture of Brookside’s Ron Dixon and Sinbad, the window cleaner who only washed the middle of the windows.

Meanwhile, on the green baize, the two remaining second-round matches are played out.’

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Bible Studies

‘THINGS The Bible Doesn’t Tell You – No.324. On the evening of the sixth day, God was so pleased with his progress that he went out and had a few beers to celebrate. And then he had a few more. And then he had a couple of shots…

The perfect hangover cure

Anyway, needless to say, God woke up on the seventh day quite literally with the mother of all hangovers. All his plans for the day – world peace, everlasting life, fat-free chocolate – went out the window.

And he “rested” instead.

Except he didn’t just rest. On the seventh day, God invented snooker – and then proceeded to spend the day in front of the TV with a large bottle of water, a packet of Nurofen and a takeaway pizza.

As it has been since the beginning of time, so it shall be for the next two weeks as the World Championships take place at the Crucible theatre in Sheffield.

The gentle click of balls, the soothing sound of Clive Everton’s voice, the polite ripples of applause, the hour upon hour when nothing really happens. Can anyone really doubt that snooker was the most wondrous of God’s creations? Except of course for beer…’

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Foetal Position

‘TV people like nothing better than breaking taboos.

In my womb

We’ve had gay kisses on Coronation Street, incest on Brookside and open and frank mid-morning discussions about anything from bestiality to Hoover abuse.

But no real taboos have been shattered.

The desperate scramble for viewing figures has simply meant that TV executives have just started showing things we never used to see on the box.

Now anything goes so long as it gets watched. And what ER started with its gory close-ups of human insides, Julia Black seeks to move on a little with her show, My Foetus.

Prepare to wince now because Julia is on mission to break down one more so-called taboo. She filmed an abortion, and then with what one imagines to be minimal effort, got Channel 4 to broadcast it.

Even better is the news that Julia has had an abortion and is now pregnant, so affording her a unique right to shove her camera up some woman.

The resulting film is indeed unsettling, but not because we are “pro-choice” or believe in “the right to life”, but because most of us haven’t seen an aborted foetus before.

Just as most of us have never seen Julia’s navel.’

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Time To Come Clean

‘IF Jon Snow has never really recovered from his gruesome interview with Monica Lewinsky in the wake of the Clinton scandal, in which he asked her “Did he make you tingle?”, Kay Burley will surely one day look back on last night’s interview with Rebecca Loos and hang her head in shame.

Hard to swallow

Journalism frequently requires people to do things of which they are not proud in retrospect (or even at the time), but rarely is someone as publicly demeaned as the Sky presenter was in the hour-long face-to-face with David Beckham’s former PA and lover.

Loos at least got her 30 pieces of silver for her kiss-and-tell, even if she wasn’t honest enough to admit that that was her reason for speaking out.

But whatever Sky pay Burley cannot possibly be enough to persuade her ask such a series of prurient questions (accompanied with that leering and yellow-toothed smile) about Beckham’s sexual prowess.

It is hard to know what was the most nauseating part of a cringeworthy interview, but suffice it to say that we had to leave the room when she started asking Loos to fill in the blanks in the now infamous text messages.

This was just the most grotesque example of a form of confessional TV that Princess Diana started with her famous Panorama interview. It demeans the interviewer, the interviewed and the viewing public. Is it too much to wish that it will be the last?’

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Becs & Becks

‘GIVEN that Sky are reported to have paid £150,000 for tonight’s interview with Rebecca Loos, they are obviously expecting quite a few of us to tune in to see what David Beckham’s former PA and alleged lover has to say.

What David did

Anyone who has read the papers for the past two weeks might imagine that there is nothing else that could be said about what did or did not happen when Posh’s back was turned.

But Rebecca has been well-rehearsed and is keeping little titbits of information back, supposedly in case Beckham challenges her story in court but in reality to keep the public interested.

For instance, we now know that the England captain has a **** on his **** – and Becs is happy to fill in the blanks if she is ever called on to do so.

That won’t be tonight. Instead, expect a lot of hypocritical cant about how the poor little 26-year-old could no longer continue to live a lie, a lot of cooing over her married lover and a lot of rehashing of what we’ve already read.’

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Home Truths

‘MEMO to TV producers – idea for new TV series.

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s on TV most of all?’

Think Changing Rooms meets The Salon. Think Carol Vorderman’s Better Homes meets Big Brother. Think Linda Barker and Jade Goody mud-wrestling.

The project, which currently goes under the working title Watching Paint Dry, involves getting a different celebrity in every day to paint one wall of an unsuspecting member of the public’s house.

We broadcast an hour-long highlights programme every night, but – and here’s the beauty of the whole thing – we have round-the-clock coverage of the paint drying.

It will be like an interactive version of Sleepless, with viewers texting us or calling on a premium rate phoneline to prove that they’re still awake.

If it’s successful, we can develop the franchise. For instance, we could get celebrities in to mow a member of the public’s lawn and then viewers could watch as the grass grows back…’

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What If

‘SOME people are fascinated with playing the game of ‘What if…’

Great Big Britain

What would have happened if Hitler had won the war, what would Al Gore have done as US President had the 2000 election not been rigged, what would have happened if Mrs Bin Laden had bought young Osama an Arsenal shirt for his birthday.

Of course, such speculation is a ridiculous pastime, with hypothesis being piled on hypothesis – but it does sometime serve to warn us of the direction in which we’re heading.

Tonight sees the last part of BBC2’s ‘If…’ programmes, which aim to show what life might be like in future if current trends continue.

If we don’t stop eating, the answer appears to be that by 2020 we’ll be really fat.

No surprises there – but more interesting is how the NHS will cope, what it will mean to life expectancy and how a country’s infrastructure will have to adapt to cope with the extra bulk.

In fact, we will become Texas 2004…’

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Reality Bites

‘REGULAR readers will know what fans we are of the Sky One, er, drama series Mile High, following the fortunes of budget airline Fresh! and all her fly in her.

If you look closely enough, Tracey, you can see your career disappearing’

You may have suspected that this had something to do with improbable plotlines that could put Footballers’ Wives to shame and the regular bedroom antics of the Fresh! cabin crew.

You would, however, have been mistaken – our interest in Mile High owes everything to the courage with which it tackles some of the hottest topics of our times.

For instance, this weekend’s episode sees drama on board a flight to Malaga (one of about three destinations to which Fresh!, it seems, flies) when a passenger hears a young Asian on his mobile saying goodbye to his family and asking for forgiveness.

Needless to say, the issue is treated with the sensitivity that you would expect from the people who brought us Dream Team. Oh – and there’s plenty of sex as well…’

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We Love Lucy

‘THIS is the end. Today marks the death of this column as a daily piece, and what more fitting way to go than with an episode of Footballers’ Wives.

‘How dare you say I can’t act!’

And the death knell will be struck by Gary Lucy, the worst actor to have appeared on our screens since Hollyoaks finished at 7pm.

Incidentally, Lucy used to appear on that Chester-based soap, where he played a brooding young male who could model a bit and play football a bit more.

These days, his football skills have improved and the leaps and bounds made in his acting allow him to walk past Top Man’s window display with his head held high.

If ever a sequel to the 1980s flick Mannequin is made, Lucy is a shoo-in to make it big in Hollywood as the all-standing, all-posing clothes’ horse of Andrew McCarthy’s dreams.

But that’s enough. It’s time for Lucy to make us eat our words – and his fist – with some bare-knuckle boxing.

Come on, Gary – give it your best shot. We can take it. We only ask in return that when you are an international star, you look at your clenched fist and remember us.

Bye. Or as they say in Footballs’ Wives, “Shag yer later…“’

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Child’s Play

‘WHAT if you went into work and all your colleagues were dressed in romper suits? What if you went round to a friend’s house for dinner and were served fish fingers and baked beans?

Tweenies – The Director’s Cut

What if prime time on television was jammed with programmes like The Tweenies and Thomas The Tank Engine? What if your partner invited you round for a game of hide and seek?

Would you not think that something had gone a bit wrong if everyone around you started acting like children?

So, why is it acceptable for grown men and women to read Harry Potter? We have no great opinion on whether the JK Rowling books are any good or not, but we do know one thing about them – they’re for children.

And Linda Smith was quite right on Room 101 last night when she nominated for destruction those among us who think it is acceptable to read the same books as a six-year-old.

It’s not a question of being in touch with the inner child or anything like that; it’s just sad. Time to grow up and read something written for grown-ups. And that doesn’t include Lord Of The Rings…’

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Real Deal

‘NEWSREADERS have become personalities. This is not to say that newsreaders were never blessed with personality, as anyone who saw Angela Rippon high kick with Morecambe and Wise knows.

Fiona liked nothing better than a chat over an imaginary pint

But they have become personalities in the way of weather girls.

Trevor McDonald was been simpering and stressing the second word in every sentence on his show, Tonight With Trevor McDonald, since 1999.

It’s the US formula of news TV, of course, where stories deemed to be of public interest are dressed in nice shiny suit and slapped silly with greasepaint.

And now the Beeb’s at it, with Real Story with Fiona Bruce. Half an hour before Trevor, Fiona follows last week’s chat with that barely comprehensible lip-chewer Rio Ferdinand with a show about, er, ‘shaken baby’ death.

From a spoilt footballer to baby death in one step – that’s TV for the Ritalin generation.

And it can only get worse…’

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Honest Endeavour

‘IN the final episode of Sex And The City, we at last got to learn the first name of Mr Big, Carrie’s on-off lover through all six seasons of the show. For anyone who cares, it was John.

‘John, eh…’

But it is not the first show to keep viewers guessing in this way up to the very last minute -Inspector Morse was the first to do so, and viewers had to wait seven series before the truth came out.

The Inspector Morse programmes seem part of a very distant past these days, a relic from a world that hadn’t invented reality TV.

John Thaw is sadly dead and Kevin Whately returned whence he came to Auf Wiedersehen Pet via Peak Practice.

But long enough has now passed since the demise of Oxford’s grumpiest detective for ITV to revive him (and his faithful sidekick) as the centrepiece of its Friday evening offering.

Tonight, Morse is dragged into a family feud when a well-known business tycoon is murdered – and finds himself the target of a hate campaign in the local press.

By the way, it’s Endeavour Morse, in case you were wondering…’

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The Frost Report

‘DOES anyone remember what Sadie Frost is actually famous for, apart of course from being married and more recently not being married to Jude Law? Oh, and for being a friend of Kate Moss.

What happened next?

No, we haven’t got a clue either. She’s a bit like the guests who used to appear on Celebrity Squares, the only reason they were celebrities being that they used to appear on Celebrity Squares.

So, when E4 entitles a programme What Sadie Did Next, is it presupposing that we know what Sadie did before or is it just a way for the programme makers to mask their own ignorance?

Anyway, what Sadie is doing after doing whatever it was she did before is a new arts programme which involves Sadie interviewing (if that is not too impressive a word for what she actually does) pals like Gwyneth Paltrow, Samantha Morton and Tracey Emin.’

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Banana Love

‘IT’S Wednesday again and that means more Footballers’ Wives – the everyday tale of football folk at Earl’s Park FC.

‘Can I have a new husband please? My old one’s broken’

Tonight, Amber (Conrad’s mad wife) sacks her witch doctor after jabbing pins in a voodoo doll of Tanya (grieving widow of Frank, who was literally shagged to death last week…and of Jason) fails to achieve the desired results.

Meanwhile, Conrad doesn’t seem to mind which side of his bread is buttered, just as long as there’s lots of butter, and is now having a fling with team-mate Noah.

“I like sex,” he explains – just in case the viewers haven’t quite grasped that yet. “Man, woman, banana. Who cares?”

Well, the banana might care, for one.

Kyle (grieving widower of Chardonnay) is getting over his loss by getting his leg over Elaine, the club physio. He has also got a gambling problem and is being drawn deeper and deeper into the underworld fight game.

If the scriptwriters could only add in a bit of dogging, it would almost be like real life.’

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The Paedo Files

‘IS it any wonder that parents are terrified into believing that every second adult is a paedophile preying on their children when they are served a constant media diet detailing every instance of abuse?

A typical paedophile

Mercifully, incidents such as the horrific murders of Sarah Payne in July 2000 and of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman two years later are very rare – and there is no evidence to suggest that they are becoming more common.

But fear of crime has never had much to do with the actual incidence of crime, with people almost universally overestimating the likelihood of becoming a victim.

And one wonders whether the media’s fascination with crime in general, and paedophilia in particular, is in part responsible.

The main culprits are, of course, the tabloids, which are guilty of irresponsible sensationalism and blatant scare-mongering, culminating in the News Of The World’s aborted Name & Shame campaign.

However, tonight the BBC gets in on the act, with a new series called Police Protecting Children. No doubt, this is a responsible documentary, but one can’t help but worry that it will only succeed in feeding the national hysteria.’

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Becks In Time

‘SOME ideas work well on paper. Other ideas work well on the screen. And some others work as well as a one-armed Scouse roofer with piles.

Becks and a friend pose as Samson and Deliah

How Beckham Back In Time came to be made is a programme in itself, and one more interesting than the main event.

We cut to scene one of TV Execs Exposed and see the young man with interesting square-rimmed glasses writhing in his bed.

In his dreams he sees David Beckham. But Becks is not clad in the strip of Real Madrid or England, rather the panoply of the heroic knight of yore.

Just as Day-vid is preparing to do battle with the green knight or a mighty dragon, he’s transported to ancient Rome, where he’s now a charioteer.

The TV exec wriggles and moans in ecstasy as Day-vid changes uniform to be an army officer and then a matador in 1740s Spain.

This is a fantasy to end them all. Our TV exec has managed to combine the historical bent of Simon Schama with the titillation of Channel X and the best of Sky Sports to produce a TV show for all ages and all men.

It’s perfect. He reaches for his pad, the one he keeps on the bedside table in times of such great inspiration, and jots down the idea.

And then he wakes and can make no sense of what he’s written. But the show gets made by the BBC anyhow, with a look-alike as Becks and fronted by Nick Knowles.

And it gets broadcast on BBC3 tonight at 9:30.

And then we all wake up and find out it’s been a terrible dream. Or do we…?’

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Don’t Carrie On

‘HOORAY! The last ever Sex And The City is broadcast tonight on Channel 4 and, judging by stories of bitching between the four principals, it could be the last we ever see of the most annoying four women ever to be assembled in the same set since the, er, Spice Girls.

Getting ready for the climax

Talk of a film version of the mysteriously popular TV series has been punctuated by reports of fights between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall – all of which means that the project may never get off the ground.

So, barring the inevitable repeats, join with us in wishing a less-than-fond farewell to Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and the ginger one.

For masochists and those women who believe four women bleating on about men and clothes is in some way empowering, the last episode is preceded by an hour-long look back at all the six series.

How this can take an hour given that every episode is nearly identical to the one before and the one after we don’t know, but it does at least mean that we’re an hour closer to the end of this tosh.’

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Can You Repeat The Question?

‘YOUR writer was not always locked in a dungeon away from it all. Where now the naked and broken light bulb swings, there was once a vision of the sun. (Is it still there, gentle reader?)

The hot seat

Back then, I once took a taxi cab driven by a certain Fred Housego, or “’Ows-ego”, as was his wont.

I found him no less than the genius who won Mastermind back when it was the big brainbox show on TV, as he managed to not say a single word to me during the journey.

Fred knew that I was not worth the effort, talking to me would have been a waste of his brainpower.

How different things are now that Mastermind has a celebrity element, and its contestants are not train drivers and librarians but jobbing celebs.

Tonight’s show has the previously likeable Jonathan Meades, Adam Hart-Davis, the increasingly tired Vic Reeves and the female Danny Baker that is Janet Street-Porter seeking to display their expertise in stuff.

As usual, Magnus Magnusson asks the questions. And you at home are invited to join in and see how well you do.

Of course, you have something of a head start – what with this being the BBC and all, the show has been on before and thus the questions already asked.

Anyone getting less than full marks should hang their heads in shame. And be sent to the dungeon. (How d’yer think I got here?)’

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Amber Alert

‘HER attempts to bump off her husband having backfired (with Frank looking at a new lease of life rather than the inside of a coffin), Tanya sets her sights on trying to wreck Conrad’s marriage.

Tanya tells Darren Day: ‘Even I’ve got standards’

Last week, Conrad’s wife Amber emerged bedraggled from the woods following her ‘kidnap’, but Tanya knows Amber better than this – so tonight she sets about making sure that Conrad knows his missus has been telling porkies.

It’s easier said than done as Conrad is so glad to have his unhinged wife back in his arms that he isn’t in the mood for the truth (especially from Tanya), although he belatedly has to accept that he has been tricked.

Yes, it is of course another episode of Footballers’ Wives tonight – a programme that is now so far removed from events on the pitch at Earls’ Park that it might be mistaken for a fly-on-the-wall documentary about Leicester City.

Elsewhere, the odious Darren Day talks about his image as a love rat on Tabloid Tales, while the diaries of another womaniser, Alan Clark, are dramatised on BBC2.’

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Slipping The Mickie

‘CASUALTY should run and run forever. How can the show ever run out of plots?

‘Who’s taking the Mickie, then?’

If it needs sensation, the writers can just cause a pile up on the M4 between a Boeing 747 and a small coach full of kiddies. Oh, and a dog.

If it needs to look up-to-date, with its finger on the pulse, it can play at politics and have a minister visit with the Machiavellian hospital governors.

And if wants to get men to watch, writers can remind mankind that nurses are not medical professionals at all but out-of-work lap-dancers and extras from Footballers’ Wives.

Pricked by the arrival of No Angels, Casualty welcomes two new arrivals tonight in the shapely shape of Donna and Mickie.

They look all very prim and proper in their uniforms. And yesterday we saw that they look pretty good out of them too, as the Star shot Kelly Adams (Mickie) and Jaye Jacobs (Donna) in their underwear.

And it was clean underwear, because you can never be too careful about these things, and if you are run over by a bus, the very last thing you’d want is to be serviced by a nurse in anything untoward, or dirty.’

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Bunny Spoiler

‘IT is at times of crisis, such as in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks on New York and the Pentagon, during the war with Iraq or while the grief caused by the Madrid bombings is still fresh, that the vacuous would of celebrity seems just that.

At it like rabbits

Indeed, it is more than vacuous, it is obscene – and our celebration of its empty world only serves to make us collaborators.

Tonight, VH-1 presents a programme entitled The Fabulous Life Of Hugh Hefner, part of a series of documentaries that make Hello! magazine appear hard-hitting.

Hefner, as we all no doubt are aware, is the founder of Playboy, a sort of adolescent stuck in the pyjama-clad body of someone old enough to be your grandfather.

To the observer and depending on your perspective, Hefner’s life appears either to be one long bachelor fantasy or a sad escape from having to engage with the complexities of the real world.

For VH-1, it is just an excuse to show lots of scantily-clad women…’

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