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Celebrity news & gossip from the world’s showbiz and glamour magazines (OK!, Hello, National Enquirer and more). We read them so you don’t have to, picking the best bits from the showbiz world’s maw and spitting it back at them. Expect lots of sarcasm.

Singing For Their Supper

‘SO who is winning the battle of the reality TV shows with BBC1’s Fame Academy going head-to-head with ITV1’s Pop Idol?

Simon Cowell’s ego is projected on the wall behind him

Simon Cowell, Nicky Chapman, Pete Waterman and Dr Fox attracted an average of 35.4% of the Saturday evening audience, peaking at 41.7% (or 6.3 million viewers).

On the other side, Cary Grant, Kevin Smith and Robin Gibb were watched by an average of 3.4 million viewers (26.6% of the viewing public), peaking at 4 million (34.3%).

Both broadcasters predictably said they were delighted with the figures, with the BBC claiming a narrow victory for the 15 minutes when the two shows were actually head-to-head.

The musicians may be better on Fame Academy, but Pop Idol is better television, especially during the auditions.

It may be car crash TV, but some of the wrecks that pass for singers have to be heard to be believed. Simon Cowell may be cast as Mr Nasty, but he is actually too kind to many of the young hopefuls who every week assault our eardrums.

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Showbiz Agents

‘TONIGHT we lean into our sleeves and whisper ”Goodbye” to Spooks. The plots are absurd and the acting is as wooden as the scenery from the Sound of Music but it is oddly addictive.

The real Dr Kelly

Tom is the hero of the piece, and tonight in the series finale he’s going it alone, James Bond style.

Only Tom is no James Bond. He is keen and has a neat way of looking utterly blank when he’s spoken to, in a manner that says he’s listening and watching or just stupid, but he has little of Bond’s charisma and sex appeal.

The week’s nonsense begins with the discovery of a dead gangster. And by way of a clever twist, he’s slumped in front of the telly on which the film The Third Man is being shown.

That’s a film about spies and such like. And Spooks is a show about spies. Do you get it? Do you see? Tom would get it and see. That’s what he’s paid to do.

And tonight he sees the light at the end of the tunnel. His interview for another series is about to begin…

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US And Them

‘AMERICAN politics is much more exciting than politics over here, as the race for Governor of California proves.

God bless America

Not only is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name on the ballot sheet to replace incumbent Gray Davies, but so are the names of pornographer Larry Flynt and porn star Mary Carey, star of films such as Asses In The Air 4 and Double-D Dolls 2.

What did we have? Oscar-winning actress Glenda Jackson was, of course, a minister in this Government for a while. Countdown regular Gyles Brandreth – he of the appalling knitwear – was briefly Tory MP for Chester.

And glamour model Jordan stood as an independent in the Stretford & Urmston constituency in the last General Election, polling a miserable 713 votes.

It’s not quite Arnie, Larry and Mary, is it? Although, we do of course have the noble Lord Archer, who was briefly a Tory MP from 1969-1974 in between becoming the first man to run a mile in under four minutes and carrying out the world’s first heart transplant…

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Partial Recall

‘IMAGINE if the US President was a former Hollywood actor of little discernible talent who read his lines like a perfunctory robot and had a nice winter tan.

The bodybuilder politic

You need not stretch the mind too far, as anyone who saw Ronald Reagan’s performances over much of the 1980s will confirm. But what are the odds on lightning striking twice?

The new man who could one day we the King of Capitol Hill is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Tonight Channel 4 profiles the life of the muscle-bound superstar in Arnold Schwarzenegger: Made In Britain.

This is a slightly odd title, given that Arnie was made in Austria by a team of genetic engineers, who incidentally also made the entertainment stars Twicky and Metal Mickey.

Further investigation reveals that Arnie did spend a period of his life in east London, which, apparently, played a big part in starting his bodybuilding career.

But a diet of mushy peas and jellied ells was never going to be enough to give him the body mass of a champion, so he left, ending up the USA, home of weight-gain food.

To see what else Arnie did, tune into the show at 9:00 tonight.

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A Dead Horse

‘EVEN a pupil at Summersdown Comprehensive would know that a dead horse can’t run, no matter how hard you flog it.

‘Is there anybody out there?’

So, it is no great surprise that the viewing figures for Fame Academy have so far been shocking, with only 3.2 million tuning in last Wednesday.

Tonight, the BBC is unlikely to fare much better as viewers get to choose which of the final six hopefuls will get the last three places in the house – and (for those who haven’t got one already) the chance to win a recording contract.

Cat Deeley and Patrick Kielty can enthuse all they like, but even they cannot hide the smell of rotting horseflesh.

Much better news on Channel 4 is the return of Teachers, the comedy that follows a group of pedagogues who prove to be comfortably more juvenile than their pupils.

In the first episode of the third series, the men are upset at the arrival of Lindsay, a larger-than-life female biology teacher who can drink them all under the table.

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Police, Camera, Action

‘FOR TV producers, there is something utterly addictive about watching police go about their daily work.

‘Okay, let’s do that chase sequence again and this time make it look a bit more realistic’

It must be a similar thing for fans of Formula One – you watch the many dull bits hoping for the few snippets of absolute mayhem and carnage

Tonight, ITV launches Police! – a to-the-point title for a no-frills series about the law.

The opening issue shows officers in Milton Keynes on duty for an Eminem show in town. Will the music buffs respond to the singer’s tales of violence with some horror show of their own?

Later, police in Oldham oversee the final game of the season at Oldham Athletic.

Given that Oldham has been a hotbed of racial disharmony in recent times, and given the link between football and violence, viewers can expect to see a good punch-up.

And the producers must know their target audience – it’s not curtain-twitching Miss Marple wannabes they’re after, but lads and lasses who like Eminem and football.

Why else is it on at 11:00?

The message is clear: don’t bother going to the pub looking for a fight – stay in with a tin of gassy beer and watch it on telly.

If you must go out, do so between 8pm and 10pm, thereby missing Hotels From Hell, House Trapped, Package Holiday and the utterly hopeless Eustace Brothers.

Those shows are the real crimes – someone should tell the police.

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The Weight Is Over

‘WITH all the cooking programmes on TV at the moment, it was only a matter of time before we were given a show devoted entirely to dieting. And here it is – the imaginatively titled Do Or Diet.

Fat chancer

It could, of course, have been called Diet Another Day, Diet Hard (With A Vengeance), To Diet For, Live And Let Diet or any one of a thousand other bad puns.

Presented by (a fully-clothed) Gail Porter, Jay Hunt and Jamie Baird, the show tries to find ways to lose weight that don’t involve complete starvation, drinking revolting milkshakes or watching fewer cookery programmes.

First guinea pig is Bobbi Smedley, who must lose enough weight to fit into her designer wedding dress in three months’ time. The signs are looking bad – she might even have to take some exercise.

Alternatively, she could just turn over to ITV1 and catch Trisha, whose theme this morning is gluttony. As, we presume, in gluttons for punishment.

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Good Grace

‘WILL and Grace is the best-written sitcom on TV at the moment. It is blessed with the one element that many British sitcoms lack: comedy.

A big and for Will and Grace

Unlike the hilarious Seinfeld, a show that was famously about nothing, Will and Grace is about love between a gay man and his female best friend.

That may well remind some of you of Gimme Gimme Gimme, the alleged sitcom in which a gay English man lives with his only friend, who happens to be a woman.

The key difference between the two is that element we have already touched upon: comedy.

Whereas Gimme Gimme Gimme hits the emergency button marked ‘SMUT’ whenever a laugh is needed, Will and Grace find themselves in situations that are comedic. This is situation comedy.

Tonight Will is caught out and Grace’s dishonest attempts to avoid jury service lead her into a terrible web of deceit.

If this were a typical English comedy, say one written by Frank Skinner and starring David Baddiel and someone who used to be in Hollyoaks, we could all imagine the plot in seconds.

But it’s not and we have to actually watch Will and Grace to see the comedy develop. Watch it tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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Young, Posh And Stupid

‘IT beggars belief that anyone would sign up for a programme called Young, Posh And Loaded in the first place – but, having been attacked in a nightclub after your first appearance, why on earth would you want to come back for more.

‘They don’t know about my crew’

But back she is – fledgling ‘It’ girl Donatella Panayiotou – and this time she’s desperate to break into TV.

So it seems is every young girl between 12 and 25, but Donatella’s sights are firmly set on Chelsea TV. The only trouble is that what she knows even less about football than she does about driving.

Then again, she did get given a £45,000 Mini for failing her driving test – and the only reason why her singing career never took off was because the publicity pictures weren’t up to standard.

Spared a reprise of last week’s embarrassment in which Tory minister Jonathan Aitken’s daughter Victoria attempted to show that posh girls can rap too, we are instead treated to Lord Raj.

This week, the Essex multi-millionaire takes up shooting and tries to decide which of the nine bedrooms of his mansion he is going to sleep in tonight…

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The Property Ladder

‘PROPERTY developers are, in essence, estate agents with brains. Consider that statement for a moment and you will begin to realise how rare a breed a good property developer is.

The House Doctor had a long waiting list

Tonight BBC invites us to gaze upon these unicorn-type beings in a series entitled How I Made My Property Fortune. Just like you never hear of a genuinely charming agent, you never hear of a poor developer.

This six-part series, beginning at 8:30 tonight, features self-made millionaires who have made their fortunes by playing the property market.

Since we know that the market has risen sharply in recent years, expect to see lots of smug, plump developers.

These meteoric rises have also meant that many homeowners have made both real and paper fortunes on their property, depending on whether they’ve cashed in on the boom or not.

Each show follows a property tycoon as they buy and sell their way to untold wealth. And don’t they just deserve every penny of it…

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Reality Unchecked

‘IF you thought that reality TV began and ended with Big Brother, don’t tune into ITV1 tonight which manages to pack its prime-time schedule with more real life than any of us can cope with.

All that remains of decent British TV

In Package Holiday – Undercover at 8pm, reporters expose the fact that crime doesn’t just happen in England, but can happen to holidaymakers in Spain as well.

Half an hour later, we are following the undertakers of FA Albin & Son, a family-run funeral directors from London, who have to cope with the first snow of winter (and the rush of business that provides).

At 9pm, we get to relive Honeymoons From Hell, including one couple who got caught up in a gun battle between police and Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka and another who felt the full force of Hurricane George as it ripped through the Caribbean.

And from 10.30 onwards we get to follow the police first in Oxford Street as they patrol London’s main shopping thoroughfare looking for pick-pockets and then in Police! as they close in on an armed man in Plymouth.

It almost makes you yearn for Cameron, Ray, Scott and the gang.

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V Dull

‘CHANNEL 4 is still pinning its flag to Graham Norton.

If you close your eyes it’s just like seeing Ozzy Osbourne

Tonight’s V Graham Norton show will have a few Big Brother gags, an interview with a celebrity (during which Graham will show his guest a sex toy) and a moment of audience participation.

While not quite reason to shout ‘Come back, Cameron!’ at the top of your lungs, it is enough to make you seek out a good laugh elsewhere.

Thankfully, BBC2 has a show that will make you laugh.

No, not Two Pints of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps – a show so bad even the ‘actors’ perform with their eyes closed and their fingers in their ears – but Dead Ringers.

Jon Culshaw’s mimicry of some of the harder-to-do celebrities is a wonder. He is also given a script that doesn’t rely just on his power of mimicry for laughs but on good jokes.

Culshaw’s Ozzy Osbourne is bettered only by Kevin Connelly’s Iain Duncan Smith. Impersonating IDS is like taking a photo of the invisible man. Connelly deserves our awed respect.

Dead Ringers might even slip in a few Big Brother names. However, if they do, the chances are none of us will notice – apart from Graham Norton?

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The End Is Nigh

‘BY this time tomorrow, it will all be over – and the three people still watching this fourth series of Big Brother will finally have to get up out of their seats, take a good look at themselves in the mirror and resolve to get a life.

‘Do you think I’d be less boring if I killed myself?’

For some reason, Cameron is the hot favourite to win the show, which tells you all you need to know about the great British public.

When a 32-year-old virgin from the Orkney Islands, whose interests include reading the Bible and doing a very passable John Inman impression, is the most popular housemate, the others need to start worrying.

Even the overexcitable Davina McCall has admitted she is bored by the no-marks in this year’s house – and she would pretty well wet her pants at a book reading by the guy who writes the Yellow Pages.

True to form, the five useless housemates failed their final task – a quiz to determine how well they have got to know each other over the past nine weeks.

When even the contestants couldn’t care less about each other, why the hell should we?

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Memory Game

‘LAST night Big Brother’s Little Brother asked a really tricky question: ‘Who will you remember most and why?’

Two surprise new housemates

Callers were invited to give their answers on a phone line. Of course, the question should have been: ‘Why will you remember anyone?’ Followed by the qualifier: ‘Remember who?’

Meanwhile, Steph continues to sleep in the boy’s room. Is she afraid of being alone? Come on, Steph, get used to it – it’s either the life of a singleton or life in a commune for you.

But why are those beds in the girl’s room going to waste when there are people sleeping rough on our streets?

It’s a safe wager that the homeless are better looking, more talented and blessed with greater charisma than any of the women who used to dwell in the girls’ room.

It’s a national disgrace. Let them in. Throw open the gates. And if the new arrivals are worried about losing their pitches outside shops and in parks, make the producers of Big Brother keep them warm.

A show could be made of it – something called ‘Just Deserts’. Just a thought…

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The Dork From Ork

‘CAMERON has been wondering whether he’s boring. What could possibly have given him that idea we don’t know, but Ray soon put him straight.

‘I fancy some hamster love’

‘Jesus Chroist man, you’ve been anything but f*****g boring,’ the Oirishman protested. ‘Jesus Chroist!’

Reassured, Cameron was soon listing all the interesting things he had done in the house. ‘Made tea, gone to Africa, made tea, gone to Africa…’

And as if that wasn’t enough, Ray pointed out another fascinating fact. ‘You’re the only Scot to make it to the last week ever. You’ve definitely put Orkney on the map!’

Not a map that anyone wants to buy – but perhaps Cameron will fare better with the book he and Scott are preparing to write about a trip they propose to make around the islands.

Publishing houses are no doubt falling over themselves to sign up the literary duo. After all, if Cameron is anything but boring, what does that say about Scott?

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The Right Steph

‘STEPH cut Scott’s hair. Steph cut Cam’s hair. Steph cut Ray’s eyebrow. All that was left to do was to shave Steph’s moustache off.

Jon catches a glimpse of Steph shaving

No-one volunteered to rid Steph of the bushy line beneath her nose. Perhaps she will grow it out and use it to give herself a personality. Well, it worked for Hitler and Stalin.

While we wait for the talking hamster to do something interesting, we got to see the housemates amble around the house all day.

Jon did confess to Big Brother that he is sexually frustrated. We have seen Jon over the last few weeks and imagine that this is a condition he is well used to.

He did decline the option of doing ‘a Ray’, preferring cold showers. Jon could, of course, do a Steph but, what with the moustache, it’s a challenge no man should be made take on.

Meanwhile, Nush was on Big Brother’s Little Brother knocking us bandy with her revelations. For example, if she had her time again, she’d have taken more chocolate into the house.

Shocking stuff.

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Vox Pop

‘IN the final weekly task of the series, the five remaining Big Brother contestants are to be tested on each other’s views on a range of different subjects – political, cultural, social etc.

‘Did I tell you me name’s Ray?’

The inmates will have to speak for at least 10 minutes on subjects chosen for them by Big Brother and then they will be attribute other inmates’ quoted viewpoints to the correct person.

It should be easy enough, given that they all have very defined personalities (or lack thereof) – Ray is Mr Angry, Cameron is Christopher Biggins, Scott is Damon Grant, Steph is Hammy The Hamster and Jon is obviously Mr Tickle.

However, who except Jon will be able to speak for 10 minutes on any subject apart from themselves?

Cameron may possibly get to the 10-minute mark by stringing every word out in that ever-so-annoying way of his. ‘Ooooooooooh, Iiiiiiiiiiiiii saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…’

But unless Ray is allowed to repeat the same word over and over again, he is going to struggle getting to 10 seconds, never mind 10 minutes.

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Nush Gets The Push

‘AS we predicted almost a week ago, even her late-in-the-day flirtation with Scott wasn’t enough to keep psycho-hippy Nush in the Big Brother house as two-thirds of the voting public awarded her the order of the boot.

Mr Tickle awaits his turn

And if Scott thinks it’s only a week before he emerges from the house with £70,000 to his name with which to ride off into the sunset with the girl of his dreams, he should think again.

No sooner was she out then drippy Nush told Davina that she didn’t fancy the 27-year-old Scouser. ‘He’s brilliant,’ she said. ‘I want to be his friend for a very long time.’

And she had some pretty devastating opinions about the rest of her housemates. Steph, for instance, was ‘a good girl’ and Ray was ‘a good man’.

But what about Jon? While all Scott could think to say about the departing muesli-eater was that he would miss her ‘uniqueness’, Mr Tickle was far more eloquent.

‘She’s very bright and vivacous, and honest with her feelings,’ he said. ‘She always thinks to laugh first rather than be negative. Very caring, very genuine, fun. She’s a very nice girl.

‘Were I to list the qualities I were to look for in a girl, she would have the majority of them, the vast majority of them.’

Science Boy meets Hippy Girl – it really doesn’t bear thinking about…

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Sting Ray

‘STEPH and Ray have had it out. No, not the £50,000 ‘it’, but a fighting it.

‘Make them shut up, make them go away!’

‘Obviously you take it to heart that you weren’t the man chosen by the women,’ said the talking hamster to Ray. ‘If push comes to shove, it wouldn’t be you.’

This is Steph talking, the woman who cried her heart out because Nush is more fanciable than her.

How she’d weep if she knew Jon is more fanciable than her. Hell, the mop in the kitchen is more sexually alluring than her.

Steph is clearly jealous of Nush. Jealously is a terrible thing – and even more terrible when you’re jealous of Nush.

The row ended with Ray storming out into the garden and calling Steph a bitch.

Next morning Ray had calmed down. ‘Do you ever regret sometimes what you’ve said and done the morning after?’ he asked Cameron.

Ray does – which is a shame, since his views were pretty much on the money.

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Thin Lady Speaks

‘NUSH is up for eviction tomorrow – which would of course have absolutely nothing to do with why she has picked now to declare her love for Scott, telling him she wants them to stay together for ever.

‘It’s not very big, is it?’

Or at least until next Friday, when the winner of the £70,000 is announced.

The psycho-hippy has an unnerving way of talking about herself in the third person, previously the domain of megalomaniacs and Italian footballers.

‘Uh-oh, she’s getting drunk,’ she giggled last night, giving the audience a running commentary as she and Scott sat out under the stars.

Her heart may not be broken if she does get thrown out tomorrow, but it’s about the only part of Nush that will emerge from the house unscathed as she added a cut foot to her list of injuries.

Earlier, the housemates had passed their opera task – even without Gos, the house Pavarotti – and now have £90 for the last week’s food.

But there is an expression in opera – ‘it ain’t over until the fat lady sings’. So expect an appearance from Justine during next weekend’s finale.

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Biggins & Drip

‘CAMERON and Nush. Nush and Cameron. Biggins and Drip. Drip and Biggins.

Damp or camp?

Whichever way you write it, the two housemates up for eviction this week fail to inspire. It was the best of Nush, it was the worst of Nush. Call me Cameron.

Nah, still doesn’t work.

There is something so lacking in either of them that getting an audience to stay with them, to dig in and reap long-term benefits is hard graft.

After nine weeks, we can only say that Cam has at least changed in some way. While he’s become some effete media luvvie (even his shortened name is a piece of TV kit), Nush has just become morose.

In the diary room, they voted for each other’s eviction. Cam, as he must now be known, also voted for Ray, who he says is a ‘rat’. Nush plumped for Steph.

Ray chose Nush and Cam. Scott went for Steph and Cam. And Steph went for Nush and Scott.

The watching world, meanwhile, went for something to drink, a kebab and a video of Big Brother III…

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Nush On Her Tush

‘NUSH has had a bad time of it recently – she has been dumped by her boyfriend for nothing more than a drunken peck with Scott, she has been branded a dud in bed by another ex-boyfriend and now she is staring down the barrel of eviction.

A vegetarian bunny boiler

She only needs to come out of the house and find a global muesli shortage and we fear there could be a tantrum from the 23-year-old psycho-hippy chick.

If Cameron and Steph stay true to their colours, we can expect them to opt again for Nush and Ray.

That pretty well means that both of them will be up for the chop on Friday unless Ray, Nush and Scott all vote for the other two.

In fact, Scott is the only housemate who can breathe easily this week – the last time one of the surviving housemates voted for him was in Week 2 when Steph nominated him for eviction.

Of course, Nush’s ‘won’t she, won’t she’ flirting with Scott may yet save her, but most viewers surely know by now that Scott’s got more chance of getting his leg over the Eiffel Tower than the yoga fanatic from Redditch.

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Scott’s Den

‘ON Saturday night, Ray won the bingo challenge. So painfully boring was it that the producers of the Big Brother show reconvened in their new offices at Elstree DSS and decided to do it all again.

‘Scott’s IQ, Number Two…’

When Ray won on Saturday he was offered a reward and then asked with whom he’d like to share it.

Minutes later he was in the Reward Room with Cameron, sat on a pink duvet, listening to soft music and sipping champagne.

So to take two, and Scott’s turn to shout ‘House!’. Ray was the bingo caller, and when he announced number 55, Scott’s mouth began to work.

It was nothing short of a miracle. Scott, the deaf and dumb Scouser, had discovered the power of speech. And the second word he said was ‘Nush’.

The pair where soon secured in the Reward Room. Surely now they would get it on, bag the £50,000 prize and become the first Big Brother lovers.

The thing is they didn’t. Sure, they might have got it on when no-one was looking – and in this series of Big Brother that must happen with increasing frequency.

But if they did, Nush isn’t letting on. And Scott…well, he, isn’t talking…

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Last Man Standing

‘BOOKIES are apparently so sure that Lisa will get the bullet that they have paid out to people betting that it will be the Welsh she-man who gets evicted tonight.

Lisa’s not a bad bloke once who get to know her

But the 35-year-old is not going without a fight – having a go at her fellow housemates who have ostracised her over the past couple of days.

‘I’m very intelligent, I’m amazingly strong,’ she told them. ‘Believe you me, I’m very much respected in the place I live in. I’ve done things that most of you won’t do for another 10 years.’

Meanwhile, Scott and Nush have ensured their survival for a couple more weeks by some Olympic-standard flirting as both of them admitted to fancying the other.

However, in the cold light of day Nush is playing it coy, claiming not to remember key parts of the previous evening’s entertainment.

Given the speed with which their relationship is moving, expect the couple finally to get it together sometime during Big Brother 15…

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A Fool And His Money

‘RAY was the man who bet on red and it came in black. Ray is the one who gambled on the numbers that did not come in.

Stay out of the black and into the red, you get 50 grand in this game for two in a bed

Ray is the man who put the entire household’s basic budget of £51 on the roulette table and lost the lot.

Well, nearly the lot because for some reason Ray but £1 on black. This means that Ray doubled his stake when it came in.

Which makes you wonder what you can get for £2 these days.

Judging by the way this year’s Big Brother is going and the calibre of contestants chosen, you could hire yourself the entire BB production team as soon as this year’s winner is announced.

As it was, Ray and his mates ordered one toilet roll, tins of tomatoes, a tin of sweetcorn and two carrots.

Given the paucity of food, the toilet roll could well be surplus to requirements. But this is Big Brother IV, and where there’s roll, there’s…

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