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News digests and reviews of the missing child in the news. Madeleine McCann vanished on Thursday, 3 May 2007 from a rented holiday flat in Praia da Luz, Portugal. Madeleine, on holiday with her twin siblings and parents Kate and Gerry McCann,became the biggest news story of the past decade. We’ve followed it closely ever since the story broke.

Stephen Street, Colette McPartland and Madeleine McCann is Scarlett

TOM Rawstorne has a question for Daily Mail readers – and it involves Madeleine McCcann:

Is Maddie the reason this girl was taken into care? Portuguese police say her British parents were too drunk to look after her… but the explanation could be more sinister

We meet Stephen Street, 42, and Colette McPartland, 37. They live in Portugal. They used to live with their daughter Scarlett, 2. She’s been taken into care. Rawstorne sums up the story:

…local police claim, the two English teachers — who have lived in Portugal for the past five years — had been drinking so heavily that Ms McPartland could not stand. Their child, meanwhile, had been left to run wild. At one stage, it is alleged, it was only the intervention of a passer-by that prevented Scarlett from running on to a busy road nearby. As a result, Scarlett was taken from the couple, bundled into a police car and driven to the local police station, where she was found to be wet, hungry and thirsty.

Bundled. The language has shifted. When the Mail first reported the story, it said:

Police claim the British couple were drinking white wine at a bar in Portugal while their daughter Scarlett played 100 yards away. Eyewitnesses claim they were staggering around.

We were told:

But there was no sign of them yesterday at their cramped ground-floor flat near to the square where they went drinking.

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Annecy Lake Murders: Madeleine McCann, Laurent Fillion-Robin and ideas

THE ANNECY Lake murders: the murders of four people in the French Alps have been knocked off the front pages by the London 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony. Feel good beats a murder mystery. But there are reports:

The Telegraph tweets: “Alps shootings: police widen cordon around al-Hilli family home in Claygate, ask neighbours to leave houses.”

The Times has a Q&A, which is more Q than A:

Q. “Were the Hillis victims of a carjacking that went wrong?”
A: “…Investigators say it is possible…”

Q. “Was Saad al-Hilli a target for professional hitmen?”
A. “…investigators say it is also possible.”

Q. “Could a family feud have led to the massacre?”
A. the murders have “left investigators questioning whether it could really have been carried out by, or on the instructions of, a relative”

Q. “Are there other theories?”
A. Yes.

See this straw plucking from the Guardian:

The theory of a lone killer driven by psychopathic, religious or racial hatred is, perhaps, one of France’s worst fears in the aftermath of the Annecy shootings. It would take the country back to the dark days earlier this year when Mohamed Merah, who claimed links to Islamic extremism, went on three separate killing sprees in and around the south-western city of Toulouse.

Q. “What evidence points to a professional hitman?”
A. Some.

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Madeleine McCann is spotted more often because she’s missing, says detective

WHEN we read that a German tourist has spotted Madeleine McCann on a flight from Ibiza, we wondered why he din’t shout out her name or take a really clear photograph? Still, he did his best. And the Olive Press, which broke the story that was picked up by the Daily Mirror and the Sun, says he did ok. In “Detective praises reporting of ‘Maddie’ sighting in Ibiza”, we read of former Met officer Ian Horrocks. We’ve heard from this expert before. He’s “praised the quick thinking of reader Frank Bode.

German businessman Bode was so convinced he had spotted the youngster with a German family on the flight from Ibiza to Munich a fortnight ago that he contacted police, the family and the Olive Press, after taking a photo.

Sure. But it wasn’t her. And then we get this belch of logic:

Horrocks believes that the longer Madeleine has been missing, the more likely it is that people will spot her.

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Madeleine McCann was on holiday in Ibiza says German tourist who took a photo

FRANK Bode, 42, a German tourists, says he saw Madeleine McCann on a Lufthansa flight from Ibiza to Munich.

Says Bode to the Olive Press:

“My intuition told me that the girl, who was around seven to 10 years old, could be Madeleine. She didn’t seem to fit with her family at all. Her father was clearly German, as were her two brothers, both around 10 to 12 years old, but her mother appeared to be British.”

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Scotland Yard to ask Cameron if he wants to keep looking for Madeleine McCann

AS we told you, when the Olympics have gone, and no sharks have been spotted in the Thames, Madeleine McCann will return to the news cycle.

Justin Davenport, tells Evening Standard readers that “Scotland Yard is to ask Prime Minister David Cameron if he wants to continue funding an inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann”.

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Madeleine McCann invoked in failed Canary Islands attack

NOT much news of Madeleine McCann so far this summer, but one news site does manage to muster:

Boy fights off kidnapper with karate chop in chilling echo of Madeleine McCann holiday abduction

So. This is how it went down. Finally.

In a chilling echo of the Madeleine McCann abduction, Jack Butler had left his family in a restaurant in Lanzarote to pop back to their bungalow when a suspected paedophile grabbed him and tried to drag him into an underground car park.

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Madeleine McCann: The cigarette butt theory

EVERY summer since she vanished in 2007, tales of Madeleine McCann have appeared in the papers as fast the hacks could press f9 on their keyboards. When the Olympics London 2012 ends, look out for an Our Maddie story in the national tabloid prress.

Anyone sane wants the child to be found alive and well. Everyone wants closure. The latest news reaches us via The Olive Press, “The best English newspaper in southern Spain.”

The headline announces:

Missing link overlooked in the Madeleine McCann case

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Madeleine McCann is dead like Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman says Soham dad

TEN years ago. Ian Huntley murdered schoolgirls Holly Well and Jessica Chapman. The murders in Soham were massive news. The ghoulish media is keen to relive the story. Soham: A Parents’ Tale will be broadcast on ITV1 on Friday at 9pm. Goodbye, Dearest Holly – Ten Years On by Kevin Wells can be purchased on all internet bookshops. The Daily Mail tells its readers:

“We can only conclude with heavy hearts that there will not be a happy ending for the McCanns”: Holly Wells’ parents on Madeleine and why they will never get over the death of their own daughter.”

Given that the parents of Madeleine McCann have stated their desire for one and all to believe their child is alive, Mr Wells’ comments will surely be deemed unhelpful. Kate and Gerry McCann may even be “disgusted“. Looking for a dead child was pretty much the crux of the original Portuguese police investigation, the one slammed by the McCanns.

Wells goes on to say that Madeleine McCann’s vanishing helped him, in a way:

The media spotlight on Soham has thankfully diminished over the years. I believe the principle reason for Soham’s retreat from centre stage is the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The search for Madeleine dominated tabloid coverage for a long time.

It was a desperate story for Nicola and me to follow, but follow it we did, praying for a positive outcome throughout. We were constantly asked for media interviews but chose not to intrude on someone else’s tragedy.


Despite many leads, Madeleine remains missing. As outsiders to this tragedy, we can only conclude with heavy hearts that there will not be a happy ending. Please do not think about criticising the McCann family.

Why would anyone think that?

They have been forced to use the media of the world solely to raise awareness of their missing daughter. Some of the media comment and speculation they have had to endure, on top of dealing with their private grief, is nothing less than shameful.

See a man whose daughter was murdered by a deviant opining that the child is dead. Mr Wells has suffered greatly. It’s odd that he would invoke Our Maddie in his anniversary piece for the Mail. It’s almost as if – as if! – the Mail has encouraged him to mention that bemchmark of misisng children. “Any views on Madeleine McCann, Mr Wells?” asks the Mail’s hack.

Wells adds:

My wife Nicola and I believed, but more importantly hoped, that the ten-year anniversary of the ‘Soham Murders’ would somehow slip under the radar.

Says Mr Wells in the Daily Mail.

This industry in mourn porn continues in the Sun, wherein we meet Reece Jarvis:

Holly was very girly and Jessica helped me spell… I’ll never forget

Highlights include:

Jessica: “She was really sporty. I think of the Olympics and wonder whether she could have been there. Both of them were really clever.”
Holly: “Holly was a girly girl. I’m sure she would have been really pretty and broken a lot of hearts.”
Funeral: “I asked my parents if I could go to the funeral. I remember those two coffins and crying throughout.”
Huntley: “Reece, now a qualified joiner, refers to the man who haunted his dreams for years only as ‘him’ or ‘he’.”
Maxine Carr (Huntley’s former lover and accomplice): …a “nice, friendly person who used to bring us chocolates”.

We then met a woman in Soham:

One woman said: “We don’t ever talk about him, no one does. Only strangers mention his name.”


Another friend still belongs to the Soham Fenland Majorettes where Holly was a keen member. Leader Nikki Richards revealed: “Their parents gave us a ‘Holly and Jessica Commemorative Cup’ which is presented every year.”

And then the Sun talks about gardening:

…a pearl pink rose — called the Soham rose — was later created in Holly and Jessica’s memory. As you walk along the quiet streets of this small Cambridgeshire village you can see it growing in people’s gardens, a fitting tribute to two beautiful girls.

Madeleine McCann is missing. She is not yet a flower…

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Madeleine McCann spotted in Washington and torture gang leader’s book

AS the schools break up and the sun threatens to shine on holiday heads, the media tuns to stories os sharks in your tap water and Madeleine McCann. the innocent child is not longer the subject of a voracious feeding frenzy but she is the benchmark in missing children and stories editors can tap into to reach the readers’ feelings.

From KREM news comes the amazing headline: “MADELEINE MCCANN SEEN.”

The story in full tells us:

Madeleine McCann went missing in May of 2007 and now she has been seen in Grand Coulee Dam, WA on July 11 2012 at Harvest foods wearing a pink butterfly dress, pink strap on high heels, and a flower hair clip with a butterfly on it, and with a man about the age of 43-48 wearing a blue sweatshirt, jeans and brown sandals.

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Turning missing children into a nationwide panic

MADELEINE McCann’s mum, Kate McCann, is what the Sun terms the “ambassador for missing people”.

It’s not a country. Kate McCann is representing the Missing People charity.

She tells the Sun:

“As the search for Madeleine goes on, I want to look at the wider picture and see what I can to do to help. Before Madeleine went missing I was horrifyingly ignorant about it myself. It really is much bigger than people realise.”

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Robert Murat is targeted once more

THE Algarve Resident has an interview with Robert Murat. It’s in response to the widely reported opinion of one Stephen Birch. Luis Manuel Cabral writes in Portugal’s Diario de Noticias:

Maddie’s body may be in the backyard of Murat

Robert Murat is an innocent man. He was libelled and received damages in light of the media reporting on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. His name remains blackened.

This translation is via Google:

The “Morning Post” writes that after an exhaustive study of the land of Praia da Luz, and the changes that have suffered in five years, using images from Google which acquired, the entrepreneur Stephen Birch was taken, there are about two weeks , to the backyard of English Robert Murat. Passionate about the disappearance of Maddie McCann, Birch decided to mount surveillance of the nearby Ocean Club, where the girl was taken May 3, 2007. And when Murat left the house, he invaded her property with a geo-radar machine. Have you participated in the Judicial here who thinks he discovered the corpse of Madeleine. “I am fully convinced that it is Madeleine who is buried there” – about 60 inches below ground, “a passage in the area of ​​cement that was built there after the disappearance of the child” and that the actual searches done in PJ ground “in the northeast corner of the house, following a line of trees,” the businessman said yesterday.

Ok. It’s garbled. But you get the gist. It is utterly appalling.

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Stephen Birch claims to have found Madeleine McCann’s remains

MADELEINE McCann: Stephen Birch is a South African businessman who claims to have discovered the remains of the missing child. He’s spoken with Portugal’s Expresso newspaper.

The allegation (via Google translate):

Stephen Birch is 47 years old and is the figure of the day. This South African businessman said to have discovered the remains of Maddie, a few meters from the property to Ocean Club resort, where the girl disappeared on May 3, 2007. Stephen bases his theory on who says he was more than 1 year and 3 months of research. The investigation was completed in the last 15 days, when moved to the Algarve to collect what he considers to be the conclusion of his research.

It came with two South Africans and even breaking the law, entered a private property, made a prospecting area where the body believes to be Maddie.

The Express confirmed with a geologist who used the machine to scan the terrain is the most advanced technology currently exists for this purpose. Also with the same specialist confirmed the result of the prospecting shows that there is something buried on site, although it is not possible to identify what, which means it can be anything and not necessarily the remains of Madeleine McCann.

Watch the video and know Stephen Birch in an exclusive interview to Expresso, given at the Lisbon airport, while returning to South Africa, June 28.

Portuguese police says it is reviewing these data, as analyzed all received over five years.

However, Scotland Yard asked for more material to Stephen Birch, to investigate the consistency of the theory of South Africa. Maddie is alive and captive or dead and buried, the truth is that the case continues to arouse the interest of people around the world. How did the Stephen Birch, whose investigation has cost him thousands.

No evidence. No facts.

Sky News adds:

He passed them to Scotland Yard detectives who are carrying out an investigative review of the case.

They have asked him for more information to help them interpret the scan results and the “raw data” the machine collected.

He has also sent the material to Portuguese police who abandoned their search for Madeleine 15 months after she disappeared.

He says:

“All I want to do is solve the mystery and bring closure to Madeleine’s family. I am convinced she lies where I have scanned.

“I’ve had the scans analysed and they show digging, a void and what could be human bones.”

No word from Danie Krugel.

Spotter: Karen

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The Home Office and its Madeleine McCann ‘secret file’

YESTERDAY, the Sunday Express had a Madeleine McCann story. The headline told us:


James Murray wrote:

THE Home Office is refusing to release secret files on the Madeleine McCann case to avoid diplomatic ructions with Portugal.

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Madeleine McCann is ‘at college in Minnesota’

MYSTERY solved! Madeleine McCann has been located – and she’s alive. The Burnley Express reports:

Burnley psychic in hunt for missing Madeleine McCann


A BURNLEY psychic medium who helped the FBI catch a serial killer has spoken out about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Go on…

Grandfather John Warne is convinced that the schoolgirl was snatched on behalf of an American, and that she is now living in Minnesota and attending college.

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Ben Needham, Madeleine McCann but not Charlene Downes: sensation points to alien abduction

YESTERDAY saw the relaunch of the pan-European 116000 missing children hotline at a Downing Street reception hosted by Home Secretary Theresa May. Tomorrow, it’s International Missing Children’s Day. Furthermore,, the country’s official website for news on missing children, has been updated. A pre-summer holiday push is going on.

Which leads news hounds to Kate McCann, who was there. Which, in turn, leads to a story in the Daily Express:


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Madeleine McCann: The kidnappers dismantled the door – really?

HANDS up who knows for certain exactly what happened to Madeleine McCann. There! The one with his hand up. Get him! Ooops! Sorry, Jerry Lawton, the Daily Star’s man on the Our Maddie beat. He played no part in her disappearance. But he knows what happened to he. As Lawton tells Star readers:

A BRIT holidaymaker claims child-snatchers tried to grab her son in a copy of the Madeleine McCann abduction.

We journey to Gumbet resort near Bodrum, Turkey. There:

Diane Charlton said two intruders were discovered inside his hotel room and half-naked Cameron, 12, was standing in the hallway.

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Derek Acorah says Madeleine McCann will be reincarnated as Cheryl Cole’s baby

MADELEINE McCANN is dead. So says Derek Acorah. He tells the world: “She’s not on this earth any more.” But she in the celestial Sun, which leads with the opinions of a man who told us that Cheryl Cole and Ashley would have a baby in 2011, Michael Jackson is communicatingWorld Cup WAGS were going to jail and that Bournemouth and Brighton are about to be submerged beneath sea ice.

Still, Acorah hedges his bets and says that although Our Maddie is gone she is set to be reincarnated, most likely, perhaps, as Cheryl Cole’s baby.

“I know her parents are convinced Maddie is alive and I’m really sorry – but the little one has been over in the spirit world for some time. I don’t think she’ll be there long before she reincarnates. When children pass over who haven’t had full lives I believe they choose the time to come back in the same form again — as another little girl.”

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Madeline McCann: Karsten Mayer is the Media’s victim of the moment

ONE day all the men and women linked in print to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann will form a therapy group. Karsten Mayer is the current poor sod in the news. We heard that he and his family were staying on a campsite in southern Spain, a few days after the child went missing in Portugal. A “witness” says she saw a child who looked “identical” to Madeleine on the site. The witness was suspicious that the child wore the same clothes a whopping two day’s running. Karen Sisson, the apparent witness, says the child looked “groggy” and “alienated” from the rest of the group.

The Sun published this as being a “new clue” to Maddie. Sisson, we were told, was a “mum of two” and British. Twice we are told that the people with the identikit Maddie are Germans.

A witness said the groggy-looking child seemed alienated from the German family she was staying with in a caravan.

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Madeleine McCann spotted in Fuengirola – the witch hunt for Karsten Meyer

THE “HUNT FOR MADDIE” is back on the Daily Express’ front page. The paper has picked up on the Sun’s story that Karen Sisson saw a blonde child “identical” to missing Madeleine on a campsite in Fuengirola, Spain.

The Express says the The Cabopino Campsite, is set in “sprawling woodland”. This suggest it an ideal place to hide a missing child. A look at the campsite’s website tells us that this “sprawling” place has two swimming pools, a children’s park, a football pitch, bungalows and a mini club for children.

The Express goes on to tell of the “mysterious girl” who wore the same clothes two days running.

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Missing Madeleine McCann stayed a Costa del Sol campsite for two weeks

KATE and Gerry McCann spent part of the weekend on the Liverpool 10K run in the city’s Sefton Park. The Press Association recorded the event and the Daily Express told readers that Kate McCann told the paper:

“Thankfully, this year, with the involvement of the Metropolitan Police things are looking brighter for Madeleine and the search, so we were ready to give it a go.”

The man leading the Met’s review of all the official data collated so far is Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood. He is hopeful but realistic, his words reminiscent of the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, who when asked if the missing child is alive replies “Mostly hardly”:

“We genuinely believe there is a possibility she is alive.’

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‘Best Value’ Madeleine McCann is selling holidays on a travel site

WITH Madeleine McCann high on the news cycle, the people at Voucher Digg are using the missing child’s image to showcase their latest offer: holidays at, we are told is “the UK’s leading independent discount deal and voucher codes & vouchers travel website”. The caption beneath Madeleine McCann reads “Best Value”. One theory is that the child was kidnapped and then sold.

Can it be that its owners are the only people in the country who don’t know that Madeleine McCann is missing, and that she went missing on holiday..?

The blurb reads: can hardly give out this kind of offer. Hurry up for time is limited. Take the ones you loved and enjoy your life.

Is this for real?

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Madeleine McCann: taking the ‘dreamers’ seriously

DID you know that 30 children have “gone missing” in Portugal since Madeleine McCann disappeared five years ago? The Sun says this figure “contradicts Portuguese claims her case was unique and abduction was rare”. We do not know how many of that 30 were abducted, or for certain if any were. Child abduction by a stranger does seem to be rare. But it does, of course, happen.

Madeleine McCann was 4 when she vanished. We do not know what happened to her. The facts end there. But the Sun says 30 children under 18 have gone missing in the Portugal in the past five years.

The Sun provides no source for this information.

The Star, meanwhile, has news of “CLUES”.


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Madeleine McCann: A PR mistake with Antonio Castela

MADELEINE McCann: Five years ago today the child who became the media’s Our Maddie disappeared. The papers react to the sensational news that the Maddie Story is not dead yet.

The Sun (front page): “MUMMY, WE’ll HELP YOU FIND MADELEINE:

We see a photo of the family McCann, with the missing child and her younger twin siblings.

Page 4 and 5: “As the twins get older their desire to help the search for their sister will be even greater.”

One day they might ever read the details on the internet and join the ranks of armchair detectives. Right now twins Sean and Amelie are seven. Introducing them to the story in this way helps how?

Five years ago we told you that this story would run and run. Kate McCann agrees:

Kate, 44, said Sean had told her: “You know, Mummy, if you haven’t found Madeleine by the time we get older me and Amelie will find her.”

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Madeleine McCann: What 72-year-old Antonio Castela saw

MADELEINE McCann: Gerry and Kate McCann have been on ITN News, Sky News and what 72-year-old Antonio Castela saw…

Says Mr McCann:

“We believe there is new information, but there is also a need to identify links between some of the old information. The investigation needs to be reopened.”

The Metropolitan Police have access to all the files on the case so far. Isn’t it up to them and the Portuguese to re-open the case based on facts? Also, what good does re-opening the case do if there are no new facts? The British police are not even half-way through their review.What instruction would the Portuguese investigators be given? Where would they start?

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Madeleine McCann: In Brazil with a boy named Maddie

MADELEINE McCann: On Sunday the Sunday Express bellowed from its front page: “MADDIE: THE LOST CLUES.”


James Murray writes:

CRUCIAL leads that could solve the mystery of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance are revealed today by the Sunday Express.

Great. But what about those front-page “clues”?

These vital clues were never followed up by the ­Portuguese police, according to Isabel Duarte, the ­Lisbon lawyer acting for Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

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