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The Rubbish Police Are Coming To Your Bin

HEAR that rustling and grinding noise? It’s the sound of the “rubbish police”. No, not the Portuguese cops. This is the real rubbish police, and they’re coming to a wheelie bin near you.

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Nob Beauty

WHY not..?

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Hello! Outbids Paedo Today For Pictures Of Knox Leon And Vivienne Marcheline

NEWS is that “Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have sold pictures of their newborn twins for a record £7.5million”.
Reports the Mirror:

Hello! magazine secured the deal after a bidding frenzy with rival OK! to show photographs of Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, three weeks old tomorrow.

Other magazines believed to have been in for the snaps, were Paedos Today, IVF Monthly and Voyeur Weekly.

A cheque from Russian website for the sum of £4.3billion is believed to have bounced…

Picture: 14

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Carol Voderman And The Market For Celebrity Talent

CAROL Vorderman is worth what the market can stand:

But between them, Vorderman and the TV station have proved there is a market in talent – a fact the BBC’s trustees failed to grasp in their report on stars’ pay in June 2008. They concluded that performers like Jonathan Ross are not paid more than the market rate – even though the BBC won the auction for him by outbidding rivals.

The trustees did not realise that with so few buyers of talent (and C4 now proving it cannot bid with the big boys) the BBC is the market. And it did not realise that an employer creates the value of its stars by giving them formats and exposure – just as Channel 4 created much of Miss Vorderman’s value.

The Countdown experience should teach the BBC that wages go down as well as up. It is a lesson for boardrooms too.

The celebrity league table.

More Vorderman


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Nancy Pelosi Purges Amazon

NANCY Pelosi has written a book. You can buy it through Amazon. It’s called Know Your Power…

Pelosi adheres to her illiberal fascism in every aspect of her life. It seems she wields her totalitarian “fairness doctrine” far and wide. Lone Pony is reporting that she is scrubbing Amazon of bad reviews – were there any other kind?


Nancy Pelosi had over 100  BAD reviews of her failed  book disappeared from Amazon’s site yesterday!

Well, Amazon is in the business of selling books. And who buys a book knowing it will be crap? Ahem – I did once buy Learning To Fly by Victoria Beckham. And it was…


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Robert Reich’s Not The Summer Vacation

GIONG on holiday.? No, you’re not, says Robert Reich::

And even when we take those 14 days, we don’t always get paid for them. The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us 1 out of 4 workers gets no paid vacation days at all. Every other advanced nation — and even lots of developing nations — mandate them.

There is no escape…

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Credit Crunch Does For The Church

DO you hear bells?

Cathedral officials have denied accusations of financial mismanagement after admitting that a £103,000 bequest to pay for new bells had lost two thirds of its value in the credit crunch.

The legacy, consisting of shares thought to be in a high street bank, has lost £67,950 in value in the 18 months since it was made.


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Innocent Smoothies Not So Innocent

INNOCENT smoothies for green smoothies:

Innocent Smoothies tells consumers on its website that “fruit always travels by boat or rail” because these methods use less fossil fuel than air or road transport per kilo of fruit. Customers are also told the drinks are produced in the UK.

However, the Daily Telegraph can reveal that the drinks are blended on the continent before being driven in dozens of tanker lorries hundreds of miles across Europe for bottling in the UK.

To mix the contents just so…

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Pamela Anderson’s Abu Dhabi Penthouse Hotel

PNEUMATIC actress/singer/model/slash Pamela Anderson is to build a hotel. In Abu Dhabi. 

I’m building a hotel there. It’s environmentally friendly. I went there with the Make a Wish Foundation and met some great people there, and the royal family was really friendly.”

It will be built using “no fossil fuel”, claims silicon-toughened Anderson. How happy the locals must be:

 The emirate’s 420,000 citizens, who sit on one-tenth of the planet’s oil and have almost $1 trillion invested abroad, are worth about $17 million apiece…

Say no to oil…

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The £4 School Uniform For Today’s Youth

THE Express hails the arrival of the £4 school uniform.

Costing just four of your British pounds, this uniform features shirt, trousers/skirt and knitted top.

The Climate Cops salute such frugality – what with there being a war on. And in turn Anorak salutes them and wonders if the uniform goes far enough.

Should we not be recycling old uniforms? Remember, parents, the Kinder Kops are watching…

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Guinness Viral Group Sex Ad

DIAGEO demands that YouTube remove a “fake” Guinness viral advert, in which a girl balances a bottle of the black stuff on her back during a group sex session.

The 60-second viral shows two different male hands taking the drink, which is precariously balanced on the small of the woman’s back, before another woman reaches up and grabs it.

Enjoy the marketing…

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We’re all Chinese Now: UK Commuters, This Is The Hour

IN China the commuters are revolting. Downtrodden people of UK train, coach and bus, this is our time. It’s the Cummuter Revolution. Advance!

“Scores of Chinese air passengers smashed computers and desks and clashed with police Tuesday after a night stranded at an airport without accommodation, state media said.

The passengers clashed with airport police Tuesday morning, smashing computers and desks, Xinhua said, blaming the melee on China Southern staff’s “inappropriate working attitude.”

Hurrah! We’re all Chinese now!

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Do The Licence Payer: BBC Fined, And Elisa Roche Auditions For Countdown

IT would not surprise us to learn that Pudsey Bear, BBC Children In Need’s overstuffed monocular mascot, has 20-20 vision.

The BBC has been fined £400,000 for “deliberately cheating” the public with fake phone-in competitions. The BBC is funded by the public, meaning that we have been cheating ourselves. And that is not on!

Right it is then that we should pay, and the Beeb has been censured.

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Do The Numbers: More Countdown Auditions, With The Telegraph And BBC

AUDITIONS for the person to replace Carol Vorderman as the nation’s favourite TV brain box move on to day 4:


Vorderman, who is reported to earn in the region of £900,000 a year from the show, announced she was leaving on Friday.


Vorderman’s agent said on Saturday that the star felt forced to step down from the show when she was told to take a 90% pay cut from a salary understood to be in the region of £1m.


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Ali Lohan: When TMZ Does Underage Porn is the apogee of celebrity porn.

Tabloid Baby looks at the site funded by the corporate monoliths Time-Watner and AOL and wonder how their clean corporate images sit with TMZ’s crude comments on Lindsay Lohan’s 14-year-old sister, Ali Lohan.

Anorak’s man in LA says:

In a story about Ali’s audition with a film producer with ties to the porn industry, shaved bronzed midget Harvey Levin and his gang use a double-entendre headline alluding to oral sex, along with a photo that obviously is meant to look, at first glance as if the 14-year-old child is performing an act of fellatio.

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Pratchett Fall: Rowan Pelling Is Well Read At Tesco’s

HOW wonderful it is to be well read, to show knowledge by way to quotes and “Yes, I read that”. Says the Telegraph’s literary elephant Rowan Pelling:

Last year, Tesco sold £107.2 million of books. We may think of it as a grocer, but in reality it’s a behemoth, carrying the nation on its vast back like the turtles in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

That’s the cover of the book he notes on the left, the one with the elephants.

You Anorak’s don’t need to read it…

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Do The Sums: More Countdown Auditions, With The Guardian

AUDITIONS for the person to replace Carol Vorderman as the nation’s favourite TV brain box move on to day 3: The Guardian:

HEIDI BLAKE (Guardian)

So, farewell then, Carol Vorderman. Following 26 years of co-hosting Channel 4’s flagship gameshow, the woman recently dubbed “Mrs Countdown” is set to take her final bow after reportedly being given 48 hours to accept a 90% cut to her £1.2m pay packet or resign


But to return to that 90% – as any true maths fan would – that was a cut from 800 grand, so it would have left her with £80k.


Previous reports put her salary between £900,000 and £1m a year.

Audition 1

Audition 2

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The Miley Cyrus Smiley Condom Caper

MILEY Cyrus has been approached by Lifestyle Condoms to front a campaign for safe sex.

Miley is 15 years old. Jail bait. She does it for Jesus. But does not get pregnant.

Her fans will be dleighted, especially those in London.

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Selling Knife Crime: Eros’s Arrow And Selfridge’s Red Hearts T-Shirts

THE Mirror is outraged. On sale in Selfridges, London, is a T-shirt for The Red Hearts, an LA punk band.

The T-shirt features a drawing of a blade on the wearer’s heart and some red ink that trails into the lettering “THE RED HEARTS”.

Janina Rout, 47, shopper, mother, was appalled:

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Hillary Clinton Escort Services

SAYS the email from Hillary Clinton (remember her?):

“Summer is a time for simple pleasures: family vacations, baseball games, and dinner out under the stars. At least it is if you aren’t running for president!”


Hillary’s not pimpimg Chelsea. There’s more:

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Cristiano Ronaldo Is Good Enough To Eat

WHOLE Foods Market – “motto: “Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet” – has produced a Cristiano Ronaldo tribute food.

Can you guess what it is?

Is it:

a) An edible food varnish
b) A gingerbread man you can dunk into your tea (surely dive in? – Ed)
c) An organic tan-as-you-shave gel (the special strip deposits a layer of fair trade tanning substance in your opened pores)
d) Linseed oil
e) An eclair

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Do The Time: More Countdown Auditions, With Joey Barton

MORE auditions for Carol Vorderman’s former job as the nation’s favourite brain box, featuring Joey Barton…

STEVE WILSON (Telegraph)

Barton was bought from Manchester City just a year ago for £5 million and is on wages that amount to around £70,000 a week.

ROB STEWART (Telegraph)

Newcastle midfielder Joey Barton will refuse to accept a cut in his £55,000-per-week basic wages when he meets the club’s hierarchy for crucial talks on Tyneside following his release from prison.


Three in five want the £60,000- a-week former England player sacked, a poll has shown. The row has seen some refuse to renew season tickets.

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Spread Betting: Banking On Mortgages

GET this: you, the customer, can take out a loan with Lloyds TSB at 7.2 per cent and use the cash to buy shares in the bank which pays a yield of 10.9 per cent.

Easy money. Although would you buy shares in the banking sector?

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Obama Is A Commie

OBAMANIA Watch – Anorak’s look at Barack Obama in the news.

IS it because American politics is distilled into two shades of blue?

Some right wing Americans think Barack Obama is a communist. Looking at the US from the outside, he looks very much like the typical American politician raising loadsa money for himself and his campaign.



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Climate Cops And Green Shirts: The War On Global Warming

HEY kids, wanna play a game of green shirts and baddies?

NPower, the electricity people, want you, the Britisher Jungvolk, to inform on your mums and your dads if they disobey the rules on climate change.

Grab a gas mask, a tin hat and come closer. Baroness Young of Old Scone, head of the Environment Agency, says climate change is “World War Three”. And in zer war you want to be on the side of the good guys, right kidz? We vill take ze moral highground, and victory will be ours.

Attack the non-believer.

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