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John Major Backs The EU And Appraises His Former Tory Colleagues


ANORAK always liked John Major. This week he revisited Britain’s place in the European Union. He wants the country to remain in it. Says JM:

“Calling ….. a number of my colleagues ‘ba*tards’ was absolutely unforgivable… My only excuse is that it was true.”

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All Hail President Klitschko! And First Lady Hayden Panettiere!


BOXERS usually don’t quite know what to do with themselves after the hang their gloves up, and usually end up back in the ring too old, too hittable, and get battered by some upstart for a big purse.

However, Ukraine boxer and former world heavyweight boxing champ Vitali Klitschko has confirmed he will run in the country’s 2015 presidential election.

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Al Gore: Rich On Tobacco And Oil Money Trusty Al Gore Links Australian Bush Fires To Global Warming

PA-8846303 copy

AUSTRALIAN Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the NSW bushfires were not linked to climate change. Was it the 11-year-old boys?  No. It was the military firing ordnance that started the State Mine fire. But they all said it was global warming. Were those experts wrong? Al Gore says not. He says anyone who says the bushfires aren’t a result of global warming is like a fool who believed smoking wasn’t harmful:

“Well, it’s not my place to get involved in your [Australian] politics, but it reminds me of politicians here in the United States who got a lot of support from the tobacco companies and who argued to the public that there was absolutely no connection between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer...

“For 40 years the tobacco companies were able to persuade pliant politicians within their grip to tell the public what they wanted them to tell them, and for 40 years the tragedy continued.

“And bushfires can occur naturally and do, but the science shows clearly that when the temperature goes up and when the vegetation and soils dry out, then wild fires become more pervasive and more dangerous. That’s not me saying it, that’s what the scientific community says.”

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Boris Johnson Can’t Keep His Legs Together In China – Photos

BORIS Johnson, the London Mayor, has been on a student seducing mission to China. We’re flicked through Boris’s photos and can’t help but notice his seating position. He is not demure. He is not refined. He is the big beast. The thighs seem all the more wide apart whenever he’s near George Osborne, the Chancellor.


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Police Warn EDL Convert Tommy Robinson To Leave Luton For His Own Safety

HOW’S life treating Tommy Robinson since he left the EDL for the Quilliam Foundation? Well, he’s tweeted this letter from Bedfordshire Police.

He adds:

Tommy Robinson @TRobinsonNewEra

 Police advice,take your family and leave Luton,we cannot protect u.After I’m on terrorist Al-Shababs latest video 

tommy robinson police


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Me and David Miliband: Once upon a time the the Daily Mail loved ‘evil’ Ralph Miliband


FUNNY how newspapers work. The Daily Mail called Ralph Miliband “the man who hated Britain”. The paper used the world “evil” in a hatchet job on Ed Miliband’s dad. But when in 2008, high-flying Mail staffer Ted Verity wrote about David Miliband, Ed’s big brother, Ralph got a different billing. (Only two Mail online articles are linked to Verity and both are about his mate David):

First impressions were underlined later that evening when David and I – who were both studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) – went for our first Oxford drink together.  We headed for The Turf pub off Holywell Street, a favourite of Hardy’s Jude The Obscure, and I led the way to the bar. ‘I’ll have a half of bitter,’ said David…

But there was something else, too. David, although thoroughly middle-class, was the heir-apparent to a Labour dynasty…

Despite his self-confidence, his academic qualifications were distinctly underwhelming – two grade Bs and a D at A-level. David, it turned out, was one of three Corpus PPE students who had arrived on an Inner London Education Authority scheme to get pupils from the capital’s comprehensives to Oxford.  A worthy scheme, no doubt, but it’s hard to imagine that David Miliband was the kind of deprived inner-city pupil the founders had in mind.  His father was the eminent Marxist historian Ralph Miliband, whose work loomed large on our syllabus.

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Tony Blair’s epic bomb selfie goes on display at the Imperial War Museum, Manchester

“HOW do artists contribute to our perceptions of war and conflict in an age where our understanding is shaped by the media and the internet?” asks Manchester’s Imperial War Museum.

The exhibition includes work by Steve McQueen, kennardphillipps (below), Langlands & Bell, Miroslaw Balka, Willie Doherty, Paul Seawright, Ori Gersht, Jananne Al Ani and Edmund Clark.

Tony Blair selfie

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Boris Johnson race gaffe? London mayor tells Chinese Harry Potter’s Scottish lover Cho Chang was a foreigner


BORIS Johnson entered stage left and went into his usual act of being a hapless music hall entertainer stumbling upon sound policy. The London Mayor, for it is he, was appearing as Bozza at Peking University. In an effort to cement Sino-Anglo relations he noted that Harry Potter’s lover was Chinese:

…according to JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter novels, was Harry Potter’s first girlfriend? Who is the first person he kisses? That’s right, Cho Chang – who is a Chinese overseas student at Hogwarts school.
Ladies and gents I rest my case. I don’t think I need to argue any further, that is the future of Britain and of London.

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The ‘decapitated’ EDL: Quilliam Foundation wrests Robinson from Pamela Geller


HOW’s former EDL leader Tommy Robinson getting along with his old muckers Pamela Geller and Robert Spence?

Pamela Geller has a statement of make:

[T]he night before he made his announcement, Tommy tried to contact me numerous times on Skype and by phone while I was busy with other matters, It was clear that it was urgent. Finally, we spoke on the phone, and it was on that phone call that he told me that he would be resigning from the EDL the next day, and that the Quilliam Foundation was going to be at the press conference — but he made that a minor point…. . Then at the press conference, both he and Kevin Carroll were the showcases of a Quilliam victory dance. They looked eerily reminiscent of the American POW’s taken by enemy combatants and forced to say things they did not believe before cameras.

…Now he is the poster boy for the stealth jihad. It seems they have taught Tommy well. His deception to friends and colleagues mirrors the Islamic teachings of kitman (lie by omission) and taqiyya. So Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll are no longer on the SION board. 

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Who dunnit? Basildon mayor Mo Larkin births a Ball through her camel toe in cartoon video

mo larkin
IS this cartoon “appallingly offensive”? It features Basildon mayor Mo Larkin with a camel toe which contains a mobile phone and Conservative council leader Tony Ball,

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Ed Miliband’s day was a cat killer: The Man Who Hated Kitten

THE Sunday Sport says Ed Miliband’s dad Ralph killed a woman’s cat. It is, of course, a  wonderful read. But the Sport disappoints. That headline. Come on, chaps. It’s The Man Who Hated Kitten.

ed miliband

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Hitler worked as a chef, a professor and a Nazi-next-door in Western Canada

WOULD you know Hitler is he were living in Canada? In November 1944, the Free Press Weekly Prairie Farmer asked is readers:

“Would You Know Der Fuehrer’s Face If He Settled In Western Canada?”

It’s all about the facial hair. In 1940s’ Western Canada, chef’s were buttoned-up, militaristic and waxed-tipped; all men of letters wore glasses and went for a centre-parting; the Hobos dress like Slavs; and the guy next door looks like a Nazi.

hitler in canada


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Tommy Robinson leaves the EDL but finds Pamela Geller harder to quit


TOMMY Robinson (aka Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) and his deputy and cousin Kevin Carroll’s departure from the English Defence League has been making news. Robinson is not the first EDL member to make the leap to the Quilliam Foundation.

Hugh Muir wrote on that previous conversion in the Guardian:

…while the [English Defence League] says it eschews violence, there are claims that some of its people may have been taking a less than constructive approach to two former members who were poised to lift the lid on the group in association with the counter-extremism thinktank, Quilliam. Harry Burns and Leighton Evans were billed as “former senior members of the EDL who have renounced the group and are willing to speak out against it publicly … to answer questions about the organisation and their time inside it”. But they didn’t. Both pulled out, apparently citing threats. Not from us, insists the man from the EDL. In good faith we accept that. A simple solution. If in doubt, blame the Muslims.

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Tommy Robinson has left he EDL to join anti-extremism group

THE BBC reports that English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has left the group.
Also departed is his deputy Kevin Carroll.
Robinson has been put off by the EDL’s more extremist elements.

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1964: Malcolm X evokes Shakespear as he thrills the Oxford Union with talk of armed rebellion


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Ralph Miliband in The Times protesting against precisely the sort of Soviet oppression Daily Mail says he supported

THE Mail’s hatched job on Ed Miliband’s “evil” father Ralph appalled many. In 1980, Ralph Miliband is The Times protesting against precisely the sort of Soviet oppression Daily Mail says he supported:

ralph miliband


Spotter: The Times

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Tories play Jessie J’s Price Tag as anti-austerity marchers protest in Manchester

NEWS that Conservatives used a pianist playing Jessie J’s Price Tag and other hits to dampen the din felt by delegates inside the “zone” as  50,000 protestors marched against austerity in Manchester reminded us of this:

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Jew-baiting Daily Mail too fundamentalist for us says new columnist Samantha Lewthwaite

THE Daily Mail‘s hatchet job on Labour leader Ed Miliband’s dead father is making waves. Miliband replied to it in the Mail. But the Mail kept the focus on Ralph Miliband by, most notably, featuring picture of the man’s grave on its website.

The Mail wrapped Miliband’s reply thus:

“RED ED’S in a strop with the Mail… Doubtless, he’s miffed that his conference was overshadowed by the revelations of his former friend, the spin doctor Damian McBride… Nor did he see the funny side when we ridiculed the yucky, lovey-dovey photographs of him and his wife, behaving like a pair of hormonal teenagers… But what has made him vent his spleen – indeed, he has stamped his feet and demanded a right of reply – is a Mail article… about the Labour leader’s late father, Ralph, under the arresting headline ‘The Man Who Hated Britain’.”

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UKIP Nigel Farage as Hitler: volumes 1,2, und Third

IS UKIP leader Nigel Farage getting a fair press? Is his becoming Hitler a sing of his growing power?

Today’s Times leads with:

[1GM - 1]  TIMES/NEWS/PAGES ... 01/10/13

[1GM – 1] TIMES/NEWS/PAGES … 01/10/13

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Irony overload: Greece follows up arrest of Nazi-loving Golden dawn by seizing immigrants


HOW we cheered when the righteous, freedom-loving Greek police arrested the Nazi-loving Golden Dawn MPs.

Buoyed by that success, and cheered on by the Left, the Greek police went out to nick some more wrong ‘uns. No not violent bigots. Illegal immigrants.

Police arrested 41 people in central Athens on Sunday night during a large operation involving some 150 officers. The arrests were made around Omonia Square and in Aghios Panteleimonas. More than 330 people were detained. The majority of those arrested were immigrants who lacked the necessary paperwork.

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Glory Be! Ed Miliband has brought back price controls


ED Miliband has rather stunned the business world with his announcement that if Labour’s elected next time they’re going to bring back price controls. Because, you know, Ed Miliband, in his previous job as Climate Change Wallah in the Government made electricity too expensive for us all. The problem with this of course is that price controls simply do not work:

Mr Miliband has pledged that one of his first acts in office would be to pass emergency legislation forbidding energy companies from increasing domestic prices until 2017.

His promise is designed to persuade voters that only Labour can restore living standards eroded by years of prices rising faster than incomes.

However, energy chiefs and political opponents have warned that his plans could in fact lead to higher bills in the short term as well as blackouts and power shortages.

If you were told that in two years’ time you were not allowed to raise your prices what would you be doing in the next two years before that ban?

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Vladimir Putin looks like man’s pet dog

I SAY, I say, I say, my dog looks like Valdimir Putin.


russian dog putin



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We should be revolted that Gordon Brown’s Labour advocating shooting the plebs


HOW close did Gordon Brown come to setting the military on the people? In his book on his time with Brown, Damien McBride quotes the then Prime Minister fretting about the banking crisis:

“You don’t understand… If the banks are shutting their doors, and the cashpoints aren’t working, and people go to Tesco and their cards aren’t being accepted, the whole thing will just explode.  If you can’t buy food or petrol or medicine for your kids, people will just start breaking the windows and helping themselves. And as soon as people see that on TV, that’s the end, because everyone will think that’s OK now, that’s just what we all have to do. It’ll be anarchy. That’s what could happen tomorrow. I’m serious, I’m serious . . . We’d have to think: do we have curfews, do we put the Army on the streets, how do we get order back?

“I’d have to resign — but I couldn’t go if there was just carnage out there: someone would have to be in charge.”

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Yes of course Ed Davey’s lying about fracking?


YOU know, politician, lips moving and all that. But how he’s lying is just as important as grasping the fact that he is lying. Each particular thing that he says is more or less truthful but the overall impression left is entirely untruthful:

“North Sea gas didn’t significantly move UK prices – so we can’t expect UK shale production alone to have any effect,” Mr Davey said, pointing out that Britain is just one part of the wider European gas market.

He said it was “far from clear that UK shale gas production could ever replicate the price effects seen in the US”, where the shale gas boom has seen prices plummet.

The comments stand in stark contrast to those of David Cameron, who wrote in the Telegraph last month that “fracking has real potential to drive energy bills down”

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