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David Cameron gets daughter Nancy, 8, unpaid internship in pub

IN ‘DAVID Cameron’s Nightmare”, the Sun leads with the sensational news that David Cameron left his daughter Nancy in the pub, or “country inn”, as it describes the The Plough at Cadsden.

Dave Cam was ith Sam Cam, Art Cam, Flo Cam but not Nancy Cam when he left the boozer close to his official country residence of Chequers.

Relising he’d left Nancy, 8, behind, Cameron drove back to pub, where he “found Nancy happily helping out the staff.” Some shock for Dacve to look about t4h Car CAm and relise that “we are not all in this together”.

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Sir Oswald Mosley and the ‘Blackshirts’ British Union of Fascists – in photos

MUCH talk of the rise of extremism in mainland Europe. In the 1930s, Great Britain had its own racists. Sir Oswald Mosley was the  leader of the ‘Blackshirts’,the British Union of Fascists. His wife, Lady Diana Mosley was deemed more dangerous than her husband according to secret documents published by the Public Record Office in Kew, west London. These are photos of Mosely and his gang in action. It looks laughable now, but once upon time had the Nazis won these people would have been the country’s pre-eminent murderers…


Picture 1 of 29

Sir Oswald Mosley is surfboard riding, astern of a speed boat, one of the many delights to be enjoyed at Cap D'Antibes, France in 1930. Those members of society who are not grouse shooting are pretty sure of being found here, bathing in the lovely Southern sun, and the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Sir Oswald Mosley, who is holidaying at the cap with his family, enjoys a thrill in surf riding here. (AP Photo)

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Funny thing this democracy lark, best left to the snotty elite

I KNOW that we live in a representative democracy, not a direct one, but it’s always amusing to see  quite how far apart the concerns of the professional political classes are from those of the actual people.

As Guido is reporting Doug Carswell is one of the 20 backbench MPs who won the ballot to be able to inrtoduce a private members bill this session. Carswell then asked people to nominate and then vote upon which bill he ought to try and introduce. The winner being:

4. Repeal of the European Communities Bill: Britain joined the European Economic Community in 1973. It has turned out to be an economic and political disaster. This Bill will get us out.

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Scott Walker kills America – video

TO America, where life has ended with Republican Scott Walker’s victory in the Wisconsin recall election:

The only solution to democracy: Scott Walker must die!

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Lembit Opik meets crippling Kade Callous – video

FORMER weather girl Cheeky Girl sexer, who controversially appeared with unmarried Gabriela Irimia on Mr & Mrs (what of tradition?)and still former Lib-Dem MP Lembit Opik entered the ring in Welshpool, Powys, and experienced Kade Callous.

The bout was triggered when Opik called Kade a cheat. The wrestler hauled him to the ring and challenged him to a fight. Opik agreed.

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Mental rape just one of the treats in Robert Mugabe’s traveller’s paradise (UN approved!)

FUNNY goings on at a queue in Masvingo Registrar General’s Office, Zimbabwe. The locals are applying for passports. A man has released his mubobobo (spell) on women in the line. The women feel feint. The man then has had his wicked way with their minds.One woman tells media:

“Ndange ndichinzwa sendiri kukwirwa ndobva ndapunzika, uye handisati ndambopunzika ( someone I felt as if I was having sex with, and I have never experienced this before).”

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Michael Gove wants to censor the Holocaust

IS the GCSE Religious Studies exam question “Explain, briefly, why some people are prejudiced against Jews” racist? Michael Gove, the education secretary says it is:

“To suggest that antisemitism can ever be explained, rather than condemned, is insensitive and frankly bizarre. AQA needs to explain how and why this question was included in an exam paper.”

Isn’t it better to examine why people don’t like Jews? Might the historical approach to so much persecution and murder undo the thinking that drives it? Anti-semitism, the imported Nazi sort, is rife in the Middle East. It’s good to ask why. To understand it might help many comprehend how much anti-Semitism is dressed up as anti-Israel rhetoric, the good liberals promoting the idea that one state should be more accountable for its actions that all others because it’s people have suffered. It’s the anti-Semitism that enables those on the Left to compare Israelis to the Nazis and South Africa under apartheid and get away with it.

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FLASHBACK: Parliamentary punch-ups

AS concerns grow about the possibility of an intolerant reception for black players and supporters heading for the European football championship in Ukraine, shocking scenes were broadcast around the world from that country’s parliament. While a bill was being debated that would give the Russian language equal status to Ukrainian, all hell broke loose. The Ukrainian parliament is called the Rada, but there was no acting involved in this spectacular performance…

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Baroness Warsi: how to stay for free in London

DID Baroness Warsi fiddle her expenses? The Sunday Times says Warsi, the co-chairman of the Conservative party, cost the taxpayer £165.50 a night for stopping at Dr Wafik Moustafa’s private house in Acton west London while attending the House of Lords in 2007 and 2008.

How was that price fixed? Warsi, who is based at her home in West Yorkshire, says she paid “appropriate payment equivalent to what I was paying at the time in hotel costs”. So. Why not stay at a hotel, then? Maybe she simply preferred the small lodgings of a GP, who was once a Tory parliamentary candidate for the Conservative party? Dr Moustafa says Warsi never paid him any money for bed and board:

“Baroness Warsi paid no rent, nor did she pay any utilities bills or council tax. It was an informal arrangement, so no tenancy contract was drawn up…I’m not exactly sure how many days she stayed in total, but I believe my home was her main London residence [at the time].”

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Fight breaks out in Ukraine parliament over Russian language rules

HOW they do politics over there in the Ukraine, where during heated debate about whether to allow Russian to be spoken in courts, hospitals and other institutions in the Russian-speaking regions of the country. Politico Mykola Petruk was bloodied in the fracas. Not good, there. But on better note, it’s good to see man wearing a vest. If he tusk it into his Y-fronts, you know he’s a man who can trust…


Picture 1 of 4

Lawmakers from pro-presidential and oppositional factions fight during discussion of a language draft law in the parliament session hall in Kiev, Ukraine, Thursday, May 24, 2012. (AP Photo/Maks Levin)

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Aston Villa fan overjoyed by Chelsea winning Champions League (photo)

HOW do fans of other British clubs react to Chelsea winning the Champions League with victory over Germany’s Bayern Munich? The overriding word is: indifference. Only the winners and the losers get to experience the real emotion. The rest are reduced to the role of mere spectators. Unless you are Aston Villa fan David Cameron, and you’re stood in the Laurel Cabin conference room at Camp David, Md., with Barack Obama, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission. In which case you have to punch the air and bathe in reflected glory.

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Sinn Fein says ‘edcation cuts – stupid and wrong’ – sign of the day

SINN Fein says “EDCATION CUTS – STUPID AND WRONG”. Can’t argue with that…

Spotter: Arseblog


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When Beckham’s LA Galaxy met Barack Obama few dared move – video

WHEN David Beckham, Robbie Keane and the rest of the LA Galaxy Football team met Barack Obama, the mood was breezy. Aside form BEcks, Robbie and captain Landon Donovan, the rest of the chaps are legends in their own lounges. So. What can they do to rise their profiles. Will one of them tweet live from the scene a la Joey Baton? Will one of them do a Mario Balotelli and let his enthusiasm run away and grap Obama in a hug? Or will they just stand still, like cardboard cut-outs advertising teeth and hair gel?

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Samantha Cameron’s tattoo – photo

YOU’LL know when tattoos have jumped the shark when Samantha Cameron sports one on her foot:

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David Cameron meets with leading anti gay marriage activist

HOW in tune with public opinion is David Cameron? Well, not long since Barack Obama approved gay marriage, Dave had meeting with the Dalai Lama. He’s man who says homosexuality is mortal sin. The man who appears in the West as a unifying force of good – has anyone spotted him in the same place as Nelson Mandela? – once told the Vancouver Sun:

“I think that we should follow according to one’s holy teachings. For a Buddhist,the same sex, that is sexual misconduct… And also marriage, even in the heterosexual cult of marriage, they use the mouth and the anus, this is sexual misconduct.”

Gay marriage is a big deal. Does Dave know..?

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The Dictator endorses Mitt Romney

THE Dictator endorses Mitt Romney.

British jokers telling Americans who to vote for… What could go wrong?

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Why France voted for Hollande: revealed

FRANCOIS Hollande is now running France. Germany gets Greece, Portugal and Ireland. Hollande gets France. It’s a topsy-turvey world in the go-ahead Europe Union.

But what did the French vote for. The Times says it was a “revolt against austerity”. The Indy says “France turns left”. The Telegraph says the EU is “on course for turmoil” (where has that paper been?). But the pick of the bunch is the Mail, which declares that the French have voted for a return to “ruinous spending”.

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The Labour Party of 1997 loved Murdoch and his Sun – video

SO. The Labour Party are anti-Rupert Murdoch these days? They believe Murdoch’s Sun is all powerful and wins elections for the Conservative party. Rewind to 1997, and things were a whole lot different:

Spotter: NotASheepAGoat

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Daily Mail calls Osama bin Laden Obama bin Laden

LIZ Jones, the Daily Mail’s regular troll bait, is talking about the “cooing couples” who upset her by looking at ease with each other’s company in public. In one paragraph she writes about the death of Barack Obama:

I far more admire couples who are not joined at the hip. My role model at the moment is Hillary Clinton, who failed to tell husband Bill that special forces were about to assassinate Obama Bin Laden. I love that.

Obama bin Laden… Who he? Is it just a slip of the tongue, or part of a sinister movement we call The Barack Obama Death Cult, the media plot that seeks out the apparent impending murder of Obama and presents it inevitable fact?

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Why miserable Ken Livingstone lost – it wasn’t the Jews, it was him

KEN Livingstone has shuffled off the political stage to dedicate himself to his newts and his media career. So. Why did face ache lose? Anorak recalls draconian Ken telling Londoners not to flush the toilet for numbers 1s. It was Ken who told us: “There’s a real chance that human civilisation will not survive beyond the end of this century.” Ken is not all that keen on people. He told us that he planned to “educate the mass of Londoners” about Islam. Because without Ken, Londoners would be too stupid to investigate a religion for themselves. Ken is the joyless one who said in 2002, when he was mayor, “New Year’s Eve is not an event, it is a public order problem.”

And then there was his problem with the Jews. Hugh Muir looks at the matter in the Guardian:

How much damage did he inflict by failing to make peace with the Jewish political establishment, still sore over conflicts past: the insult to a Jewish reporter, the embrace of Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi? When in March he secretly met a group of senior figures who hoped to reach accommodation, why didn’t he make nice? Instead he upset some again by referring to the Israeli government as Zionists and implying that “rich” Jews wouldn’t vote for him anyway. “I can’t say words that I do not feel in my heart,” he once declared.

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Ed Miliband’s bong show – The best local election photos of 2012

THE local elections were rolling news dullsville. Only 30 percent of us bothered to vote vote. The rest – a whopping 70% – are allergic to school halls and opted to remains elsewhere. This group could have opted for a postal vote. But 89% of Britons only use email, so that was weird. The highlights – and there were some, were the BNP getting annihilated (there’s always panto); the LibDems getting beaten by a man dressed as a penguin in Edinburgh; Ed Miliband getting egged by a man who really does have egg on his hands; Ed Miliband (gain) being photographed with a bong; and that divisive dictatorial miserabilist Ken Livingstone finally being able to concetrate on his media career…


Picture 1 of 11

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How Barack Obama seduced Genevieve Cook – Barry’s four-point plan

AND it came to pass that as Barack Obama vied to be a two-term President the world met his first lover, Genevieve Cook. They met in December 1983. They split in May 1985.

David Maraniss has revealed the love affair in his book Barack Obama: The Story.

We’ve picked out the sections that reveals how Obama pulls and how to pull Obama. Obama met Cook met at a Christmas party in New York’s East Village in December 1983. He was 22. She was 25. Here is that four-point plan:

1. He chats briefly with Cook in the kitchen. She has smokes and booze.

“Hours later, after midnight, she was about to leave when Barack Obama approached and asked her to wait. They plopped down on an orange beanbag chair at the end of the hall, and this time the conversation clicked.”

He noticed her accent. Australian…

Did he read this?

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Green party spokesman hides his views on cannabis behind rape

BEN Duncan, the Green party’s national spokesman on home affairs Brighton and Hove City Council’s cabinet member for communities, has responded to a question on whether he had ever smoked cannabis by declaring:

“I only smoke weed when I’m murdering, raping and looting!…”

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Cartoon of the day: David Cameron’s weather machine

IT’s raning on David Cameron:

Created by the excellent (and for hire) Matt Buck / @hackcartoons.

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Obama smokes a dose of marijuana at his creepy Nerd Prom

TO the Nerd Prom, when Capitol Hill’s finest take the rise out of President Obama at the annual Washington Correspondents’ dinner. Obama harped on about Mitt Romney, his likely opponent in the Presidential election:

“It’s great to be here this evening in the vast, magnificent Hilton ballroom. Or as Mitt Romney would call it, a little fixersupper.”

It’s hideous exercise in sucking up. As Obama said:

“I have the nuclear codes. Why am I telling knock-knock jokes to Kim Kardashian?”

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