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Rich Kids for Romney – Youth activism in action

RICH Kids for Romney:

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Asma Al-Assad is the power behind Bashar’s throne

ASMA Al-Assad’s biggest mistake was to have been born a woman. While Bashar al-Assad approves use of extreme violence against his countrymen, the press guns for his British-born wife.

Having read Vogue’s hagiography to the Asma slender ankle (with apology)- no GQ repot on Bashar’s preference for the sack, crack and back – the Telegraph looks though the couple’s apparently leaked emails and notes that “Mrs Assad, 36, displays no misgivings about the regime’s bloody crackdown, which has accounted for most of the estimated 8,000 lives lost”.

Well, quite. As Asma’s wedding vows might have gone: “In sickness and in health, in times of mass murder and State-sanctioned rape, when you can’t find the remote control or your Right Said Fred LP and blame me, I do take thee to be my lawfully wedded wife.”

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Don’t Re-Nig Obama – Bigots get Old English bumper stickers

THE anti-Barack Obama bumper sticker tells drivers who can read it: “Don’t Re-Nig In 2012.” Adding: “Stop repeat offenders. Don’t re-elect Obama!”

You can buy it on  Stumpy’s Stickers.

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When David Cameron met Obama it was all showbiz all of the time

SO. David Cameron went to the White Hosue and met with Barack Obama, ate with Barack Obama, kissed Barack Obama and watched men in tank tops play netball with Barack Obama. The press pack looked on. There was pretty much nothing else to report on other than the celebrity stuff.
The Independent’s Dairy includes such gems as:

Glittering the White House dinner will be, but what stars will be there?

To reflect the astounding success in the US of the TV series Downton Abbey, Hugh Bonneville is said to be on the guest list. Sir Jonathan Ive – Apple’s British design supremo – is said to be attending, too, along with Damian Lewis, the British actor who shone as a US special ops soldier sprung from prison in Iraq in the Showtime hit, Homeland. Impressive? Attendees at a White House dinner for Tony Blair in 1998 included Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks and Barbra Streisand.

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David Cameron says Obama will look at the 2003 extradition treaty

DAVID Cameron says Barack Obama will look at the 2003 extradition treaty that steamrolls British justice and has sent Christopher Tappin to a US prison. 

Says Cameron:

“I raised this issue with President Obama today and we had a good discussion. We will be following this up with further talks between our teams. We have carried out an independent review of the treaty which found that it was balanced but I recognise that there are concerns about how it is implemented in practice and that’s what our teams will look at.”

Teams. What a hateful word that has become. It defers all power to the group. It’s an enlargement on Tony Blair’s calls to “join the debate”. We all got invited to join the debate. And while we chatted Tony signed an extradition treaty that makes the UK America’s lickspittle and went there on a speaking tour.

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Rick Santorum is a meme – denies raped underage teen a life-saving abortion

RICK Santorum is overcoming his anal issues by adding a silent P to his first name.  Rick says that abortion should be illegal under all circumstances – even if his raped wife needed one to dave her life., Rick is all about compassion…


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Spotters: Philly, WOW

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Hammersmith and Fulham Council says thanks for your obedience

THE staff at London’s Hammersmith and Fulham council just want to say thanks.

While we wait to know whose idea this was, look out for the woman who was once in Boney M typing with no broken nails and then offering Ricky Groves the chance to pull her cracker.

Thank you very much for paying your par-king ti-i-i-ickets…

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Norman St John-Stevas: his homosexuality and merchant banker

YESTERDAY, a friend of mine expressed a degree of shock when I passingly described the recently dead Norman St John-Stevas as ‘gay’ – what proof had I? I laughed. Now I see the grown-up Economist has got straight to the point in its excellent capsule obit: ‘Entering politics in the 1950s, St John-Stevas had little choice but to conceal part of who he was—a gay man—albeit beneath a carapace of campness, a form of hiding in plain sight. Today four Tory government ministers are openly gay.’

The Telegraph‘s entertaining obit heads in the right direction but then takes a deter into nudge-nudge-land: ‘He had a close friend who was a merchant banker, but claimed to be “celibate” or “chaste”.’ Ah, yes.

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Eric Joyce MP banned from every pub in Britain

ERIC Joyce MP has been appearing at Westminster Magistrates Court in London. He has been found guilty of head-butting a Tory rival in a House of Commons bar brawl. Conservative MP for Pudsey, Stuart Andrew, was injured during a rumpus in the Strangers’ Bar.

Joyce has escaped a custodial sentence, being handed to a 12-month community order, fined £3,000, ordered to pay £1,400 in compensation, barred from any pub for 3 months and has a Fri-Sun curfew from 8pm-4am.

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Tory Minister Chloe Smith tells Bolton women to make 280-mile daily trip to Sunderland for work

CHLOE Smith, a Conservative Treasury minister and MP for Norwich North, is in touch with her region:

David Crausby MP introduced a woman from his Bolton constituency who complained that her hours as a care worked for the Care Association had been reduced from 28 to 20 per week. One problem is that couples must now work 24 instead of 16 hours per week to be eligible for tax credits.

Crausby asks Smith: “What advice would the minister give to my constituent other than stop work and go on benefits?”

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David Cameron’s wolf whistle politics – making saucy whistling a crime

DAVID Cameron is out to ban the wolf whistle. Well, so says the Sun. The less sensational story is that Cameron is to sign the country up to Council of Europe’s convention on violence against women.

The Guardian writes:

Among the pledges in the convention, which has already been signed by 18 countries including Germany, France and Ukraine, is one to pass legislation or other measures to criminalise or impose other sanctions for “unwanted verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature with the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of a person, in particular when creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment”.

Unwanted? How do you qualify unwanted?

Better to rebrand the wold whistle to something less predatory, like the frog whistle or the teddy bear whistle. Wolves don’t whistle. But rabbits might.

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Rick Sartonum is a social lubricant cocktail

RICK Santorum’s anal issues have inspired a new cocktail.The Brooklyn Paper reports:

“People really like it even though it’s named after something gross — both the person and the Dan Savage meaning,” said John Rauschenberg, co-owner of Pacific Standard. “It’ll be an election fixture at least until primary season is over.”

The duo behind the beer hole near St. Mark’s Place often put out cocktails with suggestive names, such as the Corn Holed Fashioned or Mike Gallego’s Cup.

But the Santorum, a milky mixture of Baileys, orange vodka, bitters and chocolate flakes, seems to be sticking.

We won’t explain how the drink matches up with an alternate definition of the word “Santorum,” as The Brooklyn Paper is a family publication — but the bar’s liberal proprietors are certain it’ll satisfy any boozy desires.

The “social lubricant” will go down well…(fnar)….

Spotter: Joe.My.God

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Ed Miliband says boycott the Sun – so David Miliband writes for it

SAYS Ed Miliband:

“News International have sullied the character of reputation of British journalism”March 3, 2012

All good and true Labour supporters must boycott the Sun, says Ed.

“Sunk by a wave of freedom – David Miliband writes why Russian election could be end of Putin” – March 4, 2012

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The many orgasm faces of George Osborne

THE many orgasm faces of George Osborne – as not seen by anyone other than his wife ever (and no prostitutes nor members of the Bullingdon club)…


Picture 1 of 14

Spotters: @TomChivers, and TheMayCumFacesofGeorgeOsborne@Uponnothing


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Putin denies contact with sun-dried tomatoes – follows all Russians on Twitter

AND the winner of the Presidential elections in Russia is…Vladimir Putin.

Some voters were undecided and wanted to wait until Putin took his shirt off one more time before deciding if he still had it. Their deliberations were cut short when Putin tweeted: “I’m following you – all of you.”

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Barack Obama’s transgender nanny was a prostitute – Evie tells all

EVER hear of Barack Obama’s “transgender ex-nanny outcast”?

The AP has. It introduces the world to Evie. She looked after Barry Obama when he lived in Indonesia. Evie is a woman trapped in a man’s body. She tells a tale of brutality and hate in Indonesia. She says a trangendered friend of hers was killed on account of her sexuality. It made Evie toss sway her dresses and make-up and live as man in fear. Says Evie:

“I knew in my heart I was a woman, but I didn’t want to die like that. So I decided to just accept it. … I’ve been living like this, a man, ever since.”

The report adds:

Nobody knows how many of them live in the sprawling archipelagic nation of 240 million, but activists estimate 7 million. Because Indonesia is home to more Muslims than any other country in the world, the pervasiveness of men who live as women and vice versa often catches newcomers by surprise. They hold the occasional pageant, work as singers or at salons and include well-known celebrity talk show host Dorce Gamalama.

Pageants does not sound like a group living in constant fear. And why should Muslims be less understanding of transgender people than, says, Catholics in Northern Ireland or Sikhs in the Punjab?

…the country’s highest Islamic body has decreed that they are required to live as they were born because each gender has obligations to fulfill, such as reproduction.

“They must learn to accept their nature,” says Ichwan Syam, a prominent Muslim cleric at the influential Indonesian Ulema Council. “If they are not willing to cure themselves medically and religiously” they have “to accept their fate to be ridiculed and harassed.”

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Ron Paul: Why does New Jersey Synagogue ‘firebomber’ Aakash Dalal like Ron Paul?

AAKASH Dalal and Anthony Graziano have been arrested in connection with the fire-bombings of New Jersey synagogues. On Dalal’s Facebook page is photo of him with Ron Paul.
What do racists see in Ron Paul – and does he attract them with his newsletters?

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Liverpool Council makes disabled walk to 13th floor assessment office

LIVERPOOL city council thought it a good idea for disabled motorists to undergo medical examinations for parking permit blue badges on the 13th level of a car park. To further test the authenticity of claims, the lift (buttons: ‘calm down’ and ‘eh up lad’) at the Mount Pleasant car park stops on the 11th floor.

A disabled driver complains that “a set of stairs has to be negotiated before emerging at the correct level and having done this there is a long walk for someone of limited ability”.

Should those who make it be denied the badge? Or should the badges be reserved to those who never reach the 13th floor?

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David Cameron on a horse – photo

THE Daily Mail has a photo of David Cameron on a horse. The paper has used its horsey photoshop skills (mroe here) to show us Cameron on to a horse. As @scaryduck says: “Worst Old Spice advert ever”…

Story here.



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Vladimir Putin strips off for the voters (again)

VLADIMIR Putin is warming up for his re-election as Russia’s leading action figure by surviving an assassination attempt by a gang formed by Doku Umarov, the warlord leading an Islamist insurgency in Chechnya – the usual Chechen suspects (Adam Osmayev and Ilya Pyanzin) have been arrested by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in Odessa before they could do anything – and stripping 0ff for a photoshoot.

Hubert Seipel has in I Putin captured Putin relaxing. Voters can see Putin swimming while his dog Koni looks on; playing ice hockey; fighting a woman at judo; and looking hot and sweaty by pile of coffee cups.

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Angela Merkel gets beer poured down her neck – video

IN this video, German leader Angela Merkel get a glass or more of beer poured down her neck.

No. Not like Bob Hawk. The beer goes down the back of her neck, inside the collar of her dress.

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Ken Livingstone is the 1% standing with the 99%

KEN Livingstone wants to be London mayor. And he wants all elected officials to pay all taxes due. As he says:

“THESE rich bastards just don’t get it…No one should be allowed to vote in a British election, let alone sit in our Parliament, unless they are paying their full share of tax.”


“[We should] sweep away tax scams and everybody should pay tax at the same rate on earnings and other income.”

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Fairey story: Obama’s HOPE artist faces prison

SHEPARD Fairey was once one of the world’s most famous artists. His Barack Obama “HOPE” poster was all over the world. Now he faces prison:

The street artist Shepard Fairey, whose “Hope” campaign poster of Barack Obama became an enduring symbol of his last presidential campaign, pleaded guilty Friday to a charge stemming from his misconduct in trying to bolster claims in a lawsuit over which photograph had been used as a basis for the poster.

Mr. Fairey, 42, sued The Associated Press in 2009 after it contended he had infringed on the copyright of one of its photographs in creating the poster.

Now you mention it, there is a vague similarity

Mr. Fairey had claimed in his suit that he had used a different photograph of Mr. Obama, but later admitted that he had been mistaken and had tried to conceal his mistake, by destroying documents and fabricating others.

“I was ashamed that I had done these things, and I knew I should have corrected my actions,” he said on Friday in Federal District Court in Manhattan.

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Eric Joyce’s Glasgow kiss gets him fast-tracked to SNP safe seat

DID Labour MP for Falkirk Eric Joyce headbutt Tory MP for Pudsey Stuart Andrew in the Strangers Bar in the Commons? Joyce has been arrested.

Rumours are that Joyce also attacked three other Conservatives and one Labour MP during the incident, at around 11pm.

A Scotland Yard spokesman tells the Press Association:

“We were called at approximately 10.50pm (on Wednesday) to reports of a disturbance at a bar within the House of Commons. A man aged in his 50s was arrested by officers on suspicion of assault. He remains in custody in a central London police station. Inquiries are continuing.”

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Chavez reaches for the old anti-Semitism to slam Henrique Capriles Radonski

HENRIQUE Capriles Radonski is the leader of Hugo Chavez’s opposition in Venezuela. Radonski is the 39-year-old governor of the state of Miranda and leader of the Democratic Unity coalition.

Peru’s conservative Nobel literature laureate Mario Vargos Llosa asked:

“Who says there can’t be a Venezuelan spring?” 

So. How does Chavez attacked Mr Radonski before they meet at the polls on October 7? Well,  Capriles parents’ are Jews. Chavez does not like the Jews.

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