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Anna Chapman And Katia Katuliveter Prove Russia’s Spymasters Are Bonkers: Photos

MIKE Hancock is an important man. The Portsmouth South MP, is has been complying Katia Katuliveter, whom MI5 thinks is a Russian spy. Following the news that Anna Chapman spied on the UK from the bed of a Southampton man, we get news that Katia spied on the UK from watching Mike Hancock. He’s a member of the Commons Defence Committee, and therefore privy to just about no decent secrets. He’s an MP. He is not in the military.

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Katia Zatuliveter: Sex, Photos, Short Skirts, And Anna Chapman

KATIA Zatuliveter is being deported for alleged spying for the Russians. Did the woman born in Dagestan work for the SVR (External Intelligence Service)? Not sure. But she certainly worked for Mike Hancock, the Liberal Democrat MP for Portsmouth, a man revealed in TV interviews to be partial to pink cable-knit jumpers.

She is blonde and 25. He is grey and 64. He is married with two children. The stereotypes are in place to make this story fly.

The Firm:

Katia is married to Andrew Cowburn. He runs Choices (Northern UAK). The motto: “Knowledge is our business”:

Here at Choices (Northern UK) Ltd we aim to offer quality information, advice, guidance and application support to international students wishing to study in the United Kingdom.

The Denial:

Mr Hancock issues a statement denying Katia is a spy. He ends with:

She has been an excellent and conscientious employee and I wish her well in all this. There was nothing she was doing for me that was in any way sensitive.”

The Attraction:

That sound you hear is a loud “fnar” from the Daily Mail. It leads with:

A womanising MP was targeted by a suspected Russian spy in a Moscow ‘honeytrap’ sting, Whitehall sources believe.

So. Her sex and looks got her the job?

One Westminster source said: ‘She would walk around in very short skirts and high heels with Hancock and they would be seen having lunch together. Certainly some thought she was charming and intelligent.’

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Wikileaks: Sweden Is A Lickspittle State And So No Friend To Julian Assange’s WikiBitch

WIKILEAKS: Those bitchy emails that turn our political elite into celebrities just keep on coming. Julian Assange has a future as Perez Hilton’s publisher. But he is wanted in Sweden to answer an allegation of his involvement in an alleged rape. Assange’s lawyer, Mark Stephens, is on the BBC. He wants to talk about Sweden being a lickspittle state to the USA:

READ: Wikileaks: The Hypocritical New York Times Published The Cables Because They Fitted Its Agenda

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Wikileaks Killed 1300 People And Counting

WIKILEAKS has killed 1,300 people. OK, not killed but led to their deaths. Not our opinion but that of fame-hungry Julian Assange, who has undone the brilliant site by steering it towards an anti-USA agenda and media prominence.

He claims that Wikileaks swung the Kenyan 2007 elections. There was much bloodshed:

“1,300 people were eventually killed, and 350,000 were displaced. That was a result of our leak.”

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Wikileaks: The Death Of Famous Julian Assange

PRESENTING the death of Julian Assange. Not here. But on the site Red State, where a “lexington_concord” says the Wikileaks founder should be executed.

Wikileaks has lost its way under Assange. Sure, it’s big news but the subversive cool and mystery has been blown to bits. Assange is a talented polemicist but he has gone for the big pay off in hitting the US over and over and over with cables we are supposed to take at face value and think have not been edited.

Assange now seems blinkered and biased. He seems obsessed with targeting America. Why? Well, as Lydia Grant told the kids with stars in their eyes:

“You’ve got big dreams? You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying … in sweat.”

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Student Fees Demo Photos: Mutism And Dead Lions For Change

I UNDERSTAND that UK students protesting against tuition fee hikes have already been kettled by the cops close to Westminster Palace. Quite right. At least 200 of them went running down Whitehall in breach of an agreement with the Met, so what do they expect to happen? Ah yes, media martyrdom. Now listen to Madame.

A much more effective form of protest would be mass insolent mutism. Or the People’s Silence. This would involve crowds of tens of thousands of students gathering as close to guilty buildings as legally allowed and just standing there saying nothing for hours on end. If the police ordered dispersal – because they have suppers to go home to – protesters should refuse and lie down on the spot (still saying nothing) feigning death, whatever the weather. If anyone was injured it would be the fault of the police entirely as they attempted to drag protesting carcasses from a to b. Such a protest would require nerves of steel, iron discipline and cold fury.

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Student Demo 3 Photos: London, Cambridge, Brighton, Sheffield, And Manchester Wants Maggie Thatcher Dead

STUDENT Demo 3: Heated Debate In A Cold Climate. Before the photos, a few things to look out for: a man in a balaclava led a chant against student fees in front of the Vodafone shop in Broadmead, Bristol city centre, and a line of policemen who had been pelted with mustard. Why mustard?

In Cambridge, there was sit-in at the Senate House Old School, and a window was broken.

In London, Mark Bergfeld, of the Education Activist Network, led a procession and someone let off a red smokes flare. (Anorak loves smokes flares – very atmospheric.)

In Sheffield, it looked ruddy freezing.

In Brighton, it looked orderly.

In Manchester, someone said that when Maggie Thatcher dies they are going to have a party. It being what she would have wanted, presumably. And then in another picture Thatcher’s forehead was given a Nazi forehead tattoo like convicted murderer Charles Manson.



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Protesters during a student march in Manchester city centre which was part of a nationwide campaign over the planned increase in tuition fees.

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What’s It REALLY Like To Have Sex With Silvio Berlusconi? Photos

NADIA Macri is here to tell you, allegedly, how to have sex with Silvio Berlusconi, the Wikileaks-endorsed numero uno party guy. The divorced mother-of-one says Mr Berlusconi is the self-styled “dream of all Italians“. It’s a billing that might explain why many Italians eat late and stay up until the early hours. Coffee is a national pastime.

Berlusconi denies it all. But if you think it could be true, here’s how to shag a world statesmen, maybe. Earlier this month, Macri told us of goings on at a “bunga bunga” party:

“I’ve been to Berlusconi’s homes three times, but we had sex on only on two occasions: once in Sardinia and once at Arcore. He gave me €10,000 and other small presents. He personally gave me the money in an envelope.”

Nice money. But how do you get the job?

Rule 1: Try not to laugh at all his jokes.

“There were lots of young girls, I think they were minors but we didn’t speak to each other as we were told not to talk. I gave my number to Berlusconi’s secretary, I can’t remember her name, she was his organiser and she said I would be called again. I was called on my mobile by Berlusconi. He said ‘I am the dream of Italians’ I said, ‘who is this?’ and he said ‘It’s the Prime Minister of Italy.’ It was a beautiful moment to get to know him.”

Rule 2: Try not to puke

“The girls were young and it didn’t sit easy with me. It reminded me of the Noemi (Letizia) episode and I remember thinking so there are young girls.”

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The Irish Suffer For The Greed Of The Bankers: Eat The Poor

FORGET all those acres of print filled by experts telling you how they knew Ireland was heading for disaster and spare a thought for the people who had the greed of bankers foisted upon them by a compliant political elite. Jonathan Swift – where are you now? Paul Krugman sums up neatly:

Then the bubble burst, and those banks faced huge losses. You might have expected those who lent money to the banks to share in the losses. After all, they were consenting adults, and if they failed to understand the risks they were taking that was nobody’s fault but their own. But, no, the Irish government stepped in to guarantee the banks’ debt, turning private losses into public obligations.

Before the bank bust, Ireland had little public debt. But with taxpayers suddenly on the hook for gigantic bank losses, even as revenues plunged, the nation’s creditworthiness was put in doubt. So Ireland tried to reassure the markets with a harsh program of spending cuts.

Step back for a minute and think about that. These debts were incurred, not to pay for public programs, but by private wheeler-dealers seeking nothing but their own profit. Yet ordinary Irish citizens are now bearing the burden of those debts.

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Abu Dhabi To Follow The Birmingham Model: Welcome To Rover World

WHERE Birmingham leads, Abu Dhabi follows. It was ever so. Now, following the successful export of powdered custard, the Beardmore Precison Motorcycle and Judas Priest, Birmingham is sending good governance to the sand-blasted Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA).

Wonks in Abu Dhabi are mulling over the idea of restructuring the city’s municipal government along the lines of Birmingham City Council.

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Wikileaks: US Calls Putin Batman, Medvedez Is Robin And Berlusconi Is Osama Bin Laden

WIKILEAKS: Dmitry Medvedez is a cartoon character rhe U.S. embassy in Moscow says is Robin to Vladimir Putin’s Batman.

The Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini says the Wikileaks leaks are “the September 11th of world diplomacy“.

Which would make Silvio Berlusconi Osama bin Laden.

Here’s Medvedez. And anyone not amused by a man who looks like his own action figure is made of tough stuff. Or drunk:


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Wikileaks: Muammar Gaddafi Uses Botox

WIKILEAKS: Did you knwo that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi – the one with the fit nurse – uses Botox to maintain his craggy face? Without it he looks radiant and smooth skinned. El Pais reports:

Among the cables with which it has worked this periodic, or reports are extremely controversial, as messages from the U.S. ambassador to Tripoli in which that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, uses botox and he is a hypochondriac who makes film all medical examinations for later analysis with their doctors

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Wikileaks Leaks Cost Lives? Well, So Say The Enemies Of Free Speech

WILL Wikileaks’s latest document dump on an expectant and eager media lead to lost lives or just cause a few red faces in Washington and The Pentagon? Maybe.

CNN  – not one of the organs chosen by Wikileaks to publish the documents first  – declares:

“State Department says new WikiLeaks document dump would risk lives”

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Wikileaks Cables: Obama Thinks Cameron’s An Idiot And Ahmadinejad Is Like Hitler

WIKILEAKS is preparing to launch lots of data containing slights and asides on Western leaders. Listen up, American military and politicos, here are three words for you. Off. The. Record.

Do not sent incriminating emails. Do not send cables making cheap jokes and witty asides about your allies. Save it for the pillow and golf greens.

Simon Hoggart, of the Guardian, told the BBC:

“There is going to be some embarrassment certainly for Gordon Brown but even more so for David Cameron who was not very highly regarded by the Obama administration or by the US ambassador here.”

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The Dublin Anti-Austerity March Will Change Nothing: Photos

IN Dublin, 50,000 protestors marched against the austerity package and the bailout – a £85bn euro loan. Posters of Taioseach Brian Cowen were burned outside Leinster house. One man held up a picture of Cowan being offed by a guillotine. Come the revolution…

On The Ha’penny Bridge a big banner declared: THE WORKERS PARTY SAYS NO TO MASS UNEMPLOYMENT.” Well, the workers’ party would. But keeping the public sector workers in work would only add to the problem. The march will change nothing.


Picture 1 of 13

A demonstrator as he joins thousands of people as they march through Dublin City centre in protest against Irish Government's austerity measures.

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EDL V UAF In Preston: Photos And Scores

IT’S the umpteenth week of the Unite Against Fascism versus the English Defence League shout off. This weekend the touring team are in Preston to celebrate Lancashire Day. The score so far: 9 arrests in total today for drunken or disorderly. Results: EDL and UAF lose. Students win.


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Barack Obama And Prince Charles: Two Green Peas In A Thin-Skinned Pod

SO, which US leader is the most stupid? This is big question in the media since Sarah Palin called North Korea a friend of The US. She responded to her error (and, yes, she know she had made one) with a witty address based on Barack Obama’s litany of verbal rickets.

The media is so biased that in today’s Independent readers get the “great American gaffe-off”, pitting Sarah Palin against George Bush. What, no Bill Clinton, a man who didn’t even know what “sexually relations” meant? No Joe Biden, the current VP, the man who told wheelchair bound Missouri Senator Chuck Graham to stand up to be recognized at a rally. “Chuck, stand up, let the people see you,” said Joe.

What, no Back Obama, the man who called her a “pig” and once attempted to enter the White House through a window?

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Dara And Sara Are Iran’s National Dolls Declare War On Barbie

AS Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seeks to promote marriage and wean wayward Iranian youth off concrete penises and Grammar Of Change, reader Ed Brett turns us onto Dara and Sara, Iran’s “answer to Ken and Barbie”; aka the Ahmadinejad child sex dolls.

Ken and Barbie never looked like forming much of a question, let alone a coherent answer. But Iran is nothing if not reactionary and brings to the market “Muslim dolls”.

Again, this is odd. Giving a doll a name is one thing, but making it religious seems out of kilter with its lack of soul; although the shiny eyes do lend themselves to evangelical Christianity.

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United Nations Says It’s OK To Execute Gays

THANKS to your caring United Nations is it legal to execute gays and lesbians. The United Nations want nations to investigate killings based on discriminatory grounds.

Sexual orientation was previously listed as one of these forms of discrimination, alongside ethnicity, religious belief and linguistic minorities, that would require an investigation. Other protected are journalists, lawyers and demonstrators, street children and indigenous communities.

But not the gays. Not any more.

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Guardian’s Harriet Sherwood Gets It Wrong On Israel And The Jews

HARRIET Sherwood brings Guardian readers news of Israel – and she gets it wrong. Says she:

Israel has approved a £15m five-year plan to develop the area around the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site…

No. The Temple Mount is the Holiest site in Judaism. On it sits the al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock. Temple Mount is where the Holy of Holies was, the place where the Ark of the Covenant was housed during the first Temple. That as the house of worship built by Solomon the son of David in 957 BCE. The Dome was completed in 692 CE.

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Journalist Kneels Before Nick Clegg: Photos

DID the Press Association journalist have to kneel when she interviewed Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister at Durand Academy Primary School in Stockwell, south London?

Hadn’t she heard that Clegg is now a pariah, the man who went back on his pledge to do all he could to end student fees for higher education? This is the man who failed education.

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Sarah Palin Says North Koreans Are Allies And So Are The Cybermen

SARAH Palin, the White Out Obama, says, “Obviously we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies.”

This is what comes of living so close to Russia – you start thinking you’re one of them. Palin may like to consult her namesake Michael Palin for advice on travel matters and discover that North Koreans are the enemy, much like the Cybermen…

Here’s Mr Kim – he makes no gaffes, for sure:


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Student Demo 2 In Photos: Will They Urinate On The Cenotaph?

ON Whitehall students are protesting against fees. It’s Demo 2. And it is live on the BBC and Sky. And all we will read about is the violence.

In Manchester:

The general consensus seems to be that Manchester’s was a peaceful protest so you won’t see much in the papers. They must have sent all the trouble-makers down to London.

In London, one police officer had sustained a broken arm. A student ninja is stood on the top of a police van. The windscreen is smashed. “Pigs” has been written on it and a cone placed on the roof. (The van was parked slap bang in t the middle of the road, somewhat foolishly.) And that’s it.

But Sky News and the BBC have acres of live news to fill so there are shots of people not doing very much and police stopping them from doing anything too newsworthy.

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Ireland Protests In Photos: Art Inspired By Fear And Loathing

THE new troubles in Ireland are inspiring graffiti artists and art lovers (the Bank of Ireland art auction is underway). Dublin Artist ADW has daubed a wall with a picture depicting Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan and Taoiseach Brian Cowen as the Blues Brothers. They should like it – the Blues Brothers win in the end.

They may less like the violence, such as the word “TRAITOR” painted on the broken windows of Fianna Fail Transport Minister Noel Dempsey TD’s constituency office in Trim, Meath.

But, then, the political elite are alright – their company cars and police outriders have managed to escape the cuts. The masses will be kept at bay…

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The First Korean War In Photos: Chinese And US Make Ready

NORTH Korea has fires upon South Korea’s Yeonpyeong island. The talk is of “massive retaliation”. Two South Korean marines are dead. Are we on the verge of war a repeat of the 1950s? Will the US fight the Chinese? The nuclear-powered USS George Washington is heading to the region.

Before pictures from that bloody time – and the images are evocative and emotive – a look at what the North Korean news service is saying about matters:

THE Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army Tuesday released the following communique: The south Korean puppet group perpetrated such reckless military provocation as firing dozens of shells inside the territorial waters of the DPRK side around Yonphyong Islet in the West Sea of Korea from 13:00 on Nov. 23 despite the repeated warnings of the DPRK while staging the war maneuvers for a war of aggression on it codenamed Hoguk, escalating the tension on the Korean Peninsula.

The above-said military provocation is part of its sinister attempt to defend the brigandish “northern limit line,” while frequently infiltrating its naval warships into the territorial waters of the DPRK side under the pretext of “intercepting fishing boats.” The revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK standing guard over the inviolable territorial waters of the country took such decisive military step as reacting to the military provocation of the puppet group with a prompt powerful physical strike. It is a traditional mode of counter-action of the army of the DPRK to counter the firing of the provocateurs with merciless strikes.

Should the south Korean puppet group dare intrude into the territorial waters of the DPRK even 0.001 mm, the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK will unhesitatingly continue taking merciless military counter-actions against it. It should bear in mind the solemn warning of the revolutionary armed forces of the DPRK that they do not make an empty talk.

There is in the West Sea of Korea only the maritime military demarcation line set by the DPRK.

Remember when..? Around 100,000 British servicemen and women served in the Japan-Korea theatre during the war. British casualties: 1,078 killed; 2,674 wounded; 1,060 missing or taken prisoner.


Picture 1 of 20

GLORIOUS GLOSTERS: Lieutanant David English, a member of the Gloucestershire Regiment, had never seen his 2 year old sister, Hilary, but she welcomed him with joy when he arrived at Southampton, one of 200 former Korean War prisoners who arrived on the Dunera.

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