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A Brief History Of Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Wedding Dates

KATIE Middleton, of the Berkshire Middle-classes, is to marry Prince William. But when? The mainstream press has the facts:

Prince William will marry his on-off girlfriend Kate Middleton this summer with an official announcement expected ‘imminently’ – Daily Mail, March 11, 2009

Prince William says he will marry Kate Middleton in ‘a while’ – Daily Telegraph, Feb 23, 2010

…royal expert Tina Brown claims Buckingham Palace has cleared the way for an announcement on either June 3 or 4… Writing on her blog for her Daily Beast website, the former Vanity Fair editor turned author said: “A high-placed source in royal circles tells me that two days in June have been mysteriously blocked out on the palace diaries – June 3 and 4. If so, a wedding itself would probably follow in November” – Metro, April 7, 2010

PRINCE WILLIAM is to marry girlfriend Kate Middleton next summer – Dan Sales, Daily Star, April 24, 2010

Former royal butler Paul Burrellreckons Prince William will ask girlfriend Kate Middleton to marry him in the New Year and make her his bride in early summer 2011 – Now magazine, August 16, 2010

PRINCE William will end the marathon wait for Kate Middleton – by making her his bride in 2012 just before the London Olympics.

The News of the World can reveal they will marry in the spring – just ahead of his 30th birthday in June – Robert Jobson, NoTW, September 12, 2010

Such are the facts…

Image: The Asda Cup.


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The Mary Bale Players Entertain Prince Charles With Judy Garland Classic On Cats: Video

AS promised, the Mary Bale Players, ably supported by Mr Henry Dagg, will now play Somewhere Over The Rainbow as bin lids are slammed on their squeaky noses and tapping feet.

Anorak was at Clarence House mansion for a celebration of sustainable living in which Camilla sewed a tampon and Prince Charles knitted a massive pair of unisex knickers that with favourable wind should have him in Gloucestershire in time for tea…

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Charles Enjoys The Cat Organ As Camilla Sews (Photos)

PRINCE Charles and Camilla were at the START initiative which gives help to people to lead more sustainable lives.  in the garden of Clarence House.

You make your own cat organ with a mixture of different-sized cats and a middle-aged woman from Coventry opening and closing a bin lid on their tails.

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Queen Meets Canadian Governor-General – Look Daggers (Photos)

HAVING attended the Braemar Gathering at Braemar in Scotland, Her Majesty the Queen met David Johnston, Canadian Governor-General Designate, during his visit to Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

The pictures, as ever, say more than the Queen does…

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Upskirt Photos And The Queen’s Knees At The Braemar Gathering

PSST! Anyone want to see Royal upskirt pictures of The Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II (centre) and The Prince of Wales at the Braemar Highland Games in Braemar, Scotland, the so-called Braemar Gathering.

The tables of events:

Highland Dancing
Tossing the Caber
Putting the Stone
Throwing the Hammer
Sprinting, Relay Race and Hill Race
Long Leap
Tug of War
Children’s Sack Race

It’s the Olympics without the French influence…


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The Duke of Edinburgh (left), Queen Elizabeth II (centre) and The Prince of Wales (right) attend the Braemar Highland Games in Braemar, Scotland.

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Get Inside Princess Diana’s Knickers In China

TO commemorate the 13th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, here’s your chance to buy her knickers.

Beneath the motto “Feel the romance of British royalty“, the “Princess” sports frilly knickers, tiara, necklace, blue bra and cheeky grin.

It’s what she would have wanted.

Now with free Camilla tampon!

Spotter: Stylebrity

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India Hicks’ Royal Guide to Surviving In The Bahamas

INDIA Hicks greets Hello! magazine in the “beautiful Oxfordshire home” of her mother, Lady Pamela Hicks, the Duke of Edinburgh’s cousin who was once a lady-in-waiting to the Queen.

India lives in a plantation house in the Bahamas, on Harbour Island. She is a mo-del. She says she is “more hands on with our children” than her parents’ generation.

India says that the two eldest of her four children stay at boarding school in England is “a very painful part of the process” of island life.

Island life is tough. “Unconventional” India says “a Gordonstoun education helps enormously”.

Gordonstoun is the public school. The fees for boarding are £8,869-a-term, rising to £ £9,756 for older students.

So, having prepared for island life in the classroom, what’s the island like? The Independent puts it thus?

Islands don’t get much more glam than this celeb-dripping, boutique-hotel lined, coral edged hideaway in the Bahamas. From the antique-filled India Hicks-designed retreat The Landing to the cool Rock House Hotel, owned by Gianni Versace’s former builder J Wallace Tutt, Harbour Island does a good line in upscale Caribbean chic. The island’s main town, Dunmore, also boasts photogenic pastel-painted cottages and white picket fences. Still need convincing? How about the fact that you arrive by water taxi? Or that you can swim off beaches the colour of candyfloss? Is there a downside? That depends on how you feel about getting around by golf buggy.

File under: Does grandpa Mountbatten still own India?


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ROYAL WEDDING 1981: London. Two of the Royal Bridesaids on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral. They are (left) India Hicks, 13, and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, the 17 year old daughter of Princess Margaret.

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Princess Diana’s Annual Summer Outing: In Words and Pictures

PRINCESS Diana returns to the Daily Express’s front page. Frank Thorpe and John Chapman (f8 and f9 on the Express new-generator) and deliver facts:

FRESH concerns were raised over the Princess Diana inquest last night after it was claimed 500 pieces of crucial evidence were withheld from the jury.

If they were “crucial”, why were they withheld?

The documents, many containing information from medical experts, were not made available to the 2008 hearing in London, we can reveal.

Article continues after inquest photos:


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Handout Jacques Langevin photo which was shown to the inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales showing the Princess and her bodyguard Trevor Rees Jones with driver Henri Paul and Dodi Al Fayed on the night she died.

Why not? And why are they being made available now?

As the 13th anniversary of Diana’s death in a car crash in Paris approaches…

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These Royal Family Holiday Pictures Give Us All Heart

ON with the Royal Family summer holidays 2010: There goes Queen Elizabeth II and her family member son a fun-filled trip to visit the Queen Mother Memorial Chair during a visit to the visitors centre at the Castle of Mey, in Scotland.

Odd indeed that a family that spends most of the year dressed in shorts, bikinis and jodhpurs as they gambol in the sun should pass their holidays buttoned up in suits on a wet part of Scotland.

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In Pictures: The Queen And Knobs Jigsaw Onboard Hebridean Princess

HER Majesty The Queen is on the Hebridean Princess in Stornoway, holidaying around the Western Isles. Onboard the gin palace – playing games of Artculate, 1950s Shopping Basket (I’ll buy Devon!”) and doing the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle –  are assorted members of the Chatto family, Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice, her sister Princess Eugenie, their dad Prince Andrew, not their mum and dad’s pimp Sarah Ferguson, a Margarita Armstrong-Jones, Princess Anne and everyone else who must make do before they jet off to the Caribbean, with the family used to own before people like him arrived…


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The Princess Royal boards the Hebridean Princess in Stornoway, as the Royal family begin a holiday around the Western Isles.

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In Pictures: Queen’s Garden Party Buckingham Palace

HER Majesty The Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace was terrific fun. Guests gathered in a horseshoe. The Queen wandered from hand to hand. They tell her what they do. She thanks them for coming and tells them how nice it is to see them. And back in the Palace, Prince Philip gazes from a window and wonders what would happen if he ran into the garden naked and played leapfrog with Prince Edward?


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Guests gather to meet Queen Elizabeth II in the gardens of Buckingham Palace during a garden party hosted by the Queen in London.

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Pictures Of Prince William Playing Cricket In Bruern – To Thrill

HERE’S a gallery of Prince William playing cricket at Bruern Abbey in Bruern, Oxfordshire. The match was a beer match for the King’s Head Inn in Bledington. It’s not all polo, you know…


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Prince William (right) at a cricket match at Bruern Abbey, Oxfordshire.

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Prince William And Harry Take Chakravarty World Cup: Pictures

WHAT’S Prince William been up since a palsied England were knocked out of the World Cup. Wills is president of the Football Association. Has he planning a new grassroots-level assault on the game?

Well, yes. Wills was investigating alternatives to football being the nation’s official sport at the Chakravarty Cup polo match at Beaufort Polo Club near Tetbury Gloucestershire. Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry received the match winning trophy.

Can polo be the national game? And can Rooney and dress up as panto horses to take polo to the common man?


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Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry (centre) on the podium where they received the match winning trophy at the Chakravarty Cup polo match at Beaufort Polo Club near Tetbury Gloucestershire.

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In Pictures: Queen Escapes 7/11 Carnage In New York

HER Majesty Queen Elizabeth II addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations at the UN Headquarters in New York, following an eight day tour of Canada. She’s avoided being caught up in the 7/11 tragedy that has befallen the Guardian.

Along with a smiling Duke of Edinburgh, Elizabeth met Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg at the British Garden at Hanover Square. She picked a few flowers and laid a wreath at the site of the World Trade Centre.

Then she settled Prince Harry’s bar tab, took a call from Prince Charles about whether or she’d offset her flight by taking shallower breaths and thought about heading home…


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Queen Elizabeth II prepares to address the United Nations at the UN Headquarters in New York, United States.

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Queen Elizabeth Gives Stephen Harper The Look: Pictures

QUEEN Elizabeth II was at Pinewood Studios in Toronto, Canada, where she watched a 3D version of 1812. In dark glasses, Her Majesty and her Duke of Edinburgh bristled with a refined menace. Queen Elizabeth then pulled a face when listening to a speech by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, during a visit to Government House, Winnipeg, she had reserved for use when catching Sarah Ferguson begging the corgis for scraps…

In other news:

The monarchy now costs us just 62p each after its annual costs were cut by £3.3million – or 7.9 per cent – to £38.2million. ‘The Royal Household is acutely aware of the difficult economic clim­ate and took early action,’ said Sir Alan Reid, Keeper of the Privy Purse.

Just 62p to keep Tony Blair off the throne. Bargain.

queen canada

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Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh wear 3D glasses to watch a 3D film, at the Pinewood Studios in Toronto, Canada.

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The Queen, The Duke And The Canada Dancing Girls – In Pictures

HER Majesty the Queen is in Canada. The Duke of Edinburgh is also there. They get to meet lots of soldiers and knobs and, occasionally, a local. The media follows. And picture 4 gives you an idea of what life is like for a hack on the gand tour. Pictures of the Queen’s tour of Canada now follow:


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Queen Elizabeth II inspects a Guard of Honour outside the Canadian Parliament, after arriving to attend the Canada Day celebrations, in Ottawa, Canada.

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Prince Harry Falls Off Polo Horse In New York: In Pictures

ENGLAND are steamrolled by Germany in the World Cup making it ok to dislike John Terry and Ashley Cole once more and the nation sports fans turn to Hickstead the 3rd annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Governors Island in New York City, where Prince Harry carries all before him. Harry cannot fail. Unless he falls off his horse and lands hard on his arse and everyone laughs…


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Prince Harry falls off his horse during the 3rd annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Governors Island in New York City.

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In Pictures: Prince Harry Fires West Point And Breaks The New York Met

PRINCE Harry is not just any smoking, drinking youth with maternal-abandonment issues and a gun. He is a special case. Prince Harry Baseball Cap is in the US. He’s fired live rounds at West Point Military Academy in New York State. Harry hit at least two of the pop-up targets as he covered the right flank and managed to avoid shooting any civilians. Then harry went to the New York Mets stadium, ahead of this evening’s match between the Minnesota Twins and the New York Mets. He threw a baseball with a tad of off-break. Then it was off to Bedfordshire – Or maybe Bedford, New York, which does a lovely Flaming Ferrari…


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Prince Harry throws a baseball at the New York Mets stadium, ahead of this evening's match between the Minnesota Twins and the New York Mets.

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Prince Harry And Chelsy Davy Break-Up In Photos

CHELSY Davy was, to some, always more Queen Vic Windsor than Royalty, and the grim news is that she and Prince Harry are over.

The News of the World says Chelsy is heading back to South Africa – alone. She tells a pal:

“We’re finished. This is a new beginning for me. I want to start my career in South Africa where I plan to spend the rest of my life. I don’t want to live in Britain.”

Did Britain come between them? Can’t Prince Harry Baseball Cap relocate? Can Great Britain not invade a country and make Harry its ruler? Let’s invade Spain. For Harry…

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In Pictures: David Beckham, Prince William And Prince Harry’s Blind Date

WHEN England team ambassador David Beckham, Prince William and Prince Harry met at an FA reception at the Saxon Hotel in Johannesburg, it was hard to be cynical. The three looked good. It looked a like a game of Blind Date, the telly show in which Cilla Black would let some girl or guy pick a date from three hopefuls. Although, if you could only hear, would you pick squeaky Day-vid Beckham? Or would you care..?

In other World Cup news: England shocked that Wayne Rooney did NOT swear at the TV.


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Prince Harry with David Beckham at an FA reception at the Saxon Hotel in Johannesberg.

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Kate Middleton ‘Pregnant’: Prince William Shoots And Scores: Pictures

KATE Middleton is pregnant. So says Star magazine, which claims Middle-class is pregnant by Prince William. And – get this – Kate being pregnant has meant the wedding being delayed. Years from now a toothy cake frosting factory worker will step forward, lush a hand through their mop of jet black hair and claim to be Dolce Windsor. For now, however, Will takes the bad news with a stiff upper lip and a football struck hard and low to his left. He shoots. He impregnates! Unless she isn’t pregnant, in which case, carry on…

Update: A palace spokesperson tells People magazine, the story is “complete nonsense“.


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Prince William in goal while he plays football with children who are part of the 'Coaching for Conservation' scheme in Maun, Botswana.

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Prince Harry And William In Botswana: Day 2 Pictures

PRINCE Harry and Prince William joined forces with park manager Neil Whitson to stroke a cheetah during a visit to the Mokoloda Nature Reserve in Gabarone, Botswana. They then stroked a snake. And Harry pulled a face that should quash any rumours about Charles being his dad. For Queen and country…


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Prince Harry and Prince William pose with a rock python during a visit to the Mokolodi Nature Reserve in Gabarone, Botswana.

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In Pictures: Prince Harry Invades Botswana

WHILE Prince William was wearing the Order of The Garter and uncle Prince Edward was looking useful (disgusting pictures), Prince Harry was making inroads in Botswana. Wills is on his way, but Harry is the star attraction. Harry met the dancing girls. Harry had the champers.

Harry was in Gaborone, at the British High Commissioner’s residence to mark the Queen’s official birthday. Says Harry.

“As the High Commissioner said, Botswana is a country very close to my heart.”

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In Pictures: Useful Prince Edward And The Order Of The Garter ‘Stumble’

THE Order of the Garter saw Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh attend the Order of the Garter service at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, Windsor. They then went on The Order of the Garter Service procession, before having an Order of the Garter Tea, an Order of the Garter pint and Order of Garter Drunken Brawl. Get a load of The Duke of Wellington, Arthur Valerian Wellesley, getting “assistance” after he “stumbled” on the chapel steps. Get a load of Prince Edward making himself really useful by “offering assistance” with a smile… (Pictures 4 and 6).


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Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh leave, following the Order of the Garter service in Windsor.

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Prince Charles Flies In the Face Of Global Warming

HAVING made his way on foot (taking care to hold his breath every third step to keep carbon emissions down) the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, is arrived in Indonesia.

His mission: to promote his Rainforest Project.

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