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The Great Royal Family Poppy Off – Who Wears The Biggest?

WHICH Member of the Royal Family can wear the biggest Remembrance Day Poppy?


Poppy Envy





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A Firework Hits Buckingham Palace (Gif) As Her Majesty Gets A Yangban Mask For A South Korea Banquet (Photos)

WRITES Brendan O’Neill of last Guy Fawkes’ Night night’s protest outside Buckingham Palace:

As the general public burnt effigies of the Catholic reactionary Guy Fawkes, radicals were dressing up as him and screeching at parliament. Further proof that ordinary people are more progressive than what now passes for the left.

A firework was tossed at the Palace:

buck palace firework



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Prince George To Find Out Just How Peculiar Human Beings Are

HE might be only 3 months old, but shitting hell, Prince George is on a steep learning curve to find out how bizarre the human race is.

Today, third in line to a chair, he found himself being dipped in some water while someone said something about Jesus. Not just any water though. This water came all the way from the River Jordan, presumably purified to the point of Evian.

He was dragged to a huge building where there’s also a load of rotting corpses by a man who sometimes wears bejeweled dressing gowns, massive pointy hats and asks for advice from talking clouds.

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Princess Diana Dresses As Virgin Mary To Become Kate’s Nutritionist

diana ghost

AFTER the epic front-page screamer, the news of how Princess Diana’s ghost told Kate Middleton: “You’re too thin!”

Peter Dyke stares into his crystal balls:

PRINCESS Diana is guiding the Duchess of Cambridge from beyond the grave, the late royal’s former spiritual counsellor says.

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Princess Diana’s Ghost Tells Kate: ‘You’re Too Thin’

AND coming from Princess Diana, who hasn’t eaten a thing in ages, that’s a bit rich:

diana ghost


* Diana’s ghost lives on the fabled Sixth Floor of the Harvey Nichol’s Department store.

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Royal Christening: Newspapers Went Gaa-Gaa Over Prince George

THE Royal Family cost the taxpayer £33.3m last year. Branding experts say they brought in more than £20bn.

How you regard those figures and which you choose to highlight will depend on your view of the monarchy, a subject on which few of us are ambivalent.


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Prince George Christening: The Brotherhood And The Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace

IN readiness for the Christening of Prince George of Cambridge, here’s a general view of the interior of the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace in central London, where he’ll be named in God’s eyes. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby will be welcomed into the Christian faith surrounded by his immediate family and the close friends of his parents.


The rest of us wonder why is looks so much like a Freemason’s initiation hall, like this one at the Naval Masonic Hall in Washington? Is he joining The Family And The Brotherhood?



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Kate Middleton ‘show off’, ‘flaunts’ and ‘parades’ her tummy at Sports Aid (photos)



THE Duchess of Cambridge, Patron of SportsAid, was playing volleyball during her visit to the Copper Box at the former Olympic Park, in east London. She was there to see how young athletes are benefiting from help from one of her charities. She played some port. At one point her top rode up. The Mail seized on it.

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Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas’ Wedding Feast: Iced Swedes


PRINCE Harry is getting married to Cressida Bonas (fnar!). Well, so says heat magazine, which reveals:

“Harry’s been training in Iceland . . . and has fallen in love with the country. He wants to take Cressida to the famous Ice Hotel and then pop the question.”

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Princess Michael Of Kent: ‘Don’t be up too late, darling’ and notes on a plain Ryvita


PLUGGING her book of fiction The Queen of Four Kingdoms (‘The epic true story of a rich and riveting period of French and English history, all witnessed by the captivating and complex heroine Yolande”), Princess Michael of Kent shows off some remarkable gems. She remains very uncommon in the Sunday Times interview:

I have a tray brought to my bedroom at 9am. Breakfast is served on my Herend china and I sit in an old armchair so I can read the papers. I have zero-fat yoghurt with cinnamon, which is meant to be a fat-burner, and a pot of ginger tea made with grated ginger. This I have with lavender honey and one plain Ryvita. Life is a battle against the expanding waistline, so some mornings I just have a fresh juice made from five vegetables that my manicurist told me about. It’s frightfully good.

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Princess Diana: Soldier N says the SAS didn’t kill her but the Daily Express isn’t listening

THE Daily Express continues to report on the SAS and the death of Princess Diana. Today, the paper of repetition presses f9 on the keyboard to create the headline:



daily express


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Buckingham Palace hosts its first football match: photos

TODAY Buckingham Palace hosted a football match. The Duke of Cambridge and members of the Royal household were there to see Polytechnic FC take on the Civil Service FC. The Duke of Cambridge, president of the FA, helped organise the event, the first of its kind at Queen Elizabeth II’s London home, as part of the Football Association’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

The game ended in a draw: One-one-one-one-one etc…


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Princess Diana Musical creator says Diana killed by remote control device (now sing-along)


FOLLOWING the Star’s wowsome news that Princess Diana tipped William to marry Kate Middleton despite dying four years before the couple met, the paper says “DI MURDER AUTHOR” has received threats to “shut up” or die.

ROYAL author Brian Watson received chilling death threats after claiming Princess Diana’s fatal crash was caused by assassins, he revealed last night.

Nigel Pauley adds:

The biographer says he was about to make his theory public when he got a phone call telling him: “Drop the idea if you value your family’s life.”

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Princess Diana could see into the future, says Daily Star

PRINCESS Diana. If she could see into the future, why didn’t she put her seatbelt on?

We’ll put that question to her when we catch up for tea at her home on the fabled Sixth Floor of Harvey Nichols.




As for the story, well, meet Lana Marks:

Lana, a handbag designer and Di’s closest confidante, says Kate, 31, ticks every single box set out by Diana, even down to the colour of her hair.

“Kate is absolutely everything Diana wanted,” she said. “She even said William’s wife would have dark hair. Diana wanted someone down-to-earth for William, with a close family unit so he could enjoy a normal family life. She wanted a future queen of the people, for the people.”

Such are the facts…

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Princess Diana was murdered by Robin Cook and other claims that clear the media


IT’S been pretty well established that paparazzi and the papers had a role to play in the death of Princess Diana. The Daily Mail was so contrite it famously stated that it would no longer buy paparazzi photos. And then it realised readers could see the crashed car all over the web so it went mad and bought up every paparazzi photo in the world and started ogling kids.

Today the Mail says the media had no part to play in Diana’s death whatsoever. It was the SAS wot dunnit.


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Cumbria’s Tommy Mattinson is the World Gurning Champion for the 15th year running

AS Sharon Osbourne has taught us, one expression can get you a long way in showbiz. So it is for Cumbria’s Tommy Mattinson, who is the World Gurning Champion for the 15th year running.

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Superstars and Superfans: Paul Burrell is now as Royal as Princess Diana

Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's former butler, looks at a long, formal dinner dress in oyster duchesse satin, with a bolero jacket by Victor Edelstein that belonged to the Princess of Wales, in New York Monday Aug. 13, 2007. At left is the dress, valued at over $300,000 that is being offered on eBay through August 22, with proceeds going to the America's Promise charity which raises money for disadvantaged children. Burrell is returning as a judge for the second season of the WE cable television channel reality series "American Princess." At left is a positive negative black and white evening dress and bolero jacket by Murray Arbeid, second left is a long, formal dinner dress in oyster duchesse satin, with a bolero jacket by Victor Edelstein and at right is a long evening dress of back silk crepe and diamante paste embroidery by Catherine Walker, both of which also belonged to Princess Diana. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

PAUL Burrell is plugging his TLC show Superstars and Superfans.

From the makers of Sky1’s Pineapple Dance Studios, Superstars and Superfans follows the lives of some of the UK’s most dedicated and obsessed celebrity fans, providing a glimpse into the eccentric world of these real-life celebrity devotees, while also delving deep into the lives of the celebrities over whom the superfans obsess. What happens when their worlds collide?


This series we meet superfans including Jax who has an obsession with Shane Lynch from Boyzone and has an ‘Aladdin’s cave’ dedicated to all things Shane Lynch, she even has her very own personal fantasy world – “Lynch Land” where she meets Shane and plays out their would-be life together, Victoria whose obsession revolves around Westlife, she has created her very own Westlife ‘hall of fame’ in her hallway, dubbed the Westlife Passage with pictures of her favourite stars, and Theresa whose obsession with Rod Stewart has seen her attend over 150 of his concerts and keeps a momentum of each one in her ‘Rod Room.’

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1982: When Michael Fagan met the Queen in her bedroom and urinated on the corgi food

MICHAEL FAGAN IN LONDON TODAY WHEN HE WAS PLACED ON PROBATION FOR THREE YEARS FOR ASSALUTING THREE POLICEMEN AND USING THREATENING BEHAVIOUR. FAGAN, 32, AN UNEMPLOYED PAINTER FROM HOLOWAY, LONDON, APPEARED AT HIGHBURY CORNER MAGISTRATES COURT FOR SENTENCING AFTER ADMITTING THE OFFENCES AT AN EARLIER HEARING. More than 6,000 mentally disturbed people have written to or visited royal palaces since 1993, according to a report published 9/6/99. Fagan broke into the Queen's bedroom at Buckingham Palace in 1982. 22/06/03 Experts were, baffled by how a man managed to evade a tight police cordon and allegedly climb on to the stage at Prince William s 21st birthday party last night as he was making a speech.    06/05/04: Michael Fagan, who broke into the Queen's bedroom at Buckingham Palace in March 1982 - she woke to find him sitting on her bed. A major review of security surrounding the royal family is being published later Thursday May 6, 2004. The report by the independent security commission comes after Daily Mirror journalist Ryan Parry got a job as a footman at Buckingham Palace ahead of George Bush's state visit last year, and is expected to call for tougher vetting of potential employees.

MICHAEL Fagan spent 10 minutes of 1982 talking to the Queen, who was in bed, after he climbed Buckingham Palace walls and up a drainpipe. It was the second time he’d broken into the Palace in a month.

He says of the latest incident of intruders in the Palace:

“I am really quite shocked after all that’s gone on, terrorist wise, that he could get in that easily. Security must have been pretty lax. I think there’s got to be some questions asked. It’s ridiculous. I think this time the Home Secretary should resign, no doubt about it, because he didn’t resign for me when I did it. But this time it’s deathly. Bombs going off everywhere and someone got that far, come on! We were told security was tightened after I got in.”

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Palace break in: did any police think to search Prince Andrew?

prince palace guns

CONFUSION as to what really happened when a man was found in Buckingham Palace tourist trail after hours (the Mirror says he’d paid to be there; the Indy said he scaled 12 floors) was only made worse when two days later Prince Andrew was challenged by police. Did they pull gins. Yes, says the Express. No, say the police.

Andrew went on the record:

“The police have a difficult job to do balancing security for the Royal Family and deterring intruders, and sometimes they get it wrong. I am grateful for their apology and look forward to a safe walk in the garden in the future.”

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Pippa Middleton shows off her latest arse in fu**ing red trousers

Pippa Middleton and Nico Jackson watch on Centre Court during day eleven of the Wimbledon Championships at The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Wimbledon.

PIPPA Middleton has a new arse, and she’s keen to show it off to one and all.

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Palace police mistake Prince Andrew for terrorist as burlgar pays for a private tour

prince palace guns
TO Buckingham Palace, where the talk is of terrorists. Sky News says

A security review has been launched after a break-in at Buckingham Palace when a man scaled a fence to get inside the Queen’s home. Police said the man had been found “in an area currently open to the public during the day” and was arrested for burglary, trespass and criminal damage. A second man was arrested outside the palace for conspiracy to commit burglary following the incident shortly before 10.30pm on Monday.

An inner-city mansion packed with shiny things is always going to be a target.

The Telegraph thunders from its front page:

Palace break in: terrorist warning

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Princess Diana was murdered by a former SAS prisoner who hated his wife, says Daily Express

PRINCESS Diana is back in the news. The Daily Express leads with a shocker:



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