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Arsenal Balls: Flamini and Gunnersaurus Are Fit To Wear The Shirt

flamini sleeves


SO. Arsenal’s feisty midfield Mathieu Flamini will abide by the club’s shirt-sleeve rule that states all players must wear the same shirt as the captain – long sleeves or shot sleeves. Flamini, a Frenchman, is not cut from the same satin-lined cloth as compatriot and former Gunner Samir Nasri who has favoured the snood and gloves ensemble.




Flamini is a man for short sleeves in all weathers. Before Arsenal’s games against Manchester United and his native Marseilles, Flamini broke the club rule by cutting the long sleeves off (see above).

Today he went with the rule book and opted for long sleeves rolled up. And he duly scored against Cardiff City.





Were the sleeves lucky for Flamini? Maybe. What is certain is that this Arsenal tradition is bunkum. Gunnersaurus wears short sleeves. And he’s 120million years old. Short sleeves it is and should be. Always.



PA-13475599 (1)


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Arsenal Balls: Liverpool Legend Says Spurs Show Wenger The Right Way Forward

ON August 31, Graeme Souness told Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger that football is “not rocket science”. The Gunners need not shoot for the moon. The former Liverpool tough nut wrote in the Sunday Times:

Once again, Arsenal have neglected to bolster the spine of their faltering team as rivals Spurs stock up on talent


Spurs raise stakes and shame Wenger

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Arsenal Balls: Giroud Goes From Critics’ Zero To Know-All Hacks’ Hero

HOW well are Arsenal doing with Olivier Giroud in attack? John Cross knows. He writes in the Mirror:

Giroud may not be Suarez but he is a key reason why Arsenal are top of the Premier League.

No “may” about it. He isn’t. He’s Olivier Giroud. He “leaves the critics on their knees”.

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Arsenal Balls: Reasons Why Spurs Will Finish Above Arsenal (According To Experts)



THE Daily Arsenal: Spurs have  been thrashed 6-0 by Manchester City. Arsenal are top of the Premier League. Let’s review what the experts said:

Gary Lineker: “I think they’ll probably finish above Arsenal. Well, the interesting thing is that normally clubs… if they sell a huge player, they always say, oh, we’ll spend the money, we’ll put it back in the team but they invariably don’t, whereas at least you can say for Spurs they’ve had a plan and they’ve spent that money – and they’ve spent it actually before they got it really – so I think actually they’ve bought pretty well on the whole.”

Harry Redknapp: “I wouldn’t compare the two squads. Tottenham are much stronger, no doubt. There’s no reason they can’t challenge to win the league. They can be bang there. They’ll finish top four and who knows where they could finish after that?”

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Daily Arsenal: Jack Wilshere’s Non-Injury Injury Row

ON Thursday, the Daily Mail led its sports coverage with the news that Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere was crocked and in another “contentious” episode:

Jack Wilshere is involved in another club versus country row after suffering an ankle injury against Germany.

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Transfer Balls: The 15 Players Arsenal Are Buying In January

TRANSFER Balls: A look at Arsenal speculation presented as fact in the nation’s Press. Last summer, the media reported that no fewer than 38 players were heading to Arsenal. Can they better that number in the January transfer window? These from today:

Daily Star:  Julian Draxler  Diego Costa

GiveMeSport: Stephan el Shaarawy

Tribal Football: Carles Alenà, Carles Pérez and Ayoub Abiu Oulam.

GiveMeSport: Abdisalam Ibrahim

SoccerLens: Zakaria Bakkali

GiveMeSport: Pirlo

GivMeSport: Angel Di Maria

Ten more names for the pot.

This comes after other names were introduced this week: Cesc Fabregas, Robert Lewandowski, Toni Sanabria, Halilovic and Alessio Cerci.

Fifteen names so far heading to Arsenal. Any more we’ve missed?

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Transfer Balls: Fabregas, Lewandowski, Sanabria, Draxler, Halilovic and Cerci To Arsenal

TRANSFER Balls: Anorak’s look at the movers and non-movers in the January transfer window. Let’s begin with a look at Barcelona’s Cesc Fabregas. These headlines are all from this month:

Fabregas joins Arsenal!

IB Times: “Fabregas Hints That Heart Remains At Arsenal”

Fabregas stays at Barcelona!

Daily Star: “Arsenal and Man Utd handed Fabregas setback as Spaniard rules out transfer from Barcelona”

Fabregas leaves!

CaughtOffside: “C Barcelona midfield player Cesc Fabregas has dropped a massive hint that he is not happy with his current playing situation at Camp Nou”

Any other players heading to The Gunners?

GiveMeSport: “One man who Arsenal have been linked with is Borussia Dortmund star Robert Lewandowski.”

And there are more.

Daily Star: “Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City set to poach starlet Toni Sanabria from Barcelona”

Daily Express: “Julian Draxler entertains ‘dream’ move to Arsenal or Manchester United”

The Hard Tackle: “Arsenal FC Look To Snatch Halilovic Under The Nose of Tottenham Hotspur”

Talk Sport: “The January transfer window is just around the corner and Arsenal, Man United, Liverpool and Spurs are all thought to be vying for the signature of 26-year-old Italian, Alessio Cerci.”

Add it to the 38 players Arsenal ‘bought’ over the summer.

Such are the facts…


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Arsenal Shock: Nicklas Bendtner WAS On Manchester United Pitch (PROOF)

ARSENAL’s immobile Nicklas Bendtner wants to leave Arsenal. Yeah, he PLATS for your club, Gooners. We’ve one some research and can reveal that Bendtner was ON the pitch at Old Trafford last weekend.

Says he:

 “I want to get away from Arsenal. Whether it is for winter, we must wait to see. I weigh my decision depending on where the highest sporting challenge lies. In this context, finances mean very little for me. I’ve been playing football since I was four years old and back then it was for the love of the sport. It is for that love that I play today as well.”

And £50,000 a week…

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Arsenal fan now homeless thanks to Man United bet

FOOTBALL does wonderfully peculiar things to people. Human adults wear suits to play finals of matches on computer games while others will name their children after entire teams from the 70s.

Yes, we’re looking at you Charlie Oatway of Sunderland FC, or to give him his full name, Anthony Philip David Terry Frank Donald Stanley Gerry Gordon Stephen James Oatway (he’s named after the entire promotion-winning QPR team of 1973).

More recently, there’s an Arsenal fan who has come a cropper thanks to his football fanaticism and he learned that you shouldn’t ever bet your house on anything.


Henry Dhabasani put a wager on, involving his two-room property on the Arsenal beating Manchester United at Old Trafford. Rashid Yiga was more than happy to see the bet and they both settled down to the grudge game on Sunday.

Dhabasani gambled his house while Yiga offered up his new Toyota Premio AND his wife. The two signed their bet in front of local leaders and other football fans in Iganga.

Manchester United won the game 1-0 and Dhabasani promptly fainted on the final whistle. Reports say that, the next day, several United fans stormed the place where Henry lived with his three wives and five children and chucked them out onto the street.

[via MEN]

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Arsenal Fan Lost Home To Manchester United Fan Who Staked His Wife In Bet

WHEN Arsenal lost to Manchester United, one man suffered more than most. In Uganda, Iganga, a staunch Arsenal  fan is looking for a home.

Before the game, Henry Dhabasani staked his two-roomed house in a bet with Rashid Yiga, that Arsenal would win the game. On his part, Yiga staked his new Toyota Premio car and his wife that Manchester United would win.”

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Coat Balls: Manchester United’s Robin Van Persie Does An Impression Of Chelsea’s FKW John Terry


ROBIN Van Persie is a lot of things – a top finisher for United’ a turncoat for Arsenal – but he is no John Terry. If you are going to call anyone a JT you’d best get your facts straight. PVP has been called a lot of names but labelling him a JT might result in a libel action and pardonable  violence.

So, then, to David Ken in the Daily Mail:

You’re not fooling anyone, Robin! Were there shades of JT’s infamous Euro gaffe as substitute Van Persie strips out of his coat to celebrate against Arsenal?

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Talking Balls: Manchester United Are Tough Nuts, Arsenal And Softies And Spurs Have World-Class Strikers


MANCHESTER United beat Arsenal 1-0 in a close game at Old Trafford. Arsenal looked tired. The spirited Red Devils took their chance – and should write a thank you letter to the Gunners’ hapless Nicholas Bendtner. Still, Arsenal remain top of the league by two clear points. As Matt Dickinson writes in the Times:

Arsenal need him back healthy as they face back-to-back tests against Chelsea and Manchester City next month. They took two points out of a possible 18 in matches against the top four last season.

Defeat yesterday continued that troubling run, yet no one was reading too much into it, even if Wenger himself had called it a “benchmark” game. We have learnt not to assume anything, even more so after a weekend when United leapfrogged Manchester City, who are most people’s title favourites. That was last week.

Indeed. The Gunners remain the team to beat as they sit top of the Premier League.

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Manchester United V Arsenal: Mouse Invades Pitch (Photo)

AT Manchester United’s Premier League match with Arsenal, the pitch was invaded by a mouse. What can it mean? Is it United manager David Moyes’ lucky pet mouse? The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men…

Watch out for the owls.


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Arsenal V Manchester United: Lake Tanganyika And New York Mark Historic Encounter

Johnathan pearce

EXCITABLE BBC football commentator Jonathan Pearce presents the Most Tortuous Introduction of the Week:

Sunday marks the 142nd anniversary of one of history’s most famous meetings. It didn’t take place at Old Trafford, but 4,400 miles away on Lake Tanganyika. New York journalist Henry Stanley walked out of the jungle and greeted a Scottish medical missionary with the now famous words: “Dr Livingstone, I presume?” Another Scot is on a mission these days. David Moyes is trying to rediscover the lost soul of Manchester United.

Continues for 90 minutes…

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Ozil Says Arsenal Will Beat Manchester United ‘For Fun’

MESUT OZIL, of Arsenal, is the subject of a Spurs chant about his eyes being offside.

Arsenal’s German is not easily out off. Ahead of the Gunners match at Manchester United, he has this to say:

“We are going to Old Trafford to have fun — and that is why we are going to win… The plan is not to go to United and settle for a draw. If we are going to achieve the target of our coach, then we go to win. Of course it’s going to be difficult. United are a high-quality team. But I’m sure they also respect us because we can beat anyone, home or away.”

How’s that for positive thinking? Inside every top player is an deep vein of self belief.



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Piers Morgan On Arsenal: ‘What DOES Wenger see in Ramsey? A complete and utter liability’

ARSENAL fans may well bemoan the presence of preening Piers Morgan. Amid his many prescient tweets demanding the club sack Arsene Wenger, Morgan created this gem:

“What DOES Wenger see in Ramsey? A complete and utter liability.”

piers morgan ramsey

Followed by:

“How on earth did Ramsey just get given a new 5yr contract? Unbelievable.”

In typical Morgan style, he elevates his own failings:

“Let’s be honest Arsenal fans – @aaronramsey was very poor last year and we all said it. He’s brilliant now, and I couldn’t be happier. Thrilled with his dramatic improvement. I don’t know what must be thrilling @aaronramsey more – his amazing form, or the sudden discovery he had SO many secret fans last season.”

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 05.03.05


Beware the celebrity fan…

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Daily Mail: Arsenal’s Defence Is The Best But Worse Than That Of Chelsea, Spurs, West Ham And Southampton

NEIL Ashton writes of Arsenal FC in the Daily Mail:

Naming the famous Arsenal back four is easy: Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny and Gibbs.

Easy. Done.

It has taken Arsene Wenger years to replace the brilliant defence he inherited when he took over in September 1996. He has finally done it. Whether it is by luck or judgement, he has four defenders who are old school in their approach: they simply do not want to concede goals.

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Arsenal Fans Rejoice At This Gif Showing Borussia Dortmund Fans Reaction To Ramsey’s Goal

AS Aaron Ramsey scored for Arsenal in last’ night’s match in Borussia Dortmund last night – his goal a real noggin bobbler – Dortmund fans stopped singing and bouncing at the Westfalenstadion.


It’s a great Gif.

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Champions’ League Balls: Arsenal Have Four Shots On Goal But Borussia Dortmund Had Hundreds


ONLY one fact matters in football: the money. But in modern day footy reporting, there are many, many facts. Take the number of shots in a game. Last night, the Daily Mail did the maths at Arsenal’s game in Borussia Dortmund and game up with facts. In a piece about how Arsenal scored against the run of play, Martin Samuels says Dortmund had 15 goalscoring attempts, what might be termed shots. The paper’s Statto counted 12.





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Injury Watch: Arsenal’s Gibbs Has Chronic Calf Injury Relocated To Fixed Hip


HOW football reporting works: the Injury List. Let’s look at what the papers are saying about Arsenal player Kieran Gibbs readiness for tomorrow’s Champions’ League match against Borussia Dortmund:

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal manager): “Gibbs has a calf problem. I don’t know exactly how bad it is” – November 2

Arsenal News: “Kieran Gibbs Set To Miss 4 Weeks Of Action Due To Calf Injury” – November 3

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Arsenal Fans Will Enjoy This String Of Incredible Misses

ARSENAL may be having a ball in the Premier League at the moment, but what about their Argentinian namesakes? Well, Arsenal de Sarandi have also had a decent start to the season,  nd luck is certainly on their side too, as their match with All Boys shows, from Friday.

With All Stars through on goal, striker Javier Campora saw his cheekily chipped attempt come back off the crossbar and he met the rebound, which he managed to clobber the woodwork again.

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Arsenal: Gunners Chairman, Manager And Chief Scout Tony Adams Says Ozil Is A Real Madrid Cast Off


THE time for Arsenal fans to panic will be when Tony Adam gets anywhere close to running any aspect of the club.

It was Chairman Adams who said of Sir Chips Keswick:

“Chips is a great guy but not a very imaginative choice – and he is 73. If they just wanted a figurehead, they should have gone for me”

Manager Adams noted:

”One hundred per cent I’d like to be Arsenal manager. Of course my heart says ‘yes, yes, yes’, but my head says ‘can I win with this current team?’ My answer is no, I can’t and I am not sure anyone can. I would want assurances if I walk through the door, those assurances meaning I’m given the go ahead to build a new team. I would get my teeth into building a new team but to achieve that, you would need to spend.”

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Local Views: Liverpool Create No Chances As Arsenal Celebrate Easy Win


AFTER Arsenal beat Liverpool 2-0 in the Premier League it’s interesting to see what the clubs’ local newspaper say of the game:

Islington Gazette (Arsenal)

Santi Cazorla fired the Gunners ahead somewhat against the run of play on 19 minutes, lashing the ball home after his bullet header had come back off the post.

Wales midfielder Aaron Ramsey then made sure of all three points on the hour when he cracked in a sublime 25-yard half-volley…

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Arsenal: Ozil Spotted Looking Youthful In Argentina

GONZALO Galvan, 13, looks like Arsenal and Germany’s Mesut Ozil. Gonzo plays for Villa Santillan in Argentina. He is ‘The Mesut Ozil of Tucuman’.

Of course, who he really look like is Spencer Slavin, who Anorak used to knock about with when we were young lads. But that’s the thing with lookalikes – it’s usually only the famous people strangers ever tell you you look like. And, then, it is rarely if ever flattering.

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Arsenal: Liverpool’s Rodgers Uses Bendtner To Stick Book In Over Suarez Bid

QUOTE of the day is supplied by Liverpool manger Brendan Rodgers. In readiness for Liverpool’s match at Arsenal – the first meeting between the two since The Gunners’ failed bid for want-away striker Luis Suarez – Rodgers says:

“It may become difficult if you lose that one striker [Giroud]. I’d think Arsène Wenger will look to get a striker in [in January] and will be hoping and praying that he doesn’t get any injuries. And he’s obviously got Nicklas Bendtner.”



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