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Transfer Balls: Chelsea and Liverpool star Daniel Alves signs for Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal

Transfer Balls: a look at football rumour and speculation being presented as fact in the mainstresm media. Today the Sun says “MANCHESTER UNITED can have Barcelona star Dani Alves for FREE — if they offer him a three-year deal.”

The Sun says Alves, 31, wants a new three-year £100,000-a-week Barcalona contract. If that fails to materialise, he’ll go to Manchester City or Manchester United for no transfer fee if they can match his wage demands.

In other news, Yahoo! reported on May 14 that “Dani Alves has already signed a pre-contract agreement with Paris Saint-Germain”.

The Daily Express says Alves has agreed to join Manchester United:


Daniel Alves Manchester United


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‘Huge’ Transfer Balls for Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United but not Southampton or Reading

Transfer Balls: As the January Deadline Day shuts the Daily Express tosses more balls than Rebecca Loos at a Peppa Pig Stag do:

Story 1:

Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham and Man Utd target Morgan Schneiderlin’s HUGE transfer hint


Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 20.18.41



The HUGE tranfger hint is – get this – that Schneiderlin is not going to Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham or Manchester United. The HUGE transfer hint involves a club not mentioned in the headline: Southampton.

And that hint amount to Morgan tweeting: “Very happy to be back training ! Thanks to all who did help me and made me work hard to come back stronger!”

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Transfer Balls: Paul Pogba is off to Arsenal If Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and PSG don’t want him

Transfer Balls: it’s the Daily Paul Pogba. let’s see what utter balls the mainstream media is reporting on Pogba, the Juventus player.

Today, Ben Jefferson tells Daily Express readers:

Juve to let Paul Pogba LEAVE for Chelsea, Man Utd or Arsenal after move for Axel Witsel

So. Pogba is off to the Premier League. But where to?

United and Chelsea have been joined by Arsenal in the hunt for Pogba…

We know this because the Express says it’s so. But there are no quotes, sources or facts to support the statement.

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Chelsea v Liverpool Balls: Relive the Diego Costa stamp collection in gifs

Did Chelsea striker Diego Costa deliberately stamp on Liverpool’s Emre Can and Reds’ defender Martin Skrtel in a fast and furious Capital One Cup semi-final ?

You’d think referee Michel Oliver would have spotted one of the foot misplacements. But he and his hapless refereeing team missed it all.

Oliver missed the stampings (one more and Costa gets a free coffee); Strkel’s foul on Costa in the penalty box; Lucas’ foul on Matic, which should have resulted in his second yellow card of the game; Laza Markovich’s WWF-style foul on Felipe Luis; Jordan Henderson’s foul, which should have been his second yellow card of the night; and the antics of pop-up Chelsea’s assistant Rui Faria, a man who appears to have sat upon a wasabi enema.

And, you know what? Yeah, it was great entertainment.



Putitng it in persepctive, here’s a video of Glasgow Rangers’ Graeme Souness dirtying his socks on Steaua Bucharest’s Gheorghe Rotariu in the 1988 European Cup. Ity was a “definite yellow” in 1988. And there were no howls of outrage in the Press nor trial by TV:


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Liverpool Balls: Norwegian Fan Names His Daughter ‘YNWA’



Pies spots a Norwegian Liverpool fan who named his daughter ‘YNWA’ – as in “You’ll Never WalkAlone”.

Speaking to Dagbladet, the little girl’s mother, Eirin Isabell Iversen – herself a Tromso fan, described how her and her lunatic husband picked the unusual name after having his first choice scuppered by Mother Nature.

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Liverpool Balls: Brendan Rodgers got Divock Origi on the never-maybe

Liverpool Balls: LFC manager Brenadan Rodgers has been talking about Divock Origi:

January 15:

“There have been discussions [over Divock Origi]. He’s a player that will definitely be here next summer. Whether he’ll be here or not in January is something that there has been discussion about”

November 21:

“The young player we signed last summer, it was always on the understanding that he had to stay at Lille. I’ve seen reports that he’ll be coming back early but that was never the case. When we signed the player, it was one of the main reasons we were able to sign him — he would have to stay at Lille for this season”

He’s football’s Mr Consistency….



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Transfer Balls: Manchester United’s Radamel Falcao offers himself to Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City

Transfer Balls: Is Radamel Falcao staying at Manchester United?

The Sunday Times has news:

ARSENAL, Liverpool and Manchester City have inquired about Radamel Falcao’s availability as the Colombian struggles to nail down a place in Louis van Gaal’s Manchester United starting XI.

Yeah. The player who commands a salary of – get this – £265,000 a week (!!), who has scored three times for Manchester United this season and has a history of injury is interesting Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City.

Says who?

Falcao, right, is said to have been left ‘perplexed and bemused’ by his treatment at United…

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Liverpool Transfer Balls: Mario Balotelli is not a patch on Mario Balotelli

Is it time for Liverpool to get shot of Mario Balotelli? Well, reading the Daily Mail you would think it was.

On August 31, 2014, Neil Ashton told Mail raders:When Rodgers reviews the tape of this game, he will be impressed with Balotelli. He worked hard and did the dirty work…

Then there is the unseen side, carrying out tactical instructions for the benefit of the Liverpool team. When Tottenham won their first corner of the game midway through the first half, he ran at three-quarter pace to make sure he was back in time to mark Younes Kaboul. Impressive stuff…

Balotelli is already part of the Liverpool family, sitting neatly into the environment Rodgers has created for this expressive team…

…when Balotelli settles into a routine of life at Liverpool and starts knocking in the goals again, he will wear the shirt of the Azzurri once again. We know he has the quality.

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Liverpool Transfer Balls: Karim Benzema and nine other players kickstart the Anfield revolution

Transfer Balls catches up with comings and goings at Liverpool. Over the current transfer window there have been no new arrivals at Anfield. But the Press need exclusives. So. Let’s see who is defintely heading to Liverpool.

So far, we’ve bene told that Xherdan Shaqiri has signed for Liverpool and Inten Milan; Saido Berahino for £20m; Wilfried BonyJermain Defoe; Luciano Vietto; and Steven Gerrard, as soon as he, er, leaves.


Karim Benzema:

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Liverpool Balls: Steven Gerrard misses the pink

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard is leaving the club at this season’s end. That means we will have five long months of tributes to ‘Stevie G’.  Today’s words to the wise are from the BBC’s commentator Guy Mowbray, who watching Gerrard score the two decisive goals in plucky Liverpool’s FA Cup third-round win over mighty AFC Wimbledon (#justice), opined:

“If (Steven) Gerrard does complete his hat-trick he will pick up the one memento he doesn’t have – a pink match ball”

Well, as he quips, that and a Premier League winners’ medal…

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Transfer Balls: Xherdan Shaqiri signs for Liverpool and Inten Milan


Transfer Balls: Is Xherdan Shaqiri heading to the Premier League? Let’s see what the to-deadline experts are saying:

Daily Mirror, June 4:

Liverpool have also made a firm approach for Bayern Munich’s World Cup star Xherdan Shaqiri, with the English club committing to a fee of around £10m with the German champions.

Talk Sport, January 5:

Inter Milan have beaten Liverpool in the race to sign Bayern Munich winger Xherdan Shaqiri…

Daily Express, January 5:

Liverpool WIN RACE for Bayern’s Xherdan Shaqiri after TRUMPING Inter’s wage offer

Daily Mail, Janaury 6:

Xherdan Shaqiri and his brother Erdin will be in Munich on Wednesday to hold crunch talks with Bayer Munich about a move to either Inter Milan or Liverpool. The Bayern Munich forward is well liked by Brendan Rodgers but Liverpool are reluctant to spend now and would prefer to look at a deal in the summer instead. Inter have offered a £2million loan deal, similar to the one proposed to Arsenal for Lukas Podolski, but Bayern want to sell outright and would like Liverpool to come to the table.

Such are the facts…


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Transfer Balls: Paul Pogba heads to Arsenal for £37m less than Manchester United paid

Transfer Balls – a regular look at footballers being linked to the big clubs. There is rumour of Juventus and France star Paul Pogba.

The Daily Express says Pogba is hgeaidng to Manchester United. The fee… £77m!

Paul Pogba heading to Man Utd for £77m as Juventus find replacement in Marco Verratti


Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 21.40.50



The Daily Star says Pogba is worth £70m. And he’s heading to all of the five richest English clubs. It’s a Transfer Balls Full House:

Several sources in Italy have suggested Premier League giants Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea are eager to snap up the 21-year-old, who joined the Old Lady in 2012.

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Liverpool Transfer Balls: Steven Gerrard returns with Defoe, Bony, Vietto, Shaqiri and Berahino

Liverpool Transfer Balls: a look at footballer being linked to Liverpool in today’s media. Facts are thinner than Bruce Grobbelaar’s rat’s tail:

Xherdan Shaqiri:

The Guardian: 

 They’re ready to move on and it will be Stevie Who? once they sign Bayern Munich’s Xherdan Shaqiri. Internazionale and Juventus are interested in the Swiss winger but Liverpool are the only club who have shown a willingness to sign him on a permanent basis.



The Sun: “West Brom are looking to sell striker Saido Berahino for £20m, with Tottenham and Liverpool both interested in the 21-year-old.”

The Mirror: Liveprool will pay £25m for Berahino.


Wilfried Bony:

The Mirror: Bony’s off to Anfield. Maybe.



Daily Telegrpah: “Liverpool have been offered the chance to sign Toronto striker Jermain Defoe, 32”


Luciano Vietto:

The Guardian: “Liverpool are also after a new striker and have identified Villarreal’s Luciano Vietto as The One”


Steven Gerrard:

Daily Telegrpah: “Liverpool are already considering re-signing captain Steven Gerrard, 34, on loan next January after the end of the Major League Soccer season. ”

Daily Mirror: “Gerrard will command a £20m salary from Los Angeles Galaxy to end his career in the MLS.”
Final score: players in – 6.

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Liverpool balls: Steven Gerrard shows every other player what loyalty means

Soccer - Steven Gerrard Filer


To every player who has kissed the badge and pledged lasting love and undying loyalty to their club and then agitated for a move away and played against them, Liverpool captain Steve Gerrard has something to say:

“I’m going to carry on playing and although I can’t confirm at this stage where that will be, I can say it will be somewhere that means I won’t be playing for a competing club and will not therefore be lining up against Liverpool – that is something I could never contemplate.”

Few top players in the modern era are forever tied to one club by anything other than massive amounts of cash.

Steven Gerrard is the captain ever team wishes they had

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Liverpool balls: the desperate story of Alexis Sanchez

Matt Hughes and Tony Barrett explain the Liverpool transfer policy, one dictated by committee. Having missed out on the wonderful Alexis Sanchez to Arsenal, Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool looked around for a player:

The oddity is that, given that a player of Sánchez’s style is so fundamental to the way Rodgers wants his team to play, Liverpool’s response to missing out was the move for Loïc Rémy, a different type of forward altogether. That they ended up feeling the need to sign Mario Balotelli, even though he certainly does not fit the profile that Rodgers was looking for, was also bizarre, providing another indication of an inadequate strategy. These failings have been undermining Liverpool ever since, and even if they pull off a morale-boosting win this afternoon, these are unlikely to go away…

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Liverpool balls: ‘troubled’ Mario Balotelli’s ADHT, abandonment issues and kryptonite seatbelt

Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli is the subejct of the Sun story: “Kop star’s secret”:

TROUBLED Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli has shown signs of suffering from attention deficit disorder since he was a youngster, SunSport can reveal.

Nice, eh. Balotelli, the man who holds down a good job and has no criminal record is “troubled”. And it;’s a “secret”, implying that he knows he’s “troubled” but doesn’t want you to know it, too.

The Italian’s mood swings and outrages have been a feature of his life on and off the field and have affected his career with Inter Milan, Manchester City, AC Milan and now Liverpool.

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Arsaenal Balls: The ‘real’ reason Sanchez chose Gunners over Liverpool is…

So. Why did Alexis Sanchez choose to play for Arsenal? The Daily Star has the truth. The headline declares:

Arsene Wenger reveals the REAL REASON why Alexis Sanchez chose Arsenal over Liverpool

What is the real reason. We thought it was a combination of money, London and Champions’ League football.

Paul Brown writes:

ARSENE WENGER claims Alexis Sanchez chose Arsenal over Liverpool because only the Gunners could match his Champions League ambitions.

Is that what Wenger said? No. He said:

“Transfers at that level take always time to get every detail right, so because it takes time, you think always that somebody else can come in – PSG, Bayern Munich. We met his agent in Brazil a few times and talked about the transfer. In Europe we did it with Barcelona. Once we got the decision he would like to join us we were happy. He had maybe not had number of games he wanted at Barcelona and I tried to convince him I could help him develop the quality of his game, that the way we play would suit him.”

But what is the ‘REAL REASON” Sanchez joined Arsenal. Brown has failed to deliver on the headline.

Over on, Wenger says:

“I don’t know why he has chosen us and not anybody else, but we are very happy that he has done that.”

Such are the facts…

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Liverpool balls: 39, 51 and 52 passes away from glory

Last night Liverpool beat Bournemouth 3-1 in the Capitol Cup. Liverpool scored one goal after a long bout of passing. But how many passes did the experts count?

Daily Mirror: “Raheem Sterling lifted the pressure on Brendan Rodgers after an astonishing 52-pass move from Liverpool’s kings of keep-ball”

The Times agrees: 52 passes.

Daily Mail: ‘There were a staggering 51 passes in the build up to Sterling’s opener”

Daily Telegraph: “A lengthy move led to the goal, comprising 39 passes”


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Liverpool and Bournemouth in 75,000 sell-out

Looking to buy tickets for the Bournemouth v Liverpool game at south coast’ club’s Goldsands stadium, (capacity: 11,700) Anorak was not all that surprised to see that the Capitol One Cup quarter-final clash was sold out.  More intersting is how far AFC Bournemouth have come.


Screen shot 2014-12-16 at 21.45.32



Wow! It’s big enough for France:

Screen shot 2014-12-16 at 21.45.39



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Liverpool balls: Rodgers’ good sports defy Manchester United’s bad referee

Where do we stand on footballers surrounding the referee, getting in his fave when a decision goes against their team? Today Manchester United profited from the linesman’s flag. The referee’s assidtant declined (wrongly) to raise his flag and Juan Mata’s headed goal stood. Should Liverpool have gone nuts, harranging the referee?

Henry Winter says they should’ve:

As United celebrated, as social media devoured footage of the incident, Liverpool players did not appeal, did not vent any anger. They accepted the injustice, a worrying sign for Rodgers as he seeks fight in his players. He would also have every right to question his players’ marking of Mata too.

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Liverpool fans looking to abuse Manchester United boss Van Gaal will have to top this

Screen shot 2014-12-14 at 12.49.03


As Manchester Unted play Liverpool in the Premier League, the Sun wonders what the most offensive thing United manager Louis Van Gaal has heard:

The Manchester United boss will be ready for anything from the stands when his side take on bitter rivals Liverpool. It would be difficult to top the Feyenoord sickos who taunted him when he was at Ajax and his first wife was dying of cancer.

Should they try to?

The ‘Iron Tulip’ was at the centre of an ugly episode with sections of supporters on his way to the title with Ajax in 1994. His wife, Fernanda, was dying of cancer and Feyenoord fans taunted LVG from the stands with a banner that translated as “cancer b****”.

After she passed away from liver and pancreatic cancer, LVG was targeted again with chant of “Louis van Gaal, he lives alone”.

At the time he said: “They were singing loud, I was the victim, that’s true. But I was able to analyse it and not let it get to me. That’s why I could bear it. It was just a group of the fans who sang.”

Over to you, Liverpool fans…


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Liverpool balls: Flirting with relgation

Robbie Savage is sticking up for Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers in the Daily Mirror:

Kop boss knows it’s not been good enough this season but Reds were closer to the Championship than the Champions League just three years ago

Three years ago – season 2011-2012 – Liverpool finished 8th. But, true enough, Liverpool were 17 points off a Champions’ League spot and 16 points of the relgation zone.

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The Best of Man United v Liverpool

THE Merseyside derby… the Manchester derby… the North London derby… they’re all well and good, but having a rivalry based on your postcodes is really very, very boring.

Much better is when teams hate each other because there’s a clash of culture or because of something else entirely. Manchester United and Arsenal is one such rivalry that beats the local-affairs, but just pipping it is the squabbling cousins of Manchester and Liverpool and, this Sunday, that lot from Old Trafford take on that lot from Anfield.

When asked about the difference in hatred between Man City and Liverpool, one Manchester United fan said: “City are our rivals – Liverpool are the enemy.”

And things are already heating up, with Jamie Carragher chipping in on Twitter, saying:”Question for Lfc fans- win tonight or Sunday? Tonight for me, rather qualify for the CL than beat the 7th best team in the Prem last season!”

Scouse shade there. Liverpool will travel along the M62 on Sunday, seven points off United, but as we know, form goes out of the window for games like this.

So with that, let us look at the best Man Utd-Liverpool games.


Liverpool 3-3 Manchester United 1987/88

In the Eighties, Liverpool were the kings of English football and Alex Ferguson was still pretty fresh to the United job. At Anfield, a six-goal thriller with some absolutely appalling challenges from both team, and Gordon Strachan and Peter Beardsley on fine, fine form.

Manchester United 3-1 Liverpool 1989/90

In the late ’80s, Manchester United were perennial underachievers while Liverpool were the dominant force. However, on New Year’s Day, Fergie’s Fledglings started to show their worth. Mark Robins and Lee Sharpe sparkled, while little Russell Beardsmore played the game of his life. Brian McClair scored an absolute belter too!

Manchester United 1-4 Liverpool  2009

One of Liverpool’s finest ever performances came when they turned Man Utd over 4-1 at Old Trafford, back when Fernando Torres was absolutely blistering! Andrea Dossena’s lob is one of the best goals ever scored in a match between the two sides.

Liverpool 3-3 Man United, 1994

One of the greatest matches in the Premier League’s history, Man Utd steam into a 3-0 lead after 25 minutes and on the back of a 17-game unbeaten run. Liverpool, were placed ninth. However, thanks to goals from Nigel Clough and Razor Ruddock, Liverpool completed one of the most entertaining comebacks in English football.

Manchester United 2-2 Liverpool 1995

Eric Cantona, returning from his lengthy suspension for kung-fu kicking a Crystal Palace fan, came back for another MUFC/LFC classic. Meanwhile, Liverpool were adjusting the crown of their own local legend, with Robbie Fowler grabbing two wonderful goals. Of course, Cantona managed to score the equaliser in front of a delirious Stretford End.

Liverpool 1-4 Manchester United 1969

At Anfield, a Manchester United team which featured a number of the stars that won the European Cup, basically tore Liverpool a new one. Liverpool were a team in transition, but so too were United. However, when you’ve got George Best in the side, it always helps. The fourth goal from Bobby Charlton is an absolute corker.

Manchester United 3-2 Liverpool 2010

United fans will remember this game as the afternoon when Dimitar Berbatov paid his £30m transfer fee back with a hat-trick against Liverpool. A match where Berba scored a wonderful overhead kick from the edge of the area that had the decency to whack the crossbar on the way in, just to look better.

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Transfer Balls: Arsenal Get Chelsea Reject Reus, Who Agreed To Join Barcelona, Manchester United And Real Madrid

The Daily Express says Mrco Reus is heading to the Premier League. He’s coming to Liverpool. No, Arsenal. No, wait, Manchester United. He’s not going to Real Madrid.

Real Madrid have no first refusal option over Marco Reus, leaving the door wide open for the Borussia Dortmund midfielder to move to the Premier League.

Odd. Because the Express has previously told readers that…

Reus is off to Real Madrid. Arsenal and Manchester United can forget it…



Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 14.52.25



Reus is off to Barcelona. Manchester United have lost out…


Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 14.52.12




Reus is staying at Dortmund. Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool are crushed…


Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 14.51.52



But Chelsea were delighted…


Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 15.10.26



Reus was then snubbed by Chelsea…


Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 15.02.15



And then on December 1, the Express said the Chelsea move was on…

Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea have been handed a timely boost in their pursuit of Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus.

And Manchester United are going to buy Reus in the summer…


Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 15.15.05


Such are the fact in the Daily Express


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Liverpool Balls: Balotelli Is Only A Racist If You Think He Is

Liverpool Balls: Mario Balotelli is attracting attention for posting a message online that contained a racist trope. Balotelli says he will fight any FA ban.

Oliver Kay writes:

Football has endured a succession of depressing race-related controversies over the past few years — John Terry, Luis Suárez and, more recently, Malky Mackay and Dave Whelan — but Balotelli’s latest indiscretion would appear to belong in a different category.

Whatever his flaws, Balotelli, the poster boy for multicultural 21stcentury Italy, born to Ghanaian immigrants in Sicily, brought up by a Jewish family in Lombardy, subjected to appalling racist abuse in his homeland, did not seem an obvious candidate for the sport’s latest race storm.

The problem with Balotelli, according to many who have worked with him, is that he gets bored very easily and, to be polite about this, lacks qualities of discernment. That is why on Monday evening, at a loose end, he re-posted a mocked-up picture of Super Mario, the computer game character, along with the words “jumps like a black man and grabs coins like a Jew” …

The FA — not before time — has sought to send out the message that such phraseology and such stereotyping is not acceptable in English football. It is a policy that Balotelli, who felt so let down by the football authorities in Italy, would probably applaud if he took a moment to think about. Unfortunately, he rarely thinks until it is too late.

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