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Can We Walk Alone With You? Everton Fan Gets Liverpool Anthem Tattoo (For Charity)

everton tattoo


DIEHARD Everton fan Matty Bowman has raised funds for desperately ill George Johnson, 4, by having the Liverpool’s club motto, You’ll Never Walk Alone, tattooed across his back. The deal was that if enough people pledged money for George, Matty would get the ink.

George suffers from a very rare motility condition (which means that he can not eat or drink and survives by being fed through his heart) and desperately needs to travel to a specialised clinic in the US to have his illness diagnosed and treated properly – and, sadly, incredibly expensively.

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Classic Vines: Liverpool Fan Reaches For The Camera As Villa Player Tumbles In The Stands

WHAT do you do when a grown man takes nasty looking fall? This Liverpool supports smiled and reached for his camera. Always good to record any injuries for posterity and insurance claims:

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Liverpool Balls: Only Reports On Merseyside Say Suarez Didn’t Dive

Liverpool's Luis Suarez smiles after being brought down by Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Guzan to earn his side a penalty

Press Association: Liverpool’s Luis Suarez smiles after being brought down by Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Guzan to earn his side a penalty

DID Liverpool’s Luis Suarez dive to win the penalty – one converted to give the Reds a 2-2 draw with Aston Villa? Let’s see what the local newspapers said:

The Birmingham Mail’s Mat Kendrick reports:

Moments later Liverpool were level. Suarez chased down a long ball from Gerrard, getting there ahead of Guzan, who was penalised for the foul despite a strong suspicion of a dive and Liverpool’s captain’s afternoon improved when he calmly tucked away the spot-kick.

Over in the Liverpool Post, the report makes no mention of a dive. The report doesn’t even mention that Suarez won the spot kick.

However, a fine finish from Daniel Sturridge on the stroke of half-time sparked a stirring comeback which, with Gerrard pushed further forward, was capped by the captain converting coolly from the spot on 53 minutes.

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Liverpool Balls: Brian Reade’s Bad Maths Makes Andy Carroll Look Good

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish, center, poses for photos with new signings Andy Carroll, left, and Luis Suarez before a press conference at Anfield, Liverpool, England, Thursday Feb. 3, 2011.

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish, center, poses for photos with new signings Andy Carroll, left, and Luis Suarez before a press conference at Anfield, Liverpool, England, Thursday Feb. 3, 2011.


LIVERPOOL FC fan Brian Reade looks away from the hellholes of South London to talk about his team. He writes in the Mirror:

Bonus Brian Reade: Liverpool the ones laughing now over much-mocked January 2011 transfer window

Are they laughing now? Why? Liverpool are the club who spent £35m on Andy Carroll.

Ask anyone what the most laughable performance in the January window was and the answer will be Liverpool’s £35million splurge on Andy Carroll three years ago. And, in isolation, they’d be right. But if you analyse all of the Anfield club’s transfer business that month, it’s becoming one of the most profitable windows ever.

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Liverpool Balls: Luis Suarez Isn’t That Good Because He Hasn’t Won Anything At Anfield

JAMIE Redknapp uses his Daily Mail column to contemplate Liverpool’s Luis Suarez:

I’m not a big fan of comparing players from different generations.


Kenny Dalglish was an icon in that No 7 shirt, he was tough and he had everything in his game. Luis Suarez has been breath-taking at times this season but he has a way to go because of the trophies Kenny won.

Maybe in King Kenny had played in this Liverpool team, he’d not have won quite so much.


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Liverpool Balls: Sturridge Says England More Important Than Reds And Vice-Versa

LIVERPOOL’S Daniel Sturridge only made it onto Everton’s pitch in the 79th minute of last weekend’s derby match. The reason was that he’d been less than sparkling in training. Brendan Rodgers says: “If you want to be a champions, you have to be ready. For this game, I just felt Daniel wasn’t ready.” Daniel went on to score in the 88th minute.

Sturridge had spent the week before the match playing 90 minutes for England against Germany.  He said:

“For me, regardless of what condition you are in, if you are selected by the manager of England you go out there and do the best you can, regardless of whether you are injured or not. The manager gave me that opportunity and it was a pleasure to put the England shirt on. Fit or not fit, you go out and do your best.”

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Transfer Balls: Sami Mokbel Dines Out On Liverpool’s Luis Suarez To Bayern Munich


TRANSFER Balls: In desperate search of a story Daily Mail’s Sami Mokbel looks at Liverpool’s Luis Suarez and a move to Bayern Munich:

What was Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola doing at a trendy London eatery on Friday afternoon…


…meeting Luis Suarez’s agent?


Sportsmail can reveal the Spaniard – who joined the German giants in the summer – was in the Big Smoke over the weekend making the most of the international break with a trip to London.

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Liverpool Legend Michael Owen Talks To Us About His Picture Frames


IN case you missed it, the Daily Mail produced an “exclusive” account of Michael Owen’s life. The former Liverpool and England player is mesmeric in his dullness. Highlights are:

‘”I was never really one for having my house adorned with all my memorabilia. I had it all put away. I never wanted to put them up while I was playing in case something miraculous happened and I won another FA Cup or something, but now I’ve finished and I’m getting them all together. I know the number of caps and shirts and I’m framing the special ones. I’ve got a set number of frames and I’m going through in order, with my different debuts and the shirts from every cup final, England-Argentina in the World Cup and when I scored the winner for Manchester United against City. About 15 definitely need to go in, and if there’s room for more I’ll decide what goes in.”

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Local Views: Liverpool Create No Chances As Arsenal Celebrate Easy Win


AFTER Arsenal beat Liverpool 2-0 in the Premier League it’s interesting to see what the clubs’ local newspaper say of the game:

Islington Gazette (Arsenal)

Santi Cazorla fired the Gunners ahead somewhat against the run of play on 19 minutes, lashing the ball home after his bullet header had come back off the post.

Wales midfielder Aaron Ramsey then made sure of all three points on the hour when he cracked in a sublime 25-yard half-volley…

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Arsenal: Liverpool’s Rodgers Uses Bendtner To Stick Book In Over Suarez Bid

QUOTE of the day is supplied by Liverpool manger Brendan Rodgers. In readiness for Liverpool’s match at Arsenal – the first meeting between the two since The Gunners’ failed bid for want-away striker Luis Suarez – Rodgers says:

“It may become difficult if you lose that one striker [Giroud]. I’d think Arsène Wenger will look to get a striker in [in January] and will be hoping and praying that he doesn’t get any injuries. And he’s obviously got Nicklas Bendtner.”



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Liverpool: Reality TV Star Brendan Rodgers Hates Manchester United’s Fly On The Wall

brendan rodgers

LIVERPOOL manger Brendan Rodgers is a quotable sort (“My biggest mentor is myself because I’ve had to study, so that’s been my biggest influence”). Today he’s been talking about Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography:

“Anyone who’s been in football knows that whatever is said behind closed doors and in the changing room is something you wouldn’t want to hear again… It’s something that’s vitally important. You want to know as a human being that you can speak openly and communication is honest, and hopefully wouldn’t get repeated.  You would like to think you would still have some old-school values and ethics that whatever is said you take it on the chin and keep it behind closed doors and move on.”

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Arsenal great Ian Wright says any England win with Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling would be hollow



“KEVIN PIETERSEN let his country down — but Jack Wilshere hasn’t, say Ian Wright, who adds in his Sun column:

The flak Jack copped for his views on foreign players representing England is outrageous. And I agree with everything Jack said. You MUST be English to play for England. KP can say whatever he wants but he was born in South Africa — it isn’t the same him having the Three Lions on his chest…

It’s like cheating. Any victory that requires foreign help is hollow. If you’re English and not good enough to play for England you don’t just go and play for Ireland.

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Rafa Benitez gets his own statue in Naples – Liverpool and Chelsea must wait

WHEN Rafa Benitez left Liverpool, the club lost a great manager. But they never did build a statue to his name. Rafa was one of the things that made Liverpool great; they should have made a statue of him in the Tate. At Chelsea, Rafa did well. No statue, of course, but many appreciative Blues’ fans did tell him to get stuffed and offer to mount his head on a spike at Stamford Bridge. And then to Naples: a very slightly unsettling full 1:1 life-size terracotta figurine of Napoli manager Rafa Benitez, complete with ultra realistic signature paunch has ben spotted in the arcades.

No, no tray. He’s no dumb waiter:



Spotter: @matthew_barker)

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Liverpool: The Sun won’t let Luis Suarez move on from that bite

CAN Liverpool’s Luis Suarez be allowed to move on by the partisan anti-foreigner, righteous English press? No. This is how the Sun reported on Suarez’s two-goal salvo that saw Liverpool beat Sunderland and move to second in the Premier League:

suarez bite 1

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Liverpool: England’s Sturridge wasn’t cheating when he scored with his arm – he’s no Suarez


WHEN Liverpool played Sunderland at the Stadium of Light, England’s Daniel Sturridge scored the first goal with his elbow. Handball, surely. But the goal stood. Was it cheating, then? When Uruguay’s Luis Suarez scored with his hand against Macclesfield last season he was labelled a “cheat“.

To see what the experts think of it all, first we read the Sunderland Echo’s report:

In the 27th minute Gerrard curled in a corner from the left which was met by the unmarked Daniel Sturridge six yards out, who was unable to make a connection with his head, but the ball bounced off his outstretched arm and beat Larsson on the line.

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Liverpool Watch: Mignolet’s coffee politics, Suarez’s baby and Reina’s long, long goodbye

PA-17244907 (1)

LIVERPOOL Watch: a look at the Reds in the news.

Pepe Reina is back to tell us that his Liverpool career is over. Probably.  Says the affable Spaniard now on loan at Napoli:

“At the moment it’s difficult to think about being a Liverpool player next year. They have a young goalkeeper in Simon Mignolet and the manager prefers him to me. That’s the reason why I’m here and he will be at the club next year as well. There’s no reason to think I’ll be a Liverpool player from now on but we’ll see where the future takes us.”

He then revisits the circumstances of his move to Italy:

“It did come as a surprise. It was the club who made the move. I was on my holidays and nobody told me anything. Suddenly Napoli called and said they were agreeing terms with Liverpool and Liverpool just rang me two days later and said the same. They probably had their own reasons. It’s been a good move so far and I don’t regret what happened. I would have preferred to say goodbye in a different way.”

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Liverpool top Premiership tweeting list for January

An iffy start to the season might mean that the Premiership title is beyond Liverpool, but the Red half of Merseyside are at least top of one league – the country’s top footballing tweeters. Barclays has analysed Twitter traffic using Sysomos’ Media Analysis Platform (MAP) to see which teams and which cities were the centre of the Twitter-sphere throughout January, and found that when it comes to expressing themsleves in 140 charactars the Scousers come out top.

There was apparently a million tweets about the Barclays Premier League and its clubs in January with Liverpool FC, the subject of nearly a third of those tweets (301,169). In second place was Arsenal FC (110,901), which is something of a surprise given the club’s lack of transfer activity. Chelsea FC (97,655) and Manchester United (86,249) roll in as third and fourth place.

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The Smell Of Victory: The Scent Of Football

SMELL that? That is the smell of Liverpool FC.

L4Men leads with the intense freshness of Robbie Keane and the garlic-infused sparkle of Fernando Torres.

Note the virile blend of frustration and star anise which finishes down with undertones of second-hand tyre and gold top.

This is Liverpool’s attempt to dethrone Beckham as the official smell of football. Right now L4Men is the official scent of the Premier League, but we can expect Liverpool’s rivals to up the stakes and take more vigorous approaches to the challenge of advancing the brand.

Here are some of the other odours that should be wafting through the grounds next season:

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