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Role models: Leicester City’s orgy stars make kids hanker for ‘minging’ Thai prostitutes

Screen shot 2015-06-01 at 14.08.41


Leicester City have bought into the balls that footballers are role models tasked with teaching us to live good lives. On the matter of the bisexual orgy partaken by James Pearson, Tom Hopper and Adam Smith on the club’s tour of Thailand, Leicester City say:

“The Board of Leicester City Football Club is deeply concerned about an incident involving three of our young professionals during a recent trip to Thailand. Our players at every level are expected to behave as representatives and ambassadors for our Football Club, both on official Club duty and in their personal lives, so we treat their conduct extremely seriously.

“Following a preliminary meeting in consultation with the three players earlier today, the players involved in the incident are now returning to the UK, in advance of the rest of the squad.

“Tom Hopper, James Pearson and Adam Smith would like to convey their sincere apologies for their behaviour – to the women involved in the incident, to the Club and its owners, to the Club’s fans and to their families.”

Just not in person.

“A formal process of investigation will be undertaken with the players in conjunction with their representatives and, as such, no further comment can be made at this stage.

Leicester City remains wholly committed to promoting equality in football and in wider society and to our players recognising their responsibilities as role models to young people.”

Youngsters who had planned to become family men like for England player Phil Neville are now conflicted. The favoured greeting between Leicester’s children is now “slit-eyed minger“, replacing “negrito” and “you black ****”, terms imported from cool kids in Liverpool and Chelsea, respectively.

Tom Hopper, James Pearson and Adam Smith’s children will surely grow up with a bubble of immense pride that Leicester’s chief cultural activity of on-the-clock sex with impoverished Thai women was inspired by their fathers’ work in the field.

Unless, of course, another more powerful footballing role model says the trio are women-hating, bigotted bastards, in which case best of luck, growing up with dad, boys and girls….


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Women-hating Leicester City players in homo-erotic Thai orgy (video)

Captain James - 'my dad's the manager' - Pearson

Captain James – ‘my dad’s the manager’ – Pearson


In “Pemier League stars’ racist orgy shame caught on camera”, the Mirror’s Simon Wright report on “Leicester City budding stars, including boss Nigel Pearson’s son… taking part in a vile orgy in which a local girl was racially abused in Bangkok.”

Footballers. Racism. Sex. This one’s got the lot.

On a post-season tour with the Leicester City, daddy’s boy James Pearson, Tom Hopper and Adam Smith filmed “three Thai girls committing depraved sex acts with them in a hotel room”.

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Wojciech Szczesny is Head & Shoulders above Manchester City’s Joe Hart

Welcome competition for Manchester City’s Joe Hart in the world of anti-dandruff sponsorship arrives in the form of Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny. Until now, Hart had occupied the No.1 slot in Team Head & Shoulders. Now his place is under threat.

Maciej, Szczesny’s father, says the story of his son smoking in the changing rooms after playing a less than glorious part in Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat to Southampton is a case of wrongful substance identification.

“The media keep writing about that cigarette under the shower, but according to my knowledge, it never took place. It’s hard to deny that Wojciech’s relationship with Wenger hasn’t been great for some time. It’s not all Wojciech’s fault and I’m not saying that because I’m his father and would want to act as his advocate. Wenger shall not be counted among loyal individuals. He doesn’t always keep his promises and isn’t always honest. However, he [Wenger] claims that there is cigarette ash on his [Szczesny’s] suit jacket, whereas in fact it’s dandruff.”

Easy mistake to make, as any adolescent ever caught with dandruff all over his fingers and cuffs in the school toilets can attest.


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Time to kick FIFA out and begin the ‘True World Cup’

world cup


ON the cries to boycott FIFA and its tournaments, Deutsche Welle’s Jefferson Chase is spot on.

Let’s play a game of free association. I’ll say a word, and you tell me what immediately pops to mind. The word is FIFA. So what did you think of? Bribery? Corruption? Blatter? What about “nauseating?” That’s the word that great English striker Gary Lineker used when he was asked about football’s world governing body…

Here’s Lineker making a sound case for a show of power:

There’s no need for any discussions, dialogue or compromises. It’s is now up to the world’s leading football nations, acting alone or with in organizations like UEFA, to sever their ties with FIFA. They should immediately begin discussions about where to hold the “True World Cup,” or whatever they want to call it, in 2018 and 2022. Can you imagine what the sponsors’ reaction would be? And how Blatter supporter Vladimir Putin would like that?

Money makes the world goes round, and that goes double for football. If there’s a serious threat that the world’s top teams might not play in the World Cup, Blatter would be forced to tender his resignation within a matter of days, and Friday’s FIFA vote would essentially become an act of institutional suicide. Which, in a better world, is what it should be.

FIFA troughs on…

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Liverpool Balls: Klopp, Allardyce, McClaren and Ancelotti the flying pig challenge Rodgers

Football Balls: the intersection of media football fact and fiction spots the Sun’s story that “JURGEN KLOPP has made himself available to be next Liverpool manager”.

Has he? Klopp has left Borussia Dortmund. He’s a free agent. He’s pretty much made himself available to be manager any club.

Ken Lawrence writes:

The German, 47, has scrapped plans to take six months off after his last game as Borussia Dortmund boss in tomorrow’s German Cup final. And he has made it known he would be interested in taking over from Kop boss Brendan Rodgers at Anfield.

How did he make that interest known? The only quote the story provides is this:

“I am not tired. I haven’t had any contact with any other clubs but I am not planning a sabbatical.”

Mentions of Liverpool: none.

Lawrence then ends his story by noting:

Carlo Ancelotti is also a possibility for Liverpool after leaving Real Madrid.

Yeah, of course he is. Other managers with Premier League experience looking for work and, therefore by the Sun’s reckoning possible Liverpool head coaches, include: Steve McClaren, Sam Allardyce, Ian Holloway, Malky Mackay, Paul Lampbert, Harry Redknapp, Stuart Pearce, John Gregory, Danny Wilson and Gus Poyet.

Looking at that lot, Liverpool sticking with their current manager Brendan Rodgers doesn’t look such a bad option.

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Transfer Balls: Liverpool chase Carlos Tevez who agrees Boca return as West Ham prepare bid

Transfer Balls: Good news, Liverpoool fans. The Daily Star says you’re going to be watching another former Manchester City striker in Liverpool red. Calos Tevez will be keeping Mario Balotelli company at Anfield.

Well, so the trusty Daily Star’s Marc Williams tells us in a story dated May 27:

The former Manchester United, City and West Ham star is considering his future with Juventus and, according to the Daily Express, could leave if the Italian giants win the Champions League.

The Star is quoting its sister paper. So we head across the newsroom to the Express and learn via a May 14 story:

Liverpool eye SENSATIONAL move for former Man Utd and City ace Carlos Tevez…

According to the Metro, Liverpool have made enquiries about whether Tevez would be interested in a return to the Premier League at the end of the season.


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Arsenal balls: Cup Final mascot won’t forget what he never saw in the Mirror

Arsenal Balls now as the Daily Mirror reports on how Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain surprised a young Arsenal supporter with amazing prize. The report tells us:

This young Arsenal fan won’t forget the Gunners’ 4-1 win over West Brom in a hurry. No, not because Theo Walcott scored a hat-trick or because Jack Wilshere scored an absolute worldie, but for another reason. Gunners supporter Malachi will remember the final day of the 2014/15 season because it was the day he learned he would be a mascot in an FA Cup final.

He sure won’t forget that West Brom match in a hurry – if he was there.



arsenal mascot


Because as Arsenal reports:

The Arsenal forward sought out the Edgware youngster in his seat at Emirates Stadium at half-time of the game against Sunderland. He then invited Malachi pitchside to reveal that he had been randomly selected from more than 34,000 Junior Gunners to be club’s mascot for the FA Cup final against Aston Villa on Saturday.

Sunderland played Arsenal before that unforgettable West Brom match.

Such are the facts in the self-styled “intelligent tabloid”.

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Transfer Balls: Arsenal sign Artuto Vidal for less than half what Manchester United bought him for

Transfer Balls: Is Arturo Vidal heading to Arsenal from Juventus? It was only a yer ago the tabloids told us that Vidal had signed for Manchester United for £47m, £45m£40m and £62m. He didn’t sign. But now he’s riding high on the news cycle all over again. And the Daily Express has the scoops:

On May 27, the Express told us: “Reports have linked Vidal with a £25m move to the Emirates this summer.”

What reports?

Well, the Daily Express told us that: “JUVENTUS have told Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United that they will have to fork out £28million to land Arturo Vidal this summer.”

So that £25m is not enough.

On May 25, there was no news in the Express – and there would no news until the Copa America had ended:


Screen shot 2015-05-28 at 16.51.09


And that was deflating for Gunners fans keen on the Chilean player because a few days earlier the Express had told them that Vidal was an Arsenal player. It was a done deal.


Screen shot 2015-05-28 at 16.52.17


That Express story was based on a report in the Standard, which told us:

Juventus star Arturo Vidal appears to be on the Gunners wish-list.

Such are the facts.

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Let’s Blame the Jews: Fifa VP says the Jews did it

Odd isn’t it that the one major power not all that bothered about football should set alight the pile of dead skin and cash that is FIFA. But better than America’s role in the story of kickbacks and major league corruption is news that we CAN blame the Jews. Whenever human error and wrongdoing exists, we wonder how long it will be before some sage head blames the Jews.

But for this episode of Jew blaming we can look back to 2011, when former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner – now under arrest for his alleged part in a “rampant, systemic and deep-rooted” scheme to “acquire millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks” – blamed Jews for his downfall.

As Reuters reported:

Warner, 68, resigned from FIFA after ethics investigations were begun into a meeting he held with Bin Hammam where FIFA say payments were made to Caribbean soccer officials ahead of the election for FIFA president in June. Qatari Bin Hammam was handed a lifetime ban by FIFA for his role in the affair while a number of Caribbean officials were given suspensions last week.

Bin Hammam was not immediately available for comment.

But Jack was, opining:

“I will talk about the Zionism, which probably is the most important reason why this acrid attack on Bin Hammam and me was mounted.”

He shoots. He scores!

First one to spot how Jews kill workers in Qatar wins.



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Fifa: the buck stops with Sepp Blatter, but not literally

Sepp Blatter stands a still better chance of securing a fifth term as head of Fifa as rivals are mired. In Switzerland, seven senior Fifa officials have been arrested – including vice-presidents Jeffrey Webb and Eugenio Figueredo. The FBI accuses them and seven other men of illegally milking football.

Loretta Lynch, the US attorney-general, says:

“The indictment alleges corruption that is rampant, systemic, and deep-rooted both abroad and here in the United States. It spans at least two generations of soccer officials who, as alleged, have abused their positions of trust to acquire millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks.”

Lesson one: if you are going to do iffy deals, don’t do them in US dollars.

The men were all staying at the luxurious five-star Baur au Lac when they were arrested. They were part of a 200-strong gathering for the Fifa Congress. Rooms at the Baur are priced at £391 for a single (and amount is known in Fifa circles as a ‘drink of water’, allegedly.)

But what says Sepp Blatter, Fifa’s head man? Does the buck stop with him, so to speak? His spokesman says Fifa is “the injured party”:

“You don’t believe me but I say it again: this for Fifa is good. It’s not good for image, not good for reputation, but in terms of cleaning up [the sport], this is good.”

As Blatter is driven up the Champs Elysées in triumph, what about those World Cups in Russia and Qatar?

“The World Cups 2018 and 2022 will be played in Russia and Qatar.”

And inside football’s rotten rooms of power, nothing changes…


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Transfer Balls: Radamel Falcao and his agent share the same Chelsea dream

Transfer Balls hears the Daily Telegraph report that “Radamel Falcao is “desperate to join Chelsea”. How deseperate to join the Premier League champions is the man once nicknamed “El Tigre” and billed by Pep Guardiola as “the best penalty-box forward in the world”?

“Former Manchester United striker willing to take big pay cut to link up with Jose Mourinho”

How much, then, for the man whose end-of-season appraisal was delivered by Manchester United boss Louis Van Gaal:

 “Falcao is a top professional and a good human being. On behalf of myself and everyone at the club I would like to wish him well for the future.”

A good pro and good bloke. That’s what you get for £1m-a-month. Bargain.

Matt Law adds:

Manchester United have decided not to take up their option to sign Falcao permanently, but the Colombian wants to stay in the Premier League and ideally move to London.

He’s not desperate to play for Chelsea, then. Falcao just wants to live in London.

Arsenal showed an interest in Falcao last August, but are unlikely to pursue the striker this summer – leaving Chelsea as his only hope.

Arsenal didn’t puruse the striker because he cost $265,000-a-week. He then played not all that well for Manchester United, who did agree to pay his nutzoid wages for a season. Manchester City had been interested in the Colombian until they were told that it would cost £29 million to fund the deal.

Law adds:

Chelsea are in the market for a replacement for Didier Drogba, and Jose Mourinho and Falcao share the same agent, Jorge Mendes… Mendes will attempt to broker a move to Stamford Bridge for Falcao.

Of course he will. But even the most ambitious agent must agree that the chances on Chelsea paying Falcao £65,000-a-week more than they invest in Eden Hazard are thinner than Brendan Rodger’s excuses.

As ever the Metro pipes up. It says that the deal is on and Falcao could take a £100,000-a-week pay cut to realise his dream of playing for [insert name of London club here] come true.

Just £165,000-a-week to hire Falcao, then. The man’s a dreamer…


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World Cup 2022: welcome aboard the Guardian-endorsed Harrods-sponsored slave ship

xavi al sadd

No sooner had Xavi Hernández announced his departure from Barcelona for a new dawn with Qatari side Al Sadd, than he was attacked.

Xavi, 35, will work as an ambassador for the 2022 World Cup being staged in merciless desert heat.

Given the contentious nature of how Qatar won the right to stage the World Cup and the plight of migrant workers building the massive white elephants – the International Trade Union Confederation’s Play Fair Qatar says “more than 62 workers will die for each game played during the 2022 tournament” – Xavi’s choice has been  considered despicable by some: 

Xavi slaves
Screen shot 2015-05-26 at 13.04.19


Such condemnation for Xavi would carry an ounce of weight were it not for the fact that Barcelona are sponsored by Qatari Airways. Have you seen any of the protests lamenting Barcelona’s links to Qatar, wondering how many labourers have died to give the Catalans success?

It’s far easier to attack the individual that it is to bash the institution.

Do you boycott London’s The Shard, Harrods or any other businesses owned wholly or in part by Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, like Barclays, Volkswagen, Sainsbury’s and Porsche?

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Transfer Balls: Liverpool price Raheem Sterling at £50m to Manchester United and £60m to Arsenal

sterling £50m


Transfer Balls presents a round-up of today’s Raheem Sterling news.

The Express lead with news that Liverpool will sell Raheem Sterling if “Arsenal or Man City make a £50m offer”. Readers are told:

The figure being mentioned within Anfield is £50 million – one which would make interested parties like Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United probably think twice.

Yeah, probably. Or probably not.

The Mail hears from unnamed sources who are talking of a £60m fee.

Liverpool have put a £60million price on Raheem Sterling’s head after the England star insisted he wants to leave Anfield this summer.

Whereas £50m was making clubs think twice about Raheem Sterling in the Express, the Mail says Arsenal says “keen” to do business at £60m. Oh, and the Mail says Sterling us “rated at £45m”.

And Arsenal will surely get Sterling because the Star reports:

“Starsport have been told that Sterling would love to return to London – and the Gunners in particular.”

Told by whom? We’re not told. It could be anyone: you, me, them, The Blues Bothers, anyone.

The Sunday Times reports that Liverpool are lining up a £30m bid for Aston Villa’s Christian Benteke. The paper says Liverpool hope Benteke and other signings will ” help persuade Raheem Sterling to sign a new contract”.  No, not a new contract at Manchester City – a new deal at Anfield.

Such are the facts.




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Transfer Balls masterclass: Manchester United In £157m Bid For Real Madrid’s Ronaldo And Bale

Ronaldo Bale news


Transfer Balls spots a human centipede of balls in the tabloids. The story in The Metro is that Manchester United are going to buy – get this – Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. The Metro’s website puts a figure on what would be the worst transfer in Real Madrid’s history:

Manchester United are reportedly plotting a shock £157.3million transfer raid on Real Madrid for Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. The Red Devils are determined to win the Premier League next season and believe the duo can earn them the title.

Well, if those boffins at Old Trafford think two of the world’s top half dozen players could help them to the Premier League title, who are we to argue? But how does The Metro know this, what’s its souce?

…Bale, 25, is set for an £85.8m move while Ronaldo would cost £71.5m, according to the Star.

We circle the tabloid plughole and head over to the Daily Star, where news is:

Manchester United are considering a sensational £157m double raid on Real Madrid, according to reports.

Whose reports?

The Metro claim the Red Devils are readying bids for Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale as they look to bring the superstars back to the Premier League.

Back to The Metro, then.

Continues forever.

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Manchester United bid £157m for Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo in endless loop of balls

Transfer Balls spots a human centipede of balls in the tabloids. The story in The Metro is that Manchester United are going to buy – get this – Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. The Metro’s website puts a figure on what would be the worst transfer in Real Madrid’s history:

Manchester United are reportedly plotting a shock £157.3million transfer raid on Real Madrid for Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. The Red Devils are determined to win the Premier League next season and believe the duo can earn them the title.

Well, if those boffins at Old Trafford think two of the world’s top half dozen players could help them to the Premier League title, who are we to argue? But how does The Metro know this, what’s its souce?

…Bale, 25, is set for an £85.8m move while Ronaldo would cost £71.5m, according to the Star.

We circle the tabloid plughole and head over to the Daily Star, where news is:

Manchester United are considering a sensational £157m double raid on Real Madrid, according to reports.

Whose reports?

The Metro claim the Red Devils are readying bids for Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale as they look to bring the superstars back to the Premier League.

Back to The Metro, then.

Continues forever.

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Transfer balls: Arsenal sign 85,000-a-week babysitter to help Petr Cech settle in

Screen shot 2015-05-22 at 16.44.02


Transfer Balls spots this pile of steaming matter in the Daily Star. Tomas Rosicky is surely on his way out of Arsenal. He’s a terrific player but at 34 years of age and no longer near the starting XI he’s looking very replaceable.

But wait a moment! In the Daily Star, Dave Woods has an “EXCLUSIVE”.

Tomas Rosicky to stay if Arsenal sign Chelsea star Petr Cech

Why?  Is Cech insisting that Rosicky stays at Arsenal?

…with the pair being so close, the Frenchman knows keeping Rosicky at The Emirates can help convince Cech that Arsenal are the right team for him.

Because Rosicky and Cech are both Czech nationals it means that having the square-cheeked midfielder around the Emirates will help Cech settle into life in London, the city he’s lived in for a decade? That’s the “exclusive”?

Rosicky will be delighted to learn that his primary function will be to operate as – and this with apologies – Cech’s Czech mate. And at £85,000-a-week, he might well be the capital’s most expensive babysitter. Something to put on his CV, there.


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Sunderland Balls: alien life confirmed after Arsenal fail to score

Sunderlnd will be in the Premier League next season. For two weeks this season, Sunderland were in the relegation zone.

Dave Kidd notes in the Daily Mirror following Sunderland’s status-securing 0-0 draw with Arsenal:

“IT would have needed the footballing equivalent of a meteorite strike coupled with a confirmed sighting of alien life forms to have relegated Sunderland”

Or as the, er Daily Mirror also reports:

Sunderland offer Dick Advocaat the manager’s job full-time after relegation fight great escape

Dick Advocaat broke down in tears after Sunderland completed their amazing escape.

When you see aliens, call us…


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Read the Queen’s letter to an Arsenal fan who asked her for FA Cup final tickets




With FA Cup finalists Arsenal and Aston Villa only receiving paltry 25,000 ticket allocations for a game being staged in a 90,000-capacity stadium, fans of both teams have faced something of a mad dash for seats.

Having run out of luck trying to source a ticket for him and his friend Leo via conventional means, plucky Arsenal fan Charlie Pearce was so desperate to get to Wembley that he decided to step out of the queue and go straight to the top.

Rather than wasting precious time and money scouring tout sites, Charlie turned to the one person he thought could help him with his predicament – Queen Elizabeth II.

Sadly, as his reply from Buckingham Palace duly states, it would appear that HRH hasn’t got any tickets going spare…



Fool. Everybody knows the Queen is a West Ham fan.

(Via Mirror)

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Knob Watch: Raheem Sterling’s agent denies saying his client is definitely leaving Liverpool

aidy ward


Raheem Sterling will not sign for Liverpool. No way. No how. It will not happen. Sterling wants a return to London, which means playing for either Arsenal or Chelsea. Fact.

Shy and retiring agent Aidy Ward is quoted as having told the Evening Standard:

“I don’t care about the PR of the club and the club situation. I don’t care. He is definitely not signing. He’s not signing for £700, £800, £900 thousand a week. He is not signing. My job is to make sure I do the best with them (my clients). If people say I am bad at my job, or they are badly advised it does not matter.”

He then called former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher a “knob”:

“Carragher is a knob. Everybody knows it. Any of the criticism from current pundits or ex-Liverpool players – none of them things matter to me. It is not relevant.”

And then talkSport says it “understands” that Ward said no such thing.

It’s very confusing. Is the Standard wrong? Is talkSport talking rubbish? Is there an imposter pretending to be an agent advising Raheem Sterling?


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Transfer Balls: Manchester United mock Liverpool with Raheem Sterling broadcast

The Times’ story that Manchester United have asked Liverpool about their willingness to sell Raheem Sterling has been replayed throughout the mainstream media.

But the news is thin.

The Times‘ leads sports story begins and ends with United asking Liverpool “for an indication of how much it would cost to buy the unsettled 20-year-old”.

It was only yesterday we learned that Manchester City had valued Sterling at £40million and 150,000-a-week in wages – that offer following weeks of news that the player was worth anything up to £50million.

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Transfer balls: Chelsea get Paul Pogba for less than half Manchester City paid for him in March

How much is Paul Pogba worth to Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and any other club keen on the Juventus and France midfielder? This month the Daily Express has been filling its readers in with the facts.

Pogba is worth £80m to Manchester City:


Screen shot 2015-05-20 at 17.59.03


Pogba is worth £70m to Chelsea.


Screen shot 2015-05-20 at 17.58.18


Pogba is now going to cost Manchester City £43m.


pogba chelsea


According to the Express, Pogba’s value has halved in just over a week. And to think way back in March Pogba was worth £100m.



Screen shot 2015-05-20 at 19.35.01


Give it a few weeks and Pogba will be free.

Such are the facts.


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Liverpool: The Sun passes off the BBC’s Raheem Sterling scoop as its ‘Exclusive’

Laughing all the way to the bank

Laughing all the way to the bank


Last night the BBC reported that Raheem Sterling was arranging his Liverpool departure. Given that the talented, underpaid and pragmatic Sterling had chosen to tell the BBC of his desires for glittering success and admiration for Arsenal in a TV interview, the source is less speculative than most. The BBC had its scoop.

And one day on how does the The Sun cover the story of Raheem Sterling’s departure from Anfield? Like this:


Sterling leaves


It’s an ‘exclusive’ to every one of those Liverpool fans who get their football news only in the Sun – which is to say none of them.

You can read Raheem’s story here, and realise why his leaving Liverpool is no great shock.

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Watch Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas earn the season’s most ridiculous red card

WEST BROMWICH, ENGLAND - MAY 18:  Cesc Fabregas of Chelsea leaves the pitch as he is sent off during the Barclays Premier League match between West Bromwich Albion and Chelsea at The Hawthorns on May 18, 2015 in West Bromwich, England.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

Pizza for Cesc!


Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas has been sent off for kicking the ball at West Bromwich Albion’ Chris Brunt.

Kevin Kilbane says Fabregas meant it, telling BBC Radio 5 live listeners:

“Cesc Fabregas knew exactly what he was doing there. He was 10, 15 yards away, and he just boots the ball into the melee of players. Absolutely mindless from Fabregas, he didn’t need to get involved.”

Mindless or deliberate – can it be both? And will kids who see Cesc as their ‘role model’ spend the summer copying the Spaniard’s precise strike with a beach ball aimed at the head of a sunbed-prone dad?


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Migrants working on Qatar’s glorious 2022 World Cup are living in Shangri-la says BBC report

'Wish you were hear,' love  Sanjay

‘Qata is great. Wish you were hear,’ love Sanjay


The Qatari government wanted to show invited journalists how well it’s treating migrant workers toiling on its 2022 World Cup Sandlantis. But four BBC journalists thought it an idea to do some actual journalism, peeling away from the group to see things not on the official tour.

At which point thery were arrested for trespassing and banged up in jail – which is ironically and very possibly much more in keeping with the authentic labour camp experience, allegedly.

Fifa, that bastion of freedom, fairness and transparency, says it is investigating the arrests:

“Any instance relating to an apparent restriction of press freedom is of concern to Fifa and will be looked into with the seriousness it deserves.”

Fifa did not wonder aloud why the journalists didn’t just grease some palms with silver and big watches and make the problem go away. (Because doing so would be wrong and illegal – ed).

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Injured ball boy teaches Maria Sharapova the art of silent comedy


The thing I noticed when the ballboy face planted (into actual plants) at the women’s final of the Internazionali BNL D’Italia was that he made less noise than Maria Sharapova does executing a drop shot.

No grunt. No gut-wrenching ‘ouffwaaaahhh!’ as he went down. Just silence.

The ballboy refused to make a drama from a personal crisis, getting to his feet and producing an umbrella which he unfurled in the manner of a young Charlie Chaplin and other masters of silent comedy:



Spotter: @SadeceTenis, Via D&T

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