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Spurs Balls: Harry Redknapp Never Did Know Madrid’s Mighty Gareth Bale


COMPARE and contrast the world of Gareth Bale, formerly of Spurs and now knocking them in for Real Madrid:

When the final whistle went Bale collected the match ball and took it to the centre circle, holding it aloft to salute the Madrid supporter. – Sunday Times, December 1, 2013

“He’s not an over-ambitious lad” – Harry Redknapp, June 9, 2013

”I think he’s a little bit young to go abroad. I doubt he’d find it easy” – David Pleat, July 30, 2013

“I don’t think Gareth Bale wants to leave yet – unless it was to one of the Manchester clubs. He’s had a new baby and I’m not sure if he’s ready for a move abroad. You have to be settled off the pitch before you get your form on it” – Glenn Hoddle, June 16, 2013

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Spurs Balls: Robbie Savage Is Upset That AVB Is Not Harry Redknapp

AND on it goes, the daily tabloid grind blaming Andre Villas-Boas for not being Harry Redknapp, the great Spurs manger who won NOTHING at Spurs and presided over a spectacular Champions’ League collapse. Today Robbie Savage has to-deadline thoughts he wants to share with his Mirror readers:

Boring, boring Tottenham. There you go – someone needed to say it, so it might as well be me.

Actually, lots of Spurs face have been saying it. Maybe you’re just following them, Robbie?

If Andre Villas-Boas wants to know why his job suddenly came under such heavy scrutiny this week, it wasn’t just about the six-goal hammering Spurs took at Manchester City.

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Spurs Balls: Selling Gareth Bale Sees Spurs Earn More Points Than Last Season



SPURS Balls: Helping us to decided which team is better than another are goals and league tables. Mindful of that we read Oliver Holt in the Daily Mirror:

“WHEN Gareth Bale was sold to Real Madrid for £86million, most people said it was a no-brainer. Tottenham had to take the money, they said. A few, including Gary Lineker, suggested it was never a good thing to sell your best player. Spurs’ current woes seem to be proving him right.”

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Spurs Balls: Daily Mail Ignores The Facts To Slam AVB For Not Being Harry Redknapp


SPURS Watch, with Andre Villas-Boas. Today the Daily Mail’s Martin Samuel castigates the Tottenham manager: “What’s the beauty of being Villas-Boas? It’s always someone else’s fault”:


Andre Villas-Boas used to watch the game by crouching down on his haunches near the touchline. And then he stopped doing it. Isn’t that strange? People were making fun of him, but even so. If he thought it was the way to get the greatest insight, why would he change?

Sciatica? Getting older? Dunno. You, Martin?

Unless it was an affectation. A quirk, a gimmick to make him look brighter than he is.

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Spurs Balls: Paulinho’s Ace And The Nightmare Maths

WHAT facts do we have about Spurs boss Andrew Villas-Boas, whose biggest crime is not being Harry Redknapp? Tottenham lost 6-0 to Manchester City. But it’s not the end of the world. The season is not over – it’s not even half-way through. But the media experts deal in facts. So. Let’s hear some from today’s experts:

£111m down the drain!” – The Sun

“Tottenham’s total spend surpassed a whopping £110 million this summer” – GiveMeSport

“AVB told to spend AGAIN! After £108m summer spree” – Daily Mail

“Tottenham’s expensively assembled dream team is fast turning into a nightmare at White Hart Lane. This was supposed to be the season that Spurs challenged for the title after re-investing the world record transfer fee they received for Gareth Bale on a £107 million summer spending spree“- The Daily Mail


“Spurs spend close to £100 million” – Telegraph

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Spurs Balls: Redknapp Is Confused Over Soldado And Doesn’t Read His Own Newspaper



COMPARE and contrast: Jamie Redknapp on Spurs’s new recruits:

JAMIE Redknapp in the Daily Mail: “Who chose the targets for the Bale money to be spent on? Roberto Soldado is another Jermain Defoe, Etienne Capoue is another Sandro, and do you need Lamela when you have Andros Townsend? Was it Andre Villas-Boas or was it director of football Franco Baldini?” – November 25, 2013

Maybe Jamie should read his own paper:

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Football Photos: Mancheater City Fans Do The Gareth Bale Heart To The Spurs End

FOOTBALL fans can be funny bunch. Today, Manchester City fans enjoyed their team thrashing Spurs 6-0. They rubbed salt into the open sore by doing  Gareth Bale hearts to the Spurs fans.

City fans doing the Gareth Bale heart to the Spurs end


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Arsenal Balls: Reasons Why Spurs Will Finish Above Arsenal (According To Experts)



THE Daily Arsenal: Spurs have  been thrashed 6-0 by Manchester City. Arsenal are top of the Premier League. Let’s review what the experts said:

Gary Lineker: “I think they’ll probably finish above Arsenal. Well, the interesting thing is that normally clubs… if they sell a huge player, they always say, oh, we’ll spend the money, we’ll put it back in the team but they invariably don’t, whereas at least you can say for Spurs they’ve had a plan and they’ve spent that money – and they’ve spent it actually before they got it really – so I think actually they’ve bought pretty well on the whole.”

Harry Redknapp: “I wouldn’t compare the two squads. Tottenham are much stronger, no doubt. There’s no reason they can’t challenge to win the league. They can be bang there. They’ll finish top four and who knows where they could finish after that?”

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Desperate Fans: The Spurs Sugar Puffs Muncher

ALL football fans have been there. They have experienced the pang of embarrassing co-supporters, the figure-of-fun who shares you love of the team. Today’s Desperate Fan is Graham Downes, played by ardent Tottenham supporter Paul Whitehouse:

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Spurs: The Sun Continues It’s Daily Attack On AVB

THE Sun continues its bid to portray Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas as a fool. In today’s paper, readers get:

JAN VERTONGHEN has taken a swipe at Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas in a clash over tactics.

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Is Former Spurs Star Gareth Bale A Cheating Foreigner In Spain (Like Liverpool’s Luis Suarez Is In England)?

IS former Spurs Star Gareth Bale recapturing the form that made him  a great in England? Yes. And no. He’s yet to score a stunning goal. But he is slipping around a little. Which makes us wonder: is the noble Briton now a cheating foreigner, like Liverpool’s Luis Suarez has been portrayed in England?

This is a snapshot of Bale reliving the glory days at White Hart Lane in Real Madrid’s match against Seville last night:

bale dive

Spotter: Pies

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Spurs: Andros Townsend Earns Makes Manchester City’s Adebayor Look Even Luckier

Screen shot 2013-10-19 at 09.32.14


ANDROS Townsend Watch: A look at the England’s new great hope.

The Mirror leads with news that the Spurs winger is on 16,000 a week. Every week. It choses to compare Townsend’s new wage packet not with that of a nurse or teacher but with Manu Adebyaor, the Spurs striker on £170,000-a-week. Darren Lewis writes:

Andros Townsend could yet become a target for rival clubs after Tottenham’s reward for his England heroics was a new four-year deal worth ‘just‘ £16,000 a week.

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Spurs Monkey Balls: Mixed-Race Loveable Yido Andros Townsend Is Enslaved By The Ridiculous Society of Black Lawyers

COMMENT of the day comes Peter Herbert of an outfit known billed as the Society of Black Lawyers, a name that manages to be both sinister and laced with a pretentious Sixth formers ideas of grandeur. He wants to admonish the FA for Roy Hodgson’s monkey-laden England pep talk.

 Roy Hodgson’s comments may not have been made with the intention of causing offence as he has explained with the backing of the FA, nonetheless, offence was caused,’ writes Herbert in a letter to the FA calling for a full and proper investigation.The FA’s statement also confirmed that they had not received any complaints from the England players and therefore the matter was closed. The comments of the FA smack of “institutional racism” bearing in mind the Lawrence Inquiry definition of “unwitting racism”.’

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Spurs: The Sun Goes Looking For Racism In Andros Townsend’s Space Monkey

THAT the Sun has little time for Roy Hodgson is no great shock. He is, after all, guilty of not being the Sun’s columnist and England would-be legend Harry Redknapp. And so it is that one day after Roy’s Rover  have made it into the World Cup Finals by winning their tricky qualifying group, the Sun wades in with an Andros Townsend  RACE ROW:


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Arsenal’s Theo Walcott only needs to beat Spurs ‘superstar’ Theo Walcott to be a World Cup legend


HOW good has Spurs’ Andros Townsend become since he scored in England’s 4-1 win over Montenegro?

Tony Cascarino (Times):

I felt for Theo Walcott on Friday, sitting in a TV studio watching his replacement have a great game. Walcott would have wanted Andros Townsend to do well for England — just not too well! It’s a strange mix of feelings when you see your rival excel.

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Harry Redknapp says he has no grudge against nasty Spurs and those untrustworthy, clueless FA fools

COMPARE and contrast Harry Redknapp with these two extracts from his new book:

“Daniel Levy) was the first person to ring me up to wish me luck when I took over at QPR, and even on the night I left Tottenham, the car phone rang and it was Daniel. “Harry, let’s keep in touch,” he said. “I hope we can still be friends.” I thought, He’s got some front. He’s just sacked me and now he wants to be mates. But we have stayed in touch. I’m not one for grudges.”

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Real Madrid’s official complaint letter to Spurs about Bale’s transfer

HOW’s Gareth Bale getting on in Real Madrid after his move from Spurs? Sources point us to “Real Madrid’s official complaint letter to Tottenham about Bale’s transfer”:



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Spurs: report says AVB gave West Ham no credit – but he did


FOLLOWING  West Ham’s 3-0  win at Spurs, David Hytner wrote in the Guardian:

Sam Allardyce once speculated that he might be taken more seriously as a tactician and, therefore, considered for the very top jobs, if he had a European-sounding surname. At White Hart Lane on Sunday, the West Ham United manager contented himself with aping Spain’s 4-6-0 formation, which had triumphed at Euro 2012, to enjoy a memorable 3-0 win. He positively basked in the post-match acclaim. ‘No, no, don’t call me a managerial genius (but you can if you want)’, was the subtext to a line from his press conference. André Villas-Boas hated it. The Tottenham Hotspur manager gave Allardyce and West Ham absolutely no credit. He said that their goals had come from a set-piece, a fluke and a one-man break against two of his defenders. Allardyce’s tactics had emphatically not thrown him. “It’s nothing to do with the strategy but you can write whatever you want,” Villas-Boas huffed. Having been outwitted in the second-half by Chelsea’s José Mourinho the previous weekend, this was a low point. Allardyce is riding high. 

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Spurs: Police evict Tottenham fans for calling themselves Yids as West Ham fans respond with a little Hitler humour


DID the Chant Police arrest anyone at the Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United match? The BBC reported that one Spurs fan was arrested for saying “Yid” at the match. Yeah. First they came for the Yids who called themselves Yids…

This Spurs terror was held on suspicion of committing a public order offence.

The rest of the pubic around him sang song about Yids. They were not arrested.

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Spurs fans tweet an easy win over West Ham United and Arsenal fans say ‘get Wilshere off’

FOOTBALL is a funny old game. The pundits get their opinions picked apart on Match of the Day and in the newspapers because tipping the outcome of a match is no simple science. Arsenal Gent has noticed a few Spurs tweets before Tottenham lost 0-3 to West Ham United:


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The Smell Of Victory: The Scent Of Football

SMELL that? That is the smell of Liverpool FC.

L4Men leads with the intense freshness of Robbie Keane and the garlic-infused sparkle of Fernando Torres.

Note the virile blend of frustration and star anise which finishes down with undertones of second-hand tyre and gold top.

This is Liverpool’s attempt to dethrone Beckham as the official smell of football. Right now L4Men is the official scent of the Premier League, but we can expect Liverpool’s rivals to up the stakes and take more vigorous approaches to the challenge of advancing the brand.

Here are some of the other odours that should be wafting through the grounds next season:

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