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Man jailed after using fishing line to smuggle ‘deadly’ McMuffin into Wormwood Scrubs prison

smugglers prison london


Karl Jensen, 27, and Lisa Mary Hutchinson, 26, have been jailed for smuggling drugs, a knife, a plastic Kinder Surprise egg containing five Sim cards, a bottle of vodka, a USB chargers and a McMuffin sandwich into London’s Wormwood Scrubs prison.

Jensen tied the meat, cutlery and additives to a fishing line that was pulled into a cell.

Hutchinson was jailed for two and a half years and Hutchinson received a 12-month community order.



Det Con Andy Griffin said the combination of items “could have been deadly.”

But in isolation, the McMuffin is the most feared.

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Man with cloth penis ate toilet paper to beat police breathalyzer test

cloth penis manTo Iowa, where Ross McDonald, 39, has been pulled over by police who have spotted him driving the wrong way down a road. Police say he is dressed as “flasher” might. The police reports says:

“Def was only wearing a trench coat and a piece of cloth that looked like a penis. Upon arrival at the police precinct, McDonald attempted to eat toilet paper, thinking it would mess with the breathalyzer.”

McDonald was arrested and charged with third-offence drunken driving, a Class D felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

His penis is left uninvestigated – but if he ever offers to dry your dishes, best stand well back and shut the kitchen door behind you.


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Couple scammed by door-to-door fish-sellers bought new freezer

Would you buy fish from a door-to-door salesman? To Lancashire, where Marion and Alan Johnson, aged 85 and 88, agreed to buy £24 of fish from a man on their doorstep.

Marion explains what occurred:

“We had just been to the doctor’s and I wasn’t very well. When the men called, we just wanted £24 worth of fish and I asked him to put it in the kitchen as I sat in the living room. I paid on card but when they left and we walked in the kitchen I’d never seen as much fish in my life. I checked the receipt and we’d been scammed, paying £204. The fish wasn’t even labelled so we didn’t know what type it was.

“We didn’t have anywhere to store it so we had to go out and buy another freezer to store it. We ate some of it but then saw on Facebook people were saying it wasn’t safe to eat. There’s now just have loads of fish we don’t know what to do with and we feel really dumb because we fell for it.”

The scammers are swine. But the pat about the couple going out and buying a new freezer to store their unwanted fish in puts the tin lid on the story.


Paul Noone, head of Trading Standards for Lancashire County Council, advises: “The best place to buy fish is from a local fishmonger at an established shop or stall or from a regular local roundsman. You are taking a risk by buying on the doorstep from an unknown trader as this fish may be of poor quality, misdescribed, or overcharged. We are currently investigating cheap fish sold as sea bass, farmed salmon sold as wild, short-weight sales, and Preston cases where a vulnerable lady paid £404 for seven packs of fish, and a retired couple paid £360 for a bag of unlabelled fish.”

Beware of frozen cold callers.

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Dog named Trigger shoots owner

trigger dog gun, guns


To Indiana, where local brains’ trust rep Allie Carter, 25, is out hunting waterfowl. She puts down her 12-gauge shotgun. Trigger her gun dog Labrador steps on the weapon, and she’s shot in the foot.

No birds were hurt but a few got belly pains from laughing.


bird hunter shot



Carter is now on the mend.


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Indiana Jones arrested after high-speed chase

Indiana Z Jones


Indiana Z. Jones of Rushville, New York, was pulled over by police. Rather than leaving the vehicle, Indy put his foot down. Police gave chase. Other police up ahead tossed down “stop sticks” that blew his tyres.

Jones, 21, was charged with unlawfully fleeing a police officer, obstructing governmental administration, reckless operation, speeding, speed not reasonable and prudent, failure to comply with a lawful order, failure to keep right, moving from lane unsafely, driving an uninspected and unregistered vehicles, improper licence plates, driving without insurance and multiple vehicular equipment infractions.

In his defence he cite nominative determinism: Indiana Jones alway runs.

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Other parents: woman threatened to lick neighbour’s noisy children

kiddie licker


Police in Champlin, Minnesota, say a 38-year-old woman was arrested and has admitted sending anonymous threats to a family that said she wanted to taste and lick their children. Police say the woman was upset because the children made noise and left items in her yard. Carrie Pernula was arrested on Friday and faces possible charges of gross misdemeanor terroristic threats and stalking. Word of the threats spread quickly through social media and neighbours say both they and the family were terrified.

kiddie licker champlin


The first anonymous threat arrived on Sept. 27 by mail. The two short sentences said: “The children look delicious. May I have a taste?” The family lives in a Champlin neighbourhood and they have two elementary school students. Terrifed, they called the Champlin Police Department and posted on a Champlin community Facebook page, saying in part, “Opened our mail today to this letter. Obviously my stomach started doing somersaults.” Then, the family began to receive magazine subscriptions.

kiddie licker champlin 1

“Instead of a name on the address label it said things like ‘tasty children’ along those lines,” Champlin Deputy Police Chief Ty Schmidt said. Champlin police traced the magazines and last Friday arrested Carrie Pernula. Police say she admitted to the threats. “She was angry because the kids were leaving things in her yard and I think being a little noisy, being kids, the way kids are,” Schmidt said. The neighbourhood is full of families with young children.

Word of the threats spread quickly on social media and families were terrified for their children. Pernula was released from jail on Monday and is believed to be back at her home. Champlin police say its disturbing someone would create such fear. “In this case they went way beyond the bounds of what should be done,” Schmidt said. Pernula, when confronted by investigators, admitted to sending notes and magazines because the children at that house were “always putting stuff on her porch.” She has not been charged. The Champlin city attorney is reviewing her case.

More great parenting stories at Other Parents

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Man shot with shovel in botched drugs deal

gunTo the East Side of Cleveland, Ohio, where a 49-year-old man has driven himself to the hospital. He tells medics he’s been shot.

He’d been drinking booze, and smoking crack and marijuana when he popped out to top up supplies. In conversation with two drug dealers our hero had a change of heart – he wanted to shop around and see what the competition were selling.

This triggered a fight between the man and the dealers, one of whom ‘shot’ him and stole his wallet. But he didn’t shoot him. He wasn’t shot. The drug-addled patient had been hit in the head with a shovel.

Police are looking for any drug dealers carrying shovels.


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Cop posed a woman to give oral sex to men through a glory hole

cerna oral sex crimeTo Missouri, where former police officer David E. Cerna, 34, advertised on Craigslist for straight men to blow. Cerna posed as a woman keen on giving men anonymous oral sex. Men accepting the invitation were invited to pop over to Cerna’s home, and stick their troublemaker through a hole so that the shy ‘woman’ could administer oral sex.

No-one would be that desperate or stupid, right? Wrong. At least 60 men did this.

Cerna filmed the sex and posted the videos online, leading to a charge of invasion of privacy.

Cerna is also accused of secretly taping men with a spy camera in the restroom of a Chesterfield gas station.

It’s further alleged that Cerna abused children. Attorney Gonzalo Fernandez says:

“In fact the contact would often be initiated by him performing some sort of traffic stop. Some of these people are minors… I know one of them was as young as 16.

“David Cerna kind of took it upon himself to walk through various bedrooms of the house by himself, which at the time seemed strange to the family and now knowing what they do about his propensity for clandestine filming, you wonder.”


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Hunters mistakenly enter zoo and kill two elk

elks shot


To  Norway shot dead two elk only to realise seconds later that they had been shooting through the fence into a zoo.

“I reacted with disbelief, and the first few seconds afterwards were pretty unreal,” says Heinz Strathmann, the chief executive of Polar Park zoo, north of the town of Narvik. Two hunters out shooting elk spotted their prey – in the zoo.

“I think this is very sad, and it’s not okay. We had five elk, now we have only three.”

The hunters rang the zoo, explaining that their elk hounds had managed to get inside the elk enclosure, and then given chase, preventing the hunters from realising that they were shooting into a zoo.

“This is a regrettable mistake made in connection with lawful hunting on the outside of the park,” says Arne Nysted, chairman of the wildlife tribunal in Troms County. “It was a fatal error, but everyone understands that it was not done at all on purpose.”


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Indians threaten to skin Autralian man with tattoo of Hindu Goddess on shin

letter god 2


We’ve yet to see anyone brave / stupid  enough to sport a tattoo of the Muslim prophet Mohammed. But Matthew Keith, 21, thought it a sound idea to get the Hindu Goddess Yellamma inked on his shin. Locals spotted Klein at an eatery in Bangalore. They saw his tattoo. At least one of the offended threatened to skin him.


letter god 4


Then the police came and took him off to the station. Keith claims he was forced to write an apology letter to his harassers. Police say that’s wrong.


letter god


Mr Keith wrote on Facebook:

“Forced letter of apology before I could leave the police station … traumatising situation where it is apparently acceptable to be harassed, threatened and mobbed … I respect India and Hinduism completely. That’s why I spent 35 hours getting a massive Ganesha put on my back and 4 hours getting the Goddess (Yellamma) on the only bit of space I had left on my body .. my girlfriend … does not deserve sexual abuse.”


It being what the gods would have wanted…


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Man has ears cut off to look more like his pet parrots

Parrot fashion

Parrot fashion

Ted Richards has inked his face and eyeballs to look more like his pet parrots Ellie and Teaka. Last month he had his ears cut off. Those ears are now preserved in resin. To keep his glasses on, Ted has had transdermals inserted at the sides of his head.

“I think it looks really great,” he tells the Bristol Post. “I love it. It’s the best thing that has happened to me. I am so happy it’s unreal, I can’t stop looking in the mirror.”

Isn’t that what budgies do?

More photos here.



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Dead mouse discovered in Subway cheese sandwich

mouse in Subway


Matt Jones says his pal found some extra protein in his Subway lunch. Eating at the Lincoln City, Oregon, his friend opened up his Italian sandwich and saw the dead rodent between the spinach and cheese.

“Thankfully it was discovered before Jay took a bite of a dead mouse,” says Jones said. Jones says he returned his own sandwich to the manager because it also had spinach on it, and got a full refund.



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Swearing raven takes selfies and acts

izzi raven
Come to Knaresborough Castle in North Yorkshire, where if ruins bored are not enough you can look out for Izzie, a thieving raven.
“It started to be a problem when people were taking photos of her,” said Igraine Hustwitt Skelton, Her Majesty’s Keeper of Castle Ravens in Knaresborough. “She would fly towards them and sit on their shoulders but then she started taking things. Now she’s taken to nicking cameras and mobile phones and using her beak to take selfies… There was one woman on a bench eating fish and chips and taking photos. Izzie took a bottle out of a bin and pretended she’d got her foot stuck in it and was injured in the middle of the bowling green. The lady went to help free her but she flew off and took her camera in her powerful beak.

“She flew onto the museum roof and managed to take a picture of herself…

She’ll ask people taking her photo ‘What you f*cking looking at?! She’s also flown to the police station nearby and said ‘Ello, Ello, Ello’ When the constable came out to take a look, she swore at him.”
Now sit back and wait for the tourists to flock in.

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New York: Jennifer Connell sues 12-year-old nephew over birthday hug that broke her wrist in 2011

Jennifer Connel


To New York, where Jennifer Connell says when her nephew “acted unreasonably” when he leapt into her arms when she arrived at his 8th birthday party in 2011. She’s suing him.

The Westport News says Connell is seeking $127,000 in damages from the boy, whose mother died last year.

The boy had gotten his first two-wheeler for his birthday, and was joyfully riding the bright-red bike around and around the home, according to testimony.

But when he spotted Connell, he dropped the new bicycle on the ground, exclaiming, “Auntie Jen, Auntie Jen.” “All of a sudden he was there in the air, I had to catch him and we tumbled onto the ground,” Connell testified of her encounter with the 50-pound boy. “I remember him shouting, ‘Auntie Jen I love you,’ and there he was flying at me.”

Although hurt, Connell said, she didn’t complain to the boy at the time.

“It was his birthday party and I didn’t want to upset him,” she told the jury.

Connell says life has been “very difficult” since the injury because of “how crowded it is in Manhattan”. She apparently said:

“I was at a party recently, and it was difficult to hold my hors d’oeuvre plate.”

This has to be a spoof, right?

Update: The New York Daily News says the case was thrown out.

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Woman accidentally glues eye shut with nail fixer; medic won’t treat her unless she pays

eye 1


To Florida,where Katherine Gaydos has some dust in her eye. A neighbour with a leaf blower has jetted something sharp into her peeper. She asks a pal to run inside her home and fetch some Visine. The friend does so. They hand Katherine the bottle. She leans back and squirts the salve in. But it’s not Visine. It’s the stuff you sue to stick on false fingernails. It’s glue. Strong stuff.

“It’s stuck to my eyelids and my eyeball and it really hurts,” says Katherine. She calls 911. A doctors gives her a treatment.

Eight days later, the eyelid is still tightly shut. The doctor will only continue to treat her if she can pay.

“He was talking about doing surgery to try and save my eye, but now I don’t know what to do. I don’t have a job, no insurance or any money.”


eye glue


Local news get wind of the story. The doctor not says he’ll do a deal. Says the patient:

 “It was the same office, but a different doctor. He put Lidocaine above and below my eye and just pulled on it until it finally opened. He said I should get my sight back, and not have permanent damage.”

She has not been asked for payment.


YouTube link.


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Madness: delighted US scientists find rare foreign bird in order to kill it

'Get stuffed'

                                                                                    ‘Get stuffed’


“There in plain sight pumping its tail, crest alert, in full colours, was the moustached kingfisher,” writes Chris Filardi in his field journal. “And then, like a ghost, it was gone.” For days and days Chris and his fellow researchers from the American Museum of Natural History’s Department of Ornithology searched for the bird in the remote moss jungle highlands of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands. They laid nets to catch the precious creature.

And then they heard it. “Ko-ko-kokokokokokokokoko-kiew!” Hush. Was that the elusive moustached kingfisher or Alvin Stardust? “Ko-ko-kokokokokokokokoko-kiew!”

“When I came upon the netted bird in the cool shadowy light of the forest I gasped aloud, ‘Oh my god, the kingfisher,’” Filardi notes. “One of the most poorly known birds in the world was there, in front of me, like a creature of myth come to life.”

The team took photos and recorded the birds call. It is estimated that there are only 250–1000 mature individuals left.

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species tells us: “This spectacular species is judged to be endangered on the basis of a very small estimated population, which is suspected to be declining, at least in part of its range. However, further research may reveal it to be more common.”

And then the happy travellers killed the bird. You know, to get a better look at it.


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Man sacked from pork roll factory for excessive farting and uncontrollable diarrhea

trenton farterLouann Clem of Trenton, New Jersey, is suing her employer Case Pork Roll Co., for firing her husband Rich for excessive farting. The Clems told the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), but they weren’t interested. Farters are not yet a recognised minority group.

So the Clems are suing. Their law suit says Rich’s gastric bypass surgery led to “extreme gas and uncontrollable diarrhea.” They allege company owner Thomas Dolan began giving them a hard time. The Clems say he told them:

“We have to do something about Rich. This can’t go on.”

“Why is Rich having these side effects?”

“Is Rich following his doctor’s recommendations?”

“We can’t run an office and have visitors with the odor in the office.”

“Tell Rich that we are getting complaints from visitors who have problems with the odors.”

The company’s owner says the Clems weren’t fired. They say the Clems refused a pay cut when the company’s fortunes declined.

We say, ‘What the hell are pork rolls made from?’


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This London cupboard is yours to live in for £500 a month

Clapham room small

Compact and bijou


For just £500 a month, you can live in a cupboard in Clapham, south London.

Alex Lomax, who travelled from Nottingham to view the property, says:

“There was a landlord and I was shown the kitchen and the under-stairs cupboard – he seemed deadly serious, which is the worrying part. He said, ‘You would be sharing with three others people’, and I just wanted to get out of there, so I made my excuses and left. I wish I’d been more angry because it’s clearly ridiculous and I’m annoyed at myself for basically just making my excuses.”


Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 09.41.09



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Blackpool woman wore diazepam invisibility cloak to for shoplifting after scratchcard win

invisible woman blackpoolTwo days after winning £25,000 on a scratchcard Nicola Lord, 38, stole perfume from Boots in Lytham.

Lord, who was arrested for shoplifting in 2014 and 2013, “took diazepam which she thought made her invisible when she went stealing”.

Wave965 reports:

She is barred from every Boots store in Britain but still went into the company’s branch in Lytham and stole £514 of perfume…  Lord’s boyfriend David Buckley was removed from proceedings by District Judge Jeff Brailsford sitting at Blackpool Magistrates Court after shouting “ Hello Gorgeous” at Lord as she came into the dock from the custody cells.

Earlier Buckley had sung” We are in the money” outside court and said:”We don’t want to talk about it we don’t want the scrotes to know.”

Lord also admitted an earlier theft of clothing and shoes worth £377 from Marks and Spencer. She is currently on licence after serving eight months in jail.

The judge was told how Lord had a drugs issue. He gave her a 24 week suspended jail term and ordered her to pay £1330 in costs and fines within 35 days after being told by defence lawyer that Lord was due to receive a life changing amount of money within that time.

Lord should know that if you want to be invisible whilst stealing, shopping or breathing, you need to be only one thing: old.


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The Masturbating to Mary Tyler Moore Society Is looking for new members

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 20.03.05


You can The Mary Tyler Moore Masturbation Society, the group created by James J. Kagel of Cleveland, Ohio. Proving our theory that any weirdness you’ve thought of someone else has formed a group for, Kagel invites other fans of Mary Tyler Moore’s “beautifully curved, ever so shapely, silken, creamy smooth, seductive, velvety soft, long, lean, graceful, tantilizing [sic], erotic, sinuously sexy LEGS” to join him in a tribute toss.

Kagel’s interest in MTM began when he watched The Dick Van Dyke Show as a lad.


There’s chance, of course, that you already know all this, being as you are a member of MTM Legs (“for your jacking pleasure”).


Mary Tyler Moore masturbation


Mary Tyler Moore masturbation

Spotter: Richard Metzger


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Walmart shopper stole spoon to eat his Captain Crunch with

spoon theftTo Florida, where Gregg Lerner, 46, has been pinched for stealing a spoon. He “needed one to eat his Captain Crunch with.”

Mr Lerner, 46, took the spoon (value $1.12) from a branch of Walmart in St. Petersburg.

It was 11pm. Because in Florida breakfast is any time you want it to be.


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Cormega Zyon Copening: teenager guilty of sexually exploiting himself

A teenager has been sentenced to a year’s probation after being charged with sexually exploiting a minor because he had naked pictures of himself on his mobile phone.Cormega Zyon Copening, 17, from North Carolina, has admitted child pornography charges. His crime? Keeping two naked photographs of himself on his phone. He is now a registered sex offender.

His girlfriend, Brianna Denson, 16, was charged with making a photograph of herself for keeping it on her mobile phone. She avoided a jail sentence by pleading guilty to disseminating harmful material to minors.

Both are perverts of the lowest order. It’s a good job the adult police got to those naked photos of the teenager before the lynch mob did.

Oh,brave new world.

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Man who slipped into a pothole buried alive by road workers

lal road killed


We’ve seen road workers misspell words and paint lines over dead animals. But this is a first: workers constructed a road over a man who had fallen into a pothole in Katni, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Road workers did not spot 45-year-old Latori Lal as they filled in the hole with hot tar and it was levelled with a roller.

Locals potted Lala’s shirts poking from the road. The driver of the roller and one other workers have been arrested.


YouTube link. YouTube news video in English.


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How do get rid of an unwanted dog in Texas: shoot it on Facebook

dog murder


A woman from Troupe, Texas, asked her Facebook friends:

“I need someone to come shoot my dog, nobody here has the heart to do it! We will provide the gun!”

Mad, indeed. What Texan doesn’t own a gun? Like you, we too smell something stinky, and it’s not the 3-year-old Saint Bernard/English bulldog mix named Cinnamon.

Nicholas Pet Haven of Tyler, Texas, took the bait. He called Troup PD. They called the Smith County Animal Control. Between them you’d think they had loads guns. But they didn’t shoot the dog. They saved the dog that kept getting in the garbage.


dog  murder gun


“It’s devastating,” said animal shelter coordinator Nanette Moss. “I work with these dogs every day. They are my life, and when she walked through my door it just broke my heart. She’s a sweet dog and how can somebody shoot a sweet dog?”

Well, no-one. No-one shot the dog. But the woman got rid of one to a good home.

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Police warning: large ‘egg-shaped’ white man broke in looking for drugs

egg man crimePolice Bulletin: Cops in Ontario, Canada are looking for two men who pepper sprayed the occupants of a local home and robbed them.

One of the victims gave chase. He describes one villain as being around 20 years of age with a large bandage around his hand. The other criminal is an “egg-shaped” white man, about six feet tall and 65 to 70 years old. He has a grey beard, grey hair and was wearing a light coloured “Tilley-style” hat.

The men had ran around the property demanding drugs. It’s not know whether they found any.


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