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Eat yer heart out Google cars – drunk cowboy says his horse knows the way home

google cars horse


Google cars, eat yer heart out. Jake Williams has supped a fill at the local ‘daiquiri shop’ and now it’s time to mosey along home. So he gets on his horse Sugar and heads along Highway 16 in Watson, Louisiana.

And that’s when he got pulled over.

“I was riding my horse down the side of 16,” says Williams, “when I was issued a ticket for being drunk in public. When you get a little too much to drink, why not ride a horse? It’s safer that way. The horse knows the way home.”

So. About those cutting-edge driverless cars..?

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Sentence for woman who wrapped boyfriend’s penis in red-hot hair straighteners

meat sex revenge hairBronwyn Joy Parker, 22, pleads guilty to recklessly causing serious harm to her lover’s penis by burning it with hair straighteners.

The boyfriend suffered third degree burns to each side of his bellend at her home in Mount Barker, South Australia.

District Court Judge Paul Muscat said Parker’s crime was one of the “most unusual” he had encountered during his time in court.  “In short, his penis will be scarred for life and he will suffer from a number of issues, including the proper function of his penis, not to mention the cosmetic and psychological problems associated with the scarring to such a sensitive site,” Judge Muscat added.

The branding was triggered by Parker’s jealousy – and a promise that if he cheated, there would be a punishment. As Muscat notes:

“You regularly abused him, including physically, if you suspected, or, if he admitted to being unfaithful to you. You were particularly jealous of his association with his ex-girlfriend… He was unfaithful to you and had spent two nights with his ex-girlfriend and had sex with her. When you found out about that, you reminded him of his promise to you. He asked you ‘What about it?’ referring to the promise he had previously made. You told him to remove his penis from his shorts, which he did. He said that you could ‘tap it’ with the straighteners after he removed his penis, after you said that you were not going to burn his testicles…

“You took his penis in your hand and then, with the other, you placed the straighteners on either side of the shaft of his penis before squeezing them momentarily. I need not here say anything of the pain and shock which he then experienced.”

Says Parker:

“To start off with, it looked brown around the outside and it didn’t look too bad, it just looked as if you had cooked a piece of meat.”

Judge Muscat sentenced Parker to nine months’ jail but suspended that sentence upon her entering an 18-month good behaviour bond.

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Head case: woman who bit into man’s testicles charged with malicious castration

Martinne Patricia Delavega


To North Carolina, where Martinne Patricia Delavega, 51, of Jacksonville, has been charged with malicious castration and assault causing serious bodily injury. She bit a man’s genitals, causing his testicles to tear open.


What happened to her head is not known. But you can make your own puns…

See the video here.

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Watch: scientist hasn’t washed for 12 Years uses bacteria to ‘stay’ clean


American scientist Dave Whitlock says:

“No one did clinical trials on people taking showers every day. I have not taken a shower in 12 years.”

(Via Oddity Central):

….In fact, he says that the chemicals in our soaps and shampoos have destroyed all the friendly bacteria that once inhabited our skin and kept us clean.

Whitlock first started thinking about good bacteria when a woman he was dating asked him why horses liked to roll around in the dirt during summer.

No plumbing in the stable?

“The only way that horses could evolve this behavior was if they had substantial evolutionary benefits from it,” Whitlock explained. That’s when he realised that for the horses, this was actually a way of keeping clean.

Until then, no one had considered that skin bacteria was important and could be helpful to the body. “I didn’t have a biology degree – I wasn’t at an institution that was renowned for its biological research,” Whitlock said. “And I was proposing something completely off the wall.” But he went ahead and invented a one-of-a-kind spray – called ‘Mother Dirt AO+ Mist’ – consisting of ‘good’ bacteria.

Whether or not he scored another date is not known.



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Mug shot watch: man ‘selling heroin’ while carrying baby daughter wet himself

Henry 'Hank' WojniszMug shot of the day features an agog Henry ‘Hank’ Wojnisz, 31.

Police in Delaware arrested Henry ‘Hank’ Wojnisz, 31, for allegedly selling heroin. He was carrying a young child when he was spotted. Police says the suspect urinated on himself before they discovered 92 bags of heroin (1.38g) labeled “Lacoste” and 12 doses of Suboxone in his possession.

Wojnisz has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child, recklessly/likely to cause injury, resisting arrest and other related offences.

He then posed for this great mug shot.



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Police locate loaded pistol inside suspect’s vagina

pistol lady


To Waco, Texas, where Gabriel Garcia, 30, and Ashley Cecilia Castaneda, 31, after being pulled over by the police. Police find 2.7 grams of methamphetamine under the driver’s seat, 29.9 grams of meth in a purse, a set of digital scales and a loaded 6-shot Smith & Wesson Model 61 semi-automatic pistol inside Garcia’s vagina.

All found items have been confiscated.


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Politician wants pedestrians to give drivers the finger when crossing roads

road crossing


In the drawer marked ‘What could go wrong?’ we find Norm Kelly, Councillor for the City of Toronto, Canada. He wants pedestrians to give motorists the finger while crossing the road.

Kelly wants walkers to extend their arms and using their index fingers point in the direction they want to walk when using crosswalks. At which point the driver will see the walker, wonder what they are pointing at and turn their heads to see. The walker will step into the road and get a closer look at the car crash.

Says Kelly:

“Three per cent of pedestrian injuries and fatalities in Toronto occur at marked crosswalks. This is a statistic which could be significantly reduced if pedestrians make the effort to point, pause then proceed. Getting the attention of motorists before crossing the street eliminates the possibility of a collision.”


With them, yes. With other cars, shop windows, cyclists and walkers not trying to cross the road, the jury’s out.

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Mug Shot pickle: man arrested for exposing his penis in Burger King



To Florida, where Jefferson King, 33, has been arrested for allegedly exposing his ‘Whopper’ in the Burger King in West Palm Beach.

When a woman made eye contact with King and asked him what he was doing, he replied:

 “I’m playing with my penis!”

King has been charged with indecent exposure and was taken to the Palm Beach County jail.

Tip: This is why McDonald’s offer toys.

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Video: man with the 19-inch penis goes the way of the three-breasted woman

huge knob


When we heard that Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, a 52-year-old Mexican, sported a 19-inch penis, we marvelled. And then we wondered if anyone had a photo of the massive member.

Cabrera says his penis is go gargantuan that he “can not go to church because I can not kneel … Wherever I go, [they] all stare.”

And now you too can stare because the fine minds at TMZ have filmed Cabrera and what appears to be the stuffed tail of a toy lion rooting from his knickers.

Unable to put the huge knob in a neckbrace, Cabrera has taken to swaddling it in bandages. The result is that you can’t see his penis at all. This looks a lot like the end of the legend.

And therefore never send to know for whom the bellend tolls; It tolls for thee.




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Woman has large horn growing out of her head (video)

Woman horn on head


To China, where Liang Xiuzhen of Sichuan sports a 13-centimeter by 6-centimeter horn. It’s not stuck on. It’s part of her.



The 87-year-old’s growth is known as a cutaneous horn. Made of keratin, the horn grew over a period of just two years from a small mole.

It might be an idea to get your new ‘beauty spot’ checked out…

Spotter: Zaeega

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Torquay woman ‘robbed’ of money from her ‘private parts’

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 12.23.19


Questions aplenty in light of the Torquay Herald’s story of Paul Clint Wells, 38, who stood before the Beak at Torquay Magistrates’ Court for the alleged offence of “attempting to rob a woman of money of a value unknown from her private parts”.

Wells will appear in court on October 10.

File under: money box.

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Here’s why you should never step on a cricket


Never step on a cricket. That’s a nematomorpha.

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Medics stitch man’s injured hand inside his abdomen (photo)

hand stomach


To save 87-year-old Frank Reyes’s left hand – damaged when it was trapped under a sun-heated car bumper as he was changing a tyre – medics stitched it to his abdomen.

Surgeons at Houston Methodist Hospital left Frank’s hand inside his abdomen for three weeks to reduce risk of infection and save his fingers.


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Roberto Esquivel Cabrera has a gigantic 19-inch penis (photos)

huge penis man


To Saltillo, Mexico, where 52-year-old Roberto Esquivel Cabrera tells Vanguardia he can’t get work or a lover because his penis 19 inches in length and nine inches in girth.

He says:

“I cannot go to church because I can not kneel. Wherever I go, [they] all stare.”


massive penis man



Vanguardia says Cabrera cannot get a girlfriend because he has “an elephant walk” and the ladies dodge his booty trunk call.


Spotter: Vanguardia

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Tiffany White-Wine saw red: woman arrested for alleged drunken attack

white wine


Nominative Determinism Watch spots 29-year-old Michigan woman Tiffany B. White-Wine. She’s been charged with assaulting her roommate.

White-Wine had been drinking before she saw red.


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Other Parents: Cherish Peterson left her child in a shopping trolley

Cherish the word

Other Parents focuses on Cherish Peterson who left her baby at the grocery store. Cherish, 27, forgot her two-month-old son Huxton was still sat in the trolley at Fry’s shop in Gilbert, Arizona.

Gilbert, who was with three of her four children when Huxton was left behind, has been charged with child endangerment.

This being the USA of A, Cherish go on the telly. She tell the nation:

“I consider it a fair trade – the Diet Coke for Huxton. They weigh roughly the same, so, d’uh.”

No. What she really said was:

“I’m a good mom who made a horrible mistake. I got into my car, and normally I put my cart away. But I didn’t need to because I parked at the front of the store and I never park there. And I drove away… As I was pulling into the garage, my three-year-old goes, ‘Where’s baby Huxton?’ His car seat is right behind me. I turned around and realised it was gone…

“There is nothing I love more in this world than being a mum. And there is no one in this world who could love my kids more than me.”

In other news, Macaulay Culkin just turned 35.

PS:  In 2012, British Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife, Samantha, left their eight-year-old daughter, Nancy, in a pub after having Sunday drink, Downing Street has confirmed. They were not arrested.
How easy is it to forget your children?

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Mayor wants flamethrowers banned: ‘only the police should have them’

'He wasn't black when we shot him'

‘He wasn’t black when we shot him’


The Mayor of Warren in Michigan, Jim Fouts, is upset that youths are spending their pocket money on flamethrowers, which retail at a bargain $1,000 a go.

“This is something that is so potentially dangerous that it’s just unacceptable,” he says.

Fouts says he has no argument with the right to carry arms, it’s just that he only wants police to have flamethrowers. This way, after they’ve shot you in the face they can purify the crime scene and bar-b-cue your remains.


YouTube link.


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Devon graffiti watch: who wrote ‘Gingers smel of piss’? on the B3227?

devon graffiti


Is all graffiti wrong? The Plymouth Herald says “RUDE graffiti” has been scrawled on a Devon road.


The message went:

‘Gingers smel of piss”


The misspelled statement was daubed on the B3227 between the village of Chittlehampton and Holsworthy.

Who did it? And why didn’t they alter the sign to Chittlehampton to say Shittlehampton?

It’s a mystery.

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Other parents: police hunt family who left their baby inside a hotel room safe

baby locked in safeYou want to look after your kids, prevent harm befalling them and keep them safe. But keeping them in an actual safe might be a tad over-protective.

Police in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, are looking for the parents of a baby found locked inside a safe at the Howard Johnson Hotel.

The family had approached the hotel’s cleaning staff in a panicked state at approximately 10am, saying their child was trapped in a safe in one of the three rooms. It took maintenance workers approximately 20 minutes to free the baby. Police say the baby was alert and crying at the time. It’s believed the family had difficulty communicating with hotel staff. “They did have a language barrier,” Det. Const. Amanda Sanders said. “And there was an incident that happened inside with one of the safes…  the incident may have been nothing more than a preventable accident.”

Sources say they were from Brooklyn, New York. So much for the language barrier. That’s understandable, eh. But the mind reels as to how a baby accidentally gets locked inside a hotel room safe.

We might never know – the family left before the police arrived.



YouTube link.


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Man trapped in IKEA hell leaves trail of small pencil-drawn penises

IKEA penisIKEA is a low circle of Hell. You do what you can to survive it. A 31-year old man from Aalborg, Denmark, used one of the store’s wooden pencils to draw small penises on the walls and pieces of furniture on display as he marked life’s ebb. “He drew up to 30 penises on walls and shelves around the warehouse,” says Rikke Poulsen from the North Jutland police.

“The man has admitted to being behind these drawings, but not as many as 30. He has no prior convictions and he has explained that he did it because he had seen similar drawings in IKEA. He has regretted his actions, but that doesn’t change the fact that he has still committed vandalism.”

The man received a suspended sentence of 20 days.

IKEA has yet to license his range of patterned homeware.

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British man was right to build a patio from children’s gravestones

Now twinned with 'Bob'

Now twinned with ‘Bob’

In a story grim enough to satisfy our lust to find a daily hate figure we read of “millionaire” Kim Davies, who created a patio from headstones stolen from children’s graves at a neglected chapel in Llechryd, South Wales.

The Daily Mail:

Kim Davies, 60, took tombstones from a derelict chapel and cemented them to the walls of Llanwenarth House in Abergavenny, South Wales, where Cecil Frances Alexander penned the famous hymn.

Newport Crown Court heard how planners were horrified when they saw the ‘decorative stone plaques’ had been used as part of a gaudy £1m makeover to the Grade II-listed home, turning it into a ‘palace for an Iron Curtain dictator’.

One of the 150-year-old gravestones was even engraved with the names of three brothers and a sister who all died while under the age of four.

The wealthy businessman also used some of the graves as flagstones for a patio which he built at the £2.2m country mansion. It means children are now lying in unmarked graves at the disused Soar-y-Graig Non Conformist chapel in the village of Llechryd.

All pretty disgusting. But, you could argue – but we won’t – that he at least put the dead’s post-life chattles to some use. In London, property prices are so dear that even the dead can’t afford the rent.

The Spectator reported in 2015:

Two marble graves are side by side. One is grey and encrusted, with moss growing over the top. The other is smooth and shiny white. It looks new but, in fact, like the grave next to it, it’s more than 100 years old. It’s not just been cleaned — its top layer has been shaved off completely. On its front are potted plants, hydrangeas and a can of Guinness. These are tributes to its new resident.

Its old resident, Robert John, died in 1894. His inscription is still there, on the back of the headstone. His remains are there, too, if they haven’t disappeared into the soil.

John’s grave is among 700 or so that have been re-used, or ‘shared’, in the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium in east London. They are all at least 75 years old. Any remains that are found are put in a hessian sack and reburied. A chatty porter admits it’s ‘a bit controversial’. ‘Not everyone is happy with it,’ he says.

The City of London explains how studio flats graves work:

If you have visited the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium recently, you may have seen that we have some beautiful older and more traditional grave areas. These graves are often located in primary areas and have stunning memorials, and many of the graves within them have leases that are now extinguished.

The City of London Cemetery and Crematorium have a Heritage Programme that conserves the traditional heritage of these grave areas, but allows new families to lease existing graves and re-use the monuments already on them.

This gives you the option of perhaps obtaining a more substantial grave whilst preserving the history of our site.

​As you can see from the pictures, the memorials are completely renovated and brought back to their former beauty. If a family decides to lease a grave in one of these areas, the memorial will be turned around leaving the original inscription on the reverse. This reveals a blank surface for the new lease holders to have there own inscription engraved on the headstone.

Some of the graves in this area have no memorial in place, allowing the new lease holders to purchase one of their own choice. 

Now that you’re dead and you hurry up and decompose a little faster?

Spotter: BoingBoing, Disinfo

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Blue whale interrupts man talking about the difficulty of spotting a blue whale

Zoologist Mark Carwardine was keen to show us how hard it is to spot a whale. A few second after highlighting the issue, a massive whales arrived. It’s easier to spot a whale in the sea than it is in, say, a shopping precint or a jar of Marmite:


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Woman put stolen clams down her shorts and a pizza in her ‘purse’

clam thief


Debra Marceau, 52, was charged with retail theft follwing an incident in Florida where she put clams down her shorts. Whilst in the Publix store in Palm Bay, Marceau opened a box of frozen clams and put them down the front of her shorts.

Marceau tried to place a frozen pizza inside her “purse“, which, we’re assured, is not a euphermism.


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Call David Icke: woman finds lizard man in her Starbucks latte

latte lizard starbucks


Lizards. They are everywhere. David Icke taught us that. Unsurprising, then, to find one of the powerful elite drinking a Starbucks latte in Phoenix, Arizona. But Kim and Brian Dillon don’t believe – or want to believe-  the lizard was a customer. They think it was there by accident:

“It was just so gross knowing it was in my mouth,” says Kim. “It was a lizard,” adds Brian. “A little lizard! That she drank. That went into her mouth.”

“I was like, ‘Oh my God,'” says Kim. “I was almost going to swallow it.”

Starbucks say they’re disturbed by the situation and are looking into it. In future all Starbucks management are banned fom the shop floor.


YouTube link.

Fry’s said they did extra cleaning and checked with a pest control company, but they believe it’s an isolated incident. “We understand that we live in the desert and there’s a bunch of bugs,” said Brian. “But something like that is just nerve wrecking.” Kim says she won’t be returning to Starbucks.

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Professor will live as David Bowie for a year (Mick Jagger not in on the plan)

3rd July 1973:  Adoring fans reaching out to touch the hand of the English pop star, David Bowie, during the concert at the Hammersmith Odeon where Bowie announced that he was retiring his alter-ego 'Ziggy Stardust'.  (Photo by Steve Wood/Express/Getty Images)

3rd July 1973: Adoring fans reaching out to touch the hand of the English pop star, David Bowie, during the concert at the Hammersmith Odeon where Bowie announced that he was retiring his alter-ego ‘Ziggy Stardust’. (Photo by Steve Wood/Express/Getty Images)


Will Brooker, a professor at Kingston University in London, has a new experiment: he will live as David Bowie for a year. He will do some “method acting” as Ziggy Stardust, dress up in the garb of Bowie’s various other incarnations (Bowie, of course is the alter ego of the private David Jones), immerse himself in mid-1970s culture to enter Bowie’s mindset, do his best not to confuse and worry Iman, Bowie’s wife, not use her persona to attract groupies, and partake of the singer’s milk and red peppers diet, omitting the cocaine.

Says Brooker:

“His mansion in Beckenham has been demolished, for instance, and I’m unlikely to have a fling with Mick Jagger.”

Although a few Jagger tribute acts might be up for it.

“However it is possible to engage with and get a feel for his experiences without immersing oneself to a dangerous extent.”

Mr Brooker, we salute you, but not like Bowie’s alleged 1976 Nazi salute.

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