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Boy with pain in ear pulls out four-inch centipede (photos)

Grant Botti, 14, from Bryant, Arkansas, had a huge centipede in his ear. He didn’t know it was there until he felt some pain. He rubbed his ear. He felt something unusual. He pulled it. And out slid a 4-inch centipede.


cenitpede ear


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Town raffles chance to Taser city police officials and buy more Tasers

iowa taser police contest raffleThe ducking stool and stocks are so yesterday. For the price of a $5 raffle ticket, locals in Van Meter, Iowa, can win the chance to Taser City Administrator Jake Anderson or Councilman Bob Lacy. All monies got to the Spontaneous Combustion Guild of America. No, better than that: all proceeds will fund the purchase a second police car, a speed radar, more cops and Tasers.

Says Police Chief Bill Daggart: “Most officers will tell you they’d much rather be tased than pepper sprayed. The effects are so short, and it doesn’t burn.”  

And if you hold a lightbulb over your head you can see your brain light up…


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Watch CNN report on ISIS flag at London Gay Pride (fails to notice it’s made out of butt plugs and dildos)

Isil_flag buttplug


The London Gay Pride march featured an ISIS flag. CNN is shocked and appalled.

Lucy Pawle has noticed a man dressed in black. He’s holding an ISIS flag, says Lucy.

It’s made of dildos and butt plugs.

But Lucy never noticed:


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Jesus founds in tortilla chip (photos)

jesus 1


What deos Jeus taste of? To the family in Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Mexico, he tastes of tortilla. But Josefina Guzman has placed the tortilla not in her mouth, but on an altar.


jesus 3


“I’ve been making tortillas for a very long time,” she said, “but I’ve never seen anything like this before. It is a “miracle”.

The recipe for a Jesus tortilla is heavy doses of belief, hot oil and burning:


YouTube link.

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Watch how pranksters shamed a fit man who parked in a disabled space

disabled space prank


The prankers spotted the able-bodied man’s car in the parking spaced reserved for the disabled and covered it in Post-It notes. Their design mimiced the sign he’d ignored.

He went potty:


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WAtch a drunk shoot himself in the face with beer at the ATM

Spotter: BroBible

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Gene Hackman found in woman’s tortilla

gene hackman tortilla


To Mexico, where a woman has found Jesus Gene Hackman in her tortila.

Albert Einstein never touched the things.


Spotter: Click2Houston

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Doctors find 50-year-old foetus inside 92-year-old woman

fetus woman 50 years old


It was news to the 92-year-old Chilean woman that a 50-year-old foetus was inside her abdomen. The BBC says that after a fall, doctors x-rayed the woman. They found no broken bones – but they did discover a calcified fetus weighing 4.4 lb.

Inquisitr explains:

Known as a lithopedion, sometimes called a “stomach rock” or a “stone child,” this is a rare occurrence affecting just a few women. “Litho” comes from the Greek word that means “stone,” and the suffix “pedion” (also Greek) means “child.” This happens when the fertilized egg is implanted outside of the uterus (known as an ectopic pregnancy).

The medics did not remove the foetus.

Well, she’d not be the first woman to have a middle-aged man invading her personal space.



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Other parents: watch 3 dads fight at six-year-old’s birthday party

party fight


To Australia, where fathers are fighting at a six-year-old’s birthday party.  We join the action at the Lollipops Playland indoor play centre in Wetherill Park, Sydney. Two children have bumped into each other. One dad pulls a six-year-old girl’s hair. She tells her dad. He approaches the hair puller. The hair puller does not say sorry.



Ding-ding. Jelly.


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Drugs bust: woman smuggled 1.5kg of cocaine in her breasts

Cop a load of Honduran Paola Deyanira Sabillon, 22. She’s been attracted at Bogota airport, Colombia, for having 1.5kg of cocaine inside her breast implants. Sabillon says her breasts were destined to be cut open in Barcelona, Spain.

It was in every sense of the words, a drugs bust.



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Wanted man captured wearing ‘You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide’ T-shirt

T-shirt funny


When police captured shooting suspect Tieren Watson in Benton, Arkansas, he was wearing a T-shirt that read:

“You can run, but you can’t hide.”

Indeed you cannot.


Picture 1 of 41

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Stephen Fry is away: naked man barks like a dog in the Grantchester tea garden

Grantchester tea garden


There was a naked man at the Grantchester tea garden near Cambridge. He was barking like a dog and moving about on all fours. At around 1:30pm he left.

Christian Turvill, 20, of Cambridge, and some pals were nearby. He tells the Cambridge News:

“We were at Grantchester having a barbecue when we saw a naked man barking at a dog on his hands and feet. One of the women with us asked my friend to go and save the dog. The man started running around naked and went into the bushes and grabbed some stinging nettles and rubbed them on my friend.

The man asked my friend where the tea rooms were and then got angry and said my friend was lying about the directions, which he wasn’t. He then extended his foot and got angry. He must have been on drugs. He was acting like an animal and I am sure he sensed my fear. It was bizarre.

“It was funny but if you laughed he’d get more angry. Then he ran up the hill.”

“A few moments later we heard screaming and went up to see him surrounded by five policemen. There was a dog unit and a policeman with an Alsatian which was hanging off the naked man’s arm by its teeth. The man didn’t seem bothered at all. They took him away.”

The News then adds:

The incident happened near the home of best-selling author Lord Jeffrey Archer and Lady Mary Archer.

Yeah, that’s what we thought. Has Jeffrey been researching a new book? No. He says:

“I wasn’t in Cambridge on Wednesday…”

And umndaunted by that, the News names a cople more names:

Beth Beeton, assistant manager at the tea garden, which has boasted famous customers including John Cleese and Stephen Fry, described the incident.

Words from Cleese and Fry there are none.


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Woman arrested for homosexual sex with her dog

ashley miller


To Florida, where Ashley Miller, 18, has been arrested for allegedly having sex with her pit bull dog.

Police says Miller kept photos of the trysts on her cell phone. Police found 17 photos of a “canine performing oral sex on an unknown white female”.  Miller admited is was she and the dog was her female pit bull called 2-face.

Miller added that another dog named Scarface had also licked her vagina.

Milelr will now face the music.

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Lord Jesus Christ charged with violating restraining order in Belchertown

Lord Jesus Christ


Lord Jesus Christ, 55 has been at a home in Belchertown, Massachusetts, on a charge of violating a restraining order.

He was not taken away restrained to a cross.


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Aberdeen man wins year’s supply of socks after hand dryer sprayed him with urine

Gordie Wallace burger toilet glasgow


The Handmade Burger Company restaurant in Union Square, Aberdeen, regrets that diner Gordie Wallace was damaged by the automatic hand dryer that fire up when he ws in mid-flow.

The 31-year-old Glaswegian says:

“After enjoying a meal with the misses I took a trip to the little boys room to empty my rather full bladder… Due to the poor design of your bathrooms and unfortunate placing of the automatic hand dryer, half way during my urination the hand dryer decided to go on full pelt thus blowing my pish stream all over the place, nearly all over my trousers and sadly leaving me with a soggy trainer on my left foot. I’m now going to be forced to throw out my sodden sock, walk about with a pishy foot and now believe I have developed a phobia of hand dryers.”

The Handmade Burger Company offered  a year’s supply of fresh socks by way of compensation:

“We’re really sorry to hear about your experience in our Union Square restaurant. This is the first time that this has happened in the five years that we have been open. We’d like to send you a pair of trainers and a supply of socks every month for a year to compensate.”

Motto: the sink, men. Use the sink.

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Mars Attacks: fabulous face paint (video)

mars attacks face paint


Mars Attacks!


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Photo: Raccoon surfs an Alligator in Florida

racoon aligator

To Florida, where  Richard Jones took this photograph of a raccoon surfing on an alligator in Ocala National Forest.

 Jones tells WFTV 9:

“I snapped a lucky picture right when the gator slipped into the water and before the raccoon jumped off and scurried away. Without the context you’d think the raccoon was hitching a ride across the river. Pretty amazing,”

Aesop was right.

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Meat Is Red Rum: town takes record for world’s biggest horsemeat helicopter


sausage helicopter horse

To the Russian town of Kumertau, where the world’s biggest helicopter model made from horsemeat is on display. The horsemeat chopper celebrates the towns’ anniversary and the local helicopter factory.

Horsemeat seller Liliya Amineva explains:

“Today’s helicopter is made of horsemeat. Our company produces horsemeat sausages. And the helicopter is made exclusively of our products made from organic meat grown in our region.”

The horsemeat helicopter is over 3.5m long, about 1.8m high and weighs over 120kg.

Meat is Red Rum, as they say in Russia.


YouTube link.


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Watch the poisonous squirting cucumber explode its seeds

plant explodes


Smithsonian Channel has this great video of how plants disperse seends. Look out for violets, touch me nots, and poisonous squirting cucumbers. Really, look out:


Spotter: Boing Boing, The Kid Should See This


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Rachel Dolezal: Godfrey Elfwick strikes again as fake tan dupes whites into thinking you’re black

rachel dolezal


She was black on the outside and white on the inside. Black community leader Rachel Dolezal has been exposed as a white woman with a stick on Afro and a spray tan:

Rachel Dolezal, who heads Spokane’s National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter and teaches Africana studies at Eastern Washington University, refused to directly answers any questions about her alleged racial ruse after it was reported.

A KXLY reporter bluntly asked her, “Are you African-American?”

After a stunned pause, she replied: “I don’t understand the question.”

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Mother guilty of leaving children in hot car leaves children in hot car outside court

hot car berk


To Henrico, Virginia, where Laquanda Newby, 25, is at the Henrico County Courthouse. She admits to having left a child in a hot car.

When Newby turned herself in, police said she again left children in her car. Deputies could not say how long the two children were inside the car, but surveillance video showed it was more than an hour. The car’s windows were closed and the car keys were left on the floorboard, police said. Temperatures hit the 90s on Monday.

Henrico Sheriff’s Capt. David Kinkle said: “Their shirts were wet, sweat rolling off their brows. They seemed to be okay, but it was very hot.”


Mum was taken to a room with open windows, albeit with bars over them.

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Upset mother dresses cat in daughter’s nipple-revealing crop top

nipple top cat


Anyone buying a $3 knit crop top from Amzaon whousl know that it shows your nipples and, as one mother says, “Do not buy this, even for your cat.”


nipple top cat



Psychoanalyse that.

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Psychic conned $713,975 from man who bought invisible gold bridges and a time machine to win dead woman’s heart

You are going on a the bank

You are going on a journey…to the bank


We saw it coming, of course. But the Brooklyn man who hired a a psychic to win a lady says the medium duped him out of $713,975

The psychic, 26-year-old Priscilla Kelly Delmaro, allegedly advised the man that to woo Michelle he should buy stuff, like a $40,000 diamond ring to “protect his energy”, the same sum on his own funeral – this would make evil spirits think he was dead – and an $80,000 80-mile-long stretch of an invisble golden bridge for the spirits to cross in the spirit world.

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Other parents: Dad chewed through police car seat belt to reach son’s birthday party  

Man chewed through police car seat belt as he didn't want to miss his son's birthday party   
Other Parents Watch spots Chicago’s Lashon Stuckey, 33, who having been was arrested for carrying several bags of heroin, is chewing through a squad car seat belt.
Between chomps he tells police that he’s deperate to get free and make it to his son’s birthday.
The plan fails. Stuckey is in jail.
His party bags are in storage.

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