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Crystal Metheney Is Florida’s Woman Of The Year

metheny crystal 1

TO Florida, where the State’s new Woman of the Year has been arrested in May for shooting a missile into a vehicle.

Her name?

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Hospital Nightmares: Nurse Tries To Remove Healthy Eye Instead Of Prosthetic One

TO Småland, where an experienced nurse is attempting to remove a patient’s prosthetic eye for cleaning.
It won’t budge. She reapplies the suction machine. But again the eye is stubborn.
Of course, she is attempting to remove the patient’s one good eye, which is n ow not as good as it once was.

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Man Arrested For Agreeing To Trade His Salad For Oral Sex With A Cop

salad sex

TO FLORIDA, where a 29-year-old Florida local Alonzo Liverman has been arrested for attempting to hire a  prostitute with a salad.

The prostitute was a Daytona Beach Police Department officer. No, she wasn’t moonlighting for extra beans. She was undercover, trapping people looking for rented sex.

Liverman was “operating a bicycle” when the officer approached him. He said he no money.“I’m hungry, you got food?” she said.

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Man Used Skinned Beheaded Dog Dressed In His Clothes To Fake His Own Death

li body
WE have no picture of the man known only as Li, who was involved in this scam, but let us just imagine that he is not all that pretty. As he tells police in China:
“I bought a dead dog, skinned it and cut off its head. I wrapped it in my clothes. I just wanted my [family members] to think I was dead.”
But that wasn’t Li with the four legs, tail stump and paws lying in road near Zhaoxian. It was his sedan on a roadside. But the trail of blood and clothes over the road were part of an attempt to pretend he was dead, the victim of a hit and run. Li hoped his family would think him dead, thus enabling him to start a life with his new lover, most likely a pert Bichon Frisé.
But those wily police DNA tested the creature in the corduroys and sports jacket and discovered that the remains were in fact those of a dog.

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Man Locked Inside Vegas Airport Driven Mad By Celine Dion



RICHARD Dunn responded to being locked inside a Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport by filming his version of Celine Dion’s 1996 hit All By Myself – a song best played and sung well away from any other sane human being.

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Car Threesome Ends In Disaster When Woman Breaks Both Legs When Vehicle Hits Tree

TWO women and a man were engaged in an in-car threesome when when one of them disengaged the handbrake. The rolled into crash into a tree, causing one of the women to break both her legs.

At least she thinks the are hers. We’ll know more as soon as they’re untangled:


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North Carolina Water Company Challenges Customer To Walk Like Jesus

TO North Carolina, where the Chinquapin Water Association, aka the Chinquapin Wine Society, adds a little message on its water bills.




Just add water…


Spotter: Reddit


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No Education: Blackpool Kids Missed School Because There Was Cat Poo On The Landing

cat poo


TO Blackpool magistrates court, Lancashire, where Gareth Beresford, 32, is explaining that his two daughter, aged 6 and 9, were unable to attend school because there a cat poo outside their bedroom door. The girls saw the turd and were unable to pass it by.

So. School was out for as long as it took for the poo to vanish or the girls to fashion a ladder from bedsheets and exit via the window.

The council heard the lament. Suzanne Holroyd, prosecuting for Blackpool Council, said the girls has attended ‘only’ 85 and 86 precent of their classes at Thames Primary School. She told the court:

“Mr Beresford said that when the girls visited their mother in Preston she would bring them back late. Then he said that the family cat had defecated outside the girls’ bedroom door and they could not get past it. Then he said they did not attend school because the roof of their flat had been raining in.”

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D-Day’s First Reporter: Gustav The Pigeon And The Message He Brought Home

Gustav the Pigeon's report from the beaches of Normandy, 6 June, 1944.

Gustav the Pigeon’s report from the beaches of Normandy, 6 June, 1944.


THE first war-correspondent dispatch from the D-Day landings came from Gustav, an RAF Coastal Command homing-pigeon, released by the Reuters news agency reporter Mr Montague Taylor. The pigeons were taken across the channel in wicker baskets on servicemen’s backs and set free to fly home with vital information.

The message connected to Gustav’s leg read:

We are just 20 miles or so off the beaches.

First assault troops landed 0750. Signal says no interference from enemy gunfire on beach… Steaming steadily in formation.

Lightnings, Typhoons, Fortresses crossing since 0545. No enemy aircraft seen.

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Vet Shot Zoo Worker Pretending To Be An Escaped Gorilla



IN preparation for the event of a gorilla escaping from Tenerife’s Loro Parque Zoo, a man pretended to be an escaped primate. He was spotted by a vet who shot the man in the furry suit with a tranquilliser dart containing enough medicine to down a 450lb gorilla.

The shot man, a 35-year-old zoo worker, was taken to the University Hospital of the Canary Islands.

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Teenager Jailed For Having Big Gonads And Teeth

gonadsTOMAS has large genitals and decent teeth. Tomas is 13. And those two physical attributes are enough for Russian courts to judge him old enough to be held legally accountable for his actions.

Tomas is a Hungarian national born in Ukraine. On a spring trip to Moscow he allegedly stole a mobile phone. Tomas says he didn’t. He also says he’s 13, and thus below the 16- year limit on criminal responsibility in Russia.

But he’s got those big gonads and teeth. The prison doctors’ examined then and say he’s actually 16 to 17 years old. And as an adult, the courts can jail him.Tomas’ family says that’s not so. He’s 12 . They’ve presented Ukrainian documentation to support the position.

The case is now being looked at again.

As are Tomas’ nuts.

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Police Find 40 Bags Of Heroin In Man’s Belly Button

navel drugs


DRUGS. You can hide contraband pretty much anywhere. But eyebrows have been raised by police in Greenville, North Carolina, who found drugs hidden inside Randall Streeter belly button. How much drugs. A pill or two? No. His navel contained 40 bags of heroin, crack cocaine and Percocet pills.

Mr Streeter is 5’5″ tall and tips the scales at 315 pounds. How much of that weight is drugs, remains to be seen…


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LIFE Imitates Jackass: Woman Assaulted Sister-in-Law WIth A Catfish

LIFE Imitates Jackass in Lancashire:
To Lufkin, Texas, where police are investigating a family dispute. Says the officer:

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Jesus Spotted In Rusting Air Conditioning Unit

jesus rust


TO Jackson County, Mississippi, where Christopher Goldsberry’s second-=hand air conditioning unit is a sign of God’s love. It features the face of Jesus. In rust.

Says Goldsberry:

“When I saw that, I was taken aback. I knew who that was immediately. The gentleman I purchased it from didn’t see any of it. Think about it. They don’t recognize what it is. Some people see it, some people don’t. Think about that.”

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Local News Watch: Bexleyheath Man Stops Wrong Bus

bexleyheath bus


TO Bexleyheath, south east London, where a man has missed the bus. He ran into the road and stood in front of it. The drive called the police.  They arrived and gave our hero 20 seconds to move. Or else.

As they counted down, the man thought. And he said:

I’ve just realised it’s not my bus.”

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Stripper Wants ‘Booty And Boobs Back’ From Man Who Says She Stole His Laptop And Harry Potter DVDs

stripper sues


ARE YOU READY TOP MEET THE WORLD’S SADDEST MAN and his hard-nosed former lover, who just happens to be a stripper named…Moaner?

Robert Wallace, 32, says he broke up with exotic dancer Nomi Mims on May 3, and then waited a week for her to give him back the things he lent her—$2,000, a laptop, and the aforementioned DVDs—before taking legal action.

Those were Harry Potter DVDs.

Mims says she “really likes him as a friend,” and the items and cash were gifts, not loans.

“I don’t believe in loans because I don’t want to pay anybody back,” she told FOX 26.

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Katharina Detzel’s Incredible Dummy And Other Prinzhorn Collection Insanities

katharina detzel


AS early as the 1920s, art historian and junior doctor Hans Prinzhorn recognized the talent in his patients at the Heidelberg Psychiatric Clinic, and began collecting their works. The world-renowned Prinzhorn Collection at Heidelberg’s University Hospital now contains over 5,000 drawings, oil paintings, wood carvings and textile works.

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Nominative Determinism: Nick Childs Reports For BBC On The Nigerian Schoolgirl Kidnappings

NOMINATIVE determinism: the BBC’s reporter on the kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian girls by Islamist nutjobs is called… NICK CHILDS.


nick childs


How did you get the job, Nick?



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Watch Tara The Pet Cat Rescue A Boy From A Dog’s Jaws

REASONS for not totally trusting cats are many. But in Bakersfield, California, a pet cat appears to have saved a young boy from being savaged by a dog.

The action was caught on security camerasWe see the dog take hold of the lad. He’s dragging the boy away. Then Tara pounces. Tara is the boy’s cat. She flies at the dog. The dog scarpers.

The boy needed some stitches on his leg. The dog was captured. It’s helping police with their enquiries. Don’t be surprised if there is other footage of the cat buying the dog a hot meal and explaining a cunning plan to win the lad over for later purposes.

But, for now, all we have is this:

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In Which A Cruise Ship Plays Seven Nation Army On Her Horn

HERE’S cruise ship playing Seven Nation Army on her horn:


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