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Australian MP Gary Gray Eats His Own Hair

AUSTRALIAN MP and Opposition spokesman for resources  – get this – Gary Gray (the man’s name is a master of efficiency both in government and Scrabble) has been eating his own hair. Or maybe he’s been eating something found on his hair, like grubs or jam?

YouTube link.

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Medics Remove Family Photo Stitched Inside A Live Chicken

chicken pic


TO South Florida,where Miami-Dade County Animal Services have found a photograph protruding from the chest of a chicken called Trooper. Katha Sheehan, who looked after the bird at her Florida City chicken rescue centre, says. “The person who found him and I looked at him. That thing is protruding from his chest. It doesn’t look like keel bone.”

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London Hipperdrome Wants Dwarf Doormen For New Tiny Entrance


ARE you an angry dwarf who enjoys to look down on people? If you answered ‘yes’ and ‘yes’, then the Hippodrome Casino in London wants you. The venue is looking for door dwarfs. An advert says:

“The Hippodrome is seeking to create a team of Britain’s smallest bouncers – Door Dwarfs – for its new entrance in Cranbourn Street, Leicester Square. Duties include door control and customer relations. We welcome applications from those under 4ft 10 inches.”

Hippodrome Casino Door Dwarfs


How big is the entrance? And is it that small to allow only true celebrtities to pass through, it being a fact that everyone on the telly is tiny?


peter stringfellow dwarf


Says Hippodrome Casino owner Simon Thomas: “We wanted to add some extra spectacle to Leicester Square. The Hippodrome is a building with a rich tradition of theatrical innovation with a history of dwarf acts appearing here. It fits perfectly with the way we do things here – differently, with a lot of fun involved, and we think they will be very effective on the door.”

Got to keep the wrong sort of dwarfs out some how.




And if look like a cross between Gordon Ramsay and an Ewok, so much the better.

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London’s Fake Houses: The Leinster Gardens Fronts

SHOULD anyone offer you a quick deal on 23 and 24 Leinster Gardens, you’d be wise to ask them for a peek inside. Sure, it’s cheap and you must buy it now, but the house isn’t really a house. It’s just a facade. Still, with the right brass plate, Kazakh Industrial Solutions LLP will have a new London home.


leinster-gardens fakes

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Dubai Officer In Court Over ‘Indecent’ Handshake



“THREE years ago, a new director was appointed the branch’s director and the suspect was his deputy, ” says a 30-year-old foreman at the Dubai Misdemeanour Court. “I was on friendly terms with both men. Last year the suspect started mocking and belittling me in front of my partners. When our relations started to worsen, the new director advised the officer and tried to patch things up between us. The defendant apologised to me… but deep inside he did not seem satisfied or happy about it. Then he started shaking hands with me in an indecent way. Several times, he reverted his middle finger while shaking my hand and moved his finger while our palms were in contact.”


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Police Seek The Skegness Dog Poo Rubber?

OUTSIDE the Hildreds Centre in Skegness, Lincolnshire, a man has told a woman she has trodden in a dog poo. He then attempts to rub her leg and foot.I

Is the man trying to help? Is he aroused by women stepping in dog poo?

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Parents Made Child Wear ‘I Am A Liar Sign’

kid wearing "I AM A LIAR" sign.


Spotter: Other Parents

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India: Bride Marries ‘Relative’ After Groom Vanishes

PA-12615761 copy

PATIENCE, men looking for a wife. You just need to be at a lot of weddings. And wait.  In India, a wedding guest has stepped in to marry a jilted bride.

The 30-year-old man was there to see the marriage of Ponradha, 23, daughter of Palpandi of Lakshmimanagaram near Arumuganeri in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu, to Sithiraivelu, 35, son of Jayaraman.

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Husband Stabbed By Wife Run Over Twice On Way To Doctor

drunk driverTO Manitoba in Canada, to hear Lois Cook, 39, plead guilty on Friday to manslaughter for the death of her common-law husband Dave Hudson, 32 on May 31, 2010.

It was a party for  Treaty Days, when the couple began to row. Cook stabbed Hudson twice in the arm. Both had been drinking and Hudson shook off his small injuries – neither wound was longer than 3mm.  After a period he wandered up the road to a nearby relative’s home to get a lift to the doctors. And that was when it happened. Hudson collapsed. One of the knife wounds had clipped an artery. The court hears that his fall was “likely due to the loss of blood”.

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Dave’s Killer Bread Founder Smashes A Life-Sized Cutout Of Himself And Goes Bonkers

dave killer bread


“HE went into the store and he smashed a life-sized cutout of himself because he’s the symbol of a brand,” says the witness to the 911 operator in Washington County.  “And he’s intimidating employees that are watching him. Basically, talking … preaching.”

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Wanted Man Photo: Man Without Crossed Eyes For Stabbing

Preston Sweaney

WE interrupt this message to bring you a request form the Oregon State Police. Preston Sweaney, 23, is wanted in connection with a stabbing of one Nathanial Sweaney, 21, inside a motorhome. The men are brothers. Preston Sweaney is accused of slashing is his brother’s side and left arm with a samurai sword.

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Russian Tree Cutters Just Fail To Kill Passing Woman (Video)

TO Kirova Street, Satatov, Russia, where a gang of assassins are trying to kill a local femme fatale with s cunning tree chopping plot:

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Manchester United: There’s A Mouse On The Pitch (Photos)



READER Ian Speight was unimpressed by our photograph of a mouse on the Old Trafford Manchester Untied pitch as the Red Devils played Arsenal earlier this month. He wrote:

Old Story Guys. Utd have a History of Mice Invasions. If you got off your Arses a bit of investigation would have shown you that…

Fair enough. We did.


A mouse runs onto the pitch during Manchester United’s Champions League group C soccer match against Valencia at Old Trafford, Manchester, England, Tuesday Dec. 7, 2010. 





Manchester United v West Ham United – Old Trafford. Date: 23/02/2010







Manchester United v Middlesbrough – Old Trafford. Date: 01/05/2006





A mouse appears on the pitch as Manchester United draw with Sunderland during their Premier League match at Old Trafford Stadium 14/04/2006.





A mouse sits on the pitch as Manchester United play Burton Albion in their FA Cup 3rd round replay soccer match at Old Trafford Stadium, Jan. 18, 2006. 






Liverpool Fans enjoy the Mickey Mouse banner at the Manchester United v Liverpool game at Old Trafford Ground, Manchester. Date: 22/01/2002





Get the cat back.


Milk for the Manchester United squad at Old Trafford as they continue their build up for Saturday’s FA Cup final against Southampton at Wembley. With the squad is Mandy Bassham, the National Dairy Council’s ‘Cream Cat’. Date: 27/04/1976



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Dayna Morales: Waitress Denied Tip For Being Gay – Internet Goes Crazy And Lovely

UPDATE:   A husband and wife tell NBC 4 New York they did leave a tip. They say they have a credit card statement as proof. The tip was a generous $18. The wife says: “We’ve never not left a tip when someone gave good service, and we would never leave a note like that.”

Morales adds: “I don’t know, all I know is what I’ve been saying.”

Morales had recently announced that people were sending her tips from all over the world, and was donating some of the money to the Wounded Warrior Project. “I just felt like people have a right to know that — it’s fine if people want to donate to her or to the Wounded Warriors, but they’re doing it under a false pretense,” the wife said.


This is the original story:

WE all know that idiots get weird around gay people. Presumably their brains get tied in knots because they constantly and vividly imagine all that sex they do. They get a clear image in their minds about glistening gay naked bodies all writhing around. That’s because, absolutely 100% across the board, bigots are all a bit pervy.

And so to a waitress in New Jersey who had her £10 tip withheld and was left a crappy note by a bigoted customer, allegedly. She says she was denied her tip because she is a gay woman. She told the internet and now, she’s been inundated with more than £1,000 in donations from around the world.

no tip

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The Amazing Three-In-One Goniurellia Tridens Fruit Fly

fruit fly ants

THIS is the Goniurellia tridens fruit fly. Those are not drawing on its wings. It’s not that kind of manmade fly art. Nature has given the tridents markings that look a lot like ants. Dr Brigitte Howarth, of Zayed University, noted the Goniurellia tridens in the UAE.  There are 27 kinds of this creature from the tephritidae family.

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 13.24.33


Spotter: no copyright details provided for photograph. If it’s yours let us know and we will remove it. Also.

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Cooking Ravioli On Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano

WORRY no more about high heating bills. Bryan Lowry warms his dinner on the natural heat of Hawaii Kilauea Volcano.

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Epic Letters: Nicholas Gets A Warning From School


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Sheffield Man With Fire Extinguisher Hose Up His Bum Racially Abused Staff At London Premier Inn

PA-11241796 (1)

TO the Premier Inn on London’s Leicester Square, where CCTV records a man emerging from a storage cupboard with a fire extinguisher hose up his bottom. He is pleasuring himself. He then urinates on the carpets. A hotel worker arrives. He is carrying a towel. This worker is Bangladeshi. He wraps the man in the towel. Police are called.

Wind the clock forward and Joseph Small, 20, is in the dock at Westminster magistrates’ court. The court hears that he told the hotel worker: ‘This country has been taken over by al-Qaeda – go back to Pakistan.”

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Why Did A Thief Steal A Wheelchair Ramp From Liverpool’s Lime Street Station?

LimeStreet wheechair ramp thief
WHO stole a wheelchair ramp from platform nine of Liverpool’s Lime Street railway station? Police want to talk with the man in the picture above.
The man hailed a cab, which drove him to a pub in New Brighton, Merseyside.

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Cockney Of The North: Northumberland Widow Receives ‘Brown Bread’ Letter For Dead Husband

dead man slang


ARE you brown bread? That’s Cockney rhyming slang for “dead”. Sheila Delhoy spotted the phrase on a letter sent to her husband Ken who died in February 2008. In 2010, Northumberland-based building suppliers Wack wrote to “Brown Bread” Ken. Now the same firm has delivered another letter to “Brown Bread”.

Says Sheila: “When my son Tony found out he rang the company straight away. He said to them ‘are you going to make this an annual thing to remind my mum her husband is dead and make her upset?’”

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