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Student Clayton Pettet Will Lose His Virginity In A Performance Art Show

clayton pettet

CLAYTON Pettet, 19, is a second year student at London’s Central Saint Martins school of art. On January 25, 2014, Clayton says he will produce a piece of “performance art” involving him being vigorously shafted up his rectum for the first time.

It’s a big moment. The hope is that all Clayton’s friends and family (hope you can make it, nan) will turn up to support the budding artist in Art School Stole My Virginity.

Says Clayton:

“I’ve held on to my virginity for 19 years, and I’m not throwing it away lightly. Basically it’s like I am losing the stigma around virginity. Since culturally we do hold quite a lot of value to the idea of virginity I have decided to use mine and the loss of it to create a piece that I think will stimulate interesting debate and questions regarding the subject.”

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Man Rescues Several Cans Of Beer From Fire

Walter Serpit beer

TO Columbus, Georgia, where a newly installed water heater has caught fire. The building is ablaze.

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Chemistry Teacher Took Smoking Students To (Periodic) Table Dancing Strip Club

Travis Lechien

TRAVIS Lechien was a chemistry teacher Hanover Central High School, Indiana. He’d been at the school for ten years. But now he’s gone, his reputation immersed in a cloud of the flavoured tobacco it’s alleged he shared with his students from a hookah pipe.

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Army Wife Ripped Off Young Son’s Scotum And Superglued It Back On

jennifer marie vargas

THOSE of you against circumcision should cock an ear to the story of the women who ripped off her six-year-old son’s scrotum then superglued it back on and waited for the bleeding to stop.

The women, one Jennifer Marie Vargas, 34, whose husband works as a soldier at the Joint Base San Antonio, has been arrested. She is accused of deliberately tearing off her son’s scrotum.

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Saving Shrek The Shaggy, Matted Dog (Photos)

WHEN animal workers in Burford, southwestern Ontario, Canada, found this creature they identified it as a dog.

shrek 1


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Ducks Slide Down A Duck Slide (Video)

DUCK’S sliding down a duck slide at Mr Su Lee’s duckling conditioning plant. The water contains herbs, spices and a soupcon of cherry jam. In week three, the watery brew is replaced by boling oil…

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Great Bench Tributes: She ‘Liked To Sit Down’

PLAQUES on wooden benches are routinely miserable. They make you think of death and loss. Some, however, can make you smile:
BEnch of teh day




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Berlin Dogs Get High Eating Drug Users Poo

dog poo

DOGS. They eat pedigree dog food and treats. They also eat poo.

But the poo lying around in Berlin’s Treptow and Kreuzburg areas is human made. Much of it is contains traces of heroin and other  illegal drugs.

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Mug Shot: Smiling Man Arrested In Halloween Make-Up

mug shot

MUG Shot Of the Week features the face of Dennis Lalime, 64, accused of operating his Buick Regal under the influence early on Sunday morning in Maine.

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Sorry Homophobes But Gay Love Is Totally Natural (Educated Bees Do It)

259014-773-120244-1-supermanBIRDS do it. Bees do it. Even educated fleas do it. Do what? Gay sex or, to give it the correct term ‘sex’.

All those homophobes who think the whole things is wrong and immoral, turns out, are wildly wrong. They reckon it is unnatural? Well, you don’t get more natural than a bunch of insects all shtupping each other, regardless of gender. It seems that ‘beastly’ isn’t a slur at all!

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Row Over Muslim Woman’s Pubic Hair Costs Taxpayers £350,000

high court pubic copy

TO shave or not to shave? What says the judge who oversaw a case costing £350,000 that hinged on whether a disabled 23-year-old Muslim woman should have shaved pubic hair?

Her parents wanted it shaved before she returned home to live with them. They said it was a Muslim matter. The council, which cares for the woman, said it was unsure if the woman understood what the procedure meant. So. It went to court.

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Poto And Cabengo: In The 1970s Grace and Virginia Kennedy Were Bigger Than The Loch Ness Monster


POTO and Cabengo were Grace and Virginia Kennedy. In 1976, these San Diego twins were eight years old. Jean-Pierre Gorin created a study of the girls who spoke in their own secret language. Time magazine produced an extract of their dialogue:

Pinit, putahtraletungay”(Finish, potato salad hungry)

“Nis, Poto?” (This, Poto?)

“Liba Cabingoat, it”(Dear Cabengo, eat)

“la moa, Poto?” (Here more, Poto?)

“Ya” (Yeah)

But was it a secret language? Their father thought the girls’ gibbering fools, mentally negligible and not worthy of educating. He was wrong. Advised to place them in speech therapy, their teacher realised they were speaking a language only they understood.

gorin twins

In July 22, 1979, the LA Times Reported:

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 15.04.20


Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 15.05.17


Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 15.06.30

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 15.07.08

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 15.07.38

Gorin explained his film to Bomb magazine:

A low-budget independent film, shot in San Diego in 1979, in 16mm color negative. It’s an investigation, a film “around” an event—the case of the Kennedy twins. They were front page news at the time, as it was believed they had invented a “private language,” a private mode of communication, with a syntax and a vocabulary of its own. But this kind of an answer seems to frame Poto and Cabengo as a classical documentary…

 I got hold of the event through the press. It was the middle of the summer and news was sparse. The Loch Ness monster had been nowhere in sight that year, and I suspect the journalists felt the twins would be a good substitute. They built up a case which reeked of Wild Child mystique. The very day I saw the first article on the twins, Eckardt Stein from ZDF was passing through town and I sold him the idea of a film. I lied through my teeth, told him that I had seen the twins, seen the therapists who took care of them at Children’s Hospital, secured the rights to the story. I assured Stein that they spoke a “private language.” He agreed to do the film. But when I saw the twins for the first time I immediately realized that the story as the press—and by then, myself—had cast it was not there. There was no private language and never had been. All along the twins had spoken a Creolized language, some densely unintelligible American/English, a patchwork of southern lingo spoken by their father and of the deformations imposed on the English language by their German-born mother.

The story had become bigger than the girls.

I got excited by the idea of inquiring about something which had never been there in the first place, which had been so completely misconstrued. It seemed like an eminently dramatic premise: two kids who moved and sounded like hummingbirds, who for years had been privately deciphering the world for each other, who did not know why they had suddenly become the object of so much attention, and who by now were for the therapists and linguists just two rather “ordinary” kids with banal problems of auditory information processing, while the press was still “Ripleying” their case to death. At the same time their parents were desperately hoping to convert their 15 minutes of Warholian celebrity into some hard cash. It seemed pretty interesting to try to unravel all these conflicting interests at work below the surface of this event. And don’t forget to add me, the filmmaker, to the stew: me, with my own agenda, trying to get a film out of this whole situation.

What happened to the girls?

The only clue is from a show about twins that aired on TLC around 2000, which reported that Virginia and Grace were still developmentally disabled. We are told this:

Now approaching 30, the twins continue to experience speech problems and mental delays. Grace, who has achieved a higher level of functioning than her sister, works at a McDonald’s cleaning tables and mopping. Virginia works at a job-training center and performs assembly-line work.

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Who Donated This Big Bag Of Marijuana To a Seattle Thrift Store?

weed thrift store

WHO donated a big bag of marijuana (2.5lbs) to a Seattle thrift store?

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David Boon Where Are You? Australian Driver Drank 90 Full Strength Cans Of Melbourne Bitter

boob david beer

TREVOR Alexander Warren, 51, of Dundee Beach in the Northern Territory, Australia, told Bathurst Local Court he’d consumed “between 80 and 90 full strength cans of Melbourne Bitter beer before driving. He had eaten nothing.

When police pulled over Warren’s Holden utility, they noticed the smell of alcohol coming from the car.

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Jakarta Monkey Tour: The Topeng Monyet In Video And Photos


JAKARTA Monkey Tour, Topeng Monyet, is a film by Christophe Abegg. A long tailed macaque is dressed like a human and performs with various accessories.Writes Abegg:

Although the monkey is chained, it is well treated and belongs to a human family as is shown in the movie. A debate is going at the moment to decide whether this monkey shows are a form of animal abuse and should be prohibited or it should be tolerated as a tradition? Beside monkey shows, no one should forget that about 5000 macaques are exported legally every year for the international market of laboratory animals and several other thousands are caught to become mere pet macaques, with a high mortality rate… What activities are representing the most severe animal abuses toward these monkeys? Our world is full of animal abuses, but where should we start to end them?

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‘Gifted’ Bedfordshire Council Removes Circus Posters After Woman Complains They Make Her Too Scared To Walk



“WE take complaints on a case by case basis but this was a short-term, easily solvable problem,” says Leighton Buzzard Council’s Senior operations officer Lisa Jarvis. “The circus is on the park which is our responsibility and we are responsible to our residents, so something like that is in our gift to fix, so we fixed it.”

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Devil Cat Tells Woman To ‘Go AWAY’

WHO needs Doctor Doolittle when you have animals that can talk English? That’s what one lady was faced with in Dublin after her kitchen was invaded by a Devil Cat.

‘Caroline H’ filmed the feline hiding in her kitchen, tempted in by the smell of biscuits.

The moggy, when shooed, replied with what sounds like ‘go away’, before flashing its demon eyes at everyone and knocking everything flying in the kitchen. Caroline’s off-screen companion can be heard helpfully shouting: “He’ll jump on you, Caroline, he’ll jump on you!”.

The footage ends with the cat hanging from the window frame like a weirdo.

“No cat was harmed in the filming of this video,” she wrote on YouTube. “The cat safely left the house after I stopped filming. This cat was an invader after our cookies. Please keep all doors and windows closed to protect yourself against rogue angry cats.”

After the video went online, another resident came forward to claim the cat was hers, and that it certainly wasn’t a ‘devil cat’ as described.

“Henry isn’t lost. He does, however, have a secret life that I don’t question him about. We’re all entitled to our secrets,” Emily Coffey wrote.

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Babysitter Thought It Was Morning When She Took Children To School At 6pm


IT could happen to anyone. A babysitter in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, dropped three children at school. It was 6pm.

Attending police say the child minder told them she thought it was morning. It was in whatever world she inhabits. But it was evening in Louisiana.

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Christian Pastor Wears Elk Head And Antlers For Annual Elk Hunting Sermon

elk church 1

TO Tveta Church in Värmland County, Sweden, where the annual “elk hunt sermon” is being led by pastor Maria Carlsson wearing a elk head and antlers. Says she:

“I’ve been thinking about it all autumn. I wanted to do something fun and a little different. I really wanted it. I’m the only active pastor in the area who is also a licenced hunter, so it seemed fitting. I saw this elk mask in a costume shop and then it hit me, ‘That’s it! That’s what I’m going to do.’ But it was sort of hard to see with the mask on my head, so I was a big concerned I might trip and fall.”

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RIP Boogie: Marathon Running Dog’s Death Is A Warning To All Fun Runners

Boogie dog

WHEN Boogie, the Chocolate Labrador dog, ran this month’s YMCA Half Marathon in Evansville, Indiana, the Press saluted his bravery. With no training. Boogie had just joined in the run. He even got a medal.

With no training, Boogie, 8, ran the 13.1 mile race in two hours and 15 minutes.

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Amazing Gif Of A Goblin Shark Gobbling A Big Fish

HOW the Goblin Shark got its name:

600-grey-goblin (1)







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Three hens found lurking in Guernsey toilets


hens toilets

WHAT news from Guernsey?

Police and GSPCA officers have located three hens in the men’s toilet at North Beach car park in St Peter Port.

How did they get in there? Seduced by treats?

The feathered foul were perched on the privy pecking at bread left in the lavvy.

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Killer Spider In Battle To The Death With Kent Tot (Or, Er, Not)

WE told you the best way to eradicate invasive species is to eat them:



PS: Of course, this being the Daily Star, the story is that “little Ava Shephard” did not eat the “flesh-eating arachnid in Kennington, Kent. But she might have eaten a false black widow, and that’s why it’s front-page news…

PPS: No one has ever died of a spider bite in the UK.

Other than that the story is correct.

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Who Stole Gumby?

Stolen Gumby statue

Gumby was created by sculptor Ze’ev Willy Neumann. The locals loved it, as Mr Malkin says:

“People would see it and smile and take their kids to say ‘Hi’ to Gumby… It’s an American classic. He’s friendly. Everybody loves Gumby. I guess the people responsible loved him so much that they stole him.”

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