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Ched Evans: Nine charged for naming footballer’s rape victim on Facebook and Twitter

BACK in April, the ex-Sheffield United striker Ched Evans was jailed for five years for raping a 19-year-old woman in a Rhyl hotel. A group of people thought it an idea to name the victim on Facebook and Twitter. There is no sign that the victim wanted this. She was not making a stand. The five – Hollie Price, 25, from Prestatyn, Gemma Thomas, 18, from Rhyl, and Paul Devine, 26, Daniel Cardwell, 25, and Shaun Littler, 22, all from Sheffield – did it for Ched.

In all nine people have been arrested for revealing information about he rape victim on social networks. The other four are:

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02 tweets in slang to its ‘hood customers’ – the Tunde tweets

O2 is down with its customers. When Tunde @Tunde24_7 complained via Twitter:

@O2 bastard big man ting I swear direct me to your owner what happened to my internet connection fam mans having to use wifi and dat

@O2 OI I SAID DIRECT ME TO YOUR OWNERS INSTANTLY you guys are the devils spwan when I call you don’t direct me to sanjay from india

@O2 so u guy still aren’t responding to me is my name GBENGA is my name BOBBY is my name ROBORT is my name EMILY don’t MUG me arghhhhhh

@O2 I will report you to the police this instant if you do not increace my internet capabilities right now selfish bastard

@o2 jheeze so u man speak slang and dat r u a girl what ends u from. And naa ii didn’t what router

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The machines are going to steal all our jobs!

LUDDISM is alive and well in the modern world. The idea that as the machines do more and more of the work then there just won’t be enough jobs to go around. Here is The Economist worrying about that very thing:

It is possible that Ms Parmeshwari and other “manual scavengers” will be able to find healthier lines of work, especially if the Indian economy regains its vigour. As Mr Gordon noted in his paper, women in the West were not deprived of gainful employment after having been liberated from the task of fetching clean water. Still, one has to wonder what will happen to all the people destined to be replaced by pipes.

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The machine that can make anything (video)

THIS machine can make anything:

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Yeah, Facebook and Twitter are good, but better than sex?

THE Mail seems to be saying that checking Facebook and Twitter are better than having sex. Sure, the two little technology products are pretty good but seriously, better than sex?

Checking social networking sites is more tempting than sex and cigarettes, a study has revealed.

Researchers at Chicago University’s Booth Business School used BlackBerrys to log reports about participants’ willpower and desires over seven days.

The online poll of 250 participants in Germany revealed the yearning to interact through tweets, photos, and comments was stronger than sex and cigarettes.

Even better than fags? That is when sex and they aren’t intemiately involved?

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The Facebook Like-A-Hug jackets cuddles you with each new Like

GET yourself a Like-A-Hug jacket and whenever someone Likes you the thing inflates. Designer Melissa Chow says her jackets “allows us to feel the warmth, encouragement, support, or love that we feel when we receive hugs”.

It will also reverse decades of top-down campaigning to make the fat figures of hate. Now a well-padded jacket means popular. A slim outline indicates an un-liked person.

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Stupid Matthew Wood sentenced by stupid court for stupid April Jones joke

MATTHEW Wood has appeared at Chorley Magistrates’ Court. He wrote something on Facebook about April Jones and Madeleine McCann that social media narks and police didn’t like. A “vigilante mob” of censorious troll-hunters arrived at Mr Wood’s home. Wood was arrested.

Matthew Wood is a dickhead. But to make him a criminal is wrong. In court, he admitted making wrongheaded comments that caused offence. (What couldn’t offend someone?). He says he was inspired to say something horrible by Sickipedia – a website that “trades in sick jokes”.

Martina Jay, prosecuting, told the court:

“When interviewed by police he fully admitted he posted messages about the two missing children. He started this idea when he was at a friend’s house when drinking, saw a joke on Sickipedia and changed it slightly. He said he did it in a bid to make people think his account had been hacked. He said it got out of hand and he was drunk while doing it.”

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This new app lets you have sex with your iPhone

iPHONE fans can now have sex with their phones. It’s Lovepalz. It’s aluminium-insulated sex:

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Woman runs over herself (video)

IN this video a woman runs herself down with her own car. Got to like the quick thinking of the man who appears at the video’s end. Were it not for his quick thinking in applying the handbreak, the car could really hurt someone…

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1961: Ham the chimpanzee is shot into space

IN 1961, Ham the chimpanzee was removed from his home in at the Holloman Aerospace Medical Center, located at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. Ham had the Right Stuff.  The four-year-old chimpanzee had been rescued from meat markets in Cameroon. Well, so they say. On January 3rd, 1961 the hairy crash-test dummy was strapped inside a Mercury rocket and shot 155 miles space ata speed of 5,000mph. Onboard, he pulled levers in response to lights.  Thanks to Ham, the craft as modified. Four months later, Alan Shepard became the first American in space.

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The Reddit frontpage circa 3012

THE Reddit frontpage circa 3012:

Spotter: @SciencePunk

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Twitter censors tagets faggots, fags and d***s

INTOLERANCE will not be tolerated is the Twitter mantra. Chis Paine looks at how homophobia is ok on twitter:

THIS is a shocking fact: the word ‘f—-t’ has been used more than 2.5 million times on Twitter since July.

Faggot is the word expunged from Paine’s article by the censors on Australia’s site.

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German government bans laptops – gets typewriters

THE state parliament of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, is looking to ban lap-tops from meetings.

So. Pirate Party workers Patrick Breyer and Torge Schmidt took a typewriter along. Breyer notes:

The other groups want to buy at the expense of the highly indebted country tablet computers for all Members, as existing laptops should be banned and a “uniform appearance” is to be created.

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Luton Town fans seen through the iPhone Image Blender

FACE of the day: Football fans at Luton Town football club, an image processed with Image Blender (part of a series of experimental images taken and processed on the iPhone):


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Coca-Cola magazine as becomes an iPhone speaker

THE Coca Cola print ad is a FM Radio for your iPhone. Now you can rot your ears and your teeth at the same time:

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Apple wipes Blackburn from the face of the Earth

THE new iPhone has eradicated Blackburn. What the Venkys and the Germans never accomplished, Apple has.

Prof Steve Furber, from the University of Manchester, tells the Lancashire Telegraph:

“Up until the latest management system update, Apple has always used Google maps. By Apple introducing their own mapping software they are able to introduce new never seen before features such as 3D mapping and the ability to fly over certain areas.”

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The biggest photograph of the universe ever taken

THE Hubble Space Telescope (HST) has produced this photo of the universe. It took 500 hours to build. The eXtreme Deep Field, the picture is made up of 2,000 separate exposures over 10 years. “The faintest galaxies are one ten-billionth the brightness of what the human eye can see.”

The problem is not seeing, it getting your head around what you can see.

And in other news: we’re leaving the solar system.


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What happened when Leo Traynor met his Twitter Troll

LEO Traynor met a troll. He left twitter when he was tageted. He joined twitter in May 2007. In July 2009, he received a message:

“Dirty f*cking Jewish scumbag”

He blocked the messages. But more messages came. He was inundated. His Facebook account was hacked, his blog was spammed and his email address “flooded with foulmouthed and disgusting comments & images. Images of corpses and concentration camps and dismembered bodies.”

He ignored the abuse, thinking the idiot (s) would grow tired of it and leave him alone. Then Leo’s wife joined twitter and identified herself as “The long suffering wife of @LeoTraynor”.

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The automatic sperm extractor offers hands free banking

TO China, to have sperm harvested in the automated sperm extractor. Ejaculating into a plastic cup in front of Judge Judy on the telly and the Argos catalogue gardening section is no longer a vital part of the miracle of life.

Just slide on a condom catcher, insert your penis into the cavity and turn the thing on – literally.

And do not worry. If the machine malfunctions and pulls your penis clean off, know that will live for longer. Science is never wrong.

Spotter: Oddity Central

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London Underground Portraits – iphoneography

DURING the Olympics, the London Underground hummed. Then the Games ended and it it just stank. Photographer Richard Gray has been using the time on the Tube to create this series of iphoneography:

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The best Apple IO6 maps fails (brought to you from Berlin, capital of Antarctica)

LIKE you, we at Anorak get our maps hand-painted. But some of you like to consult Apple’s iPhone Maps App. Of course, if you do, you are very possibly now lost in looking for Melton Mowbray in Thailand, which as we all know, is called Siam:. This site has collated some of the best misdirections on Apple iOS6:


Picture 1 of 19



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New iPhone 6 makes everything look like France

GOT your new apple iPhone 6 yet? No. Still got the iPhone 5, eh. Never mind. Not all of you got the note.

The ‘new’ iPhone 5 has great new features, such a large Apple logo, the ability to work in either hand and a button that renders it visible only to the true believers. Meanwhile, in France…

Salt Lake City

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The world of phrenology in photos

WHAT is phrenology? It;s about what differentiates humans from animals. It’s the science of reading character through bumps on the head. The brain is made of mental organs. Baser instincts are located at the base of the brain. Moral virtues are near the top. The brain is locked in a strugger between low and high instincts:

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The keyboard made from a single piece of walnut

THE keyboard. They are not all the same. What most crave in a keyboard is: absorbency; a good spring action; all the letters in the right places;  the knowledge that all the hair and scuzz in it is your own. But French company Orée caters for they who want more. They have created a keyboard created from a single piece of maple or walnut. As they say of the €125.00 object:

Orée was born from our observation that modern technology products look very much alike, are highly impersonal, made out of eco-unfriendly materials and are designed for rapid obsolescence. We set out to do something different: create lasting & personal high performance technology objects primarily made of wood, the most natural, durable and renewable material on earth. Orée is about reconciling tradition & novelty to create exceptional products through an exclusive combination of timeless woodworking techniques and cutting-edge technologies. All our products are eco-designed, crafted and hand-finished in France.

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Maryland police erect CCTV cameras to watch CTV cameras

TO Maryland, where CCTV cameras are being erected to watch CCTV cameras. CCTV camera vandals are thought to be operating in the area.

Prince George’s County Police Maj. Robert V. Liberati outlines the dream:

“It’s not worth going to jail over a $40 ticket or an arson or destruction of property charge.”

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