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Ciaran Finn-Lynch’s Stem Cell Windpipe Is Science At Its Best

CIARAN Finn-Lynch has had his windpipe rebuilt using his own stem cells. This is our uplifting story of the day. Science is not all guesswork on global warming. Science matters.

The North Irish boy was taken to London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for the operation. Stem cells were removed from his hip and injected them into a donor windpipe (removed from a body in Italy), a collagen tube with no cells attached.

The organ was implanted and the magic of stem cells rebuilt the windpipe. The boy can breathe again:


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Embargoed to 0001 Friday August 6 Ciaran Finn-Lynch, aged 11, who is the recipient of the world's first child stem cell supported tracheal transplant, with his parents, Colleen and Paul (surnames not given) at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.

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For Sale: Diana Dors’ 1949 Delahaye Type 175 S Roadster (Pictures)

FOR Sale: The 1949 Delahaye Type 175 S Roadster bought by Sir John Gaul of Monte Carlo for Miss Diana Dors.

Price: $4,000,000-$6,000,000 US

Spec: 165 bhp, 4,455 cc naturally aspirated overhead valve inline six cylinder engine, four-speed electro-mechanically actuated Cotal Preselector gearbox, Dubonnet coil spring front suspension, De Dion rear axle with semi-elliptic springs, and four-wheel hydraulic finned alloy drum brakes. Wheelbase: 116″.

The Car


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The Star


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19 year old film actress Diana Dors and her new husband Dennis Hamilton, 26 year old representative of an engineering firm, leaving Caxton Hall register office after their wedding.

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The Shame Of Owning A Gold Ferrari

THE shame of having to travel by car when all your mates have trains. That gold-plated Ferrari is pathetic.

Dear dad…

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Women On the Web And Other Vindictive Vigilantes

ZOE Willaims tells Guardian readers what women look for on the intenet. Clue: it;s not porn, banking, sport, Zoe Williams or laughs:

Contrary to popular presentation, Mumsnet is not the only site women visit. There are acres of girly chat. Not very much chat-traffic is criminal or exploitative, but check out the Facebook groups for a flavour of how unpleasant some of the supposedly mumsy stuff is. There’s a proliferation of vigilante rage directed at child abusers: “jamie bulger’s killers should never have been released!”; “i bet i can find a billion people who are against jon venables and r thompson!!!!”; “Don’t forget about Maddie”; “Justice for Baby P”. The numbers of signatories are enormous – sure, at over 37,000 names, the Venables/Thompson page loses a bet with itself about finding a billion. But 37,000…

And let’s not forget Siobhan O’Dowd, with her “38,000” Raoul Moat Moatites.

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Is Miscrosoft’s Virtual Boy Milo The Ultimate Paedophile Training Tool?

MILO, the Microsoft boy, is the answer to wannabe paedophiles’ dreams. Now the perverts can practice being a paedophile without having to go to the expense of a puppy of a trail of Smarties.

Milo has been devised for – get this – Miscrosoft’s hands-free Xbox 360 motion controller called Kinect.

The brains behind this creepy boy, who apes you movements and emotions, is the UK’s Peter Molyneux:

“I want to introduce a new revolution in storytelling. Films, TV, even hallowed books, are just rubbish because they don’t involve me. It’s a sea of blandness.”

Anything can be improved with a virtual boy. Take this article. How much better it would be if a boy was sat in the corner picking his nose or torturing a grasshopper with a magnifying glass? Can you resist kicking Tiny Tim’s wood-wormed legs away or getting the young Jesus to attract Disciples with a cheeky wink and a Twitter advert to “Follow Me Now With Twitter And Audi”.

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If It’s Not An iPhone Why Would I Want It A Video

IF it’s not an iPhone why would I want it? NSFW:

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Range Rover Hires Victoria Beckham To Design – Range Rover Designer Dies: Evoque Pictures

THE new Creative Design Executive for Range Rover is…Victoria Beckham. Vicky was there to celebrate the Range Rover brand’s 40th birthday and stand in front of the Evoque mo-del – a “global car“.

Says Vicky, designer without portfolio:

“I’m incredibly excited to be collaborating with Range Rover… I like to take on a challenge and I’m ready for it.”

In other news:

Spen King, a designer of the original Range Rover, has just died.


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Victoria Beckham arrives for the launch of the new compact Land Rover model and Range Rover 40th Anniversary Party at the Orangery in Kensington Palace, London.

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The Bionic Vet Gives Oscar The Cat Artifical Feet: Pictures

OSCAR the cat wears a new pair of prosthetic feet. Oscar was given a pair of new artificial feet in a single surgical procedure by the Surrey-based neuro-orthopaedic surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick. The work of this pioneering vet will be the focus of a new six part documentary series The Bionic Vet, to be broadcast on BBC1 from June 30.


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Oscar, the cat with a pair of prosthetic paws, courtesy of neuro-orthopaedic surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick at Fitzpatrick Referrals in Eashing, Surrey.

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Ben Paton Beats Alex Lee To Buy First Apple iPhone 4: Apple iPhone 5 Coming Soon

THE iPhone 4 went on sale at apple’s shop in central London. Like a poser magnet for the socially needy, the device attracted gadget fans in droves. Alex Lee, of Dubai, was first in line after having queued for 32 hours to buy a mobile phone. But Somerset’s very own Ben Paton, 23, became the first customer to complete his purchase after having registered in advance online and queuing for a mere16 hours. If only Alex had had some way of communicating with apple he would have won…


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Alex Lee, 27, from Dubai, is first in line to purchase the new Apple iPhone 4, which goes on sale today at Apple's flagship Regent Street store in central London.

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Southwark Tube Station Gets Countdown Technology

OUTSIDE Southwark Tube Station, the pedestrian crossing is blessed with “countdown technology”. The number tells walker how long they have to cross the road before the lights turn green and all hell is unleashed. Says one black cabbie:

“It’s a step in the right direction. What we need now is a countdown on the red lights to who long before I can catch one.”

Look out for road safety campaigners warning schoolchildren not to start the Chicken Dash when the number hits ‘2’…


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The pedestrian crossing outside Southwark tube station in London which is trying out the new pedestrian countdown technology.

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The Greatest Self-Timer Photograph Ever

EAT your heart out Adrianne Curry, Tila Tequila, Kim Kardashian, Coco and all other Twitter self-pic promoters. Presenting the greatest self-timer picture ever. You point the camera. You click the self-timer. You get into position. And the technology does the rest… Picture 2 is the money shot:

Twitter Pics – The Sexy Celeb Ones
Tila Tequila (NSFW)
Page 3 Girls Retrospective

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World Cup: England Fans Miss The Goal As ITV HD Goes Down

FOR those of you watching the World Cup on ITV in swanky HD, Steven Gerrard scored a goal. He scored while you were watching an advert. He scored in black and white. He scored on the radio. He scored on the web. He scored on the normal telly.

World Cup: Barack Obama Thanks ‘Agent’ Beckham

An ITV spokeswoman says:

“A transmission problem temporarily affected ITV1’s HD service during the England-USA match. ITV standard definition service continued uninterrupted. We apologise for the interruption in transmission.”

Adding: “But what an interruption! The clarity!!”


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USA fans display a banner in the stands

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Is The Riversimple Hydrogen Car Britain’s Tata Tano?

THE Riversimple hydrogen fuel cell car is on its way to Leicester. Can it be the UK’s own Tata Tano? Inventor Hugo Spowers motored the prototype at De Montfort Hall in Leicester. In 2010, Riversimple will site and operate a refuelling point for fleet of 30 cars. The car, constructed at Silverstone, can reach top speed of 50 mph and can go 200 miles on a single tank of hydrogen – equivalent of 300 miles per gallon. It weighs 350 kg. Would you drive one? Or drive over one?


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Inventor Hugo Spowers with a prototype of the Riversimple hydrogen fuel cell car at De Montfort Hall in Leicester.

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Environmentalist Michelle Branch Launches 4×4 Mini Countryman

WITH Michelle Branch to the launch of the Mini Countryman, a new 4×4 MINI. What better place for the Mini Countryman’s unveiling than Mudchute City Farm in east London. Yes, the launch of car attended by Michelle Branch – the environmentalist. (Timbaland went too.)

As she writes:

I am on my way to San Francisco to play a few acoustic songs for an amazing event this evening and wanted to share it with you all. Since becoming a mother, the reality of the state of our planet has become a very real fear. It has inspired many changes in my own family’s lives. We’ve changed to a mostly vegan diet which I know most of you have all been so curious about. In a few months I will be launching a “green” tour. Not only will we be using bio-diesel for our tour buses but our other goals are having a full “green” set and merch made of recycled and organic, reuseable materials. As you can tell, this is very close to my heart.

And the band played on…


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Michelle Branch performs at the launch party for the Mini Countryman, at the Mudchute City Farm in east London.

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First UK eBay Seller Prosecuted For Online Auction Fixing

PAUL Barrett, 39, from Stanley, is the first eBay seller in the UK to be prosecuted for online auction fixing – he bid against himself to inflate the price on his own items.

Skipton Magistrates’ Court heard that Barrett, who hires out minibuses for a living, was called “shanconpaul” when selling and “paulthebusman” when buying.

(He should learn from online poker and have pals in other parts of the world to fix the thing for him, allegedly.)

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iPad Triggers Surge In Newspaper Sales In Japan: Want To Know Why?

THE iPad is the new way to spot a tosser on the Tube. Or is it?

In Japan, you can’t see the iPad because the shame-faced punters and posers are wrapping the things (chip wrappers – geddit?!) around their iPads on the underground.

The given excuse is that it stops them being stolen. The real rason we have touched upon: shame.

How the iPad saved newspapers… Read all about it!

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Daily Express Readers Invited To Give Facebook Thumbs Up To Derrick Bird Massacre

DERRICK Bird: How much does the media – and Facebook – like Derrick Bird?

Well, he has allowed the media to be full of facts. How many are dead? 12! 13! Any more? Come on. Any more? We’re waiting…

And there’s loadsa opinion about why it happened. Like these. And those. And his. Derrick Bird has allowed the media to titillate us with gory details.

Do, do we like it? Facebook users of the Daily Express wants to know. Do you want to be the first of your friends to like the story of death and maiming. Thumbs up?

File under: perils of using social media. Spotter: Belam


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Whitehaven taxi driver Don Reed who was shot and injured by Derrick Bird who went on a shooting rampage in Cumbria, killing 12 people.

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Before iPad And Apple A Pictorial History Of Computers

BEFORE the iPad and apple made computing into a thing for posers and the superficial, the machines were going to save the world. They would feed penguins. They would mow the lawn. They would launch rockets and play chess. Remember Commodore Computers and the ZX Spectrum? We do. We’ve put together an archive of pictures of how computers used to be sold to the masses. It’s was high-tech boffinry. It as in black and white…


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Leslie Russell computer operator at Trans-World airlines new data communications centre in Rockleigh, New Jersey, USA, was looking to the future at her "Moon Desk" after the fwentastic success of Apollo 10's lunar mission. The company received 3,000 requests for reservations to the moon. Though there was no immediate prospect of regular lunar flights, the requests were transferred to magnetic tape for storage when TWA activated it's computerised reservations system on it's round the world routes.

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Spot The IT Consultant: Horrified IT Expert Mistaken For Real Estate Agent

CAN you spot the IT Consultant amid a sea of estate agents at Dean’s Property, your first choice for property in Sydney’s fringe? Where’s Paul? It’s gonna be tough to spot him. But study hard. Ignore your preconceptions, prejudices and stereotypes. Just stick to the facts. Good luck!

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Jake Lee Buys The First apple iPad In The UK And Everyone Loves Him

JAKE LEE becomes the first person in the UK to buy an Apple iPad. Jake, 17, from Theydon Bois, Essex, was spotted leaving the Apple Store in Regent Street, central London, after buying the new Apple iPad.

Jake looks delighted as throws off the austerity of his parent’s generation and forks out a few hundred pounds for a new computer. One day – hours, maybe days, from now – Jake will look back and say:

“I was there. I was there when apple iPads went. I queued. I shopped. I  plugged it in and on it read about a new apple product even better than the iPad. I put the iPad in a draw and dashed out to buy thsi new marvel. But it was not yet in the shops. I twitched with anticipation. I made Steve Jobs richer!”

Anyone unable to afford the iPad, can achieve the same effect by sticking a huge apple logo to their face and writing “I am a posing, superficial knob” on the foreheads in felt tip.

Apple users will nod and wave. Because they know…


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Customers queue overnight at the Apple store in London's Regent Street to be the first owners of the new Apple iPad.

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Win A New iPad And Get A Free Mobile Apple Idiot App.

THE Apple iPad is on sale, and anyone keen to look like an utter twat is lining up outside the Apple store in London’s Regent Street. The iPad is not just a massive phone, a big baby activity centre for people who shun work on the computer, preferring to spend hundreds of pounds on a new way to read the paper and buy new apps for their iPhone. The iPad is made for posing, sad tosspots looking for a new way to show everyone what a needy pillock they are. Thanks to the iPad, you can now spot the superficial from at least a hundred paces. The mobile idiot app is upon is. Look for the Apple…

Buy the iPhone 4 and other Apple devices from Phones4u


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Customers queue overnight at the Apple store in London's Regent Street to be the first owners of the new Apple iPad.

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People Worried By Facebook Privacy Join

MARK Zuckerberg’s Facebook is going to take your privacy issues seriously. All those millions of you that uploaded photos of your mum, your kids, your home, your collection of toenail clippings, listed your likes and dislikes, told us your mother’s maiden name, your height, commented on your sex life and your pet causes and showed off your friends can now rest assured that your privacy is sacrosanct.

Now, you’ll be able to make your stuff private by clicking a box saying “private”. And it will be private, visible to only Facebook company workers and whoever gets into the system.

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Woman Claims 3D Porn Film Made Her Pregnant

TECHEYE’S Dean Wilson brings news of the woman made pregnant by a 3D pornographic film:

“US military man Erick Jhonson came home from a stint in Iraq to find that his wife was pregnant. Clearly he assumed she had an affair, but his wife Jennifer claims the “other man” was actually someone a little less physical.

It seems he actually buys her story, however. “I see it as suspicious. The films in 3D are very real. With today’s technology, anything is possible,” he said.

What’s even more interesting is that both Jennifer and Erick are white, but the child is black. Jeniffer claims the kid looks like the black pornstar she had been ogling. She also claims this was one of the first times she’s watched porn and only went with friends for the 3D effect. TechEye did a survey of one person and found 100 percent would say the same thing in a similar situation.”

Says Spotter Bat E Bird, “I don’t care if it’s made up – it’s hilarious.”

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New Fiat Advert Is A Spit Roast For Our Sexy Minds

THE new Fiat will fuck with your mind, and blow it, too…

Spotter: Nerdcore

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Family Kill Themselves Inside French Woman Zoé Renault

MEET Zoé Renault, the woman who shares her name with a new car. Zoe has hired a lawyer to protect her name.

Says David Koubbi:

“You will easily understand that, having maturely reflected on the first name they wish to give their child, parents cannot tolerate seeing this first name made commonplace and used for … marketing.”

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