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The Chanel Shanghai Coolie Fashion Show, In Pictures

IN Shanghai there a Chanel Fashion show going on. The catwalk is erected in front of the Pudong panorama. China is keen to do business with the inscrutable – sorry – the excruciating Karl Lagarfeld. It wasn’t all bad – Vanessa Paradis poses for a photograph. Enjoy the pictures of the cashmere coolie hat, with tin inlay…


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Model walks the catwalk in front of the famous Shanghai Pudong panorama at Chanel Fashion Show in Shanghai, China

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Fifty Women Strip In London For Gaia Cellulite Awareness: In Pictures

ANORAK was in London’s South Molton Street today and happened upon 50 models (each counted by hand) wearing their knickers and bras in the rain. Was this a protest for Gaia, a bid to get fit young women to cuts down on washing and ironing and so reduce their carbon footprints? Turns out that young models were wearing anti-cellulite underwear. This stuff really works, as tethering it to the firm skin of young woman proves. Ann Widdecombe remains frustratingly just out of shot… The pictures:


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A shepherd and his flock

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Food Company Offers Free Home With Every Can Of Pork And Beans

CLAYTON Homes, of Tennessee (with a double ‘ee’), is offering first-time home buyers an $8,000 tax credit and…a can of pork and beans.

And not just any can of VanCamp’s Pork and Beans in Tomato Sauce. Now pork and bean enthusiasts can legally buy their fetish with no fear of being shunned by polite society and ostracised. Invest in a can of beans and get a Clayton manufactured home for FREE.

Plumbing included!


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Ilfracombe’s Floating Sperm Presents The World’s Worst Corporate Logos

COME to Ilfracombe, Devon, induces the seaside town’s new logo. Come to Ilfracombe, Devon, and swim with the sperm.

The “idiosyncratic swirl” is the work of Tessa Martin. Her works encourages people to “take another look and be surprised” by Ilfracombe, Devon. The log also reminds them to wear something protective and shower after bathing. Incidentally, Ilfracombe has the country’s second highest rate for teenage pregnancies – so it might be an advert for new sperm donors.


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Stella McCartney Hires The Mighty Boosh To Switch On Her Lights, In Photos

WHEN we saw the invite to see Stella McCartney turn on the Christmas lights, we thought Paul McCartney’s daughter was turning on the Oxford Street lights, the ones that make it better to see shoplifters. But no, Stella was turning on the lights in her shop, something one imagines she or an underling does every day.

Helping her to turn on the lights were Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh, who flipped the switch to the thrill of such passers by as Lulu, Kate Moss, Pam Hogg, Twiggy, Jamie and Louise Redknapp and Paul McCartney. Katie Price is available for when the lights need turning off. The pictures:


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Stella McCartney and her husband Alasdhair Willis are seen outside her shop as Stella turns on her Christmas lights at her West London boutique.

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In Pictures: The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

AFTER the backstage pictures of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, we now bring your fashion lovers the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City, in pictures.

Featuring Behati Prinsloo, Marisa Miller, Heidi Klum, Doutzen Kroes, Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, the Black Eyed Peas and a host of underwear enthusiasts:


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A Victoria's Secret model during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Lexington Armory in New York. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Friday November 20, 2009. Photo credit should read: PA

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show In Pictures: The Black Eyed Peas, Miranda Kerr And The $3Million Bra

IN our gallery, Anorak’s woman with a backstage pass goes behind the scenes at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, at the Lexington Armory in New York. Pictures of the Black Eyed Peas, Marisa Miller, Heidi Klum, Miranda Keer and a $3million bra follow.

(Anorak readers have been asking for more pictures of young, buff men, for research purposes. And we have listened. Pay attention to the images of Doutzen Kroes Miranda Kerr, in which nice men feature…)

Pictures of the show here.


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Miranda Kerr at work

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Christmas Gifts: Laptop Steering Wheel Desk By Mobile Office Outsells PS3

laptop-steering-wheelCHRISTMAS Gift of the day is the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk by Mobile Office. As Yampster says “this thing will outsell PS3 this Christmas”. And the hamsters.

The Laptop Steering Wheel Desk By Mobile Office is the last word in Laptop steering desks. Buy yours while they’re still legal. Here’s what shoppers are saying:

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In Pictures: Free Jimmy Choo For H&M, In Pastry

8029575JIMMY Choo is London’s most famous cobbler. he is one letter aways from being Jimmy Choos and thus a product of nominative determinism. As it is we wrestle with Jimmy Choo, which should be pronouned as in ‘choux’, the pastry.

Anorak was there to see Jimmy Choux unveil his range for H&M, which is pronounced HAM. The pictures feature Sophie Ellis Bextor, Jameela Jemil, Jade Parfitt and Jasmine Guinness, Amber Le Bon, Ben Grime, Jenni Falconer, Lola Lennox, Tamara Ecclestone, Little Boots, Nicola Roberts, Alexandra Burke and anyone else with two feet after a freebie.


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Sophie Ellis Bextor attending the launch party for Jimmy Choo at H&M, at the store's Regent Street branch in central London.

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For Hire: Engrish Teacher To Learn You Grammer

FOR Hire: Engrish Teacher To Learn You Grammer – get him while he’s hot:


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Zhu Zhu Pets Turn Your Dead Go Go Hamster Into A Thing Of Fun

gogo-pets-hamster-mr-squigglesHOW do you know when a pet hamster is dead? You don’t. They never die. They just become Go Go Pets.

Go Go Pets are on sale in the UK for £10 as Zhu Zhu Pets. A tenner for a dead hamster glued to a toy car sounds steep.

Chunk needs a pal. And Mr Squiggles needs a mate. This is how it is with hamsters. You get one. You end up with hundreds.

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Disney’s First Black Princess Obama, In Pictures

a4A YEAR after the election of Barack Obama, Disneyland officially inaugurated its first black princess with the debut of Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee! starring Princess Tiana from the new animated feature, The Princess and The Frog.

Anorak’s Man In A Furry Suit in LA was there:

SINGING and dancing and performing from the Mark Twain riverboat along the Rivers of America and culminating in a second line march into New Orleans Square, the spectacle is, as the daily program, promises, a “toe tappin,’ hand-clappin’ riverboat extravaganza” that veers perilously and surprisingly toward the coonin’ and buffoonin’ of another era and a Showboat of another era.

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China’s ‘God’s Hand’ Inflatable Bra Commercial Finds A Use For Your Car’s Cigarette Lighter

KATIE Price is finished. Pamela Anderson has had it. Victoria Beckham can be plugged into the car cigarette lighter. Amy Winehouse is valve away from avoiding the anaesthetic. News reaches us from China of the inflatable bra.

The size of your breasts is now only restricted by gravity and the days’ wind report.

And men, you too can look like Simon Cowell, or like Buster Gonad. Cue the video for ‘God’s Hand’ (which is warm):


*Male interpreter*
Is her, Is her, her is her AGAIN! she is the same, just that a breast size is different!

*The girl speaks*
When I go to the office, I adjust to B cup. Pretty in every sense!

When I hit the streets, I adjust to a C cup. I bedazzle all the people around me!

When I party, I adjust to a D cup. Hot and Fiery!

*Man interpreter comes back*


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Fisting A Chicken Demonstations In Sainsbury’s

TO Winchester Sainsbury’s, where shoppers can learn how to fist a chicken all this week:


More fisting fun on Anorak TeeVee

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Belfast Gets Own Monopoly Game: Get Out Of Jail Free Cards All Round

21ANORAK was there to see Mark Marrriot, designer of the Monopoly Belfast edition, launch of the popular board game, in Belfast.

The dice are green. Although you can have red, white and blue ones, if you prefer. Title Deeds are NOT proof of ownership, although placing “safe houses” on the land and building big high wall around it can make a powerful argument that it is yours. Hotels are best avoided.

The most expensive spot is the seat of government at Stormont, yours for £400 or the promise of a call centre for a large American conglomerate.

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Rainbow Dogs Present The Best Novetly Toilet Paper

toilet-rainbowTHANKS to Collonelle toilet tissue you can wipe you backside on a picture of a dog cradling a rainbow.

This is what your excreta deserves, and so do dogs and rainbows. There is no brown in this rainbow. But thanks to Collonelle there will be, and, roughage providing, it should match your chocolate lab.

Find your crock of **** at the end of the rainbow as you look through our toilet paper gallery:


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Turn Your Cat’s Anus Into A Glitter Ball With Rear Gear

rear-gearHELP is at hand for those of you who don’t enjoy the rear view of your cat, dog or significant other. With Rear Gear, you can cover up that unsightly opening with a novelty feature.

Turn your cat’s anus into a talking point for all the right reasons: choose from glitter ball – watch the other cats have hours of fun with your feline pal! – smiley face – He likes me; he really likes me! – No.1 ribbon and a sheriff’s badge to catch any arse bandits.

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Dannii Minogue Turns On Harrods Owner Mohamed Al Fayed’s Lights


Harrods Chairman Mohamed Al Fayed, Dominic aged 10 (surname not given), who is a patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Dannii Minogue switch on the Harrods Christmas lights outside Harrods department store in Knightsbridge.

The image just needs a caption… Whatever can they be looking at?

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Five Things You Never Knew About McDonald’s In Iceland

mcdonalds-icelandFIRST Kerry Katona’s face was offed, now McDonald’s has decided to leave Iceland to the Icelanders.

Odd that a land of pure snow and ice should be famous for being linked with the face of own-brand ketchup and being dumped by McDonald’s. But what are the facts? Let’s take a look:

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard explains:

What the company actually said was that it can no longer compete with Icelandic fast-food joints that rely on local produce…

The BBC putts it another way.

McDonald’s is to close its business in Iceland because the country’s financial crisis has made it too expensive to operate its franchise.

Sky News says, “The withdrawal of the golden arches symbolises a sharp fall from economic grace for a nation.” The Consumerist says: “Iceland is so messed up McDonald’s is giving up and going home.”

Such are the facts.

Here are 5 things you never knew about McDonald’s in Iceland:

1. In 2007, nine-year-old Einar Huld became lost in a snowstorm. She was rescued when a man standing on a car seven miles away spotted the luminous yellow cheese slice she had removed from the cheeseburger and stuck to her head.

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Nike Women Billboard Fail

IN Russia, Nike is big news, catering for anyone and everyone. In this billboard, Nike woos three-legged women and two-legged men who like to dress as women…


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Horror In Preston As Asda Shopper finds Chicken’s Head Attached To Chicken’s Body

buck-buckIN “Chicken head horrified Preston shopper” Matthew Squires brings news to the people of Preston:

A stunned shopper bought a chicken from Preston’s Asda store only to find its head still attached. Helen Kirby, 27, of Thistlecroft in Ingol, was horrified to discover it tucked under the body of the bird.

A chicken’s head? On a chicken? What The Buck-Buck?!

She brought the ‘whole chicken’ from the Asda store at Fulwood and immediately froze it. Because the head was well hidden under the chicken’s body, it was only when she put the bird in the oven to cook that she made what she describes as a “disgusting” discovery.

At least it wasn’t tucked inside the bird. A knife. A slice. Boo!

Anyhow she took her complaint to Asda, who laughed in her face and said that chickens still do come with heads, in the main, because they need them to feed through – although what with injections, heads on chickens may soon becomes useless.

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Using Katie Price And Sick Children To Advertise The Bounty Mum Of The Year

4482240BOUNTY, purveyors of the baby hamper given to news mums as an inducement to them buying branded products, have shortlisted Katie Price for their Celebrity Mum Of The Year award.

There is also a Real Mum of the Year 2009, which serves to imply there is something unreal, or fake, about Katie Price and her celebrity mummies.

2007 title holder Katie is going mum-a-mum against these others, who are in no partial order:

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Tiana Becomes Disney’s First Black Princess

aAS America talks about race and race and the need not to talk about race, Disneyland introduces its first black princess.

Our Man in LA pays Princess Tiana a visit:

Posters are up and products are on sale at the park, promoting the animated feature, The Princess and The Frog, and the character Princess Tiana.

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Indian BT Worker ‘Bombs’ British Customer’s House

bomb-btBT’S India call centre operation is doing for the British stereotypes of fair play and the ability to patiently queue what Princess Diana did for our stiff upper lip: killing it.

The Mail spots one Allan Wardle, who rang BT after his internet connection crashed, got into row with call centre weoker and later had a technician tell hism that he;d blow up his house.

Death threat,” says the Mail twice.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing,’ said Mr Wardle, 24. ‘I was incensed. I was scared at first and then really angry. I called the police straight away.

“I’m disgusted that something like this can happen with such a respected company. The whole thing has been upsetting. It doesn’t get much worse than someone – a stranger – saying he is going to blow you up.”

It’s every BT caller’s worst nightmare. But what was that about BT being a respected company? Come, come, Mr Wardle, no-one who deals with BT likes BT. The thrill is in the confrontation. Anorak has long suspected BT’s telephony system, in which you press lots of buttons to have your call directed, exists as a challenge to see if you have the stamina for the long road ahead.

Indeed, one Anorak reader tells us that when when pessed in a certain order, the buttons on your keypad sound out the opening bars to “One Finger One Thumb Keep Moving”, the nursery staple and a fataslistic rendition of “Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire“.

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Kellogg’s To Brand All Corn Flakes With Picture Of A Cock

kelloggsA SPOT of PR from Kellogg’s, which tells us that it is so concerned about fake cereals that it has developed a laser to toast its company logo on to individual Corn Flakes.

Kellogg’s will try out the process and then – maybe – drops a few branded flakes of cone into each box.

Yeah, really. You buy the cereal and then before coating it in milk spot the outline of a proud cock. You splash on the milk and chomp down knowing that your breakfast is helping a huge American company grow rich. How’s that for satisfying?

Having branded tour conf flakes, Kellogg’s will then seat about labelling your Frosties with a huge demented tiger, Special K (the floor of a budgie’s cage ), Crunchy Nut (a smashed up flapjack) and Bran Flakes (sawdust).

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