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Dr Who Specials: The Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper And Toilet Aimer

weeping jesus

DECORATE your Christmas Tree with a weeping angel, as seen on Dr Who.

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The Metro Creates The List That Ends All Lists: It Is That Bad

Neil Diamond


MODERN journalism is much about lists. You make a list and it is news. Things kicked off in 1977, when millions of people (my father mong them) The Book of Lists, compiled by David Wallechinsky, his father Irving Wallace and sister Amy Wallace.





It was a cracking book, a top toilet read. It was a valuable resource when I wrote the quiz questions for the TV show Jeopardy (What is the impossible job?).

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Wrist-Slitting Photo Hidden Inside Child’s Toy

Evil Stick toy


OTHER Parents presents the loving mum who bought her 2-year-old daughter an Evil Stick.  She thought the EVIL STICK wouild contain a picture of a fairy or some other ‘normal’ figure. Instead, as she tells us:

It looks like a magic fairy princess wand but when you push the button it laughs manically and a light flashes behind the foil star top, revealing a picture of a demonic woman cutting herself with a knife.


And she’s no fairy. We’ve checked…

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The Wearable Futon Is A Thing Of Wonder

wearable futon 1


FINALLY, the wearable Futon. Alistair Gentry reviews:

Japanese office supply company King Jim offer this lovely wearable futon and air mat set for a mere ¥4,500 (about £25, €30 or $40), because Japan. It’s ideal for those times when you’ve come to hold your own life and dignity so cheap that you’re willing to voluntarily wear a futon at your workplace and sleep next to your desk like a dog. The title in the blue box says “kiru futon & eaamatto” (literally “wear futon and air mat”). The kit also contains an air pump. I once slept on a legit air bed for far longer than is sensible and it nearly crippled me, so I’m guessing this glorified packing material is hardly better than the office utility carpet from which the air mat is supposed to protect you.

Stylish cuffs, no? It’s nearly as hip as turning up selvedge jeans, except you’re wearing a futon therefore you have gone beyond being trendy and you have lost your damn mind. I like the model’s expression in the picture above. He’s like “Dafuq? Is this really happening?” Maybe that’s why he looks dead in pic 1. He completely lost the will to live in the course of this photoshoot, laid down on the air mat in his wearable futon and gave up the ghost.


wearable futon

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Terrify Your Loved Ones With A Personalised Chopping Board

child chopping baord


 @francescamain has a question:

What kind of person gets a photo of their child’s face made into a chopping board?

It turns out that lots of people do:

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Someone’s recut the new John Lewis advert as a horror movie, and it’s brilliant

Someone’s recut the new John Lewis advert as a horror movie, and it’s bloody brilliant:


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Artist Turns Heavy Metal T-Shirts Into Hadnmade Quilts

IN San Francisco, artist Ben Venom recycles heavy metal t-shirts into handmade quilts.

Metal fans hould enjoy looking for familiar looking swatches:

heavy metal quilts 8 heavy metal quilts 7

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Shit Express: Service Lets You Post Your Enemy A Pile Of Steaming Turds

shit express 1

WORRIED about how to epxress you displeasure? Worried about being called a troll for stating your heartfelt opinion? Well, Shit Express will send a heap of poo to  enemies, or friends (if they’re into it).

Shit Expressexplains:

1. Choose an animal.
2. Give us an address.
3. Choose how to wrap your package.
4. Pay anonymously with Bitcoin.

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Serious Writers Reveal Their Lowlife Reading Habits


HIGH minds in low places. Amber Sparks interviewed writers about their influences:

“I aspire to write ‘great books,’ but great books are not at all what made me want to write,” says Mike Meginnis, author of Fat Man and Little Boy. “Some of my most formative early reading experiences were apocalyptic Christian YA fiction from my church’s lending library.” It seems ridiculous, on the face of it, that writers could learn their craft at the doorstep of writing or culture that might appear inartful, inelegant, or lack complexity. And yet it makes perfect sense. These books are popular not because of their sentences, but because of their storytelling. And isn’t that the first thing every writer has to learn, regardless of medium or genre? …

I discovered, as I talked to lots of writers, that the vocabulary of the lowbrow almost universally reflects a kind of throwaway culture: garbage, disposable, trash. Yet it’s clear many of us have never tossed out these first and primary influences—they are anything but disposable when we look back at where it all began. Whether we writers actively avoided, sought out, or just plain knew nothing else, it seems what we consumed of the lowbrow world of literature, television, films, video games, and other pop culture has had significant influence on an awful lot of us. When we were young, many of us sought pleasure in the simplest kinds of stories, wherever we found them.

Trash, you say..?

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Russell Brand’s Revolution: Using Rape And Hitler’s Publisher To Spark The ‘Divine’



RUSSELL Brand, age 39, has written Revolution, a book dedicated ‘To the divine, mischievous spark in you”.

Craig Brown reviews in the Mail:

‘Russell Brand wants YOU to join the Revolution’ is the pithy way his publishers, Century, put it.  Oddly enough, Century is a part of Penguin Random House, itself a division of the German media conglomerate Bertelsmann and Pearson PLC, the largest education company and book publisher in the world, and owners of the Financial Times

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Swiss Retail Giant Migros Sells Hitler Coffee Creamer Pots

Hitler is coffee


Swiss retail outfit Migros has been seducing punters to its coffee creamer containers by decorating the packets with pictures of Hitler (skinny?) and Italian fascist Benito Mussolini (full fat?).

The NY Times notes:

“In coffee-loving Switzerland, labels from the mini-cream containers are cult collectibles, and producers often seek new and inventive ways to enhance their appeal.”

A Migros spokesman responds:

“Whoever made this mistake was not thinking properly, as these aren’t images accompanying a book about World War II, but rather something meant to be enjoyed with coffee and a chocolate cake.”

Failing to add, “…as a prelude to mass murder”…

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For Sale on eBay: Car Seat Once Used By Adam Ant

WHAT are we offered for a mini cab sat once sat in by Adam Ant, Mr Prince Charming himself?


adam ant car



The blurb:

I gave Adam Ant a lift in my car on 3/5/10 here is the seat he used on the journey. Selling this as my car is off to scrapyard next week. Happy bidding on a rare item. Message me for details, it’s collection only though.

For more Adam Ant oddness, take a look at this...

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The Breaking Bad Action Figures Come With Free Crystal Meth But No Atomic Bomb

Breaking Bad toys


THE Sun says TOYS R Us has been “blasted for encouraging kids to ‘play with meth’ by selling Breaking Bad toys.”

Doubtless the shop could offer a 2-4-1 deal with its Toy Chemistry Kits.



But that’s not necessary, the Sun adds that the meth is already supplied:

The retailer is flogging dolls of the show’s main characters, which come with gas masks and bags full of drug money and crystal meth.

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Christmas Jumper-orama: The Hideous Gremlins And Fargo Sweats

READY for Christmas? Ready for your seasonal sweater?

Mondo have greated designs based on the 1984 film Gremlins and the 1996’s Fargo.

fargo 1

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Hatred Presents The Most Joyously Violent Video Games Ever



THERE’S a bit of hubbub around a new video game that’s knocking about called ‘Hatred’. It is being hailed (or accused, if you prefer) as the most violent game ever.

Of course, fans of video games will roll their eyes at such a suggestion as there’s a whole host of gory splatterfests in the gaming canon.

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North Korean Airline Koryo Air Rejects The Ryanair Steak Sandwhich And Anger

THE Telegraph says North Korea’s state-owned Koryo Air is thre world’s worst ailrine. It must be joking. The jets, staff and food all look fine, a world above the crap served aboard Ryanair by its barking, angry  staff. Photos of the airline comes from Aram Pan, who travelled to Juche Travel to North Korea – “now the only country in the world where you can reliably fly on all major Soviet-era aircraft in one place”.

I’ve been to Cuba with Aeroflot in the late 1990s. The guard opened the plane’s hold with a crowbar. The entire air system fell from the ceiling when touched. The seats folded flat back and never came back up. The plan dived and soared to ‘save fuel’.  But we lived. And it was cheap.

And it had no flies on the (barf!) poached salmon like on Air India.

It’s no frills simplicity with grace and poise:



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Along The Underground Railroad At Night

“Cypress Swamp” Middle Mississippi

“Cypress Swamp” Middle Mississippi

WE can travel down the Underground Railroad with Jeanine Michna-Bales, who created Through Darkness to Light, the slaves’ journey to freedom in Canada:

Finding that there were few visual records of the secret stations along the escape route, she herself traced the steps taken by many of the 100,000 slaves between the Southern plantations of Louisiana to the border of Canada, where slavery was prohibited. Along the way, she creates an archive of historical sites both famous and obscure, discovered through academic inquiry at historical societies and oral histories passed down through generations. …

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Who Drew This Massive Knob On The Banksy Artwork On A Folkstone Wall?



SAD news for art fans. A critic has augmented a Banksy artwork on Folkestone’s Rendezvous Street with a generous penis.

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