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North Carolina Water Company Challenges Customer To Walk Like Jesus

TO North Carolina, where the Chinquapin Water Association, aka the Chinquapin Wine Society, adds a little message on its water bills.




Just add water…


Spotter: Reddit


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Nightmare Toys: Undead Ted Wants To Play Peek-A-Boo:

HEY, kids. Undead Ted wants to play peek-a-boo:



Buy it here.


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Peter Tork’s Dairy Erotica On Acid: A Look Inside The March 1971 ‘TEEN magazine



THERE’S no better insight into the teenage girl psyche than those ubiquitous teen magazines. So, let’s step into the mind of early Seventies teenyboppers and take a look at the March 1971 issue of ‘TEEN magazine.  It’s chock full groovy advertising and advice, fashion and feminine hygiene. Within its glorious pages we’ll find a plethora of mini-skirts, a cry for the whereabouts of Peter Tork, and how to look fabulous in the jungles of Vietnam.  Come take a look!







This tie-dye painting in combination with that wallpaper is causing a bit of a sensory overload.  While I’m sure that wall is nice while gobbling up psychedelics, it would be migraine inducing on a daily basis.


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Life Imitates The Kate Kid At The Royal College of Art’s Graduate Fashion Show 2014

FASHION is the gift that keeps on giving. At the Royal College of Art’s Graduate Fashion show, we spotted this design by Ge Bai. We wondered where the inspiration came from…





…and then we realised:

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9 Cool People Who Love To Wear Converse (And 3 Who Don’t)

I BOUGHT my first pair of Converse shoes aged 10. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker was all man. It was also all woman. My sister got them first. But I don’t care. These wasn’t unisex shoes. This wasn’t like being called Lesley. Converse were just cool.

They have been ever semi-professional basketball player Chuck Taylor added his name to the Converse Rubber Company’s “All Star” shoe. Taylor was hired as a salesman. He would travel the US showcasing the shoes in basketball clinics. Chuck and his shoes were a hit.

The kids with no idea wore plimsoles to play. The ones with ideas but no clue wore Dunlop Green Flash. The cool kids had Converse.

Who wears them now? Anyone. Anywhere.


Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson

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Vacant Property: Is This London’s Worst Studio Flat?

PROPERTY of the day is in London’s Islington zone:

Single Studio Available within walking distance of kings cross and Islington. This modern studio apartment comes complete and fully self contained With its own en-suite bathroom and kitchenette. Neutral deco and laminated floor boards through out.

And this is the best photo of it:


Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 20.24.14

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Soda Can Devolution: From Elegantly Simple To Eyeball Assault

seven up


IT’S RARE for a product’s logo or package design to stay constant over the years.  More often than not, they get a makeover every few years to keep up with the tastes of the times.

Comparing soda cans from decades past to the present, it’s immediately apparent that we no longer prefer simple elegant designs… that we prefer busy, hastily thrown together crap designs instead.

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Mods, Rockers, Teds, Irish, Skinheads, Pikeys, Blacks And Jews: The People Banned From Anywhere Decent People Gather

FIFTY years ago, mods and rockers enjoyed the bank holiday weekend by fighting pitched battles at the seaside.




The skirmishes led to public vilification, and sociologists coined the phrase ‘moral panic’ to sum up the hysteria surrounding these modern delinquent ‘folk devils’.

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Lifesurfing: Your Horoscope Forecast Guide 2015 – Monthly Forecasts Of Uncanny Precision

victor olliver


SUCH a joy to be back among you, especially given the egregious state of blogging these days. I can but do my best, permitting you a glimpse of Arcati’s ancient soul which bubbles with spite and acuity and long memory, though I dress it all up in a sage’s garb and vocabulary of daunting endowment.

Yes, I shall be publishing a naked Prince Harry artwork – by a former mayor (only the best on Arcati). But before that exciting controversy, I wish to do what we all do these days – and offer you my ass.

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110% Meat: Bubbledogs Come With A Free Foreskin?

PA-16219533 (1)


IN a story on how hotdogs are making a comeback to the street of London, the Evening Standard’s Danny Buckland speaks with the founder of a company called Bubbledogs, the eatery that “led the way with its breakthrough restaurant in Charlotte Street, which now attracts queues for tables”.

He speaks with Sandia Chang, who opened Bubbledogs:

“I think a lot of people were surprised because the last time they experienced hot dogs it was not very nice processed food. But we use 110 per cent beef or pork and it is a world away from the hot dogs of old. I think hot dogs will get even more popular and there will be more restaurants serving them.”

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Making Sense of Chemical Stories: The Posters

SENSE About Science is “a charitable trust that equips people to make sense of scientific and medical claims in public discussion”. Science matters. Government quote it when they want to control what you teach, eats and watch.

There are dangers in politicising science.

SAB sees “leading scientists, toxicologists and dieticians debunk common chemical misconceptions.” They’ve produced these posters about what we eat. 





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Terrible Adverts: Vifit Kills Your Sex Drive And Turns Women Into Strippers



VIFIT is the dairy drink from Dutch company Friesland Campina that, if this advert is to be believed, will turn women who look at it into strippers and men who drink it off sex.


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Sainsbury’s Offers Shoppers A Chance To Buy The 12 Years A Slave Look

DID you watch the film 12 Years A Slave and think ‘ nice threads, dude’?

You did. Because someone at Sainsbury’s heard your mind whirring and started offering shoppers the chance to dress like a black slave in the American deep south. You don’t need to be black to get the look. Sure it helps. But we don’t doubt that Sainsbury’s sensitive shop assistants at its Heyford Hill, Oxford, branch can direct you to boot polish section.



12 years a slave costume




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Those Fabulous and Frightening 1970s Kitchens

kitchen (1)


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Katharina Detzel’s Incredible Dummy And Other Prinzhorn Collection Insanities

katharina detzel


AS early as the 1920s, art historian and junior doctor Hans Prinzhorn recognized the talent in his patients at the Heidelberg Psychiatric Clinic, and began collecting their works. The world-renowned Prinzhorn Collection at Heidelberg’s University Hospital now contains over 5,000 drawings, oil paintings, wood carvings and textile works.

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Guinness Was Once The Nazi Beer Of Choice: Black Beer For Black Shirts (The Posters)

ONCE upon a time, Guinness was gut fuhrer Nazi boys and girls. The drinks brand marketed the black brew to the black shirts with the slogan:

 “Es ist Zeit für ein Guinneß!”

nazi guinness

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‘We Go To The Gallery’: Enjoy Miriam Elia’s Twisted Spoof On The Peter & Jane Books

peter and jane

‘WE Go To The Gallery’ is artist Miriam Elia’s twist on Ladybird children’s books Peter & Jane.

Miriam Elia cover

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Omega 3 Fatty Acids Do Absolutely Bugger All For Your Heart



IT’S a generally accepted bit of health woo that there are good animal fats and bad ones. The nice tasty kind, lard, beef dripping and so on are very bad for you: cause a heart attack as soon as you look at them. There’s also the good ones, like from fish, seal and whale blubber, known as Omega 3 fatty acids. These must be good for you because they taste like crap.

And thus we get thousands of people waxing rich on flogging us fish pills to protect our hearts.

There’s even some sciency bits behind this. For researchers did declare that Inuit (aka Eskimos to us less than PC types) had low levels of heart disease because they ate all that fish and whale blubber.

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