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The Wonderful London Review of Books Personal Ads, Curated By David Rose

The Book Lover — Frantisek Kupka

The Book Lover — Frantisek Kupka


DAVID Rose created a ‘love sought’ section for the London Review of Books. Rose was the organ’s advertising director when he developed the personals section in 1998. Lovelorn literary types wrote in. The very first classified ad went:

“Disaffiliated flâneur, jacked-up on Viagra and on the look-out for a contortionist trumpeter.”

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Pages of Polyester: The Sears 1974 Catalog

FROM the women’s fashion section of the 1974 Fall-Winter Sears Catalog, here are 35 pages of earth-toned acrylics, skin-tight polyester, and knitted creations that should have never seen the light of day.  Seventies fashions are fun to behold because they could be so frighteningly terrible; however, if you can resist the easy temptation to scoff at 70s styles and view them with an open mind, some are actually quite brilliant.  Today’s everyday styles can be so tired and unremarkable – it’s refreshing to see something bold and unique.  Come take a look….


Sears 1974 Fall Winter Catalog_0036


A black and orange striped sweater-vest over a tight olive green turtleneck sweater…. can somebody explain how this happened?  The simple answer is widespread recreational drug use, but I’m open to other theories.

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1943: Bizarre American Locomotive Company Advert

IN 1943, The American Locomotive Company published this advert:


American-Locomotive-Advert 1943



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1955 Hair Tonic Advert: Lucky Tiger Gets the Gals

IN the 1950s, Lucky Tiger would seduce the girls. If you got really lucky, you could mount their heads.



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Epic Adverts: ‘Tolerant Lesbian Mona (w), 31 Searches For A Shared Apartment In Berlin’



THIS is great. Mona “(w), 31 searches in shared apartment in Berlin Friedrichshain”.

Tolerant Lesbian tolerant you

Min Room Size: 20m ² Max Rent: € 5

I, 31, am a good-natured open leftist* and openly feminist student of history (HU) and am searching a cosmopolitan and anti-capitalistic apartment to share with others in Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg. You need to be open minded when it comes to other lifestyle models and tolerance should be among your top values. Moreover it would be super if there was already a washing machine that I could also use in the apartment.

I don’t like aggressions and power games, and so I’m searching for an apartment that is 100% shared by women who are active against terror, war, racial madness, fascism, chauvinism and US cultural imperialism. I am myself a vegan and think that long-term living together makes sense when absolutely no animal-based products find a place in my apartment.

In general I am easy to get along with, but must also be able to say where the limits are and when I don’t want to see anyone. For me this is part of an honest cohabitation. In the past unfortunately I often have had to make the experience of putting up with people who stayed around even when I asked them to (temporarily) leave the apartment.

In return for a room (20-30 sqm) I offer work in the household, repairs and discussions (also therapeutic). Money is the lever of the powerful with which I cannot identify with. But because I respect other views, I would be willing to contribute to WLAN and electricity (even it belongs to the fundamental needs of a person and thus MUST be provided free of charge.)

I’m looking forward to the “casting”.


*Anarcho-syndicalism (but do not always agree with the International Workers Association)”

Mona is willing to pay is 5 euros.

Spotter: here, via NoTrickZone, Viz for the picture

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Tomes Of Shame: Awful Nonfiction From The 1970s

THE sad truth is, nonfiction garbage is hard to come by.  Libraries regularly cull their shelves, ridding the world of their outdated and tacky tomes.  Plus, how many people are going to display any one of these books in their home library and endure the subsequent deep and abiding shame?  Not many.  So, they end up on the trash heap, gone forever…. That is, until someone like me resurrects them (at least their covers) for your viewing enjoyment.  You’re welcome. 


1972 TFH Book - Dog Horoscopes

Dog Horoscopes (1972)


Your Horoscope for Today:  With Venus moving into gentle Pisces this week, you will feel a distinct urge to dry hump human legs.  You may even decide to accept a friend’s invitation to smell his/her anus.  The afternoon and evening brings the possibility of lots of indoor pooping. 


nonfiction (1)

How To Heal The Sick, Cast Out Devils And Still Go To Hell by R. W. Schambach (1976)


This book is fine, but I’m more interested in the companion volume: How To Live Selfishly, Enjoy Pornography, And Still Go To Heaven.


Enduring Poles by Natsolim (1977)

Enduring Poles by Natsolim (1977)


Finally, a guide to enduring those insufferable Polish people.


Subliminal Seduction by Wilson Bryan Key (1974)

Subliminal Seduction by Wilson Bryan Key (1974)


“Are you being sexually aroused by this picture?”

If your answer is “yes”, I think it owes more to your debilitating alcohol addiction than any advertising trickery.  Is this orange rind supposed to remind me of a flaccid and dismembered sex organ?  If so, then I am most definitely not aroused…. nor will I be for quite some time thanks to this.


More Lives Than One? by Jeffrey Iverson (1977)

More Lives Than One? by Jeffrey Iverson (1977)


In every life this woman was prone to staring blankly upward.  Nutty theories like this were rampant in the 1970s, here’s another…


sbs Helping Yourself With White Witchcraft - Al Manning - 1972

Helping Yourself With White Witchcraft by Al Manning (1972)


Among the many promises offered on the back:

How to use rituals and spells to attract money and prosperity!
How to use rituals and spells to attract and hold a lover!
How to ward off the Evil Eye and protect yourself against Secret Psychic Attack!

It says that the author was an accountant before he flaked out.  Personally, it’s hard for me to take a witch or warlock seriously with those kinds of credentials.

“Morgan La Fey, Enchantress, Tax Professional and Financial Advisor” just doesn’t work.  Neither does “Angmar the Witch King, C.P.A.”


Creative Firing by Chester Burger (1974)

Creative Firing by Chester Burger (1974)


In which we learn how to fire people via poetry or haiku.  Especially interesting is the chapter on creating beautiful watercolor paintings of nature scenes… all signed “you’re fired”, of course.


It Hurts So Bad, Lord! by Andrew D. Lester (1976)

It Hurts So Bad, Lord! by Andrew D. Lester (1976)


Yeesh.  This is just awkward.  Let’s move on…


Sex Therapist: My Story by Amanda Stewart  (1975)

Sex Therapist: My Story by Amanda Stewart (1975)


“Are the new sex therapists part of the legitimate medical community – or are they prostitutes?”

What in the ever lovin’ f**k?  Was this really a question?  I can understand if there was a healthy skepticism about this new profession; however, it seems a stretch to speculate that it entailed having sex for money. (But if it is true, I hope it’s not too late for me to make a drastic career change.)


Ripley's Believe It Or Not 19th Series (1972)

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not 19th Series (1972)


“Is she the bearded lady, or is she part porcupine, or what? [see back cover]”

Ummm.… why in the name of all this holy would you ever think she is the bearded lady?  For the curious, the back cover reads:

  “What she has on her face are ordinary toothpicks broken in half; for some reason, a light touch makes them cling.  Believe it… or Not!”


How to Really Love Your Child by Ross Campbell (1977)

How to Really Love Your Child by Ross Campbell (1977)


We know you’ve been faking it for a long time.  Now, it’s time to learn how to really love that brat.  And once you’ve figured that out, it’s on to that spouse of yours…



How To Live With A Neurotic Wife by Stephen Baker (1970)


Well, it certainly makes things a lot easier if your wife happens to be a stone cold fox…


neurotic wife2


The back cover reads “The author and his (non-neurotic) wife.”

First of all, Stephen Baker obviously used Al Manning’s White Witchcraft to make this happen (there can be on other explanation).  Second, I’m not thrilled with his cocky grin.  We know you did well for yourself, Stephen.  No need to gloat.

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How Matchbox Cars Were Made For Her Majesty The Queen In 1965

A rare blue Matchbox No.34 Volkswagen van with black wheel's, valued between 7,000 and 8,000 pounds, ($12,300-$14,000/8,700-10,000 euro), which is one of the collection of matchbox cars owned by American collector Dr Scott D Gillogly at Vectis Auctioneers in Thornaby, England Thursday Sept 11, 2008. The collection, which is valued at 570,000 pounds ($1 million/711,000 euro), is on display ahead of the auction to be held on September 16 and 17, (AP Photo/Scott Heppell)

A rare blue Matchbox No.34 Volkswagen van with black wheel’s, valued between 7,000 and 8,000 pounds


IN1965, Matchbox toys were die-cast objects of delight, produced by LESley Smith and RodNEY SMith’s Lesney Products & Co. Ltd.


*Scanned low-res from print, high-res available on request* Queen Elizabeth II watches as miniature models are spread on a conveyor belt during her visit to the makers of the "Matchbox" models series - Lesney Products and Company Ltd - at Hackney Wick, London. Ref #: PA.13433485  Date: 12/11/1969

Queen Elizabeth II watches as miniature models are spread on a conveyor belt during her visit to the makers of the “Matchbox” models series – Lesney Products and Company Ltd – at Hackney Wick, London. Date: 12/11/1969


This video show us how they were made:

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Tony Blair Was Framed: George Bush’s Art Become Bootleg Merchandise

GEORGE W. Bush’s paintings have been adapted to feature on pillows, bags, throws and clocks. Bush’s collection – “The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy” –  features the faces of his dad, Tony Blair, Vladimir Putin and Hamid Karzai.


tony framed

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Inside Scarfolk: An Interview With The Mayor Of Dystopia UK, Richard Littler

 Children and hallucinogens


IF you’ve visited Richard Littler’s Scarfolk, you will have come away with a feeling of how life was in mid-20th Century Britain. Scarfolk is a dystopian town in the North-West of England gripped by fear of witches, children, babies and salad.

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Watch Artist Milo Moiré Use Her Vagina To Give Birth To A Picture

Milo Moire creates Plop Egg painting Art Cologne 2014


WANT to see Swiss artist Milo Moiré give birth to a painting? No. She’s not got one rolled up inside her vagina. And it’s not certainly not framed. Nothing so conventional for Milo.

Milo uses ink and acrylic filled eggs to create the “compressed birth of a piece of art.” She stuffs the ink balls up her vagina and squirts them out. There are women in Bangkok who use brushes to produce passable forgeries of the Haywain. They might think Milo’s work no big deal. But Milo is white, naked and likes the big portrait, much as Rolf Harris used to. Her work matters.

Lest you think this simple exhibitionism – remember, she’s naked (ink stains clothes, dude) – Milo is here to tell us that it is all deeply layered in meaning. It is deeply serious.

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Arsenal Balls: Mesut Ozil Is Remade As A Chocolate Egg

GARY Lineker flogs fatty food crisps to sports fans. And in Germany, the budding sport stars can tuck into World Cup 2014 Kinder Surprise eggs, such as this one featuring Arsenal star Mesut Ozil.

This is his face on the Kinder Überraschung.


arsenal egg



This is what you get inside:

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Tormented And Alone: The Neurotic Dreams Of The Ladies Of Romance Comics

 ex rom 28 09_resize


READING old romance comic books is like slipping into the subconscious mind of the mid-century female. It was a time when their entire well-being and happiness revolved around dumb men; when every single action and decision was predicated on pleasing oblivious males.  Thus, in comic after comic, with rarely an exception, you have the requisite scene of the beautiful female lying in bed pining desperately over some clueless oaf.


4-4-2012 8-26-16 PM


No doubt, it’s still pretty common for females to fantasize over men.  Women’s Lib made great strides towards creating a more level playing field, but it didn’t do away with human nature.  To a certain extent, the cliché is a timeless truth: girls will be girls, and boys will be boys.

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Should We Boycott Record Store Day?



AS everyone knows, Record Store Day is to hipsters what Valentine’s Day is to the romantics. It’s enforced fun where naysayers chirp “you shouldn’t need a designated day to show someone you love them/buy records” and generally, everyone is quite annoying about it on both sides of the fence.

Of course, the people who really like RSD are those who love to queue for hours and touts.

Regarding the latter, Paul Weller, complete with his old lady’s haircut, has called for a boycott on the event, after copies of his limited 45 ‘Brand New Toy’ were being sold on eBay for hiked-up prices.

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Slacks Relapse: A Look At Chick Pants Of The 1970s

vintage slacks (1)


OTHER than a brief Capri pants fad during the early Sixties, women rarely wore pants in public. It was dresses and skirts only. Then the Women’s Liberation movement hit its stride in the Seventies, and the ladies started to get in on the pants action. Just as the miniskirt had been a proclamation of the youth culture, pants became a proclamation of gender equality. If men can wear hideous corduroy bell-bottoms, by God, the women can too!

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16 Retro Board Game Curiosities That No Family Played Twice

A WHILE back, we covered some pretty peculiar games; however, there still remain board game curiosities which cry out for your attention. It seems there was no limit to the imagination (and debilitating insanity) of board game manufacturers. For every winner (i.e. Monopoly, Risk, Candyland) there were a hundred losers. Here’s a look at some of those losers.



video village


No doubt, this board game is a staple in the NSA break rooms. “Video Village” has such a nice sound for a mass surveillance system; much better than London’s “Ring of Steel”. How fitting that it shows a woman behind bars.

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Gabriel García Márquez 1927-2014

RIP Gabriel García Márquez, 1927-2014:


Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Regretful Reviews: Supertaster Amanda And Paddy Spend 10 Minutes Reviewing A Terry’s Chocolate Orange

terry's chocolate orange


IN this regretful review ‘Supertaster Amanda’ and Paddy Uglow spend 10 minutes reviewing a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

I don’t think it’s a parody. It should be. But I just don’t think it is.

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10 Terrible Easter Treats From Your Christian Childhood

EASTER is upon us. How will you celebrate? Chocolate and sweet treats are traditional methods. Let’s take a look at some of the worst Easter sweets for Jesus, which all taste of regret and guilt:


Scripture Candy


easter food

Spotter: Reddit


Easter Sunday Munchies





Hey kids…




Jesus with the flip top head


crucified pez



An 8Bit Easter

Celebrate Easter and your childhood gaming memories at the same time. You used to search for a princess. On the first Easter, Mary searched for someone much more important. Please spread the word! Share on Facebook and Pinterest. Let others in your church know about this 8bit Easter shirt and help us raise funds for our church!!





The Real Easter Egg (from the UK!)


real easter


Inside is a 24 page Easter story book, a Belgian milk chocolate egg and pack of Swiss Chocolate organic Chunky Buttons. A charity donation is made from each sale. There are three crosses on the front and under the lid there is a quote from the bible – the resurrection text from Mark chapter 16. £3.99 each delivered in boxes of 6.


A special edition Real Easter Egg. Inside is an olive wood holding cross from Bethlehem, an Easter message an extra thick Belgian Chocolate gold foiled egg (180g) and Meaningful milk Chocolate bar with a hint of natural orange (100g). The box has gold foil highlights and Celtic crosses. £9.99 each delivered in single boxes.


Inside are 20 Midi eggs and 20 copies of the Easter story 8 page booklet. Midi-egg foil reads ‘The Real Easter Egg. Christ is Risen.’ Ideal for church services, assemblies or events where you have a budget of £1 per person. £19.99 each delivered in single boxes.


Lamb-shaped butter





Bat s***!


bat shit


Spotter: The American Jesus


Sticky fingers


chocolate hands


Spotter: Christian Nightmares






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Airbnb Home Share Is A Boom To Prostitution

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 14.55.30

YOU may or may not know what Airbnb is. It’s a system whereby people can rent out their homes, or an extra bedroom, for a couple of days or a week or whatever. And therefore it’s also a website where you can rent a room in a town for a week or a night or two or whatever. Well, that’s great and it’s booming, currently worth some $10 billion as a company. But obviously, people have found a way to exploit that system as well:

Hookers are using the controversial Airbnb home-sharing Web site to turn prime Manhattan apartments into temporary brothels, The Post has learned.

One escort service is even saving a bundle by renting Airbnb apartments instead of hotel rooms for clients’ quickies, says a 21-year-old call girl who works for the illicit business.

“It’s more discreet and much cheaper than The Waldorf,” said the sex worker, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“Hotels have doormen and cameras. They ask questions. Apartments are usually buzz-in.”

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Vintage Footwear Adverts Unlaced

vintage footwear ad (12)


LADIES – no need to fight.  There are shoes aplenty in this article, so there are more than enough for the both of you.  Here is a cornucopia of retro footwear adverts that should keep everyone satisfied for a while. From hippy clogs to funky sidewinders fit for the most stylish of 70s pimps, they’re all here. Some of the advertisements are blatantly sexist, some are just plain odd, but there is much fun to be had. Enjoy!


shoe advert


Each Dexter shoe comes with a hotel coupon and a free condom. Plus, the shoes are highly durable and waterproof in case you’re going to move on from Casual Dex to Fetish Dex.


vintage footwear ad (1)
For much of the Seventies, no brand embodied the Black Power philosophy as much as Flagg Brothers and Eleganza. They offered the very best in pimpwear – I’m talkin’ ermine collars, big ass heels and pearl handle canes. African-American fashions were bold and flamboyant during this decade – if the jive-turkeys didn’t like it, they could kiss their black ass.


vintage footwear ad (9)
A completely nude woman hopelessly in love with a guy’s shoes. Is this advert pure genius, or pure sexist? I’d posit that it’s a lot of both.


vintage footwear ad (4)
It’s become a cliché to say that fashion is circular, but it is absolutely true. The 1970s clogs above would have been absolutely mocked and ridiculed in the 80s and 90s. In 1986, you would have been stoned to death and your entirely family imprisoned for sliding into a platform mule. Today, it’s the entirely fashionable…. although, embroidered fruit still hasn’t made a comeback. In due time.


vintage footwear ad (2)
At first this just seems incredibly odd; however, I guess there are stranger things than choosing to paint your shoes. Apparently, they even had “animal textures” – for instance, you could spray on lizard skin. (And at that point, I would start to question your mental condition.)


vintage footwear ad (10)
Amazingly, someone along the way thought having a nude middle-aged man on a ladder was a good way to sell slippers. But, before you start feeling too sorry for yourself for being subjected to this – just think about what a view those poor firemen are getting!


vintage footwear ad (7)
Very few people know this, but it’s a fact that Nostradamus actually predicted the arrival of the denim boot.

In the land with a climate opposite to Babylon there will be great shedding of blood.
Heaven will seem unjust both on land and sea and in the air.
Sects, famine, kingdoms, denim boots, plagues, and confusion shall rule the Earth.
Century I, Quatrain 55

What significance it has remains to be seen, but the mysterious denim boot will no doubt play a major role in the apocalypse.


vintage footwear ad (1)



It says the footwear was designed especially for Pat Boone. I’m assuming that means it will never become unclean and remain for all time as pure as the wind driven snow. In this advert, Pat demonstrates the magic of Velcro – “the closure invention of the century”. There’s even directions for proper Velcro use: “to close, press together – to open, peel apart.”


vintage footwear ad (11)
These slippers come in a variety of colors: Spring Green, Royal Blue, Cocoa Brown, and Glowing Nuclear Waste Orange. All Minute Crochet Slippers are machine washable and stain resistant, except the orange, which may cause birth defects, tumors and long term environmental devastation.


vintage footwear ad (5)


The infamous “egg chair” was perhaps mankind’s greatest creation, yet it fell out of favor by the end of the 1970s. You were comfortably enclosed within this upholstered ovum, and some even had speakers inside…. a toker’s throne, you might say.


vintage footwear ad (8)


A guy in a leisure suit is framed by a ring of godawful footwear – Worst selfie ever.


vintage footwear ad (6)


This seems to be nothing more than a cheap and shameless ploy to grab our attention by having us look up this chick’s skirt. In a perfect world, all adverts would be this cheap and shameless. I’ll wager this particular shoe advert had more than its share of men examining it close-up for any glimpse of immodesty.

And speaking of cheap and shameless… ¡Ay, caramba!


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Boeing Dreamliner: US Air Tweeted This Photo Of A Woman With A Toy Plane In Her ‘Lady Hanger’

us air tweet


THE Boeing 787 Dreamliner also did sound a bit like a tampon. Maybe that explains why US Airways reacted to a woman who complained of a bad flight with a photo of a woman with a model of a Boeing 777 in her vagina?

Or was it comment on leg room?

boeing 777 vagina


The tweet was up for around an hour before it was deleted.


us air

A US Air rep (see above) said:

“We apologize for an inappropriate image recently shared as a link in one of our responses. We’ve removed the tweet and are investigating.”

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