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3 Highly Disturbing Vintage Ads From The 70s And 80s

EVER been scared by an advert?


Have Her In Stitches (literally)



THIS advertisement comes from a 1982 Canadian newspaper. Notice anything particularly troubling about it?

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Candy Crush Saga: The Game That’s Too Successful To Float (See Zynga)


THIS is a fun little story. Candy Crush Saga is the all conquering barnstorming game of the moment and it’s made its maker, King, worth something like $5 billion. But it’s exactly that mega-success of the game that means that the maker cannot cash out by floating it on the stock market. Imagine that, being to successful to be able to sell yourself.

King, the mobile games maker behind Candy Crush Saga, has delayed its initial public offering until next year amid fears that the flagship game has been “too successful”.

The British company, which is gearing up for a potential $5bn (£3bn) flotation on the Nasdaq stock exchange, had considered listing by the end of this year. However, it has decided to wait to give it time to demonstrate that it has other hits in the pipeline and is not a “one hit wonder”.

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Inappropriate Christmas Jumpers: Jingle Balls

TODAY in Inappropriate Christmas Jumpers: Jingle Balls:

xmas jumpers

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How To Play Rock ‘n’ Roll On A Keyboard

HOW do you play rock n’n roll? Well, like this. And LOUD. Play it LOUD:

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Funny Canadian Graffiti Of The Day: The Poison Flute

canadian graffiti

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Desperate Marketing: SpaghettiOs Hijack Pearl Harbour Anniversary

TODAY is the 72nd anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. In the photo below, survivor Mal Middlesworth, centre, sits with other Pearl Harbor survivors before the start of ceremony commemorating the attack. You can see pictures of the murder and mayhem here.



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A.A. Milne Reads Winnie The Pooh In 1929 (With Photos Of The Writer Playing With ‘Christopher Robin’)

PA-8664729 (1)


IN 1929 A.A. Milne (above) was recorded reading aloud a passage from his book, Winnie-the-Pooh.

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The Santa Claus Spandex All-In-One Sack Sock

santa spandex

SANTA has been on a diet. He can now slip into his Santa Claus Spandex. bodysuit. And so can you budding Santas. Pop along to Rubie’s Costume Company and buy you stretchy Santa all-in-one sock. Spot the sack…

Spotter: Laughing Squid

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Nottingham Man Buys Photo Of XBox One For £450



WHEN Peter Clatworthy saw a photo of anXBox One console on eBay, he wanted it. He handed over £450 plug £8 packaging.  The 19-year-old student, of Bilborough, Nottingham, wanted the device for his four-year-old son, McKenzie. But he got exactly what he clicked on: a picture of an XBox One.

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Letters Of Note: My Waitrose Rum Baba Pudding

LETTES of Note: The woman who still can’t make a decent rum baba:



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Mandela Marketing: The Most Inappropriate Tributes (My Little Pony)

ASK not what Nelson Mandela did for humanity but what Nelson Mandela can do to promote your brand:

My Little Pony Fan Fiction salutes one of its own:

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The Free Nelson Mandela Comic Books

IN 2005, former South African President Nelson Mandela starred in the Madiba Legacy Series comic books – a nine-part comic book series based on Nelson Mandela’s life freely distributed in schools and newspapers. It was created by the Nelson Mandela Foundation.



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The Rise And Fall of ‘Hippiedilly’ In 1969

ON the Sunday morning of 21 September 1969, a slightly-built Chief Inspector convinced some hippies inside a squat at a large five storey mansion at 144 Piccadilly to lower an improvised wooden drawbridge so doctors could help a seriously ill person inside. The drawbridge came down and Chief Inspector Michael Rowling flung himself bravely across the barricaded opening to establish a bridgehead. Suddenly a police sergeant blew his whistle and shouted “Come on lads – let’s go in!” and a hundred policemen, seemingly from nowhere, charged over the bridge and through the front door.

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The Global iPhone 5 Price Index


THIS is a nice little piece of research showing the variation in price of the iPhone all over the world. You can set it to tell you the absolute price in any country and see the impact of taxes etc on an iPhone 5s. Or you can mix and match it with how rich the country is and so see what percentage of the average salary it is.

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Font Fail: 10 ‘FLICKERING’ Lights


“POOR font choices … a continuing saga,” tweets Susan Cloud‏@ProducerSusan.

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The FriXion Revolution: Virtual Sex Just Got Intimate

THE FriXion Revolution is here! Never again will BBC DJs and rock stars need to actually touch their fans and run the risk of an underage furore. With FriXion, you can rub and grope through your computer.

On the next generation haptic social network innovative and affordable haptic peripherals empower FriXion users to come together and touch each other in tangible, stimulating ways; from holding hands and kissing up to and including full penetrative sex whether your partner is across the room or across an ocean.


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And The Award For Most Baffling Letter To Santa Goes To…

SANTA is a busy man. First off, he has to get a load of occasional staff for the grotto, just like the Post Office do. He’s probably working them harder than Amazon too, but he’s got a sleigh that is propelled by flying elk, so he can do as he damn well pleases.

Let’s be honest here – Father Christmas is the Kanye of Yule. He’s bigger than Jesus and he knows it. He gets all the thanks and people leave him sherry and treats. What does Jesus get? Piss all.

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Norwich Police Check Your Lungs For Legal Substances



NORWICH night owls are being invited to blow hard  as they enter 30 of the city’s clubs. Norfolk police have issued the venues with breathalysers to help revellers gain “better knowledge” of their drinking.

So in touch are the police that the practise of testing free people for legal substances carries a hashtag. Venues testing patrons for booze boast the sign “Are you trollied? #DeepBreath”.  These venues should be avoided. They are a kite mark for twattishness.

It’s the kind of patronising balls the tea-total police engage in. Adults are reduced to the role of lab rats being tested on a night out. Police say “clubs will be expected to be responsible”. Because it’s responsible for a stranger – a bouncer, for gawd’s sake – to approach a woman and tell her to blow into his device.

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Top 5 Fashion Offenses of The 1970s

BEFORE launching into the typical “Oh, aren’t those Seventies fashions so terrible” spiel, let’s get one thing out of the way: 70s’ fashions are an easy target because they took chances. Whenever you are bold you run the risk of becoming the butt of jokes. Today’s styles seem to abide by the “best not to make waves” approach – unlikely to cause much ridicule in future decades, but also fatally milquetoast. Not so the 1970s.

Attribute it to millions of emboldened Boomers coming of age or a staggering amount of recreational drug use. Either way the case is the same: 1970s fashions inspire equal parts awe and terror for denizens of the 21st century. Let’s take a look at the top five instances where this inspiring boldness went terribly, terribly wrong.


03_I'm Amazing!

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Cheese Whiz: A Potted History Of The Food that Gets America Glowing

CHEESE Whiz – aka Cheese Billy Whizz – was once sold as the product that gave your day a kick in the nervous system.


Cheese Whiz is , of course, utterly revolting, more reminiscent of the secretions that ooze form a cow’s nose than the udders. But maybe it can be disguise even more horrible food?

In 1954:




From the Urban Dictionary:

Cheez Whiz
1. Artificial cheese. One chemical away from being seran wrap.
2. Lethal spray cheese it can kill a person if used wrongly.
3. BAAAAAH i looooove ma cheez whizz!!!!! i no i waaaaaaaaaaant it!”cheez whiz, you know you want it!”
4. (a) Essence of pure cheezy goodness; (b) Common anal lubrication; (c) Cause of human suffering (i.e., sexually transmitted diseases).
5.the greatest person the world has ever seen. As in “i like cheese”; “i love cheez wiz, hes the greatest person ever”


It’s 1958, and cheese whiz goes with anything but, oddly, nothing really goes with cheese whizz:




James Lileks links cheese military muscle:

I’ve never understood why nations with great cheese don’t have better armies.

If the USA gets cheese will it become more – gulp! – French?


In 1978:

cheese whizz



Did you ever attempt the Seacoast Casserole from the 1960s? Fishermen in peril would smear it on their heads and to attract rescuers.


seacost casserole



Looks like Mustard!

spoon it



This little guy never did need a high-vis jacket:





In 1986, it was hot.



The cheese-gunk was invented by Edwin Traisman, a food scientist from Wisconsin. He also managed to stanadardize McDonald’s French fries. Lisa McComb, a spokeswoman for McDonald’s, said of Mr. Traisman: “He truly made a significant contribution to McDonald’s fries.”

* While he was at Kraft, from 1949 to 1957, Mr. Traisman led the team that combined cheese, emulsifiers and other ingredients into the bright yellow sauce called Cheez Whiz, a topping for corn chips, cheese steaks and hot dogs. It was introduced in 1953.



The Ingredients:




Other uses for Cheese Whizz.



Fancy making your own? Sandy Szwarc says Cheese Whizz is all healthy. And this is how you make it:

Bring glyceryl esters of fatty acids to room temperature to increase their plasticity, then beat with sucrose to entrap air particles in the mix. Beat phosphatidylethanolamine into the matrix which is now a foam emulsion with droplets of glyceryl esters of fatty acids and dispersed air. Add amylopectin and amylose, the protein gluten, and sodium bicarbonate. Crosslinking occurs between disulphide bonds in the gluten, creating a rubbery texture, with air trapped in the mix. Heat the mix so that the air and dihydrogen monoxide particles expand making the foam rise, coagulate the ovalbumin and stiffen the lining of the cells. Amylopectin and amylose undergo gelatinisation which further stiffens the mix. The foam expands and becomes a solid gel with a light porous texture.

Just like mama used to make…


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Samsung Rewards ‘Women Of Steal’ Winner With Free Kitchen

SAMSUNG’S Women Of Steel contest rewards female superhoes with a kitchen.

“We’ve found some of the most magnificent women out there. Women whose superhuman strengths make them inspirational role models, and whose quick speed and heightened tastes make entertaining look easy.”

Say feminist researchers Fi Mayle U. Nuch: “Is it stainless steel? If it’s not, we’ll wait for the Women of Formica contest.”

samsung women of steel

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