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Sheffield Man With Fire Extinguisher Hose Up His Bum Racially Abused Staff At London Premier Inn

PA-11241796 (1)

TO the Premier Inn on London’s Leicester Square, where CCTV records a man emerging from a storage cupboard with a fire extinguisher hose up his bottom. He is pleasuring himself. He then urinates on the carpets. A hotel worker arrives. He is carrying a towel. This worker is Bangladeshi. He wraps the man in the towel. Police are called.

Wind the clock forward and Joseph Small, 20, is in the dock at Westminster magistrates’ court. The court hears that he told the hotel worker: ‘This country has been taken over by al-Qaeda – go back to Pakistan.”

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Cockney Of The North: Northumberland Widow Receives ‘Brown Bread’ Letter For Dead Husband

dead man slang


ARE you brown bread? That’s Cockney rhyming slang for “dead”. Sheila Delhoy spotted the phrase on a letter sent to her husband Ken who died in February 2008. In 2010, Northumberland-based building suppliers Wack wrote to “Brown Bread” Ken. Now the same firm has delivered another letter to “Brown Bread”.

Says Sheila: “When my son Tony found out he rang the company straight away. He said to them ‘are you going to make this an annual thing to remind my mum her husband is dead and make her upset?’”

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Chorley Shoplifter Had Massive Hoard Of Toilet Paper

TO Chorley, Lancashire, where, as ever things are afoot. Not a day goes by without  incident in Chorley:



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Terrible Food: WeightWatchers Crown Roast of Frankfurters

TERRIBLE Food: WeightWatchers Crown Roast of Frankfurters. Because nothing says ‘slim’ like being sick:



More terrifying food from yesteryear…

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Eva Braun’s Looted Knickers Are On Sale

PSST! Want to get into Eva Braun’s knickers? And  – yep  – they are brown, like her shirts.

eva braun


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Abbey Clancy Wear’s Julien Macdonald’s Table Runner (Photos)

ABBEY Clancy, Strictly Come Dancing pro-celeb hoofer and wife to footballer Peter Crouch (What would you be if you weren’t a footballer, Peter? PC: “A virgin”) wore Julien Macdonald’s patchwork of seaside beach flags to The Brave Gala at Dorchester Hotel, Park Lane, London. Signs are that Dear Abbey thought it was contest for who could be bravest.

Our pick of the photos, though, is not Abbey holding the seat of her patriotic table runner in the manner of Justin Bieber with a full pull-up, but she and Julien gazing into each other’s teeth.


PA-18141734 PA-18141735 PA-18141745 PA-18141747 PA-18141749 PA-18141797  PA-18141811 PA-18141891

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Not Up To Dick: 100 Wonderful Victorian Slang Words You Should Be Using

passing english in the victorian era

WANT top speak like a Victorian? James Redding Ware, the pen name of writer Andrew Forrester, documented slang English terms of that perverted period in British history in his book Passing English of the Victorian era, a dictionary of heterodox English, slang and phrase.

“Thousands of words and phrases in existence in 1870 have drifted away, or changed their forms, or been absorbed, while as many have been added or are being added,” he writes in the book’s introduction. “‘Passing English’ ripples from countless sources, forming a river of new language which has its tide and its ebb, while its current brings down new ideas and carries away those that have dribbled out of fashion.”

passing english in the victorian era 1


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For Sale: Gold Rush Town Of Seneca, California (With Liquor License)

seneca sale

FANCY buying a town with its own liquor license? Of course you do:

Want to buy a ghost town with a bar and liquor license? Expand it into a unique getaway! Perhaps the most remote restaurant in Northern California. 12 acres… There are no known environmental hazards. We have owned since 1970. We will provide a Deed plus a Title Search and Title Insurance.) Seneca is the real McCoy. Historic. Very close to, or containing a historic Chinese-built gold mine. (Active gold mining today in the vicinity.) This deal includes several small buildings in various states of (dis)repair. It was home to the “Woodstock of the West” in the 1970′s — thousands attended (we have a clipping somewhere)…Includes an island. Possibly THE last private acreage within a National Forest. (Not many liquor licenses in the region, either.) A big tree is growing up through the porch of the bar. The public access dirt road from both north and south is one of the most scenic in the USA. (The northern access is darn scary and features maybe 1000-foot drops into the gorge.)

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Desperate Tweeting – Kellogs: Tony The Tigers Remembers The Grrrrrreat War

THE Twitter account for @KelloggsUK has message from a tame feline who want vulnerable kids to eat lots of sugar and salt for breakfast. All it takes is a retweet:



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Nazi Uniforms: Sid Vicious, Peter Rabbit, Prince Harry And Other People Who Still Wear Them


PAUL Dutton, 48, was ejected from his local branch of Asda in Cambridge, after a fellow shopper complained about his attire – a classic formal black suit of the type produced by Hugo Boss in the 1940s.

Unfortunately this suit happened to closely resemble the uniform of Hitler’s notorious SS, and even more unfortunately the resemblance was entirely uncoincidental. Mr Dutton’s “hobby” is Adolf Hitler, you see, and his fascination is such that his living room boasts a painting of himself being decorated by the Fuhrer – a man who once earned an honest living decorating people’s homes as a housepainter.

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Customer Letters: The Perils Of Watching Thor: The Dark World In 3D


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The Woman From Volantis: Lady Gaga Shows Us Her Flying Dress

lady gaga flying dress

TO herald the release of her album ARTPOP. Lady Gaga stood at New York’s Brooklyn Navy Yard and showcased the Volantis transport prototype “flying dress.”  She said: “Although she is a vehicle, she, is essentially a metaphor for me.” 

She is her own biggest fan.

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Video Dating In 1957 At The Radio and Television Fair

ON August 21 1957, visitors to the Radio and Television Fair watched the effect of their words on a TV telephone set up in Frankfurt, West Germany. Phones used for calls were linked to four TV sets and two cameras so each person can see a picture of himself and the person he is talking to. The AP reported: “There is no telling what effect the TV telephone will have on what people say and how they do it when they call.”

PA-5847050 (2)



We wonder…



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The Guy Fawkes Vendetta Mask: Guess What Poor People’s Sweat Shop They’re Made In?

Vendetta Mask

YOU can buy a V for Vendetta Mask on Amazon for £1.42 to £4.85.

It’s the mask sported by anti-capitalist protestors. It is also the mask from the film V For Vendetta:

A shadowy freedom fighter known only as “V” uses guerrilla tactics to fight against his terrorist, totalitarian society. Upon rescuing a girl from the secret police, he also finds his best chance at having an ally.

The Warner Bros film cost $54m to make.


A cut of every mask sold goes to Warner Brothers. Another cut of every one sold on Amazon goes to Amazon – the company that paid £2.4m in corporate taxes last year, the online retailer’s accounts show, despite making sales of £4.3bn.

The tax bill was almost as much as the £2.5m in government grants Amazon received over the same period, according to a Companies House filing.

So. Buying that mask to wear as a protest against capitalism and corporate greed profits the very companies you dislike.

Rubies Costume Company, which makes the mask, sells around 100,000 a year worldwide, and 16,000 in the UK, according to spokesman Steve Kitt, who seems a little concerned that any association with activists might harm the company’s image.


They’re happy?

“We sell over 100,000 of these masks a year, and it’s by far the best-selling mask that we sell,” said Howard Beige, executive vice president of Rubie’s Costume, a New York costume company that produces the mask. “In comparison, we usually only sell 5,000 or so of our other masks.” The Vendetta mask, which sells for about $6 at many retailers, is made in Mexico or China, Mr. Beige said.

Mr. Beige said he did not know why the mask was so popular until recently. “We just thought people liked the ‘V for Vendetta’ movie. Then one morning I saw a picture of these protesters wearing the mask in an online news article,” he said. “I quickly showed my sales manager.”

The masks are being manufactured in bulk in a factory in Brazil.

Isn’t this all a little… hypocritical?

The pro-Anonymous account @youranoncentral tried to stem Twitter’s tide:

“Hey look everyone, our masks were made in some factory in a developing nation. We are the only hypocrites.” (see here)

And a number of people came out with views similar to Reddit user sayheykid24, who wrote: “How do people think the masks were made? Did they think they were lovingly handcrafted by anti-corporate artisans, or something?”

It’s true that Anonymous are not the only hypocrites. But not all hypocrites are entirely dependent on having a moral leg to stand on. Some, like big corporations, have other resources. But punishing other people’s bad behaviour is Anonymous’s recruiting message – join them, they suggest, and you are on the side of the good guys. This means that the group stands and falls on its integrity – and if it can’t afford to play by it’s own rules, it certainly can’t afford to break them.

How can Anonymous break out of the system?

Just be careful who you buy the ink, pinter, paint and paper off?

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Video Game Violence: Preparing To Be Bad On Mortal Combat vs. DC Universe


DOES playing violent videos games make you violent?

Christian Happ and his colleagues recruited 60 students (20 men) with varied video gaming experience and had them spend 15 minutes playing the violent and bloody beat-em-up game Mortal Combat vs. DC Universe on the Playstation 3. Some of the participants played the morally good character Superman, while the others played the Joker, the baddie from Batman. Apart from that, the game experience was the same for all participants – their time was spent in hand-to-hand combat against a variety of other computer-controlled game characters.

Another twist to the experiment was that before the game began half the participants read a bogus Wikipedia article about their character, designed to encourage them to empathise with him. For those playing Superman, the article said how he’d come from a loving family. The Joker article described how he’d suffered abuse in his childhood.

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TV 21 Was The Go-Ahead Comic Of The 1960s

DID you read TV 21, the British children’s comic from the 1960s and early 1970s?  It was “A brand new comic of the future for the children of today”.  TV Century 21 was a look to the go-ahead future.

Episode 1 launched with no little hype.


In 1960, City Magazines first published TV Century 21. The title would later be called just TV21.

Every week the taglines at the end of each strip would be written in code, and the Identicode was used to decipher them.



* With City’s close association with Gerry Anderson’s Century 21 productions TV21 was far more than just a comic that featured tv characters. The editor himself (Alan Fennell) was a scriptwriter onFireball XL5 and Stingray, and Lady Penelope debuted in her own strip in issue one several months before the first episode of Thunderbirdsever appeared on tv. The comic also had access to exclusive photographs of the models and characters, which were ideal for the newspaper-style covers of TV21. All in all, TV21 was very much a part of the Gerry Anderson universe, and the exciting thing was that the comic presented all those tv shows as part of a shared universe.




* The much heralded arrival of ‘Thunderbirds’ in TV 21 came after the first immensely successful year of the comic. In issue 52, Lady Penelope visits Tracy Island to see the home of International Rescue, and agrees to be their British agent. On the following week, Lady Penelope was given her own comic in a spin off from TV 21 aimed at girl television fans. The emphasis here was a little different, with the first class Lady Penelope strips being accompanied by features on pop stars and fashion. This comic is also very popular with collectors, with many photographs from the television series.

It wasn’t all Anderson TV shows. Whatever did happen to this crew?

TV uide






And Ed “Stewpot” Stewart:






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For Sale: Joy Division Lead Singer Ian Curtis’ Kitchen Table

ian curtis kitchen table

THE £100 reserve price for Ian Curtis’ kitchen gable had yet to be met.

The item is the genuine deal. A certificate of authenticity has been signed by Curtis’ daughter Natalie and Curtis’ widow Debbie . The table was owned by Curtis’ neighbour, whose daughter – the seller – has also vouched for its providence.

Dorothy Smith bought  77 Barton Street, Macclesfield, with everything in it from Debbie.

The seller narrates the table’s history:

In 1996 the table was passed to Dorothy’s Daughter Vicky Morgan when she got married and set up home in Macclesfield. In December 2005 the Morgan’s were redecorating and felt that the table no longer fitted in with their own home. They offered the table back to the family and contacted them via Marco of Joy Division Central.

With the filming of Control taking place in Barton Street and Natalie Curtis arranging the props the table was offered but was declined.

Natalie Curtis, Ian and Debbie’s daughter was then going to take the table for her own flat but in the end decided to have one of her mums instead which belonged to her Grandmother.

At that point it went on Ebay and I travelled to Macclesfield after winning the bid.

So. You can buy the kitchen table where Ian Curtis might have eaten an egg or tapped out a melody to a Joy Division hit or contemplated suicide: 0n May 18 1980, Ian Curtis the singer of Joy Division committed suicide in the kitchen.

The Measurements are:-

  1. 75 cm Wide
  2. 98 cm Long
  3. 76 cm Tall
  4. Extend Flaps 28 cm each.

I easily got this table into my car, which if you have a 5 door car with seats that go down anyone else with a reasonable size car should do also.

Pop artefacts don’t come any more mundane than this.

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Everyday Sexism: The 1972 Golden Hands Complete Book of Dressmaking

EVERYDAY Sexism: Anorak harks back to the 1972 book The Golden Hands Complete Book of Dressmaking.

What is ‘Golden Hands’ in the pink neckerchief thinking? That if he pretends to be “a good dresser” or a “poof”, as the 1970s language had it, the woman won’t mind his appraising her chest? Maybe. Don’t knock it, dudes. Wind the clock on a few decades and raging heterosexual shagger Gok Wan is undressing women on telly and telling them how to look good naked.

Remember: no-on on TV is gay. It’s all an act. After all, if lesbians were popular, you’d see a lot more of them on the magic box.




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