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We bring you the chic and unique, the best and most bizarre shopping offers both online and offline. We offer you tips on where to buy, and some of the less mainstream and crazy, individual and offbeat items on the internet. Anything that can be bought and sold can be featured here. And we love showcasing the best and worst art and design.

July 1951: A grocer’s shop window in London

FLASHBACK to July 1951: A grocer’s shop window in London. Biscuits by weight. Sago. And cans are the greatest:

Shopping - Grocer's Shop Window

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Hen lays the massive egg within an egg

huge egg

TO China, where Granny Yang, 87, is showcasing her massive hen’s egg. Media has massed in Bijie in Guizhou so see the massive egg. Says Yang, as the shell cracks revealing two yolks and an intact entire egg inside:

I’m more than 80 now, but I have never seen eggs like this before.”

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Nuxuno Xän’s bushy afro in Fort De France, Martinique


WE love great graffiti. This is a work by Nuxuno Xän, in Fort De France, Martinique. See more great art here.

Spotter: Street Art Utopia.

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H&M employs plus-sized mannequins


SWEDISH fashion store H&M is wrapping its outfits on size 40-42 mannequins. What it invests in more plastic and reduced floor space, it will reap in good PR.




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Malmesbury gets a make-over

HMV syd

WE like Luke Hollington’s work. Syd, as he’s also known, has been enlivening dead shop fronts in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. The sign above one store reads ‘Vomit’, not Comet. Blockbuster has been altered to ‘Blockbust’. The HMV sign has been adapted to feature the brand’s Nipper hanging dead from a chain.

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eBay seller thedoctorwhoguide2012’s 10 best offers (these are fantastic)

EBAY seller thedoctorwhoguide2012 has a great array of good for sale. Look out for Dot Cotton, EastEnders’ Pat Butcher and Harry Styles:

sara dr who


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The Gluttony of the Last Supper, with Ronald McDonald as Jesus

The Gluteny at the last supper

THE Last Supper has been recorded in art many times over. In this version of Leonardo da Vinci’s late 1490s mural painting, Gillian Joyce has Jesus Christ played by Ronald McDonald. It’s called The Gluttony of the Last Supper.  But there are only six drinks. And though we are being invited to be the fourth wall, it’s like spotting a Stag Night party through a window, getting in the food before the real gluttony begins. Anyhow, I’ve included it because it’s Pope Francis’s First Day, and this is pretty much what his celebration dinner looks like…

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The John Nathan-Turner story: Sex, paedos and Dr Who at the BBC

John Nathan-Turner book

IAN Berriman has reviewed The Life And Scandalous Times Of John Nathan-Turner. He died in 2002. In life, he was notable as the producer of the hit BBC TV show Doctor Who (1980-89). Given the revelations about BBC stalwart Jimmy Savile and other allegations levelled against other former BBC employees, the book’s publication is sure to be of interest to the elite in Broadcasting House.

Chapter Eight is entitled “Hanky Panky”. Author Richard Marson asks: “Was John Nathan-Turner a paedophile?”

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Life imitates The Onion: Tesco buys Giraffe retaurants

tesco giiraffe

TESCO  has bits of horse in its meatloaf. Days ago, the supermarket said it had no horse left in its ready meals. But then it found some. Horses, eh. They sneak right up on you.

In other news, we learn that Tesco has bought a chain of hight street eateries. The chain’s name? GIRAFFE! Says the BBC headline:





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Rains create kangaroo testicles shortage

kangaroo testicles copy

IN Australia, a call has gone out for large kangaroo scrotums. John Kreuger of Townsville, Queensland, tells his local paper that the lack of big bouncing balls could hurt his business.

Mr Kreuger, 71, makes his living tanning and stuffing roo testicles. At his peak, he can process 500 hollowed scrota with his Acme “de-nutter”. He then fashions the balls into bottle openers and sells them for $25 a pop.

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Underwater Project: photos of people fighting nature

IN Underwater Project, Mark Tipple records people below the braking wave. He says:

Their faces contort, their muscles tighten in reaction to the struggle for power with the ocean. They surface when the surge has passed. Then breathe. They are unaware that a camera has captured it all; from straining arms clawing at sand to eyes squeezed shut against the bite of salt. Mark Tipple holds his camera steady in the melting foam, and makes his way to shore.

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Asda sells chicken curry without the chicken

DARREN Ford is unhappy that his Asda sold him a chicken curry withut the chicken.

Mr Ford, a chef by trade, bought the meal from Asda in Worcester. He tells the Worcester News:

“I put it in the oven and I’m looking at it and thinking, ‘Where’s the chicken?’ We had to spend £20 on a takeaway because I can’t drive and it was late at night. I phoned customer services to be told I was only going to get a refund and a £5 gift voucher. I’ve told them they can keep their gift card and I won’t be going in there again. I’m unemployed at the moment and £20 is money I haven’t got to spare. It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

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Terrible adverts: the world’s greatest one-bedroom apartment (with cracking photos)

ON Craigslist, you can rent a 1 bdrm apartment

Perfect for college student!

Quiet building, close to parks and public transportation

Private secure entrance
Exposed brick
Spacious furnished bedroom
Overhead lighting
Stainless steel appliances
Plenty of closet space

Month to month
No pets
Non-smoker preferred

craigslist flat

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Pizza thief too fat to attend court

pizza thief

LIAM Johnston, 21, has pleaded guilty to obtaining almost £120 worth of goods – namely, Domino’s pizas – by fraud (a fake credit card). But he’s not at Livingston Sheriff Court because he’s too fat, or “medically unfit”, as his lawyer calls it.

Mr Johnston tips the scales at 40 stone.

Johnston, is now “getting advice on what benefits he could claim after losing his Job Seekers Allowance.” He has been asked to be examined by his GP.

One might suggest a cure all – that Mr Johnston take up working for Domino’s as a walking pizza delivery man to pay off any debt. Or that the courtroom docks be made larger, and the scales of justice less biased towards the thin and slippery.

Spotter: The Scotsman


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Must haves: The Mystery Science Theater 3000 vinyl wall decal

mystery scince theatre 3000 decal copy

SO. What does go with your Mystery Science Theatre 3000 headboard? Why, A Mystery Science Theater 3000 vinyl wall decal:

This decal measures 70 inches wide by 22 inches high (approx). Available in other colors…

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Picky Portsmouth eater finds hairy lump in her mum’s lasagna

Hairy meet

TO Portsmouth, where Shani Stock has found “a grisly hairy lump” in her mum’s lasagna. No, not the lodger. This was a lump of substance in the dish mum Trudy made using a £3 bag of frozen mince from Iceland.

The Portsmouth News reports:

Mum Trudy, 29, of Grove Road in Elson, Gosport is concerned as her daughter, already a fussy eater, now refuses to eat much else apart from crisps and picks through any meals she does agree to eat.

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Nominative determinism: the reduced Mr Bump Easter Egg

EASTER egg of the day: the Mr Bump:

Mr Bump egg

Spotter: @mrlukerobinson

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Junk (food) science: BBC says your sausage and bacon are killing you but offers no proof

sausage murder

THE Daily Mail states: “Processed meat ‘is to blame for one in 30 deaths‘.” Maybe. Maybe not.

The BBC echoes this ‘news’: “Processed meat ‘early death’ link.”

Sausages, ham, bacon and other processed meats appear to increase the risk of dying young…. Diets high in processed meats were linked to cardiovascular disease, cancer and early deaths.

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The move to shut down Nobokov’s Lolita with violence


IN the New Yorker, Michael Idov writes about the problems of staging Lolita, a play based on Vladimir Nabokov’s book. It’s the 1955 story of a middle-aged professor who falls for a 12-year-old girl. The Sunday Express called Lolita “sheer unrestrained pornography”. It might be.

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99 acts of vandalism by BANKSY


BANSKY is the famous Bristolian artist, a master of witty one liners. They say he’s called Robin ­Gunningham. The Banksy part came from his nickname Robin Banx. He went to Bristol Cathedral School. He left with an E grade in his art GCSE. Other than that, we know little.

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Games and gadgets to play on the toilet

RIM shot! It’s not numbers one and two on the toilet any more, folks. Technology means you can play toielt basketball, toilet golf and toilet fishing – not as disgusting as it sounds:


Picture 1 of 9

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