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Customer sends Greater Anglia trains complaint letter in form of a suppository

LETTER of the day is a complaint to Greater Anglia trains. It’s in the form of a suppository, for easy of insertion:

Greater Anglia trains


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21 vintage camera adverts for your inner voyeur

BEFORE the age of digital cameras in everything, buying a snapper was a call to loins. Men needed cameras for one reason: to record women (and in one instance below, other men). We’ve compiled 21 great images of what photography looked like before self shots and the internet.

Michael Landon did it was “flash”. The star of Little House on the Prairie was the wholesome and good Charles Ingalls, creating a myriad children from God’s will and hearty woodland walks. Then in the 1980s he got a Kodak Ektralite camera and went to film girls in their swimmers doing onto varnished hardwood flooring.

vintage camera ads 24

Going Beyond subtle.

vintage camera ads 23

Whipped hair and soup strainer, Tamon man was a serious photographer. The Playgirl ideal never smiled.

vintage camera ads 22

She’s looking at you. He’s looking to steal her necklace.

 vintage camera ads 20

The name’s Bond. Basildon Bond. So shoot me!

vintage camera ads 18

Why flash at the beach? Because with brilliant light you can see through her swimsuit, that’s why. And you live in Bridlington.

avintage camera ads 17

It’s 1932. Women are free to watch.

vintage camera ads 16

The XL Addict has a raincoat and bins. He is a “man on the move”. He;’s looking at your “money maker”. He is the man your mother warned you about.

vintage camera ads 15

Five reasons. One… two… three… (or are they a pair?)… four…

vintage camera ads 14

Get a grip

vintage camera ads 13

An eyefull. Shoot.

vintage camera ads 12

Romance lives in upskirt shots.

vintage camera ads 11

Your Kodak dealer has lots of photos. You just need to aks the right questions.

vintage camera ads 10

That sort of man. And it’s not “small”, ok.

vintage camera ads 9

Also cooks, cleans, communicates with Mars and deflects Russian atom bombs. The camera is merely huge.

vintage camera ads 8

The man on the floor is a keen observer of the human condition.

vintage camera ads 7

The Nikkormat FTN is “bait”. Be the master of bait…

 vintage camera ads 5

See that girl in the distance? Now take a look through a Soligor 80-200. Yeah, she’s that close.

vintage camera ads 4

Camera woman wears ideal photography kit.

vintage camera ads 3

It’s just like being there.

vintage camera ads 2

With the Vivitar Super 8 women are easy meat.

vintage camera ads 1


vintage camera ads

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Women’s lingerie, on sale for men to wear


IS Mangerie a thing? If not, it is now as a company called HommeMystere has decided to make women’s lingerie for men. They’re offering things like thongs and padded bras, and hope to change the landscape of men’s underwear.

The Australian firm said their under garments include ‘comfortable men’s panties that really do fit, bra straps that don’t fall off the shoulder, teddies that don’t ride up halfway through the night and quality soft fabrics that feel great for all day wear’.

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Fabulous Frisbee 1977: A model shows us the Basic Catching Postions

fab frisbee

SO. Summer’s coming and you’re wondering who to throw a frisbee like the dudes in Hard Ticket to Hawaii. Well, in 1978, Fabulous Frisbee told us how:

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Is Wikipedia anti-women? No. But the OED and Encyclopædia Britannica might be…

Internet Protest

WHO writes the stuff on Wikipedia? Men mostly? Is that good or bad? Is Wikipedia a place where women are held back? Is is sexist?

Jim Giles says its Westerners:

The most active editors live in the US and Europe … and this means the supposedly global project is skewed towards Western interests. According to a 2011 study by Mark Graham at the University of Oxford and colleagues, the snowy wastes of Antarctica have more articles dedicated to them than all but one of the countries in Africa. In fact, many African nations have fewer articles than the fictional realm of Middle Earth. These regions, notes Graham, are “virtual terra incognita”.

Then there is the gender issue. Around 90 per cent of Wikipedia editors are men, and it shows. In 2011, Shyong Lam of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and colleagues measured the length of around 6000 Wikipedia articles about movies. This is a good proxy for quality, since longer articles tend to be more thorough. Lam found that movies aimed at a more female audience tended to get short shrift. Relatively threadbare coverage of When Harry Met Sally is not a big issue, but Lam believes the problem is a wider one. Female editors tend to work on topics like the arts and philosophy, but their lower participation may be making these articles shorter than others….

Wikipedia was the place where the radical rethinking of the encyclopedia began. Yet its future may now be threatened by a strain of conservatism and parochialism that its early supporters frowned on in traditional publishing.

In 2011, the New York Times said 13% of Wikipedia editors and contributors are women.

Maya made her point:

The Times article generally suggests that the problem when it comes to Wikipedia is the same one that plagues the real world: women often aren’t as assertive about putting forth their views. On the other hand, Kevin Drum at Mother Jones argues that men are simply more likely to have the obsessive personalities required to spend hours writing and editing a Wikipedia post and Anna North at Jezebel thinks that a male-dominated “nerd culture” may provide a “web-specific reason” for the disparity. Meanwhile, the anti-feminist blogosphere offers the simplest explanation yet: women just don’t care and are too busy “chatting with [their] friends about all the various boyfriends drifting in and out of their lives.” 

Of course, is any of it important? The chief editors of the Oxford English Dictionary from 1837 to know are:

James Murray
Henry Bradley
William Craigie
C. T. Onions (Mr)
Robert Burchfield
Edmund Weiner
John Simpson

Do we trust the OED less because men are in control of the contents?

The Encyclopædia Britannica’s current board is made up of:

Wendy Doniger
Richard Fishman
Benjamin M. Friedman
Leslie H. Gelb (Mr)
David Gelernter
Murray Gell-Mann
Vartan Gregorian
Lord Sutherland of Houndwood
Lord Weidenfeld of Chelsea

Wikipedia isn’t holding women back. It’s bucking the trend. It’s a veritable feminist fest…

Photo: Mallory Whitt works at her desk at the offices of the Wikipedia Foundation in San Francisco, Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012. 

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The Rana Plaza building collapse: photos of Bangladesh’s ‘blood garments’ factory disaster

WHEN the Rana Plaza building collapsed in Savar, near Dhakar, Bangladesh, many died. The garment factory was littered with more than 300 dead bodies. It is grim. The blame game has begun. The building housed garment factories making clothes for brands like Primark and Mango. Are they now ‘blood garments’? The rescue operation is also underway. Rescuers have bravely dug holes in the horror. Outside it is 90 degrees. Inside it is hellish. At least 80 people have been found alive.


Picture 1 of 48

People and rescuers gather after an eight-story building housing several garment factories collapsed in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh, Wednesday, April 24, 2013. Dozens were killed and many more are feared trapped in the rubble. (AP Photo/ A.M. Ahad)

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The fur-lined tea cup and saucer made by Meret Oppenheim

Fur-Lined Tea Cup

FLASHBACK to December 9 1936. This fur-lined tea cup and saucer made by Meret Oppenheim was one of 694 items shown at the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibition of Fantastic Art, Dada and Surrealism in New York, Dec. 9, 1936. The show is concerned with irrational artistic manifestations from the fifteenth century to the present.

The tea bags werr made of ocelot.

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Women’s magazines turn women against each other


Sen. Scott Brown 1982

ARE women’s magazines set up to pit women against women?

Noah Berlatsky noted:

The reason images in men’s magazines often look like images in women’s magazines is that . . . they are both doing more or less the same thing. They are making women sexual objects, and serving them up to satisfy, or more likely to provoke, the desires of their readers…

Women get to be in the position of power, looking at and consuming bodies displayed expressly for them.

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Virgin charge man £10 for being dead


VIRGIN MEDIA have had to tug at their sweater and say sorry after they sent a bill to a dead man. Initially, Virgin were unhappy that the man had missed his broadband bill date, and promptly sent him a late payment bill… however… they also included the word ‘deceased’ on it, which suggests they knew he’d already joined the invisible choir.

The bill was uploaded to Facebook by the man’s son-in-law Jim Boyden and reads: “D.D Denied-Payer deceased“. Virgin added a “late payment charge” of £10 for being dead.

“We obviously apologise for the bill and have spoken to Mr Boyden to bring this account to a close more sensitively,” a spokesperson told BBC News.

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John le Carré: the cocaine that gave him a painful erection and pissing on Geoege Bush


JOHN le Carré is profiled in the New York Times. In another life, one of Anorak’s writers used to serve him his dinner at the Bacchus restaurant in London’s Hampstead. He was gracious, generous and affable. What else do we know about him?

He says on fox hunting:

“At least they aren’t hunting that poor goddamn thing with drones.”

On MI5:

“It was like working on a great newspaper. They were really funny people, not institutionalized, not too corporate in their minds and often very bright with curious interests.”

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Guatemala funeral parlour wants your stiffs

funeral guatemala

IF you or a loved one dies in Guatemala, then Funeraria López is looking for stiffs:

Spotter: B3ta

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Pictures of people who mock me for being fat: one woman turns the camera on the sneering

the fat

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Hyundai make staggeringly stupid advert where a bloke tries to kill himself with clean emissions

hyundai suicide copy

HYUNDAI have made a staggeringly stupid advert where a bloke tries to kill himself via “pipe job” locked inside one of their cars but fails because the emissions are too clean. Maybe the faceless Hyundai drove him to it?

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What’s your worst experience of a night club bouncer?

London Scenes - Soho - Walkers Court Club

AHMED Popal, a bouncer in Melbourne, has escaped prison after being found guilty of beating people up at the door. In the video below you can see Popal punching and slapping a woman who had come to help her boyfriend whom Popal had set about.

Popal had a prior conviction for assault but was still granted a licence to work the doors. In court, Popal was handed a seven month suspended sentence and $10,000 fine.

So. What’s the worst thing a bouncer has done to you?

Photo: A man being thrown-out of the Walkers Court Striptease Club off Brewer Street. Date: 15/03/1966


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Al Schiefley and Les Skuse give a lovely lady the ‘SWEET’ and ‘SOUR’ boob tattoo

bristol tattoo

IN this photograph, Al Schiefley and Les Skuse apply ink to a willing dish.

Les Skuse lived all his life in Bristol, England. He visited the US and leaned from such bigwigs of the tattoo world as Paul Rodgers, Huck Spaulding and Schiefley. He explained what tattooing was like in the 1950s:

“English tattooists were using a single needle. This caused a lot of bleeding and pain. This finished design looked very thin and scratchy when compared with the strong, well-shaded designs done in the United States.”

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Ohio woman is ‘too fat to tan’

fat tan
KELLY McGrevey is too fat to tan. How can that be possible? An “obese” woman would get to the sun’s rays first. Lie her on her side, back or front and Kelly’s hips, bosom and buttocks would surely create a large shadow for many others.  It’s a wonder that a star who wanted to avoid the sun’s ageing rays, such as Madonna, say, hasn’t hired a larger person to stand sun-side of them at all times.

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The Margaret Thatcher commemorative candle snuffer

Margaret Thatcher cande snuffer

NOW that Margaret Thatcher has died and the funeral is over, what will you do to keep her memory alive? Peter Jones has a solutions. The smart shop for household items has for £185 a Bronte Margaret Thatcher Extinguisher*.

This exquisite hand-made and hand-painted fine bone china figurine is of Mrs Thatcher depicted at the start of her parliamentary career on the evening in 1959 when she successfully contested the Finchley seat. Comes with a limited edition certificate personally signed by Margaret Thatcher. Limited Edition 300 Height 4″.

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The TEXAS-ISRAELI WAR 1999: Charlie Bagle, over

the texas isreali war


IN 1999, those rebellious Texans kidnap the President of the US of A. Only a bunch of fearless Israelis can save him. Jake Saunders and Howard Waldrop report on the TEXAS-ISRAELI WAR 1999.

The report was made in 1974, which appears odd (but it’s how newspaper reporting works).

On August 12, 1992, England’s tiny nuclear arsenal fell on Ireland, on South Africa, and finally on China. Instantly the planet went up in flames. In the first half year of what was to be called the War of ’92, half the Earth’s population perished. The United States was reduced to a vast underpeopled land — and, to make matters worse, Texas had seceded and taken her precious oil reserves. But Israel, virtually untouched in a world ravaged by war, was painfully overpopulated.

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Bras are useless, so burn them (take them off first)

Woman burns bra in 1972

SCIENTISTS are always discovering brilliant things and curing all manner of awful diseases. Some, however, focus on any old crap in a bid to justify their jobs.

Take, for example, a French scientist who has declared that bras are useless.

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The Langauge of Legs: how a girl deploys her gams reveals far more then just her lower limbs

playboy legs

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Great Ads: Devonshire Sunshine Bubble Soy aftertaste face

Devonshire Sunshine Bubble Soy aftertaste face

GREAT Ad Watch: Devonshire Sunshines Bubble Soy Aftertaste face:

The second one’s even better:

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Asda Corned Beef – now with free drugs!

Corned beef recall after bute found

THERE’S a little bit extra in your tins of ASDA Smart Price Corned Beef. There’s a dash of the veterinary drug phenylbutazone, known as bute. The Food Standards Agency has found traces of the painkilling medicine in those cans. You can keep your hash brownies, your space cakes and your Kool Aid. Asda is giving away free drugs with meat. Beat that, vegetarians!

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