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United Airline v Deborah Renwick: Making black women conform or else in 1969

hair airline

IN 1969, air hostess Deborah Renwick was sacked for refusing to “shorten her hair”. But her hair wasn’t long. Renwick said her her hair was shorter than many white flight steward’s’ hair. Renwick believed that it wasn’t the length that mattered to her employers, it was the natural curl. After legal wrangling, United paid her $5,000, “endors[ed] the Afro hairstyle” and offered her her job back. She declined.

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Man attempts hot shave by heating up can on stove – what could go wrong?

shaving fire

IN search of the perfect shave, the gentleman’s bathroom cabinet has become an arsenal of weapons-grade blades. Two blades, three blades, four blades and more are smeared in ointments to turn your shave into a Cupid-fingered massage. One man in Largo, Florida, wanted to up the ante. He wanted to hot shave. So. He placed the can of shaving cream on the stove, turned up the heat and waited. Soon his shaving gels would be hot enough to smear over his beard.

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666-metres-long fire-breathing dragon bridge opens in Vietnam

Dragon bridge han river

LANDMARKS can be pretty much anything. New York has the Statue of Liberty. London has Big Ben. Australia has big prawns. And Berkshire had ‘Matt The Talc’, who used to sit outside Spackman’s of Newbury. Every thrusting new town and city needs a symbol of its greatness. So, the burgers of Da Nang, Vietnam, are delighted to show off the fire-breathing, water-spitting dragon over the Han River that opened for traffic last week.

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Mum assures that her daughter is forever associated with Camel Balls

camel balls copySO outraged was Charlene McKenzie, 26, that her seven-year-old daughter, Ruby, was offered a packet of Camel Balls bubble gum that she agreed to appear in the papers holding up the offending stuff.
Says Charlene:
“I was disgusted as I think that it’s totally inappropriate. I am more upset with the company that makes the gum than the shops that sell it. It’s OK for adults and a bit of a laugh, but I can’t see the funny side when they are kept in the sweet section of shops where children like Ruby will see them.”

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Soft Paris lingerie aims to destroy British feminism and crap on your lawn

soft paris

SOFT Paris is a French knickers and undies company (that’s lingerie – ed) aiming to teach the clueless, potato-sack-clad British woman how to dress for sex. To promote the brand, the company has issued its 10 steps to seduction. Most British men would be happy with availability and warmth. But we can all be more. Says Soft Paris:

Why do English women hunch over, either shuffling or stomping? This is not seductive. Take the time to look around you, proudly, chin up/shoulders back, walking with one foot almost in front of the other, to undulate your hips provocatively.

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The 19 greatest Christian gifts

YESTERDAY’S news of religious Easter eggs piqued our appetite for further Christian gifts with which to enhance our enjoyment of the holiday.

Here are just some of the myriad delights we discovered.

‘Inspired by scripture’


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The Iron Throne Lifesize Replica: yours for $30,000

game of thrones iron throne

ITEM of the day: the Game of Thrones ‘The Iron Throne Lifesize Replica’:

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. And royal is the rear that sits the Iron Throne. The notoriously intimidating seat from the immensely popular HBO fantasy series can now be yours to own. This exact fiberglass replica was handmade, hand painted, and based on a 3D scan of the actual set piece from the TV show. Every detail has been faithfully reproduced, but luckily this model is a little less sharp and stabby than the actual seat. But remember, when you play the game of thrones, you win or…well, you’ll find out.

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A history of Easter Eggs: dipped in Christian blood and covered in chocolate

EASTER is upon us once again, and Christians are muscling in this year, after the success of their campaign to persuade major supermarkets to sell ‘religious’ eggs that represent the true message of the occasion.


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Shoppers riot for free cake at the Jining Guihe shopping center

I LIKE cake. You like cake. They love cake.

To mark the eight anniversary of the opening of Chinas’s Jining Guihe shopping center, the owners built an eight-meter-long birthday cake. Chaos resulted as the shopper went nuts for gateau:

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Is Microwave Cooking for One the saddest book ever written?

IS Microwave Cooking for One the saddest book ever written? Author Marie T Smith looks happy enough with her midnight snack, though. She’s a good eater is Marie…

microwave cooking for oneSpotter: Danny. K.


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New horsemeat scandal makes cannibals and dog-eaters of us all

meat horse

THE horsemeat scandal was particularly troubling, not because we may have all eaten the incredible Mr Ed, but rather, it prompted so many awful jokes that we all wished we’d eaten something fatal instead.

However, horsemeat is the last of your worries after food experts analysed a random dish bought in London which contained ‘mystery meat’.

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Fiance of My Little Pony character leaves worrying and angry letter

twilight sparkle

THE level of some people’s love for My Little Pony is beyond parody. In fact, it is downright worrying. If you do a rudimentary search for ‘bronies’, you’ll find enough material to keep you awake for a whole decade.

One such character has got angry and believes himself to be the fiance of a character called ‘Twilight Sparkle’. Yes, you read that right.

Over at deviantART, where people showcase their artwork of any kind, a user called Kevinsano was creating pieces based on My Little Pony (worrying enough) and the ‘fiance’ took offence at the designs, accusing them of being too sexual in nature (even more worrying).

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Everyday Racism in books: Simple Edition by A Little Nigger

It tapped into a theme. Earlier, G.H. Thompson had  illustrated Ten Little Nigger Boys, a book he followed up with work on Ten Little Nigger Girls.  This was sexual equality racism. Although in the girls’ version the females start at 10 and disappear. The boys grow in number.

Now grab your golliwog and read on….

little nigger

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Ford Figo advert shows Berlusconi kidnapping three women for a Bunga Bunga Party

ford figo berlusconi indiaTHIS Ford Figo* advert in India shows Silvio Berlusconi and 3 ladies on their way to a Bunga Bunga party. Is Silvo kidnapping them? Can Silvio only get women to sleep with him if he ties them up first? Who’s in the back seat, the Yorskhire Ripper?

The caption reads: “Leave all your worries behind.”

Is Silvio going to – you know – dispose of the ‘worries’ lest they tell all to the police? Maybe not. It’s not like he’s in an Indian mini bus, so chances are that the victims will get to live after they’ve been raped.

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Dorset shops bans ‘foreingers’ (anyone who lives 30 miles or more away)


TO Dorset, where Mark Galpin, owner of the Aladdin’s Cave shop in Christchurch has banned tourists from entering.

Mr Galpin displays “clear and polite” signs outside the shop banning anyone living further than a 30-mile radius of the store. His shop is close to a bus depot, and he says the tourists waiting for a ride walk in and kill time. They don’t buy. 

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The oddest book title of the year is about goblins charming chickens

Goblinproofing One's Chicken Coop

THE winner of the Bookseller’s Diagram Prize for the weirdest book title of the year is…Goblinproofing One’s Chicken Coop. The blurb tells readers:

Plagued by pixies, goaded by goblins or bothered by gnomes? Help is on the way! Help is here. This is the essential primer for banishing the dark Fairy creatures that are lurking in the dark corners and crevices of your life. In this charming guide, fairy hunter Reginald Bakeley offers practical instructions to clear your home and garden of goblins and banish them forever!

The word charming somewhat kills it, no? It makes the book sound twee and small. ‘Offensive’ would have been better geared to marketing, or ‘inappropriate”. Both are words trending with buzz.

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Tadpole fancier drank pets to smuggle them onboard plane

WHEN security at Guangzhou International Airport spotted the female passenger’s bottle of liquid. she was told to drink it or toss it away. She drank it. But she refused to swallow.
She didn’t want to kill the tadpoles swimming in it. 
After a brief standoff, the woman spat the water and tadpoles into a bucket. She explained that the trainee frogs had been given to her by a friend and she did not want to lose them.

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Blue Lady by Vladimir Tretchikoff sells for £1million

Bonhams Tretchikoff Chinese Girl sale

THE original Blue Lady by Vladimir Tretchikoff has been sold at auction for £982,050. Painted by the South African settled Russian émigré, the exotic, otherworldly Blue Lady is not to everyone’s taste. In 1974, when Woolworth’s Blue Lady posters were being slapped on a million home walls, William Feaver called it “the most unpleasant work to be published in the 20th century. You’ve got flat form, hair that is not hair at all but is simply an opaque layer of dull and insipid paint. You have shoulders which have no substance, you have muzzy line work”.

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Animal rights activists wrap themselves in cling film

MEAT eaters, rejoice! The vegetarians have given in. To mark the Spain Day Without Meat Protest, animals rights activists from the group Animal Equality lie wrapped in meat packaging on the Barcelona pavements. Meat might be murder, but celophane is a slow suffocation. The stun gun would have been kinder:

Spain Day Without Meat Protest

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Man buys tabby cat skin rug for $1000

cat rug

TO New Zealand, where a “great little gift for the mancave”* has sold at auction for $955. Ian James now wons a tabby cat rug. The cat was found by Tauranga taxidermist Andrew Lancaster by the Napier-to-Taupo highway. He explains: “I thought ‘that’s a pretty nice looking cat’, did a U-turn and picked it up.”

* Not a euphemism. The Tabby Rug is not a merkin.

 More crap taxidermy here and here. Epic taxidermy here.

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