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Music fan tongues radio DJ’s bumhole to win concert tickets live on air



To Chile, where DJ Paul Hip (“I’m crackers, me”) is giving away tickets to the EDM Mysteryland Festival. the contest is simple: what would you do to get the tickets?

The winner is the woman who offers to stick her tongue inside DJ Hipe’s bumhole. And then arries at the studio to perform her purchase live on air.

Prisa Group, the Spanish radio conglomerate that owns the station, is unimpressed, issusing the apology:

“Les dejamos una declaración del equipo de 40 Principales Chile.”

All terrible. but not all that new:

The most notorious of all Zeppelin legends began when the band played the Seattle Pop Festival on July 27th, 1969, then retired to the Edgewater Inn. The building sits atop Seattle’s Puget Sound; guests can actually fish directly from their windows. The 1985 Led Zeppelin biography Hammer of the Gods – which got much of its information from Zep road manager Richard Cole – describes a graphic scene in one of the rooms. “A pretty young groupie with red hair was disrobed and tied to the bed,” wrote author Stephen Davis. “Led Zeppelin then proceeded to stuff pieces of shark into her vagina and rectum.”

Spotter:  Diario Registrado

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Tabloid Tropes: the Daily Star holds the front page for Big Brother

The Daily Star (prop. Richard Desmond) often leads with news of Big Brother, the show on Channel 5 (prop. R. Desmond).

Do the ownber’s business interests impace on the Star’s editorial policy? Of course not. It’s just that Big Brother (peop. R. Desmond) is such huge news is must be on the front page. These headlines appeared on the paper of record in 2014. We haven’t included the small front-page snippets, just the big splashes:

Daily_Star_Weekend_4_1_2014 Daily_Star_6_1_2014 Daily_Star_7_1_2014 Daily_Star_8_1_2014 Daily_Star_9_1_2014 Daily_Star_10_1_2014

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X Factor: Topless Flatmate Makes Sudden Appearance On Live Telly

Did you see the X Factor’s highlight the week?

x factor naked


As @ronniejoice tweets:

Girl calls into #XtraFactor via Skype. Her flatmate is stood behind topless. You have to love live telly sometimes.

And that was the X Factor highlight of the week.




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Bad News: ITV want the Premier League highlights back

THERE’S nothing quite as morbid and depressing as watching football coverage on ITV. In Adrian Chiles, you have a man who looks like pudding doing an impression of. the. slow. concentration. of. Tim. Love. Joy. and in Andy Townsend, you have a man paid huge sums to point out things that have happened in play, a full 5 seconds after the viewers at home have already noticed.

Then there’s Clive Tyldesley, who can’t be arsed learning the names of foreign played (notably, James Rodriguez) and who is in possession of a faux-grandiosity that is as irritating as it is insincere.

So, the bad news is that ITV are hoping to steal the Premier League highlights from the BBC and Match of the Day. You can almost hear U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’ striking up and Matt Smith blankly looking into camera.

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Gemma Collins Gets £40,000 For Teaching Us How To Kill A TV Celebrity

gemma collins


WHY did weeping Gemma Collins quit the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! jungle? The Sun knows:

DEVASTATED Gemma Collins last night revealed her four days in the jungle had been haunted by the memory of her bitter break-up with her boyfriend. The Towie star — who dramatically quit I’m A Celebrity yesterday — admitted she was struggling to cope after the bust-up with Alex Moss hours before flying to Australia.

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Dr Who Specials: The Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper And Toilet Aimer

weeping jesus

DECORATE your Christmas Tree with a weeping angel, as seen on Dr Who.

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I’m A Celebrity: Michael Buerk Changes His Name To ‘Feed The Playboy Bunny’

buerke i'm a celebrity

Feed Me!


THIRTY years ago, Michael Buerk brought the pain of millions of starving Ethiopians to British screens. His BBC report in 1984 sparked Bob Geldof to create Live Aid.

Buerk said the broadcast was one of “the most influential pieces of television ever broadcast [prompting] a surge of generosity across the world for Ethiopia[that raised] more than $130 million”.

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Dapper Laughs Raped My Funny Bone: Daniel O’Reilly Must Be Killed

Dapper Laughs


ITV2 have killed off Dapper Laughs show On The Pull because the star, one Daniel O’Reilly, made a joke about rape.

The Daily Mirror helped trigger the campaign to end the show by pointing to O’Reilly’s performance at London Scala, in which he told a female audience member:

“She’s gagging for a rape. Yep, we’ll have a chat afterwards. She’s having a chat about ‘yeah, I get quite tight but I get a bit… poor girl. Do you want to come backstage after? Bring two of your mates, you’ll need them.”

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How To Be A BBC Football Reporter: John Motson’s Great Advice To A Budding Journalist



IAN Dennis recalls advice the BBC’s John Motson gave him 26 years ago.

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Me And My Spoon: TV Listing Of The Year

TV listing of the day – Life mirrors Private Eye: me any my spoon:


great telly listing

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TLC Cancels Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo As Mother Dates Child Molester


TLC has called time on the Roald Dahl docu-drama Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo because reports suggest child star Honey Boo-Boo’s mother, one “Mama June” , is currently dating convicted child molester Mark McDaniel.

This charming man served 10 years jail time for having forced oral sex on an 8-year-old girl.

TLC thought broadcasting the show featuring mum’s new lover would be a step too far. After all, the Boo Boo clan are paid, and some of TLC’s cash might end up in McDaniel’s pockets. 

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RIP Selfie Guy: Man Falls Into Dock On Live TV

SHOULD we laugh? Wince? Upload the video then call an ambulabnce? Whilst attempting to take a selfie, this man fell into the dock. A TV camera crew captured the moment.

We’ll know if he lived when the video he uploads his own video.

Spotter: Tastefully Offensive

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Epic TV: Australia’s Dancing With The Stars Is A Bitter, Terrible And Unforgettable

TO Australia, where Channel 7’s Dancing With The Stars is compelling.

The twisted clown is called Mark Holden. He’s here to entertain yer:


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In 1976 Top of The Pops Feartured Legs & Co Dancing To Lalo Schifrin’s Theme From Jaws

Legs & Co



BACK in 1976, BBC TV’s Top Of the Pops featured an all-female dance troupe.

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554 Simpsons Couch Jokes In One Minute At The Same Time

554 Simpsons couch gags in one minute at the same time



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Spot The Biggest Bellend On This Season’s The Apprentice: Judgemental Special

Screen shot 2014-10-07 at 13.05.24


THE Apprentice is a great TV show. You get to watch people you would never like to work with.

At fisrt glance, a few thigns to note about this year’s crop:

Robert: socks.

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Faith Healers Cure Pet Hamster’s Diarrhea

ROBERT Popper is on the line:

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Lesley The Pony Has An A+ Day (A Video)

LESLEY The Pony has a great day:

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Jeremiah McDonald Explains The Creative Process

Jeremiah McDonald


JEREMIAH McDonald explains the creative process:


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Gary Busey Wins Celebrity Big Brother: ‘Prophet Or Madman?’ Trading Card

GARY Busey has won the 2014 series of Celebrity Big Brother.

His trading cards is worth a look.
gary bussey trading cards



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Adrian Chiles Gets Ready For His Close-Up



ITV presenter Adrian Chiles at the St Jakob-Park Stadium, Basel, is ready for this close up.

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Big Brother: ‘Lesbian ‘ Kisser White Dee Becomes The Birmingham Resident’



WHEN the Daily Star declares “White Dee In BB 3-Way Romp”, you don’t know whether to take a peek or look away.

Deirdre Kelly — “White Dee” — is the break-out star of Benefits Street, TV’s fly-in-the-biscuit tin look at the welfare state through the eyes of UKIP recruiters for whom benefits are the disease not the symptom of poverty, poor education and unemployment.

Dee was the Street’s sedatory matriach and protector of the weak. She’s moved from James Turner Street, Birmingham, to a Z-list holding bay in leafy Elstree, where she’s having a Big Brother threesome.

Given that the Star is owned by Richard Desmond, who also publishes hardcore porn, the “romp” holds much promise for sticky-fingered readers.

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X Factor Lookalikes: Lola Saunders Looks Like Lindsay Lohan

lola saunders


LOLA Saunders, a 20 year old fishmonger from South Shields, gave a terrific performance on the X Factor. But, then, she is otherwise known as Lindsay Lohan , star of Freaky Friday and LA courtrooms…

Year of training, darlings. Years…



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TV Fail: Susanna Reid Asks Dan Stevens If He ‘Beats Off Lots Of Men’

dan stevens beating off


DAN Stevens is on the dire Good Morning Britain. The Former Downton Abbey star is tlaking about his roles in The Guest and A Walk Among the Tombstones.

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