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TV Presenter Charlie Vernon Sacked For Raising Finger At Colleague Who Called Her A ‘Wh**e’ Through Her Earpiece

“I WAS shocked and extremely offended to be called a f****** big whore and a bitch on my earpiece,’’ says Charlie Vernon, 28, of the day she lost her job presenting  the Jewellery Maker show on Gems TV satellite channel. She responded to the insult by raising her middle finger. A viewer complained, upset that their daily intake of bilge had been so rudely interrupted. Redditch -based Genuine Gemstone Company sacked her.

Gems TV is the UK’s longest established jewellery channel and can be seen in every home in the country. We broadcast live 24 hours a day on Freeview, Sky, Virgin and Freesat.


charlie vernon


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Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson Shows Rare Honesty About Doing The Voice


MUSICIANS aren’t known for telling the truth very often. When they break up bands, they cite ‘musical differences’ rather than ‘we all pretty much hate each other now and couldn’t convince the record label to let us have a break, so we’re going to argue about music until we can’t look each other in the eye’.

When they nearly kill themselves with drugs and booze, they pretend they’ve got ‘nervous exhaustion’. When they refuse to do promotional work for new records, they know that that, in itself, is promotional work and it works very well thank you very much.

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The Baftas 2014 Nominations Are Announced!


2014’s Bafta film nominations have been announced, which is particularly good news for London’s cocaine dealers as they prep themselves for one of their busiest awards of the year.

Leading the pack is Gravity with 11 nominations and true stories dominate the main categories (which probably means all our fiction writers are either rubbish or they’ve given up through a lack of funding) with all but two films (Gravity and The Selfish Giant) falling into that pocket.

It’ll be a good night for Dame Judi Dench too. She’s got a nod for Philomena, which gives her a whopping total of 15 Bafta film nominations – the most nominated actress in the history of the event.

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The Top of The Tops Unofficial Celebration

TWENTY years ago, the BBC was celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of one of its most ‘iconic’ shows.

Ten years ago, the BBC was celebrating its 40th anniversary.

There was a problem, however. During the first decade of the show – which also unfortunately happened to be its heyday – most of the episodes were erased on the grounds that videotape was expensive, and television was considered an ephemeral medium. Posterity was not a consideration.

In the past decade, some missing footage has been retrieved from private collectors, which boded well for the big 50th anniversary. Or so you might think.

In fact, the BBC has removed footage from the clips that are available, and decided not to celebrate the anniversary at all.

The reason, guys and gals, is simple: the programme in question was Top of the Pops, and the TV studio in which it was filmed served as an HQ for the nefarious activities of Jimmy Savile and his pop pals. Hence Jim’s introductions and performances from certain artistes are now strictly verboten.



None of which will stop Anorak from picking some top pop moments from the show’s golden years – erring on the side of the hidden gems –in this unofficial celebration…

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BBC Wusses Out Of Top Of The Pops Anniversary Special Because of Jimmy Savile

THIS year would mark the 50th anniversary of Top Of The Pops. The show was, until relatively recently, a cornerstone of British television. A mixture of people’s interest shifting to the internet, and the BBC’s complete failure to stay in touch with youth culture and an over-reliance on the Glastonbury coverage saw TOTP falling by the wayside.

savile 50

And then there’s the ongoing Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal.

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Mic Wright’s Remotely Furious New Year’s Special: Sherlock? Shernot


JEREMY Brett played Sherlock Holmes. Robert Downey Jnr. played an action hero using the name Sherlock Holmes. That’s where we’ve got with the Stephen Moffat/Mark Gatiss fan fiction-take Sherlock. While the first series of their gripping adventure series was closely yoked to Conan Doyle’s original tales, the stories started to diverge in Series 2. The final episode of that season, The Reichenbach Fall, left viewers with a tantalising cliffhanger – how did Sherlock ‘kill’ himself but survive? – but nothing like the shock that Conan Doyle inflicted on readers as he attempted to permanently end the clash of minds and bodies between Holmes and Moriarty.

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Daily Mirror’s Best TV Moment of 2013 Happened In 2012


OVER at the Daily Mirror – “the intelligent tabloid” – Josh Woodfin is taking us through the telly highlights of 2013. The year was terrible.

10 most dramatic TV moments of 2013 including Sherlock’s ‘fatal’ fall, Cameron’s shocking siege and the Breaking Bad finale

Best, But Most Infuriating, Moment of Drama 2013

Sherlock Falls

Evil has two faces, and they bear a striking resemblance to Stephen Moffat and Mark Thompson, the devious writers behind the final episode of series two of Sherlock. Called The Reichenbach Fall, it culminated with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock making a mess of a pavement following his apparent death by splat. But he’s not dead, of course. And our twelve-month rollercoaster of anger, frustration and excitement ends on New Year’s Day. We need answers.

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Lost Sesame Street: Take Me For A Ride To See Crack Monkey On Your Crack Camel

IN this Sesame Street show, you take a ride on the Crack Camel:

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Mic Wright’s Remotely Festively Furious: Doctor Who Raised By Moffat, Caitlin Moran Raised By Wolves

raised by wolves


WRITING a convincing family unit for television is a tricky one. There are only a few series that manage it over a significant time period. Sgt Wilson, Private Pike and his mother in Dad’s Army are perfectly dysfunctional, the Gallagher family in Shameless was brilliant for at least three series and the Trotters are the gold-standard for sitcom families. Go back further and you get the delicious cocktail of hate and love embodied by the Steptoes and the constructed screwed-up family of the Hancock’s Half Hour.

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The Tao of David Coleman

The Tao of David Coleman


He was born at Alderley Edge, the place now famous as the luxury location of choice for the gated homes of multi-millionaire footballers. But Coleman is a man synonymous with the blurred black-and-white ‘soccer’ of a more simple, if not innocent era.

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What’s Up With Your Friend? – A Comedy Short

HILARY Barraford (actor/model/blonde) has produced this comic shot What’s Up With Your Friend? 

Hilary is the cast as the fun friend. She might not be acting:


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How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas – The Video Guide

HOW To Wrap A Cat For Christmas.

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My Krafty Elf And Safety Guide To Christmas Telly

Kirstie's Crafty Christmas


IF you gave me the choice between being brutally murdered by rabid attack hamsters and a dwarf with a chainsaw or watching Kirstie’s Crafty Christmas, I would pick the fluffy bloody death. At least my screams would be heard and not muffled beneath the crochet shit hell of Kirstie’s dreams. Sugary, retro bullshit of the highest order. Imagine a stiletto with ironic tinsel wrapped round it stamping on true Christmas forever. Your Christmas is bollocks unless you make a thousand pointless bits of tat to scatter around your house. Buy your stuff from Iceland and get shit-faced on premixed egg nogg? You are scum. My kind of scum. Email for my address.

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No Date Set For Digital Radio Switchover Because So Few People Care


DO you listen to the radio? Only at work or when there’s a football match on when you’re driving? Well, you won’t be forced into a digital switchover, as happened with television, because so few people actually bother listening to the radio that it barely matters.

It seems, such is the radio malaise, that everyone is still using analogue devices. Or the internet, of course.

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The Hidden Messages In Brighton’s Christmas Lights

MEANWHILE…in Brighton:

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Watch The Most Complained About Thing On TV In 2013


IF you want complaints, who should you go after? The working classes? No. They can take a joke and besides, they know corporations don’t listen to them at all.

Maybe the middle classes? That’d be stupid. They invented satire so they’d laugh it off, even if jokes at their expense made them cry inside for the rest of their comfortable days. How about posh people? Posh people are clueless and don’t waste their time watching television. They’ve got cellars to maintain and animals to shoot.

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Watch Bob Dylan’s TV Singing Debut In The Madhouse on Castle Street


IN January 1963, an unknown young Bob Dylan got some work in a (now lost) BBC play The Madhouse on Castle Street. He sings The Ballad of the Gliding Swan. The Sunday night play also features Dylan’s first televised performance of Blowin’ in the Wind.

He was paid a fee of 500 guineas to play the role of Bobby.


* While in London, Dylan stayed with Martin Carthy, who helped introduce him to the burgeoning folk club circuit and who remembers chopping up a piano for firewood to counter the effects of that long cold winter. Dylan became a regular figure on the folk scene and even found the time to cut an LP in a record shop on Charing Cross Road, under the pseudonym of Blind Boy Grunt.

Dylan’s stay also resulted in a burst of original songs (Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright, Bob Dylan’s Dream) which were heavily influenced by his exposure to traditional English folk music.

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In Which Jimmy The Frog Gets Eaten


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Tennessee’s Stella And Ella Brown Perform Their Pantomime As Perry Como Croons Silent Night

STELLA and Ella (she’s on the left) are the Brown Twin Sisters. They are the stars of the Mull Singing Convention, with their ‘pantomime’ to to the Christmas classic Silent Night, sung by PerryComo.

Every Christmas, co-hosts Charlotte ‘Lady ‘ Mull – widow of evangelical preacher Jacob Bazzel Mull – and Gail Shelby introduced the Browns’ show to the folks in Tennessee.

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Top 5 Sign Language Moments That Don’t Involve Nelson Mandela

mandela sign


AFTER a man, stood onstage at Nelson Mandela’s memorial waving his arms around wildly, making up sign language as he went along, leaving deaf South Africans wondering if they were watching someone being attacked by invisible wasps, it got us appreciating what those who do sign-language can do.

They appear on TV, at press conferences and as groups of children during emotional renditions of songs at opening ceremonies. They even have sign language at some festivals now.

And, with absolute and maximum respect for what they do, they can be very amusing sometimes. With that, let us look at the Top 5 signing moments.

No. The massive charlatan at Nelson Mandela’s gig doesn’t count this time round.


Sign Language Meets Donk

Donk took over small towns for a summer and, due to the nature of such a heavy beat, it could actually be perfect for deaf people. However, they shouldn’t be denied the hilarious lyrics of ‘Put A Donk On It’. One signer on TV impressively kept up with the rapid fire lyrics. A lesser human would’ve been doubled up with body cramps one verse in. This is probably the best video on the internet.


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I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas (Without The Asians, Blacks, Or Jews)

JOSH Cake is dreaming of a White Christmas:

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‘Brad Pitt’ Headbutts ‘No Relation’ At All

IN this segment from Snatch The Director’s Cut, Brad Pitt recounts life in the bare knuckle fighting game:

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How TV Works: Anna Jardine Jones’ Vending Machine

YOU might know Anna Jardine Jones from her presenting job on Super Casino, one of the UK’s premier late-night TV casino shows. But how did she get the job? What’s her motivation? Is it all glamour? And what’s the truth about that vending machine?

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28 Up South Africa: A More Fitting Tribute To Nelson Mandela Than the Usual Guff

28 up


28 UP is the greatest TV franchise ever created. It’s not the one that has made the most money or the most famous but it is the greatest, a true document of human experience that has stretched across decades and charted its beautiful, broken, bruised and buoyant quality. The children of the original Up series are now adults, some have stuck with the show throughout, others have come and gone from the frame. Their lives have opened up to us every 7 years and for many those ‘characters’ have been anchor points in their own lives.

28 Up South Africa accidentally arrived this week at a striking time. Nelson Mandela’s death fresh in my mind I watched the reality of modern South Africa for the children of apartheid, the generation that has been stalked by and brutalised by the dread hand of HIV and AIDS. Mandela changed South Africa forever but he was not and could not be a saint or a superhero. In his final moments, he will have been justified in smiling at what he helped usher in with sheer force of will and determination but also carrying a heaviness in his heart that inequality and pain still dog his people, both black and white, so relentlessly.

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