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BBC Defends Mandela Coverage Against 1,000 Loons Who Complained About It


IT is only when important figures die that you start to reflect and realise what you had before your eyes all this time. In Nelson Mandela, we had a Martin Luther King Jr. We had a Gandhi. We had a Malcolm X. Of course, these people were divisive, but everyone should applaud what they aimed to do – stop unfair, inhumane treatment of people who aren’t white.

To some Mandela was a terrorist. To most, he was a man who defied a racist regime, went to prison and stayed strong in his belief to do the right thing and, inexplicably, he managed it. Apartheid, initially a ghettoisation of people, dressed up all cuddly by White Supremacists as ‘helping us all to be better neighbours’ rather than ‘Hey! Black guy! Whitey will have where you’re stood, ’til the horizon, thanks! And we’ll kill you if you complain!’, was lead by Mandela and the whole world rejoiced because he never gave up in his quest to end segregation.

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As Seen On Super Casino: The Babestation Mix Up

DO you ever watch Super Casino on Sky channel 862? It’s just like being in a real casino, albeit without the sticky floors, Stag dos and that woman in the lavender-tinted glasses who hovers. It’s just a great to spend money on a ball going around and around and around a table. But take care. One sofa punter seem sto have gotten his late-night Sky viewing mixed up. It’s not Babestation. Anna Jardine Jones does not do that sort of thing:


super casino fail

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Star Trek Sing Let It Snow

THE Star Trek crew will now sing Let it Snow:

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Freddy Is The World’s Greatest Grape Tosser Into A Belgian’s Open Mouth

ANORAK loves a world record, the more specious the better. So, we like Joris (George) Goens, 53, the town-crier of Furnes, breaking the world record for ‘grape catching with the mouth in three minutes’. He caught 223 grapes. That he chose to make his record attempt on Belgium’s Got Talent is all the better.


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Sam Wollaston Is The Witless Antidote To Clive James’ TVGuardian



Mic Right’s Remotely Furious: Sam Wollaston and Charlie Brooker

SAM Wollaston is my favourite TV critic of the modern age. While Clive James continued in his dotage to be pure genius, Wollaston is a performance artist, the Andy Kaufmann of sitting around gawping at other people’s work then witlessly hammering out some half-thought out bibble for The Guardian. Nice work if you can get it.

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Newsnight Balls: Mr Memory Jonas Von Essen Namechecks The BBC Team

Jonas Von Essen


WORLD Memory Champion Jonas Von Essen rises to the challenge of reciting the Newsnight credits from memory. You see, on BBC TV’s Newsnight everyone’s famous. It’s not news unless it’s about the news bringers. Well, unbess it’s about Jimmy Savile and everyone from the 1970s telly being dug up and arrested, in which case, here’s Jonassssss….

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Meet The Real Walter White, Alabama’s True Meth King

walter white meth

MEET Walter White, Alabama’s leading  methamphetamine cook. The real Walter White is not on the Breaking Bad TV show. He’s on Vice’s Fringes. He says:

My name is Walter White and I’m a meth cook and for 10 years I had the best meth in Alabama. And if you wanted the best meth, you had to come this way, you had to come to me.

Waler got in to the meth business for the conversation and dental plan. No, not really. It was for the cash. He’s trail begins in April 2014:

If I have to go to prison, I won’t be hurting anybody but myself this time. It’s just me answering up to the things I’ve done. My family, they’ve got jobs and lives. I won’t be hurting them this time.

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Cheryl Cole Wins Money For Doing No X Factor work

cheryl cole money copy


CELEBRITIES live in a wonderfully weird world. Look at Cheryl Cole for example, who just got a load of money for not doing any work. She’s won a payout from producers of X factor USA, after she got dropped from the show after just one episode because she’s got an accent.

It was widely rumoured and reported that she got the chop because producers thought that Americans wouldn’t be able to understand her when she spoke with her Geordie accent.

She sued production company Blue Orbit for for £1.4m for loss of earnings and now the case has now been settled out of court, with the Girls Aloud member accepting a lovely undisclosed sum.

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Only TV’s Working Class Can Afford To Live In Fortress London: What If Shows Were Real?



AH, Eastenders the only London garden square non-oligarchs and trust-funded sados (sons and daughters of stars) can afford to live in. London is now so very expensive that it’s a fortress. If you’re not already in, forget about settling there. Best to accept the fact that you  can never live in the city.  Make your home town at the end of the long commute the epicentre of culture.

The only working class people who can afford London property prices are fictional. It’s true.

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Unfortunate Timing: BBC Broadcasts ‘The First Time With Roy Harper’ Days Before His Court Date

WHEN singer Roy Harper, 72,  has been charged with sexually abusing a girl from the age of 12, we thought it unfortunate that just five days earlier BBC Radio 6 Music broadcast a show about him. It’s title? The First Time With Roy Harper:

roy harper



Note: Mr Harper was not required to enter a plea to any of the charges.

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Doctor Who And Toast of London



Mic Wright’s Remotely Furious: Dr Who.

YOU spotted a plot hole did you? And you think Stephen Moffatt can’t write women? Yeah. Alright. Take it to your Twitter account. Maybe write a blaaaaag post about how it annoyed you and how the (virtually) free entertainment has offended you. Throw in some of that half-arsed cultural theory you learned at university in there too, that’ll really make it sing.

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Meanwhile…Outside Harrods, London: The Bagpipes Steel Drum Busker Mash-Up

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Can The X Factor And The Sun Create A Race Storm Out Of Morose Hannah Barrett?


CAN the Sun create a RACE STORM from nothing? It can try. In “Fans were so racist Hannah shocked by X Factor abuse”, X Factor wannabe Hannah Barrett is pictured looking a tad morose.

Hannah told TV Biz: “I’ve had a lot of hate — people have been racist to me. They say they hate my music, they tell me that because I am black I can’t ever be a singer.

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Oh No! Major Character From Family Guy Gets Killed Off!


SPOILERS. Sorry, the first word of this article was so blunt, but there’s people out there who are so feeble, so jumpy, so gawpingly pathetic that they need to be told about the contents of an internet article, or indeed, absolutely everyone’s social media feeds, in case someone spoils a TV show or film for them.

Some people rant about spoilers for films that are decades old. You’ve have your chance buddy. Shit, or get off the pot.

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Delia Derbyshire: The Woman Who Gave Voice To The Ghost In The Machine

FLASHBACK to Delia Derbyshire (5 May 1937 – 3 July 2001).

delia derbyshire


Delia Derbyshire is the mathematics and music scholar most famous for creating the whirling intro to Dr Who. She was working at the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop in 1963 when she was given Ron Grainer’s score.

* She used concrete sources and sine- and square-wave oscillators, tuning the results, filtering and treating, cutting so that the joins were seamless, combining sound on individual tape recorders, re-recording the results, and repeating the process, over and over again.

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I’m A Celebrity Eats The X Factor: James Arthur Disappears Up His Own Bum Hole



Mic Wright’s Remotely Furious

HOW much money do I have to pay to have Matthew Wright change his name? I will take out a mortgage/sell a kidney/assassinate a foreign leader to make the cash required. The blubbering ballache is ruining this year’s I’m A Celebrity by becoming the go-to-guy for Bushtucker trials because he cries about everything. He’s a towering arsehole on his own talk show but obviously that bitchy veneer is just that: a thin layer of toughness masking a blancmange of bawling.

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Restless Nights: A Fabulous Timelapse Video Of London Live

IN this timelapse video of London 18000 pictures taking up 364 GB of hard drive space, shot over 8 days:

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X Factor: Surprise Winner Announced

THE Sun says it knows who won the The X Factor 2013. No. The votes are not yet in. But we have a winner. says the Sun. Anorak conducted a straw poll of the office. The question: Who won The X Factor 2013?


A)  Robert Mugabe





B) Len McCluskey (allegedly and unfounded etc.)




C) Hanging Chad





D) Sam Bailey?

Tb3oNTfh (1)


Vote now and vote often, as they say in Uganda.


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Subtitles Are Not TV’s Kite Mark: Not Unless You Want To Sing Along With Simon Cowell And Clive James



Mic Wright’s Remotely Furious.

HOMELAND is fine. Borgen is fine. The Killing was fine. If any of these shows was set in England and broadcast by ITV1, The Guardian would not give one solitary based-out-listlessly-by-Sam-Wollaston toss about them. They are entertaining but they’re not the red hot stuff that TV reviewers want you to believe you are. It’s not philistine to think subtitles are a pain the bum nor that Mel & Sue aren’t charming as hosts of the Great British Bake Off or that Richard “The Hamster” Hammond should grow up.

There is too much received wisdom in television criticism and TV chatter in general. You’re expected to enjoy but disdain The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, to throw a layer of irony on top to justify those hundreds of hours of Saturday night viewing. I love The X Factor and BGT unreservedly. Susan Boyle’s first BGT audition still makes me cry. It’s the product of emotional manipulation by savvy TV producers but so what? I watch sad films to make me cry, I watch nostalgic films so I can bang on about Pogs or that grim time when people enjoyed the music of Smashmouth.

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A Song For Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

NOVEMBER 15 is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day:


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The Epic Struggle (An Epic Vine)


Post by .

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Firefighter Rides Magic Iron Carpet (Video)

IN the Croatian port of Rijeka, a firefighter rides like Aladdin:

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Teenager Sticks Bare Bum On Electric Fence With Surprising Results

THE Electric Fence Challenge:

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RIP John Cole – BBC’s Politcal Editor Hangs Up His Glasses



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