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Dog the Bounty Hunter denied glorious British TV appearance because of some poxy murder

BRITISH television has been denied the appearance of glorious be-mulleted thunderberk, Dog the Bounty Hunter because of a little ol’ murder. Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman was apparently all set for an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother (yes, it would appear that this is a show that is still being aired, remarkably), but stupid suits put the scuppers on it and denied him a UK visa thanks to his conviction for a harmless murder in 1976.

The Seventies were a different time. Everyone was murdering each other back then weren’t they? But no, immigration swine stopped him and his tremendous mane from being locked in a house to go slightly mad over a series of televised weeks.


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Teddy the cat enjoys your pain (video)

IN this video Teddy the cat is being an “asshole”. Never trust a cat.

Spotter: Reddit

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Rob Beasley v Andy Goldstein: football pundits at war

IN recent days the Sun has brought us “Boorish football needs to get the Olympic message” (Steven Howard), “Our Olympic heroes have humiliated arrogant footballers” (Hunter Davies) and “How vile football is back”, by Rob Beasley, who goes on TalkSport to debate his stance with the excellent Hawksbee and Jacobs. Only Hawksbee is away and  the god-awful renegade health-club DJ Andy Goldstein is standing in for him. It does not go well.

One of Beasley’s complaints is that the media hypes stories to trigger readers feedback (see out headline about a “war”) and that fans in the stands “eff and blind”. Goldstein then oversteps the mark:

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Flashback: The Indoor League – 81 pints and the Terry Yorath table-football fight

THE Indoor League was broadcast live from the Leeds Irish Centre. Your host was Fred Trueman, proud Yorkshireman and cricket great from the period when only men born in the northern Republic could represent it at bat and ball. Your commentator was Sid Waddell, the erudite Geordie with the common touch. (Read his great quotes here.) In the early 1970s, The Indoor League made it onto the ITV network. It was serious business.

Sid Waddell recalled one infamous bout as he surveyed the room:

“Fred Trueman used to stand up there, on the stage, giving it large in a cardigan. The shove ha’penny was over there … here would have been the bar billiards. And that’s the door out of which I had to smuggle Terry Yorath when the fight broke out at the table football.”

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RIP Sid Waddell: the magic voice of darts in great quotes

RIP Sid Waddell, the voice of darts. There was only one words to describe your contribution to the noble art of arrows: “magic darts.”

“Darts players are probably a lot fitter than most footballers in overall body strength.”

“Jocky on the oche looking cocky”

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90s nostalgia: Nineties Boy VS Endoflevelbaddie – Take Control

HAVING used the London Olympics 2012 to reverse the world’s opinion of Great Britain – we are now great at sport and crap-to-average at music – Nineties Boy harks back to the 1990s when things were simpler and bedroom-based:

Meanwhile…in Australia…

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How to loose a tooth: the brick and string method (video)

HOW did you lose a tooth? The hero of this video used an ugly brick and sturdy string:

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Unwaxed Kardashian Steve Kardynal sings Don’t Call me Maybe on Chatroulette

HOW does  update his hits tape? Why with “Call Me Maybe.” Dig the beard, Steve. You look like a pre-wax Kardashian. Are you by any chance related?

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29 famous last words – a video of things you should not say

FAMOUS last words – 29 of them:

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Two cats discuss war in the UK – video

TODAY’S reasons to be watchful of cats. In this video, two of them talking abut their plans for fomenting civil war in th UK:

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Groucho Marx’s You Bet Your Life – the outtakes

IT’S 1953 and Groucho Marx’s television show You Bet Your Life is on the magic box. But not eveything is fit for broadcast. The outtakes are out:

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Elephant does not like being overtaken by cyclist (video)

MESSAGE to Brqdley Wiggins. When cycling in India take care when overtaking elephants…

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Famous fictional families immortalised in pencil

YOU have to be vain, stupid or supremely confident in your own skin to sit for a caricature. Or drunk on holiday vino and sunshine. Why else would anyone sit in the town square and allow a stranger to draw them? For the famous, it’s different. The artist uses their faces to showcase his skills. Artist’s like Kirk Demarais, who has drawn a gallary of pencil portraits based on some of the silver screen and magic box’s best families.

Buy them at Gallery 1988 and pass them off as your own family.


Picture 1 of 5

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Jinx The Wonderdog tries to rescue a small child from a deep well (video)

JINKS the Wonderdog wantes to tell his owners that their youngest child is trapped down a well with a strange man. But first they want him to jump through hoops…

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How to stop rednecks from breeding (video)

SELECTIVE breeding in action:

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Indian TV broadcasts live sexual assault as entertainment news

TO Guwahati, north-east India, where TV journalists for the NewsLive channel are filming a live sexual assault. In filming the attack, the TV crew have enabled men to be captured on camera and arrested. But should they have stepped in to stop it?

India’s home minister, P Chidambaram, says: “[The] molestation of women anywhere in India is condemnable.”


The chief minister of Assam state, Tarun Gogoi, adds: “No one has the right to molest anyone. I have asked the police to keep a vigil on the anti-social elements.”

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Woman versus car park barrier (video)

WOMAN V car park barrier:

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Magic Mike Vatican show (video)

TO the Vatican, where the Magic Mike Players are knocking them bandy at the Hens and Stags get together:

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Dog eats traffic (video)

WITH new Dog Snap you need never be struck in a traffic again. (He only does it for the jam – geddit?!)

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Dutch TV show makes Angela Merkel look like Hitler

IT’S a good job Europe is united and looking to a rosy-fingered daw, otherwise you might suppose the sight to German chancellor Angela Merkel sporting a moustache on Holland’s Nos television’s six o’clock news made her look like Hitler.

The programme assures us that the matter was a pure accident caused by graphics causing a black line to overlap part of Merkel’s top lip.

In any case, it suits her. The moustache invests her with power

YouTube link.

‘It was an unfortunate coincidence,’ editor in chief Marcel Gelauff said after the show.

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Kate Moss Clam licks up table salt (video)

HERE’S that video of pet Kate Moss Clam tidying up the dinner table by licking up spilt ‘salt’:

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The 10 most vital local TV news stories of the decade

LOCAL news can be entertaining stuff. The trick is in highlighting the part of the story that matters most. The copywriters behind theses caption were inspired. Take a look at the Ten Vital News Stories of the decade:  (More here.)


Picture 1 of 11

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He makes a wig from his own hair for a laugh (video)

SO. You made a wig from your own hair. This is Elton John got started. Josh Darrah just needs a song:

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Weather report: Ends of Days deflected by Godzilla Wednesday

WEATHER report: Ends of Days deflected by Godzilla Wednesday

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The Belarus Army’s Synchronised Strobing Display Team – video

TO Belarus to see the human dominoes display team. This is not an Olympic Sport. As such, Synchronised Strobing is an Alternative Olympic Sport. Belarus might not win many wars, but by jingo when they go down fighting , they do it in style and rather quickly…

Spotter: Daily Picks and Flicks, via Neetzan Zimmerman

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