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Is Andy Gray The Victim? Former Teenager Tells NoTW About ‘Sleazy’ Star

SEE if you can join the dots. Andy Gray is sacked from Sky Sports for making sexist comments. Andy Gray is suing Sky’s sister News Corp organ the News of The World for allegedly hacking his mobile phone’s voicemail. Andy Gray is suing Sky for alleged unfair dismissal. And today Andy Gray is the subject of a story:

“Foul-mouthed Gray strikes again – Sleazy star humiliated teen with explicit sex questions.”

Beneath a photo of Gray with his arms around two women, we get to meet “pretty Kirsty Woolley“. She’s the smiling woman to his left:

SACKED Sky soccer sexist Andy Gray publicly humiliated a 17-year-old girl with a series of crude questions about her sex life.

Even knowing that pretty Kirsty Woolley’s dad was just feet away didn’t stop the foul-mouthed TV pundit leering and demanding: “Are you a dirty b**ch?

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How To Pour Red Wine

HOW to pour read wine – a video guide.

In the next show, we look at how to remove a red wine stain with white wine…

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British Humour In Crisis: Japan Bans Fry And Mexico Hates Top Gear

TOP Gear front man Jeremy Clarkson and his sidekicks have fallen foul of Mexico. The country’s ambassador Eduardo Medina-Mora has made a complaint to the BBC about comments made by Richard Hammond in his latest attempt to brown nose Clarkson:

In the show, during a discussion about a sports car made by Mexican firm Mastretta, presenter Richard Hammond said vehicles reflected national characteristics.

“Mexican cars are just going to be lazy, feckless, flatulent, overweight, leaning against a fence asleep looking at a cactus with a blanket with a hole in the middle on as a coat,” he said.

He forgot to mention the cocaine and the flu. But he did add:

“These offensive, xenophobic and humiliating remarks only serve to reinforce negative stereotypes and perpetuate prejudice against Mexico and its people.”

The BBC says the joke “may appear offensive to those who have not watched the programme or who are unfamiliar with its humour“.

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The Scariest Safety Video Ever

THIS safety video will put the fear of god in you – or else make you laugh. But do take care: you may die laughing:

Spotter: Matt Stronge, via YouRuddyGuys

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Amanda Knox: Photos From The TV Film Of Meredith Kercher’s Murder

THE death of Meredith Kercher has been televised. The film is called Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In Italy. No, it’s not called Knox On Trial For Murder. It’s not The Meredith Kercher Story – the victim just wasn’t considered blonde enough to capture the imagination of the TV-viewing public. It’s a title that puts Italy on trial, suggests Knox is innocent and appeals to armchair detectives to fathom out the case.

In the film, you can see Amanda Fernando Stevens (Meredith) being attacked by three actors playing the trio convicted of her murder. Hayden Panettiere (Amanda Knox), Raffaele Sollecito (Paolo Romio) and Rudy Guede (Djirbi Kebe) are all assembled for their big moment. There is a bit of groping and kissing and Kercher’s clothes come lose.

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Jeremy Paxman Waves Goodbye To ‘Crap’ BBC: Email In Full

JEREMY Paxman is imploding before out eyes. Having used the words “cunts” to describe the coalition’s spending “cuts”, hosted a chatty Newsnight smirk-off about bankers’ wages and the trouble with the rich – his salary at the BBC: £1milion a year – Paxman has now written an email that calls Newsnight crap”.

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Sheila Vogel And Betty White Lined Up For Margaret John Gavin And Stacey Role

RIP Margaret John who played Doris in Gavin and Stacy, and who lusted openly after Gavin. She was 84. Yep, the same age as Sheila Vogel and younger than Betty White.

The actress rests but the part lives on…

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The Firefox Is Stuck On Your Windows: Video

FOXES are at the gates! In this video the Firefox has a big problem with windows.

What’s the noise? Is it the foxes tongue on the glass?

(plaudits to Arbroath for the headline).

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Christians Pray To A Cardboard Muslim Obama: Save Him Jesus

CHRISTIANS at Show Christ’s Love pray to save a huge cardboard Barack Obama. The real Obama is a Christian. This cardboard one is fake who was born in Belgium. Ask to see his birth certificate. Go on, ask…

Christians Pray for Obama to be Converted
Uploaded by OnKneesforJesus. – News videos hot off the press.

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Cat Tips: Check The Anal Area

Spotter: fourfour, via TheDailyWhat



Picture 1 of 22

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The Woolly Jumper Sheep Bounces The Dog

WHAT do you call a sheep that bounces…? A woolly jumper:

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Ricky Gervais To Make TV Series From Golden Globes Gigs

BEFORE he presented the Golden Globes (twice), Ricky Gervais was notable for rubbing his legs on TV chatshows and affecting the air of the mocking Brit in a sea of American superegos. Now he is famous for being the frontman of the Golden Globes, an entertainment biz AGM where he gets to mock big names, who can take the joshing as only truly secure stars can.

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Andy Gray And Richard Keys Gone: Now For The BBC’s Sexist Perry Groves

RICHARD Keys and Andy Gray have been routed from pay-per-view satellite TV. People who don’t pay to watch football on Sky Sports need never hear their sniveling, debased off air comments again.

But the Touchline Taliban are many in face and voice. Take the BBC’s Perry Groves in the Sun:

“I know a lot of women and they’re not consistent from hour to hour. Footballers want the rules to be applied consistently and this wouldn’t happen with women refs. It’s hard enough for male refs to earn respect from players. With a woman in charge, players will be thinking: ‘You know nothing about football’. Also, let’s face it, women have periods and we all know how hormones affect them. Would women refs be banned during their ‘time of the month’ because they might be more emotional, depressed or aggressive?”

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Blue Are Back For Eurovision As The Official Sound Of The BBC

BLUE are back – finally. The boys have stepped away from the stella post-boy-band careers (fries, sir?) to do their patriotic duty and serve the nation at the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s Red, White and BLUE.

Blue were chosen for the job by the BBC, so making the young middle-aged dudes the official sound of the state broadcaster. And how cool is that!

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Is That Sexism On Soccer AM Or A Prelude To A Murder?

RICHARD Keys and Andy Gray are sacked for their sexist attitudes towards women in football, and on the Soccerettes pages of Sky Sports Saturday morning show Soccer AM, you can see this photo.

Is it all post-modern and ironic, like the Sun tries to do with its Page 3 Girls by placing into their mouths bon mots of the great and good?

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Mon Petit Cat Will Now Juggle For You

WITH five tins of Mon Petit on its head the cat-tastic Great Stupendo will flip them up, open them with his claws and in the same movement divide the meaty chunks into five bowls. Unless the tape runs out first. Darn!

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Not Even Kim Kardashian’s Breasts Can Save Piers Morgan

CAN Kim Kardashian’s breast save Piers Morgan from a slump in the TV ratings? No. Morgan scooped 2.1million viewers for show one. But now, even with Kardashian’s breasts (not fake) – “They’re 100 percent real!” – he was watched by just 498,000 people. And 243,654 of them are Kardashians…

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One Direction Take On The Groupies: X Rated X Factor Photos

WHAT happened to sort-of-singing, sort-of-dancing X Factor boy band One Direction following their defeat and Harry Styles’s famous on-air comment to show winner Matt Cardle (“Think of how much pussy you’re going to get”)?

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Basketball Player Slam Dunks Himself

IN this video a basketball player dunks himself. In the future, all sports will be played without balls. Look out for missing the ball being repackaged as Air Cricket, Air Tennis and Air Golf…

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Richard Keys Is The Touchline Taliban: A Victim Of The Thought Police

WHEN Richard Keys wondered if his Sky Sports colleague Jamie Redknapp had “smashed it”, we knew it would not be long until we met the object of that sniveling off-air comment. So. Here’s Louise Glass, the Sun’sshocked mum”.

The Sun is keen to add more public humiliation on Keys, whose crimes were to make comments he thought would never see the light of day.

It’s hard to find anyone willing to stick up for Keys in public, or indeed for his old mucker Andy Gray, whose antiquated views were also delivered in what he believed was a private conversation.

Before we meet Glass, the Mail’s Charles Sales types out this line in the Daily Mail, a paper that’s hardly a bastion of sexual enlightenment given its continued employment of the “unnatural” Jan Moir:

Middle East network Al Jazeera is being mooted as the most likely next destination for Gray and Keys, who worked for the burgeoning sports operation during Euro 2008. However, Al Jazeera, who are trying to distance themselves from the reputation of being al Qaeda’s preferred mouthpiece, are wary of the negative publicity signing the pair would bring.

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Epic Fail: BBC Words Smith Michael Rosen Talks To The Sun’s John Kay

ON Michael Rosen’s Word of Mouth show on BBC Radio 4, he visited the Sun’s newsroom. The show “explores the world of language and communication”.

The Sun was used to illustrate how every word matters. Every part of every sentence is deliberate and deliberated over.* Just as Rosen’s show has limited space (30 minutes), the Sun has space for each story. Mindful of the power of words, Rosen spoke with the Sun’s award winning chief reporter, John Kay.

Kay told how the talented sub editors always make his story better.

Rosen wondered if changing his pros annoyed Kay. He asked Kay:

But surely you want to kill them..?

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RAED Is The Fisher Price Rapper: Hip Hop Not Dead Yet

WHAT news of RAED, Melbourne’s rapper supreme?

Watch the video and let us know which bit you like best. Is it the long, boring intro with the dire acting? Is it the whiny sound, like listening to a baby mewling though a partially closed door? (If Fisher Price did a rap machine, this is what it would sound like.)

She left me at a Christmas barbeque

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The Apprentice Star Christoper Farrell Convicted For Fraud

WERE it not for his showing on The Apprentice, Christopher Farrell’s conviction for fraud would not be a national story. But he went on the telly and that means his actions matter.

It would have been a better story had Farrell won the show and gone to jail. Inside he would have been a fallen role model.

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Scientists Discover Sexy Newsreaders Are Best For War Reporting

DOES a ridiculously fit newsreader distract you from taking in the full horror of the TV news? Researchers at Indiana Universoty have investigated if being sexually aroused by the news anchor negates the story.

You can read about their work in Sexual Cues Emanating From the Anchorette Chair: Implications for Perceived Professionalism, Fitness for Beat, and Memory for News”.

Yep. “Fitness to Beat.” Fnar.

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American Idol: Randy Rainbow Proves That Steve Tyler Is Janice Dickinson

RANDY Rainbow explains why you have not been watching this season’s American Idol – and why you don’t need to. And – yep – Steven Tyler is Janice Dickinson:

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