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Dancing With The Stars: Kate Gosselin’s First Class As Dovolani Takes Coach, Allegedly

WHEN Kate Gosselin and partner Tony Dovolani take to the floor of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, he’s the one in charge,writes Rumor Rat.

But when the two of them fly back to her home turf in Pennsylvania, Kate takes the lead, sitting comfortably in the first class cabin, along with her bodyguard Steven Nield, while Tony has to fold up his dancer’s legs in the cramped quarters of a coach seat, a member of The Rat Pack has learned exclusively, and allegedly.

UPDATE: Mark Measures Mr. Dovolani’s agent writes:

I am Tony Dovolani’s agent. Your story is false and your source is bogus. Tony and Kate both travel first class.
Mark Measures

Rumor Rat reports that to rehearse with Kate, Tony has to make weekly trips to and from the Keystone State where ABC paid to build a dance studio in Kate’s basement.

And the inequities don’t stop there.

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Renault Clio Verus Arclid Transport: Round 2

TIME for a follow up to that lorry driver training video in which a driver for Arclid Transport HGV finds a new way to increase a Renault Clio’s fuel efficiency without loss of power nor speed.

Rona Williams, who was behind the wheel of the Clio as it journeyed sideways along the A1(M) near Wetherby, West Yorkshire, says she thought she was going to die.

She pulled the handbrake and flashed her lights. And after around a minute the driver slows.

She lived. And another use for a nippy French hatchback was found…

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Video: Crufts Bulldog Has Scrotum Tickled To Assume Noble Pose

HERE’S a video of a of dog fancier showing his bulldog at Crufts – and tickling his pet’s backside and scrotum.

The Kennel Club guidelines state that a Bulldog should “convey an impression of determination, strength and activity”.

How it does this is open to interpretation.

Some owners stick a plastic union flag in it collar or play the opening bars to the national anthem – others tickle its balls.

The dog responds buy looking chipper, noble and stirred…

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Big Mouth Does Pilipinas Got Talent And Horses Die

PILIPINAS Got talent. The local versions of Ant ‘n’ Dec are in palce. The judges are seated. And then it gets weird….

Sing along – “I’m such an ***hole. Brrrrrr-uipp!” G Force is back…

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Just A Book Dedicated To The NYC Subway Riders: The Bible Is Not The Koran

IT’S Just A Book features a god botherer reading the Bible aloud. (It is a Bible, right? It’s been a while.)

This video is for all of you who have had to endure the readings of a man who likes to say things out loud to quell the voices in his head. Next week, the same group and try it with a Koran…

Go on.

It’s just a book, right… Right?

Spotter: Cynical C

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How Many People Can Fit Into A Small Car?

HOW many people can you get in to a small hatchback car? The golden rule is that no-one gets left behind.

It works for the military and it works for East European labourers.

We counted them all in. And we counted them all out.

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Paul Daniels Is Turning Into Alan Patridge: Video

PAUL Daniels is turning into Alan Patridge. He used to be on the telly. Your writer once saw him on stage. He performed a trick where members of the studio audience arrived on stage and sat on chairs. A touch from Paul’s hand and each was rendered unable to stand. Magnets? Magic? Maybe. Most likely it was Paul whispering: “When I tap you on the shoulder do not stand up.”

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Teddy Bears Have Invaded Worthing Sea Front

TEDDY bears have invaded Worthing Sea Front. Cyriak spots the invasion and using his mobile phone camera records the antics. It only takes a few bad bears to spoil it for eveyone else.

No word yet from Kisscape, but as soon as the experts have spoken to us, we will speak with you.

In the meantime the advice is to shut your windows, lock your doors and rip the heads off your teddies.

Do this before we’re all stuffed…

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YouTube Shuts Down For One Night

YOUTUBE has shut down for the night. We now hand over to Pages From Google. This is how it will be. This is how it used to be:

If you like that, you’ll love this:

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Michael Jackson’s Ghost Spotted In Role Of Tape

MICHAEL Jackson is not dead. Michael Jackson lives. Jackson live on in butter, sex aides, and sellotape. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Tape-o-Jacko:

Michael Jackson Pre-1980

Michael Jackson 1980-1990

Michael Jackson 1990 -1999

Those Michael Jackson Tributes In Full:

The Comic Book

The Medical Michael Jackson Tribute Act

The Weirdest Michael Jackson Birthday Tributes

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Scouser The Amazing Trampolining Cat Will Now Jump On The Roof

LAYDEES and gents, presenting Scouser the amazing cat who will now use a trampoline to jump onto the shed’s roof. Prepare to be amazed! Ready. Bounce!

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Swing News Is News For Swingers: Video

PRESENTING Swing News – it’s news for swingers. You cats can swing. The problem is that it’s the same notes jumbled up every night. It’s just like the real news. Go, bay-bee, gooooo… So, Steve, what’s up with those icebergs..?

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Krazy Korean Students Dance As Teacher Turns His Back

THOSE Krazy Koreans present students dancing during class while the teacher isn’t looking. If anyone else can recalls leaving Mr Tait’s French class one by one by the fenetre as turns his back and then releasing a firework back inside..? Yep, it’s me. Happy days. Send ’em to the English Mentors – make them like Sarah Ferguson:

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Wilbur Sargunaraj Says No To Tamil Nadu Arranged Marriage: A Song

wilburTAMIL Nadu vocal chanting superstar Wilbur Sargunaraj does not want arranged marriage. He prefers an unarranged marriage. Cancel the PRs and the OK! photoshoot. Cheryl Cole – this is the way to marry. Take here away Wilbur. And give us a go with your shriekingly masculine pendant moustache when you’re done with it…

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Bikini-Face Pamela Anderson Banned in Australia: Video

pamela-anderson-advert1THAT advertisement with Pamela Anderson in a gold bikini rubbing against another woman has been ruled in bad taste. That should push up the number of hits per hour by several thousand per cent.

Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau upheld all of 40 plus complaints about the ad as ‘objectifying’ women.

Crazy Domains the international domain registering firm blames feminist bloggers for stirring and will appeal the ban.

Banned? Ripper! No worries mate. Pamela’s ad is a reprise of the Go Candice Michelle versions. A couple of the Candice Superbowl series ads were also blocked.

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Video Of The Day: Mountain Motorbike Mayhem

HOW stupid are you? On a scale of 1 to 10? 13? Ok, you’re in the running. But to be truly stupid you need to take risks that are unnecessary. You need to ride a motorbike on a track high above a mountain pass. And film it:

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Premier League Unveils New Ashley Cole And John Terry Fashion Range

ANORAK TV brings you the exclusive news that Ashley Cole and John Terry have inspired a new range of unofficial Team England World Cup wear. Tired to nylon shorts and too-tight replica tops and tricky socks, the fan can now move about South Africa suited and booted in the knowledg that they are the Englishman abroad.

Ready… Steady… And they’re off!

Cheryl Cole And Ashley’s Marriage

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

Vanessa Perroncel (John Terry’s Alleged Lover)

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Michael Jackson Returns To Lead The Jackson Five Play Japan: Video

MICHAEL Jackson is dead. Only, he’s not. Jackson’s spirit is manifest in this woman’s fingers. At times like this we like to summon Derek Acorah, the spiritualist who has channelled Jackson for our entertainment. What do the Jackson Five Fingers have to say Derek? Oooo… That’s not nice. Still, good to see Jackson back…

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Raptor Cheerleader Eaten By Tame Mascot: Video

THE Toronto Raptor has eaten a cheerleader during Half-Time vs. the Nets. Can Arsenal’s Gunnersaurus go one better and eat the woman who sits three rows down from your writer and who screams whenever Arsenal attack? Fingers crossed:

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Eduard Hill, Aka Eduard Anatolyevich, Wins Russian Idol

eduard-hillEDUARD Hill, Eduard Anatolyevich, was a big star in Communist Russia. Part Charles Aznavour, part Lord Charles, Eduard Hill could mime for your pleasures. He served to remind the watching Soviets that they were missing nothing on the other side of the Iron Curtain. The UK had Crossroads. Russia had Eduard Hill. America had Leonard Nimoy singing Proud Mary. Russia had Eduard Hill, Honourary Artist of the Russian Federation, National Artist of the Russian Federation, Winner of the Russian and International Variety Performers Contest, member Order of the Red Banner of Labour and the Peoples’ Friendship Order. We give you the legend:

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Jade Jagger Explains Creativity: They’re Not Like The Rest Of Us

jade-jagger-explainsJADE Jagger might be daugther to Mick Jagger and therefore considered a Sado (Sons and daughter of..) to some but she is a rare talent. Jade design’s jewellery and stuff. In this instructional video, Jade explains how her busy mind creates a marvel. As one top celeb put it: “That’s the way to do it”:

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How TV Works: Filming On A Green Screen, Video

THOSE expensivce location shots are not always so expensive. You get a room. You paint it green. You get a video the desired location. You blend:

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Revealed: The Most Shocking Secret Of The Year

WHAT is the most shocking secret of the year. No, no that one. And… no way! Really? No, not that either, but good try and if you can get pictures, then maybe. Jeremy Kyle, who is off to the USA, should know that this is the limbo stick you have to get under. Cure the pastor and his wife – the one who slept with 200 men:

Spotter: OhellnawlblogBossip

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Dancing Guy Leads The Human Herd: Video

DANCING Guy will now show you how the human mind works. It’s not a crowd. It’s a herd. Everyone wants to be in the middle, at the centre of things, away from the prying and judging eye, like the dad dancing at the wedding. Have you ever led a chant at the football? That first time takes nerve…

Spotter: Cynical C

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Weatherman Jacobs Attacked By Pelican: Video

STEVE Jacobs, is “Australia’s Funniest Weather Man”. He takes Australia but can he take the world crown? Here’s a video of Jacobs bringing the weather report from Sydney’s Taronga Zoo,in Sydney. Enter the pelican:

Still the winner:

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