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The Idiots In LA Are Banning Vaping And E-Cigarettes Now

by | 5th, March 2014

PA 19205163 The Idiots In LA Are Banning Vaping And E Cigarettes Now

John Hartigan, right, proprietor of Vapeology LA, sits behind an array of electronic cigarettes at his store in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles City Council voted 14-0 to approve an ordinance to ban e-cigarette use, or “vaping” at public places where tobacco smoking is restricted.


I THINK we’re all aware these days that smoking is bad for us. That it’s probably something we shouldn’t do for the sake of our health but then again, it is our health to use or abuse as we wish.

I think we’re all also aware that vaping, or using electronic cigarettes, is an alternative to smoking. Gives people the nicotine hit but without that cloud of toxic carcinogens to go with it. So, all other things being equal we’d probably think it’s a good idea for people to switch, from one to the other. To stop smoking, or at least smoke fewer, cigarettes and to suck on some steam containing nicotine instead.

However, this isn’t actually what is happening in parts of the world. For example, the idiots in Los Angeles (and we do know that the West Coast is home to some pretty crazy people) have decided the those e-cigarettes must be banned from use in public places:

As expected, the Los Angeles City Council today voted unanimously to ban vaping everywhere that smoking is banned, including indoor workplaces and outdoor locations such as parks, beaches, and restaurant patios. Although one of the main rationales for the ban is that children might confuse e-cigarettes with the real thing and mistakenly conclude that smoking is not so bad after all, an amendment that would have exempted bars and other establishments that are open only to adults was defeated by a vote of 8 to 6.

There’s really only two possible explanations for this sort of stupidity. The first is that they are, irredeemably and simply, stupid. The second is more conspiratorial. One of the groups implacably opposed to e-cigarettes is the pharmaceutical industry. They make so much cash out of nicotine gum, patches and all the rest that a cheap and simple method of reducing the amount you smoke, one that they’re not selling, is an anathema. So therefore they do in fat fund quite a lot of the people who are arguing against allowing vaping.

Which leaves us with an interesting choice. Has someone bought LA City Council or are they simply all as thick as pig shit?

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