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Smokin’ Jo Frazier – The First to Beat Ali – Loses Last Fight To Liver Cancer

Frazier floors Ali

THEY were the supermen. The Olympians, the best in world and both holders of the Olympiad heavyweight boxing gold. Muhammad Ali and Smokin’ Jo Frazier were the Titans of the boxing ring. The fittest and most finely tuned athletes in the world.

Jo Frazier died yesterday one month after being diagnosed with liver cancer at 67-years-old.

Their mountain top was a time when American Whites picked their favourite Black man to represent their hopes and ambitions. Frazier (probably the better boxer of the two) was the Great Substitute White Hope when he went into the ring to face that “Uppity Southern Nigger Trash Cassius Clay.” That was the sort of senseless race hatred freely expressed in the USA in those days; there was no Clay, he had changed his name to Muhammad Ali seven years before their first clash.

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Posted: 8th, November 2011 | In: Sports | Comment