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Mic Wright’s Remotely Furious: Educating Yorkshire And Refusing To Be Filtered By Hugh Grant And His Thought Censors

Educating Yorkshire: teacher Matthew Burton reads to his class

Educating Yorkshire: teacher Matthew Burton reads to his class

THE British press is dominated not by truth tellers and the brave but by the privileged, the prickish, the petulant and the pestilent. I chose that last one carefully. The worst of our commentator class are like rats with bubonic plague, the nastiness they spread is ignorance, intolerance and hate. They want to persuade you that your fellow humans are heartless, that benefits are only paid to the pathetic and villainous. They want you to believe that no one besides you and a few acceptable rich people should have money. Bad news sells and if they can’t find it they simply make it up.

You might think that new legislation and rules following Leveson will make a difference. They won’t. People like Hugh Grant – once caught in a car with a hooker – and Steve Coogan – who wants us to forget about his former love of cocaine – are on the side of state legislation of the press. They want me to sign up for a special badge to exercise my freedom of expression. If celebrity arseholes like them win, I will move offshore and continue to write what I want, when I want, for who I want with impunity.

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Posted: 1st, November 2013 | In: Reviews, TV & Radio | Comment (1)