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Madeleine McCann: Metodo 3 Think, Daily Express Write The Book And Robert Murat Smears

by | 26th, November 2007

madeleine1.jpgMADDY WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann

DAILY MIRROR page 5: “The private detectives have a theory: Madeleine was “snatched” to order and is alive in the “perfect” hideout. She’s in Morocco

Says Metodo 3 spokesman Francisco Marco PI: “We’re following the trail. Morocco is the perfect place to hide a kidnapped girl. There are a number of networks there dedicated to trafficking children”

What clues? What evidence?

Marita Fernandez, founder of the agency, says: “We think Murat knows more than he said, Madeleine could be living in Morocco”

Could be? Truth or Phooey?

She goes on: “I played the devil’s advocate and asked them [McCanns] terrible things to see their reactions.” Kate cried. “As a mother and grandmother it strikes me as impossible that a woman who has had artificial insemination to have children and who loves her youngsters in this way could have done anything bad to Madeleine”

A woman’s intuition, eh? Good to hear the PIs are making progress…


* The NEW BOOK That everyone’s been waiting for
* Just what DID happen the night she disappeared?
* What’s the truth about the mysterious sightings of her
* And who do the police really think is responsible


Fact 1: Madeleine McCann in missing
Fact 2. Madeleine McCann is still missing
Fact 3: Etc.

Page 5: “I SAW MAN LIKE MURAT TRY TO KIDNAP A CHILD” – British nanny at the Ocean Club resort has told police that she caught an intruder, who looked like Robert Murat, trying to climb through the ground floor window while a baby slept inside

“MADELEINE: MCCANNS ‘SPOILED CRUCIAL EVIDENCE’”- Says a Portuguese policeman: “When we arrived at the scene, it was as if there had been an earthquake in the apartment. Everything had been turned over and there were more than 10 people there touching everything. How could the evidence not be contaminated? Of course, we isolated the scene, but a great deal had already been touched”

Pages 30-32: “Madeleine: A Most Heartbreaking And Extraordinary Disappearance, by Robert Downing. It’s published by Northern & Shell, who own the Daily Express. Buy now for Christmas

DAILY MAIL front page: “MADDIE: Police believed McCanns sold her”

Page 5: “Police ‘asked is parents sold Maddie top perverts’” – So says a Portuguese policeman

madeleine-mccann-photo.jpg“THERE’LL BE PRESENTS FOR HER THIS CHRISTMAS” – Says Kate McCann’s father Brian Healy: “We will all buy her a present and they will be under the tree waiting for he when she comes home”

“Team McCann smearing Murat, say friends” – A friend of Michaela Walczuch and Robert Murat calls for an end to the “continuous unfounded attacks”. The woman has been pushed “to the brink of despair”

DAILY STAR front page: “MADDIE MUM ‘SOLD HER’ – McCann outrage at cops’ claim”

It is an EXCLUSIVE (see Daily Mail)

Page 10: “Says Clarence Mitchell: “The suggestion that Kate and Gerry somehow have sold off their beloved daughter takes the ludicrous allegations circulating around this case to a new level of lunacy. It is laughable to even suggest it. Kate and Gerry understand the police must consider all possibilities – no matter how apparently implausible – in order to eliminate them. But if they have considered this for more than a nano-second then they have wasted their time. It is, of course, entirely untrue. Madeleine was abducted”

THE SUN page 15: “MURAT’S FURY – Maddie suspect pleads: Stop smear campaign”

Says a “pal” of Murat: “These continuous unfounded attacks are taking the focus away from the areas that should be investigated. I would think someone from the McCann camp would want to put a stop to it”

Indeed. We should stick to the facts…

“Yesterday it was claimed six months before Maddie vanished a man matching Murat’s description tried to get into the same apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal”


“Meanwhile Brit Murat’s German-born girlfriend Michaela Walczuch was said to have had her alibi shattered by revelations she was NOT at a Jehovah’s Witness meeting in Lagos”

DAILY TELEGRAPH page 15: “Murat urges Madeleine McCann’s family to stop smears”

Robert Murat and what the nanny saw… What of that? Says a source: “Robert went to the UK at the end of October and remained there until January of this year”

Says Brian Healy: “It really would be a miracle and we would appeal to parents to think about Maddie at this time of the year and help us to bring her home in time for Christmas”

The speculation so far

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