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Publisher. Writer and editor for hire. Paul has worked on Fleet Street. Paul has written and edited a myriad publications, including ghost writing for professors in engineering to footballers and everyone in between. Paul has created online magazines for companies, including Betfair, BT, Tesco, Reuters and Vodafone.

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JK Rowling offers a year’s salary to whoever tweeted about Cummings and Johnson being ‘truth twisters’ from the official UK Civil Service twitter account

The tweet was live for around 20 minutes: “Arrogant and offensive,” said the UK Civil Service’s official twitter account. “Can you image having to work with these truth twisters.” That’s … (read more)

Posted: 24th, May 2020 | In: News | Comment

Exterminate: Dalek delivers Government’s coronavirus update

The Government’s Daily coronavirus update gets a new speaker thanks to Miriam Elia on Facebook. Unless that’s man of the moment Dominic Cummings? Exterminate!
… (read more)

Posted: 24th, May 2020 | In: News, Politicians | Comment

Cancel the Premier League season: AFC Bournemouth player tests positive for coronavirus

Why anyone still think it’s sane to resume the Premier League season is beyond most of us. The German Bundesliga has restarted but with no crowds it’s a moribund, soulless … (read more)

Posted: 24th, May 2020 | In: Sports | Comment

Coronavirus means the Cannonball Run record has been broken

The Cannonball Run record for the fastest drive across the US has been beaten seven times in five weeks. The new record stands at 26 hours. That means making the … (read more)

Posted: 24th, May 2020 | In: News, Strange But True | Comment

The Covid-19 movie: couple trapped on never-ending honeymoon

The made-for-TV Covid-19 movie is being outlined in the Maldives, where Egyptians Khaled and Peri are living in a never-ending honeymoon. The Dubai-based coouple married on 6 March in their … (read more)

Posted: 24th, May 2020 | In: News, Strange But True | Comment

Those Beastie Boys videos have been remastered in HD

The Beastie Boys’ videos have always been immensely enjoyable. Ever since She’s on It (1985), the band has been cranking out a lively and fun blast of sight and sound. … (read more)

Posted: 22nd, May 2020 | In: Film, Music | Comment

Do the fat-busting coronavirus diet and be like reformed fatty Boris Johnson

No longer is ‘fat’ a pre-runner to ‘and jolly’. Fat means death. Fat must be wiped out because: fat people give you cancer, probably (Daily Mail); fat people use up … (read more)

Posted: 21st, May 2020 | In: News, Politicians, Tabloids | Comment

Facebook knows the Coronavirus truth – Facebook bans news editor-in-chief Zuckerberg disagrees with

Facebook must know the truth about coronavirus Covid-19 because it’s banned fake news on the pandemic. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg says misinformation will not be tolerated on his social network. … (read more)

Posted: 21st, May 2020 | In: News | Comment

Stewart Lee mocks a Jewish MP’s name for sounding too foreign in the right-on Observer

After all the clever wit aimed at racists and Daily Mail readers, stand-up comic Stewart Lee, self-effacing star of the BBC’s Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, used his Observer column to … (read more)

Posted: 18th, May 2020 | In: Celebrities, News | Comment

Wanted for alleged sexual assault: Derbyshire police seek man who kissed women on the cheek for helping him move his stuck lorry

“We are appealing for help to identify a man who kissed a woman on the cheek to thank her for helping when his lorry became stuck under a low bridge,” … (read more)

Posted: 16th, May 2020 | In: News | Comment

Fight Coronavirus with a DEVO Energy Dome PPE face guard

DEVO are helping the world fight coronavirus with their personal protective face shield, modelled on their Energy Dome. You can buy one here.

Against all odds after unfortunate experiences with some bad actors … (read more)

Posted: 16th, May 2020 | In: Music, The Consumer | Comment

Coronavirus cure update fakery: Emma Bunton still working on it

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton admitted today that she has still not found a cure for coronavirus Covid-19.

Spotter: @FakeShowbizNews

… (read more)

Posted: 15th, May 2020 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Coronavirus: nearly half of all Brits have had Covid-19; government to attack fat people

The news on Coronavirus is positive. More than 19 million Britons may already have been infected with the virus, say researchers at Manchester University. It’s the lead story in the … (read more)

Posted: 15th, May 2020 | In: News, Tabloids | Comment

‘I’ve Got The Miley’ – slang in the age of Coronavirus

Australians Kate Burridge and Howard Manns tell us how coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic is creating new words and phrases. You got the ‘covo’, mate?

In these times of COVID-19, there are the … (read more)

Posted: 14th, May 2020 | In: Key Posts, News | Comment

England edges towards post- Covid-19 freedom, Scotland bans common sense and Wales threatens to arrest the English

The Government’s new Covid-19 guidelines tell us that two people from different households are able to meet in outdoor settings so long as they stay more than two metres apart. … (read more)

Posted: 11th, May 2020 | In: Key Posts, News, Politicians | Comment

Brighton players infected with Coronavirus spells end of Premier League season

Attempts to restart the Premier League have been hit with another problem: three Brighton players have tested positive for coronavirus Covid-19. “It is a concern,” says Brighton chief executive Paul … (read more)

Posted: 10th, May 2020 | In: Sports | Comment

Introducing The Prince Andrew Jeffrey Epstein Commemorative Mug

“To commemorate a sweat-free and honourable relationship” some bright spark has created the Prince Andrew – Jeffrey Epstein souvenir mug. It was a “special relationship” – until the billionaire paedophile … (read more)

Posted: 10th, May 2020 | In: News, Royal Family | Comment

Coronavirus Lockdown is over: London police bemoan people enjoying pizza and beer in parks

Having been told the lockdown would be relaxed for the back holiday weekend or just after, and then that it wouldn’t be, it’s not all that surprising to see people … (read more)

Posted: 9th, May 2020 | In: News | Comment

FASCIST! Spiked wrongly accused of being part of a ‘broad trend towards (far) right-wing politics’

No. Spiked magazine is not part of a “broad trend towards (far) right wing politics”. If you believe it is, you don’t understand what far-right wing politics is. Nazism isn’t … (read more)

Posted: 8th, May 2020 | In: News | Comment

Dumb Coronavirus lockdown question of the day: why are DIY shops open and not museums?

Simon Jenkins has a question for Guardian readers. There are many question about the Covid-19 pandemic – when will there be a cure?; will there be a cure?; if you … (read more)

Posted: 8th, May 2020 | In: News | Comment

Warning: you may find Tara Reade upsetting

Tara Reade claims US Presidential hopeful Joe Biden sexually assaulted her. Biden, the Democrat Party’s candidate to take on Donald Trump in the next Presidential election, is accused of pushing … (read more)

Posted: 8th, May 2020 | In: News | Comment

Professor Ferguson tests the theory: can sex with a married blonde cure coronavirus and end lockdown?

Prof Neil Ferguson was a government adviser on coronavirus. He helped the Prime Minister work out the coronavirus-controlling lockdown campaign. The Sun calls him the “scientist who sent Britain into … (read more)

Posted: 6th, May 2020 | In: News | Comment

The 20 books people are most likely to lie about having read

Word on twitter is that these are the 20 books people are most likely to lie about having read.

A friend once worked for a record industry bigwig who used … (read more)

Posted: 6th, May 2020 | In: Books, The Consumer | Comment