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Publisher. Writer and editor for hire. Paul has worked on Fleet Street. Paul has written and edited a myriad publications, including ghost writing for professors in engineering to footballers and everyone in between. Paul has created online magazines for companies, including Betfair, BT, Tesco, Reuters and Vodafone.

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The Gender Pay Gash

In the Times, talk turns to the gender pay gash, sorry, gap:

If you thought the days of the unreconstructed male needing to rule the financial roost in a marriage … (read more)

Posted: 23rd, November 2020 | In: Broadsheets, Money, News | Comment

Government declares Christmas Truce in War with Covid-19 – virus considering position

“Christmas is saved,” says the Express. It’s “Bubbles with the baubles” trills the Metro – up to four households may be allowed to mix during the festive season. “Ho Ho … (read more)

Posted: 23rd, November 2020 | In: Key Posts, News, Tabloids | Comment

Arsenal: Tierney checks on Leeds United ‘cheat’ Alioski after Pepe floors him with ‘headbutt’

Working under the premise that scoring a goal is for glory-hunters who don’t fully understand the nuances of the game, Arsenal achieved another glorious 0 in a 0-0 draw with … (read more)

Posted: 22nd, November 2020 | In: Arsenal, Sports | Comment

You scumbags, you faggots: BBC censors The Pogues Fairytale of New York

‘You scumbag, you maggot / You cheap lousy faggot / Happy Christmas your arse / I pray God it’s our last.’

Prudes at the achingly stiff BBC Radio 1 have censored … (read more)

Posted: 19th, November 2020 | In: Music, News | Comment

Labour looked electable for 19 days – then they let Jeremy Corbyn back in

Two newspaper, both broadsheets, lead with news that Jeremy Corbyn has been reinstated to the Labour Party. Were it not for the news media looking for an easy story – … (read more)

Posted: 18th, November 2020 | In: Broadsheets, News, Politicians | Comment

Watch Sassy Justice, a Deepfake satire from the makers of South Park

Fred Sassy of Sassy Justice is here to delve deep into deep fakes. Created by South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Fred Sassy takes on the role of “consumer advocate” … (read more)

Posted: 17th, November 2020 | In: TV & Radio | Comment

‘Got the Bastard!’ Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe is dead

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe is dead.

I remember the fear and paranoia. Relatives in Leeds getting the photofits – so many of them – and looking at men. Was it … (read more)

Posted: 13th, November 2020 | In: News | Comment

Brilliant trippy Hanna-Barbera anti-drug PSA, ca. 1970 by Art Babbitt

Incredible psychedelic Hanna-Barbera anti-drug PSA, ca. 1970. The ad was created by Art Babbitt – he’d developed Goofy during his time at Disney.

Arthur Harold Babitsky (October 8, 1907 – March … (read more)

Posted: 12th, November 2020 | In: TV & Radio | Comment

Day Of the Dead: Buy Jose Posada’s Calavera T-shirts, cards, bags, prints and magnets

Mexican illustrator José Guadalupe Posada (1851 – 1913) is best remembered for his calaveras, representations of the human skull and skeleton seen in Mexico’s annual celebration the Day of the … (read more)

Posted: 11th, November 2020 | In: Key Posts, The Consumer | Comment

ABC News: England parties likes its 1605 as Joe Biden win triggers fireworks extravaganza

Joe Biden is declared President of the US of A – and the country’s ABC News reports that the skies over London, England, have erupted in an explosion of light … (read more)

Posted: 9th, November 2020 | In: Key Posts, News | Comment

Police arrest Nick Gear for suspected burglary

To New Zealand, where police have arrested a suspected burglar. Stuff reports;

Nicholas John Gear, 31, appeared at Nelson District Court on Monday on a charge of receiving stolen property.

Yep – … (read more)

Posted: 5th, November 2020 | In: Strange But True | Comment

Bank wants children for its ‘WANK Coloring contest’

To Japan, where the Nishi-Nippon City Bank invited children in Nagasaki. to colour in the bank’s mascot. Just add come colours to Wank The Dog.

From the bank’s website:

The popular event … (read more)

Posted: 5th, November 2020 | In: Key Posts, Money, Strange But True | Comment

President Senile or President Lunatic – America decides

Can everything you want to know about the US election be summed up in a tabloid headline? The Daily Star achieves no little success with its front page:

President Senile or … (read more)

Posted: 5th, November 2020 | In: Key Posts, News, Politicians, Tabloids | Comment

Voting for Donald Trump is a sign of mental illness – BBC

So whose it going to be: the orange lunk with the hair tsunami or Homer Simpson’s dad frozen in time? Has there even been two more physically conflicted characters contesting … (read more)

Posted: 4th, November 2020 | In: News, Politicians | Comment

Man’s Halloween decor so obscene police are called many times

One man’s Halloween decor is so obscene, so disgusting, so outrageous that police have been called several times to what look likes a slaughter on his front lawn. Police have … (read more)

Posted: 30th, October 2020 | In: Strange But True | Comment

New Yorker Leonard Shoulders falls into a sinkhole full of rats

Leonard Shoulders (real name), 33, was waiting for a bus in the Bronx, New York. Without warning, a sinkhole opened up beneath him. He fell in. He landed atop a … (read more)

Posted: 30th, October 2020 | In: Key Posts, Strange But True | Comment

‘Labour broke the law’ and will now pay for its Jew baiting and anti-semitism

The Labour Party is “responsible for unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination” claims The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Labour, there was, says the commission:

Political … (read more)

Posted: 29th, October 2020 | In: News, Politicians | Comment

Hilary Clinton says this time she will beat Trump

The New York Times’ headline is choice: “Hillary Clinton Says It’s Different This Time.” The 2016 Democratic candidate on why she’s so confident that Joe Biden will win.

What is different … (read more)

Posted: 27th, October 2020 | In: News, Politicians | Comment

The unstoppable growth of game developers

The Digital Age has brought impressive growth in numerous sectors,
lifting those who embraced change and culling the ones who denied it. Chief
among these was the video game industry that flourished … (read more)

Posted: 27th, October 2020 | In: Online-PR | Comment

The best Christmas cards delivered to your door

Over on Flashbak, they’ve greeting cards for any and every occasion. There are birthday cards, Christmas cards, cards for love and cards that simply say ‘I’m thinking of you’.

These greetings … (read more)

Posted: 27th, October 2020 | In: Key Posts, The Consumer | Comment

Not an Indian, possibly a Jew: The Unknown Soldier might be British says expert

The Unknown Soldier is British. He – yes, a it’s a ‘he’ – was shipped back from France and buried in Westminster Abbey on November 11, 1920. We do … (read more)

Posted: 25th, October 2020 | In: News | Comment

Beneden school discovers black history with confused results

Off to speak to the gels at their posho school. Why do children from wealthy families bother to attend? It’s not for the need to get good scores in maths, … (read more)

Posted: 25th, October 2020 | In: News | Comment

Nazis and Thunderbirds: Tabloid headlines are as dated as their readers

How do tabloids stay relevant in the digital age? By investing a fortune in quality journalism and attracting newsreaders to paper products, encouraging the hip and youthful to give newsprint … (read more)

Posted: 22nd, October 2020 | In: News, Tabloids | Comment

Silent Night: Scotland prepares for a Digital Christmas

Scotland’s national clinical director Jason Leitch says there is “absolutely no question” of a “normal” Christmas being permitted by the State. Leitch says it’s time for people to “get their … (read more)

Posted: 22nd, October 2020 | In: News, Politicians | Comment

Spell out your name and desires with these fantastic erotic alphabet fridge magnets (NSFW)

A bloke one revealed that NORWICH was not his favourite football team, but an acronym he’d send his wife. The other liberty he’d take was to have the leading ‘N’ … (read more)

Posted: 21st, October 2020 | In: Key Posts, The Consumer | Comment

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