Anorak News | The mayor of Kyiv shows how to do a TV interview

The mayor of Kyiv shows how to do a TV interview

by | 19th, March 2022

In other news, Kyiv Mayor and former boxing champion, Vitale Klitschko, says his people must fight like the Israelis.

“We have to learn from Israel how to defend our country, with every citizen,” he told the Jerusalem Post. “If they love the country, they need to be ready to defend the country. We have a lot to learn from Israel because we need every citizen to defend his home and his future.”

His father’s mother is Jewish. “I am proud to have Jewish blood,” he said. Around 900,000 Ukrainian Jews were murdered in the Shoah.

In 2009, the then Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko gave Roman Shukhevych, an SS officer responsible for the massacre of tens of thousands of Jews, the title of hero of Ukraine.

In 2017, a street named after General Nikolai Vatutin, who liberated Kyiv from the Nazis, was to be named after Shukhevych. The decision was passed by the city council with a majority of 69 out of 120.

In Ukraine, history is never far away…

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