Anorak News | The apostrophe is dead – again

The apostrophe is dead – again

by | 15th, November 2021


The apostrophe is to become extinct, says the Telegraph, as language becomes less formal.

The Apostrophiser should find more work. The language fan been correcting the misuse of apostrophes in Bristol. He reacted to such horrors as ‘Open Monday’s to Friday’s’, ‘Amys Nail’s’ and ‘Cambridge Motor’s’.

We’ve been here before many times. The Telegraph has pressed f9 on the keyboard and couched up a regular filler:

Have we murdered the apostrophe? – BBC Culture – 2020

“Why the Apostrophe Protection Society has closed in disgust” – Guardian, 2019

“Do apostrophes still matter?” – BBC News, 2019

“Lets get rid of the apostrophe” [sic] – ABC News, 2018

“The apostrophe isn’t dead yet” – The Atlantic, 2014

“What is happening with the apostrophe is that it’s just dying out” – Globe And Mail, 2005

The apostrophe will die out when editors can find something to replace the news of its dying out. And when Waterstone’s bookshop – founder: Tim Waterstone – become Waterstones, the clock is ticking.

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