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Madeline McCann: Joaquim Jose Marques, Pigs And The Man In The Sketch

by | 25th, January 2008

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THE SUN: “COPS QUIZ PIG FARMER – Is this man in Maddie sketch?”

Joaquim Jose Marques is pictured holding a gun. He is smoking a cigarette. The Sun wonders if he is the man in recently released “kidnapper” sketch?

He lives in a house eight miles from Praia da Luz. Portuguese police have spoken with him twice

He sees the Sun’s man coming. He asks: “Look at this face. Is this the face in the picture?”
Says Gail Coooper, whose statement to private detectives led to the sketch: “The hair is different and the skin tone is darker”

So Marques is not the man… Next!

DAILY STAR front page: “MADDIE: WE FIND WEIRDO SUSPECT – He comes out packing a gun”

A Daily Star reporter is on your doorstep; so too a hack from the Sun. Do you grab a gun?
“EXCLUSIVE,” says the Star. “The weirdo whose image is on a million posters in the Madeleine McCann hunt was traced by the Daily Star – and threatened to shoot our man with his rifle”

The Star is certain

“The ‘creepy’ prowler fingered in the hunt for Madeleine McCann was last night revealed as a penniless pig farmer … with a gun”

The Star is very certain. And the police?

“Police are certain Joaquim Jose Marques is the suspicious stranger spotted lurking in Praia da Luz a fortnight before Madeleine vanished”

Says Marques: “Leave me alone, leave me alone. You are destroying my life. I have had the police here and they know it is not me. I want you off my land right now’’

Clarence Mitchell tells us: “As far as we are concerned the hunt for the man in the sketch continues. We are very grateful to anyone who comes forward with information and, even if it is not the man we are looking for, it enables us to rule individuals out”

Says the Star: “But yesterday it was revealed that detectives had tracked him down just 20 days after the four-year-old vanished last May and found he had an alibi”

But it is him. The Star is certain!


Found by the Express, the Sun, the Star and months ago by the Portuguese police…

“The Daily Express has tracked down a gun-toting oddball who sparked the latest poster hunt for Madeleine McCann’s kidnapper”


“We found hog farmer Joaquim Jose Marques at his ramshackle Algarve smallholding. Yet last night the McCanns’ £50,000-a-month team of private detectives were still nowhere near tracing him”

Ha! In your face, Metoto 3. Call yourself detectives. And to think the Express costs only 40p!

“Brandishing a garden hoe menacingly, the leather jacket-clad farmer rushed from tending his hogs to scream abuse and threats when asked to explain the recent police visit. ‘Leave me alone, leave me alone,’ he screamed in a wild rage”

And: “Is this the face of the man in the picture? No it is not. Just leave me f****** alone. You are destroying my life. I have had the police around here and they know it is not me. I want you off my land right now”

Such language! Mr Marques has a British girlfriend

DAILY MAIL: “Man on the McCanns’ wanted poster is an innocent pig farmer”

“A Portuguese pig farmer has been identified as the man shown in the sketch of Madeleine McCann’s alleged abductor…The farmer, who has a daughter of Madeleine’s age, has been eliminated from the police investigation. He has not been arrested or named as an official suspect in the case”

But how do you know it is his face in the picture?

“The Daily Mail yesterday tracked Mr Marques to his ramshackle farm in Pedragosa, four miles from the Algarve resort where Madeleine disappeared…He screamed obscenities at callers to the isolated farm and then returned brandishing an ancient-looking rifle.

Standing among his pigs and surrounded by feral dogs, Mr Marques shouted: “Leave me alone, leave me alone… look at this face, is this the face in the picture?”

Hacks from the Star, the Express, the Mail and the Sun are on your doorstep. What do you do?


It’s “ODDBALL” Farmer Joaquim Marques

Why is he an oddball? Why, look at his long hair. Look at his cigarette. Odd and odder still…

Mirror reporters are at his farm. He is screaming abuse

What would you do?

DAILY TELEGRAPH: “New Madeleine McCann link ‘ruled out’”

“A man with a similar appearance to that of a suspected abductor of Madeleine McCann – whose ‘scruffy’ image appeared in two sketches released by her parents – has been traced and ruled out of the police investigation, it has been claimed”

THE INDEPENDENT: “Jennifer Garner: ‘I feel like I kind of have it all’”

“I think you have to be ready for anything when you’re married to someone like Ben. But I do believe that after Gone Baby Gone [the film Affleck directed, unreleased in the UK due to similarities to the Madeleine McCann case], he’s going to be stuck in directing for a long time”
IRISH INDEPENDENT: “McCanns still focus on photofit lead”

Says Clarence Mitchell: “Our investigators have not been informed that the man we are seeking has been ruled out. We have no reason to believe he has been ruled out and our search for the man in our image is very much continuing. Our understanding is that the man reported to be linked to our image bears no resemblance”

The Speculation of Madeleine McCann

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