Anorak | The Brussels Journal Distorts Muslims

The Brussels Journal Distorts Muslims

by | 25th, January 2008

THE Brussels Journal Distorts European news:

But it’s one thing dealing with facts and rational analysis. It’s quite another when pernicious sites like the Brussels Journal tar all Muslims with the same extremist brush and distort the news to portray Islam itself as destroying our society rather than Islamic extremists.

Take their report of the story above. The whole point of the story is not that Muslims complained (as far as I can tell, not one Muslim expressed anger at the tale of the Three Little Pigs). The point is rather, as Richard Littlejohn put it in his inimitable way today:

What we have here is another case of brain-dead white “liberals” taking offence on someone else’s behalf to the point of mental illness.

But how did the Brussels Journal report it?

That’s it I resign. This latest piece of lunacy has tipped me over the balance and I think I am going to start taking large quantities of drugs. Wake me up when the Muslims have gone.

The last line is the giveaway. Yes, we in the West need to be relentless in defending Western values and free speech in the wake of Islamist demands. And it’s liberals of all people who ought to be in the front line of that fight, defending those with lifetyles and attitudes which Islamists would kill.

The Brussels Journal is drivel.

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