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Who Hell John Loughton Is Brother Big

by | 30th, January 2008

john-loughton.jpgWHO is John Loughton. Or to put it another way, as the Star does: “WHO THE HELL’S HE?”

While the Stars headline writer does an imitation of Mohammed Al Fayed, the paper’s Big Brother expects discover – yes, you’ve guessed it – that Louhgton is the latest winner of Big Brother.

The Star takes the question to the streets, asking “Who’s The Hell’s He?” of eight everyday persons. Two think Loughton is a comic; one thinks he’s a magician; four have no idea who is; and Laura “knew who he was – eventiually”.

Says Jim Whatshisname: “The test will be if anyone says: ‘You’re John from Big Brother. If that happens, I’ll let you know.”

Although the odds on him meeting a Daily Star hack, or Laura, are slimmer than Jade Goody’s Indian fan club…

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