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Cupping An Ear To Russell Brand’s Wooden Wee

by | 30th, January 2008

archie3.jpgNEWS that Russell Brand has urinated in a paper cup while broadcasing his show on BBC Radio 2 is of interest.

Brand is the Star’s “RADIO PEE-JAY”, standing up before relieving himself into a cup. The one arena of doubt is on whether this happening

occured live or was a prerecorded wee?

But how can we be so certain what was heard was the sound of a man weeing into a cup, and one made of paper?

Rather than this being the passing of a cultural milestone, a Where Were You When..? moment, it harks back to a more innocent time, when

ventriloquists were on the radio, on occassion in conversation with lip readers.

Brand is no less the “Wildman” of radio (Sun) than he is the new Lord Charles, with Orville’s backcombed hair and an emu down his pants.

For his next broadcast we expect to see Brand with Archie Andrews sat on his arm, educating listeners on life, love and which has the chattiest

tinky winky…

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